My Identity Update Saturday 17 April 2021

My Identity 17 April 2021: starts with Neil playing the video on tv. Everyone gets shocked. Neil asks DD to leave. Riya says its not true. Neil says you all easily blamed Riya like you blamed Avni, she was weak and ill, what wrong she did if she called her best friend, you all blamed her to be bad character. Bebe says it was not such. Neil says I respect you, you are sensible, you taunt mom who tells things without thinking, you also did like mom, you got the idol for Ananya, did you not do wrong with her, tell me, is it right to ask Agnipariksha to any woman. Maddy says but women have to give Agnipariksha. Neil asks did I ask you when you left your husband’s house, will it not be wrong, you are also a woman, Papa did not question you and trusted you, he kept you and did brother’s duty, did we ask you to give Agnipariksha, you could have slapped me and asked answer, why did you not ask, it could be my mistake too, because I m a man and she is a woman, Bebe answer me is woman’s respect cheaper than man’s respect.

Bebe says no. Neil says Ali and Ananya are childhood friends, if Ali came here to help her leaving everything, what’s wrong, if he is a guy and he is a girl, its nonsense that guy and girl can’t be friends, they can be friends, I felt lonely today, my wife left me, I m ashamed to call you all my family. Bebe apologizes. Neil says you apologize to Ananya, get house respect back.
Bebe says call my bahu and get her, ask her where is she. He sees Neela’s missed calls and calls her back. He gets shocked. Avni says Ali, I m leaving this city, I want to be alone for some days. Ali gets shocked and says I will come with you. Avni says no, I have to be alone, I promise I will come back. She goes. Bebe asks where is Neil, shall I give you invitation Shweta, if you don’t come, then pack your bags. Shweta says no. Bebe asks Neil to come fast. Neil says don’t know how is Avni. He gets Neela’s call and says I informed staff, they are finding Avni. Neela says I hope I get her in old house, keep in touch. Neil hopes she is fine.

Maddy asks Kareena not to ruin her respect. Kareena gets a call and makes study excuse. Amol hears Kareena’s conversation. She asks her BF to leave, else it will be a problem. Riya holds Amol and takes him. She scolds him. He says shame on you, knowing Dadi’s truth, you are walking on her path, if you try to fill poison in Avni’s life, I will ask Neil to send you jail, you have no right to stay here.
Avni is on the way and thinks of Neil. She asks driver to drive fast, she will miss train. Neil asks Ali where is Avni. Ali says she is leaving the city, I don’t know where she is going. Neil thanks him and leaves. Avni reaches railway station. Neil comes there. DD says she is not at airport, I m sure she is here. Avni sees her ticket. Neil and others look for her. Neil misses to see her. Bebe says where did she go. Prakash says my heart says we will get her. Shweta sits on bench and relaxes. Bebe asks did you get tired. Shweta asks did you get Ananya. Bebe scolds her. Neil says Bebe please…. He asks people to disperse, there is no drama. He says even you are responsible for this Bebe, stop blaming each other, we have to find Ananya.

Avni goes. Neil sees someone like her and stops. He apologizes. Neela talks to Neil. Neela says she is not in old house, where shall I find her. She sees the divorce papers and gets shocked. Neil is close to Avni and says where are you, please come back. Avni boards the train. Everyone comes home. Bebe says Avni left home, I did not support her. Shweta finds my independence day has come finally. Maddy says its girls’ mistake. Neil says atleast you know you did mistake. Neil prays. Neela gets Avni home. Everyone smiles. FB shows Neela stopping Avni. She says family is not left, I taught you to keep relations, Neil, DD and family is finding you. Avni says but… Neela says enough, you will just listen to me, you are leaving behind dreams, every girl wants a husband who loves and respects her, when you got such husband and family, you are leaving, Neil always did husband and friend’s duty, you are leaving this when your turn came, its easy to run away from relations, its tough to keep it, I know my Avni, you are not scared of difficulties. Fb ends. Neil hugs Avni. Aye dil hai mushkil…..plays….. Everyone smiles.

Bebe apologizing and hugging Avni. Prakash also hugs Avni. He thanks Neela for getting his bahu. Bebe asks Shweta to fold hands and apologize to Avni. Shweta apologizes. Bebe thanks Lord. She asks Shweta to make sweets. Neela says its your responsibility to keep marriage, take the papers, Neil fought with his family, don’t leave him. Avni keeps papers. Neela goes. Its night, Avni sees Neil and thinks how to thank him. Riya asks Shweta why were you silent. Shweta says I had to say sorry, it was not my day, Bebe would have made me out of this house. Avni could not sleep. She goes to Neil and says thanks, I know I should have not left this way, sorry, are you listening. She sees him sleeping and smiles. She covers him up with the sheet. Shweta says I will make Ananya’s life hell.

Avni pours water on Neil and says I had to talk to you and you slept. Neil says so you thought you will put water on me, I m not so good. Water falls on him again. He runs after her. She says sorry. She pushes him and water falls on him again. He sees the jug empty. She smiles. She dries his hair and says thanks, let me break this rule and say thanks, let me say that its just you who showed belief in me, you made me realize I can trust someone, if mum was here, she would have been happy seeing you. Neil says but mum is there, I know she loves me more than you, you have stolen my Bebe, I have stolen your Neela maa. She says you called her Neela maa. He goes to rest. She takes his pillow. He asks are you taking revenge. She says get up. She says I trust you and keeps his pillow on the bed. Tu safar mera….plays… He says you trust me, but I don’t trust you. He makes a pillow wall. She asks don’t you trust me. They have pillow fight and stop. She says I m tired now. They see each other and smile.
Shweta says she has come back today, next time I will insult her and make her out of the house. Riya asks what will you do.

Shweta says very simple, I will get truth out. Avni goes to meet Neela. Neela says you look lovely while smiling. She shows what she cooked. Avni says I don’t like all this, will I stay hungry. Neela says no, this is for Neil. Avni says you love Neil more than me. Neela says I m entertained by your reaction. Avni gets annoyed and goes.
Neil sees Ali at the door and asks him to come. Shweta says I called him here, forgive me. Neil says can’t we become good friends again. Ali says of course Neil and hugs him. Shweta says Ali, you have to eat your fav sandwich. DD says have it, she beats with stick much. Shweta asks when did I beat you, it was love. Neil says we have to go for some imp case, we will have it later. Neil and DD leave. Shweta says I did everything, forgive me. Ali asks does mum apologize to children. Shweta says who called to give info to Neil. Ali says I can find out.

She says no, let it be, I don’t want to trouble Neil. Ali says I have to find out, its imp, DD will give me info, don’t worry. She says I will get sandwich for you. He says no, I will have it next time. Neela asks Avni to have her fav kheer. Avni says you love Neil more than me, feed this kheer for himm. Neela takes Aisha’s pic and asks Aisha to see, I could not become a good mum, Avni does not trust me, I love her a lot.

Avni laughs and says you have become Neil’s mum and make his fav things. Neela says atleast he praises my cooking unlike you, you give this kheer to Shweta. Avni says Shweta is Neil’s fan, everyone love Neil a lot, I get jealous. Neela says I know my daughter, one day Shweta will become your fan. Avni says Neil stays good with everyone. Neela asks did he work so hard to get you back for everyone. Avni says he can’t see injustice with anyone. Neela asks her to have kheer, maybe she gets sense by eating dry fruits.

Neil says that day someone called from my mum. DD says yes maybe. He shows file and says this guy is taken to central jail. Neil says every criminal should get second chance, if I see your attitude changed, I will help you in getting your punishment less.
Amol asks his friend for some money to pay fees. He says don’t know whom to ask help. He thinks of Dayaben. Dayaben calls him. He gets shocked. She asks how are you. He says lonely, because of you, I m alive and in good family because of Avni. She says she is not your sister, please come and meet me.

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