Strange Love Update Sunday 30 May 2021

Strange Love 30 May 2021: Astha getting ready for the fast. She sees Shlok sleeping. She lights the diya and thinks what is she doing. Why am I keeping the fast, I know this fast is kept for the husband. She looks at Shlok and says is my heart changing. She says am I falling on love with Shlok again, no I m mad, I m keeping this fast only for Anjali’s sake and love is an old thing now which I have supresses in my heart. I just want to help him, as everyone has a right to move on in life. Niranjan and Anjali does the puja. Everyone looks on. Anjali coughs. Varad and Sojal takes the Lord’s blessings followed by Shlok and Astha and Shlok look at each other. Astha smiles. Astha prays that Shlok becomes like earlier and his past wounds gets erased.

Jyoti comes to Abhay and by mistake the aarti plate falls and his hand gets burnt. Abhay hurts jyoti and locks her in the store room. jaya asks Sojal to come with her and have some food. Anjali asks Sojal to do her work. Abhay locks jyoti and she cries knocking the door asking him to open the door. Astha sees Anjali getting unwell. She says it looks like your BP is down again, eat something. Anjali says Niranjan also has a fast today, before he eats, I can’t eat. She says don’t you know a fast should be opened in evening, I won’t eat. Astha says know but you need to take BP medicines, eat something, I know Niranjan won’t have a problem. Anjali says go and help Sojal.
Astha thinks if Anjali stays adamant, she will become more ill, what to do to make he agree for having food. jyoti is sitting in the store room. She knocks the door again. Abhay smiles and says scolds her. She says I did not burn your hand intentionally. He says I know it, else I would have not kept you alive, but you did a mistake, you will be punished. She says I will die here, open the door. He says remember what your mum said, a woman has to bear everything. He leaves.

Astha gets her sweater and thinks about Shlok. She says don’t know whether I will be understand you or not, I want to know you so that I can help you. She reads his diary and reads about Swati. Astha says I can’t believe Shlok can do this for a smile.
Kavya comes to her and says I don’t like keeping fast. Astha smiles and says do you want to have anything. Kavya asks how. Astha says the puja is over, you can have food. Kavya says but mum said I have to eat after everyone eats. Astha says I kept milk for you, lets go fast. Astha takes a milk of glass. Kavya asks this glass for whom. Astha says for big Kavya and thats Anjali. She asks Kavya not to tell anyone. Kavya leaves. Astha comes to Anjali with the milk. She says atleast you can have this, then take the medicines. Anjali says Astha, I won’t compromise with the fast, take the milk back. Astha cares for her. Anjali says I m fine, you go. Astha thinks Anjali is hurting itself, I m worried she may get more ill. Anjali asks Astha to leave. Astha comes to her room and calls Shlok. She wishes Shlok brings Niranjan home so that Anjali can eat anything. Shlok and Niranjan are in the meeting. Shlok cuts the call. AStha says he has disconnected. She calls again. Shlok switches off his phone.

Astha goes to Anjali and sees her serious. She tries to make Anjali drink water
Sojal says are you mad Astha. jaya says Sojal take care of Anjali. Astha warms up Anjali’s hand. She says this is not good to neglect your health. Anjali says I can’t break the rules for health’s sake Astha thinks its impossible to win over Anjali. She thinks I will call Niranjan and ask when will he come. She calls on Niranjan’s phone. Shlok sees the call and switches off the phone.Shlok giving Niranjan his phone. The conference is over. Astha is taking care of Anjali. Sojal and jaya looks on. Astha says you are getting cold, please eat something, I m much worried. Anjali is getting more serious. Astha thinks she has to do something. She calls on the landline from her mobile. She takes the call and acts as if its Niranjan’s call. She says I will tell Anjali that you had food. Sojal sees Astha’s phone but Astha diverts her. Astha tells Anjali that Niranjan called and he said he has opened his fast. Now you can eat food.

She says I will bring the food. Abhay comes to jyoti near the store room. jyoti gets up and is drained. She asks him to open the door. She says I need water, I m fainting, please. Abhay smiles and says not so soon. He says stay there for some more time, don’t worry, a person can be hungry for three days. She says I promise I will do as you say, please bring me out, I will die here. He says sorry, love you, good night. He leaves. jyoti faints. Astha convinces Anjali to eat. Astha apologizes to Bappa and says if I don’t do this, Anjali would not be well. Anjali breaks her fast. Niranjan walks in and is shocked to see Anjali eating. Anjali stops eating and looks at Niranjan. He says sit Anjali, you ate before me after so many years. Anjali says how dare you lie to me Astha. She gets angry on Astha. Niranjan calms down Anjali as she is about to slap Astha. Niranjan asks what are you doing. Anjali tells him about Astha’s lie.

Astha apologizes and says I lied to her as she was getting serious. Niranjan says its ok, no need to apologize. He says uts fine with me Anjali. He says good Astha. Anjali says Astha everytime you make me realize that I should not trust you, you made me do a big sin. Astha says but I was…. Anjali says shut up, for me my husband is my Lord, I did not have food without applying the Bhog to him. Anjali says who are you to make me do this, we are trying to join your and Shlok’s relation and you are bringing a drift in my and Niranjan’s relation. Astha says I did this for you. Anjali scolds her for making her do a big sin. She says I want Niranjan to be happy, he became sad and you killed me doing this. Astha thinks she made a big mistake, but what would I have done seeing her state. Anjali comes to me Niranjan bringing food for him. She cries. He wipes her tears. He scares her by his words. He says not I m not hungry seeing you having food, take it away. She says I did not eat intentionally, I won’t do that again. He gets angry on her and says I don’t want you to apologize to me, leave it, I want you to eat before me from now on. She says I know I did a big sin. He says Anjali…. you told that you will change Astha, but whats this, you are changing. I wanted to see you in Astha, it should not happen that I see Astha in you. Something breaks, jaya tells Sojal that it looks like Anjali is very angry today. Sojal says you stay safe from her. Its morning, Shlok comes in the room and is changing clothes. Astha keeps his clothes ready on the bed.

He says what the hell, where are my clothes. She asks what happened, about that black clothes, I have given that in dry cleaning. She says wear something different, not that boring black clothes. He looks at her angrily. She says you have such good clothes, why don’t you wear the colorful clothes. Shlok wears Astha’s selected shirt. Astha looks at him and smiles. Astha looks at Anjali and thinsk what happened to her today. She thinks Anjali is upset because of her. Astha asks Anjali how did your hand get hurt, show me, I will apply medicines. Anjali walks out. Astha follows Anjali and says I will do this work. Astha apologizes to Anjali and says don’t be annoyed with me. Anjali says I m sad that your mum taght you to lie, don’t lie to me again. Astha says I promise I will not lie and won’t do anything that you get scolded. Anjali says you have to go to jyoti today with Shivrati prasad. You have to go with Shlok and talk less there. She leaves.

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