Strange Love Update Friday 16 April 2021


Strange Love 16 April 2021: starts with jyoti lying. jyoti’s mum in law sees Astha and says is this the girl whom Shlok is getting married to. She speaks against Astha. Shlok hears it and is quiet. Anjali says they are not yet married, its still time for that. Astha tells Shlok I m not lying, what will I get if I lie. Shlok asks jyoti again. jyoti is scared and lies saying whatever I said is true. Astha tells jyoti why are you not saying the truth, till when will you bear the pain. Shlok says you can’t change the facts by shouting and repeating it again and again. Astha leaves. Anjali looks at Shlok. He goes after Astha. Anjali angrily see jyoti.

Astha is going home crying. Shlok comes to her. He says stop, sit in the car. She says atleast you would have believed me, jyoti is not happy in her in laws house, they torture her. He says try to understand, its a sensitive issue of our family. She says I m concerned about your sister. He says I m concerned about you, sorry but I don’t want anyone to tell you anything and as you will get hurt. He says come, I will drop you home. Astha sits in the car and looks at him. Shlok says shall we have icecream to cool down. He smiles and takes her. Niranjan is talking to Anjali on phone and says I will talk to Aryaman. He says make Astha ready to apologize. Someone comes and says Atul did not sign the papers, the deal is not done.

Anjali says Atul is adamant. Niranjan says don’t tell this to Astha, you do your son’s marriage arrangements. He asks her am I doing the right thing. She says you can’t do anything wrong. Shlok brings icecream for Astha and she throws it. He gets angry and asks her whats your problem. She says you don’t trust me, I m saying truth about jyoti, if you don’t trust me, whats the need for relation now. Shlok says you are my motive to live, don’t tell this again. Astha says sorry but why don’t you trust me. He says what do you want, whom should I trust, you or my sister, she said all this is lies, no one will trust you. Astha thinks. Atul is at home. Kalindi asks him are you worried, you tell Niranjan that you can’t do this. He says I told him but he is adamant, I don’t know what to do. She says if they do something to Astha because of this, then. He says I can’t compromise with my values. He says I hope it does not bring any hurdle in Astha’s happiness. Astha is in her room.

He gets Suman aunty’s call. She says its not a little thing that you are marrying Shlok. Everyone will be looking at you. Astha asks her to do some work for her. Suman aunty agrees. Sojal is seeing the jewellery that are kept for Astha. Anjali says give this saree and jewellery to jyoti’s mum in law. Sojal asks is jyoti’s mum in laww annoyed with us, so we are gifting them, so Astha’s parents should gift you as you are annoyed with them. Kaka comes and says Sojal is right. He taunts Anjali and her parents. Anjali gets angry. Sojal looks on. jyoti’s mum in law scolds jyoti. jyoti cries and says I said Astha is a liar to save you. Her mum in law scolds her a lot and asks her to go and make food. Suman aunty comes there with Astha in different get ups. jyoti does not recognize Astha.

Astha praises jyoti’s mum in law. She gets happy. jyoti brings water for Astha. Her mum in law talks to jyoti well and asks her to rest as she might be tired. Astha says we have come to take your interview. jyoti’s mum in law speaks against jyoti and her talk gets recorded in the camera.
Astha leaves. Anjali says its because of Astha that jyoti had to go back to her house so soon. She tells Sojal that Astha won’t come. Astha comes there and says I came, I left from here without your permission, I m not the one to run away, I brought the proof. She says see this and you will know I was not lying. She says its important for me to win Shlok’s trust. She shows the video to everyone. Everyone are shocked to see the video. Shlok gets angry. Anjali says whats all this, new drama. Astha says jyoti is facing many problems, she needs our help. Anjali says stoon interfering in other’s life. She says some thing or the other happens in every house, every woman has to be patient and bearable. She says jyoti will tale care of herself.

Astha says I can’t see her in so much pain, I can’t make my life’s start till jyoti’s problem is solved. I can’t marry. Shlok looka at Astha angrily. Sojal says see Aai, what did Astha say just now. Anjali says is your social work over, its our house’s matters, not yours. Astha says shall I make the sheera now. Anjali says no need. Shlok asks Sojal to call jyoti. Anjali says no need to call. Shlok insists. Even Sojal’s husband asks Sojal to call her while Anjali is stopping her. Sojal calls jyoti’s mum in law and asks her to come home soon. Everyone looks on.Ajju talking to Kalindi about Astha saying Astha got much busy. She says I will tell Shlok to accept me as dowry. Kalindi smiles. The door bell rings and Kalindi opens the door. She receives a parcel. She opens it and sees broken bangles and a letter. Kalindi reads the letter and is shocked. Shlok welcomes jyoti and her mum in law. Shlok looks at jyoti and stops her mum in law from entering the house saying we have to welcome you. He calls Astha. Shlok gives puja thaali to Astha and says she is jyoti’s mum in law, welcome her with respect. jyoti is puzzled. Everyone looks on.


Astha does the aarti and tilak. Shlok says give them gifts Astha. Astha gives the gifts and aunty smiles. She says great, Anjali changed you in one day. She praises Anjali. Astha smiles. Shlok asks them to come inside now. Aunty smiles seeing the warm welcome and says yes, a girl’s in laws must be treated like Lords. Shlok and Astha smiles while she enters the house.
Aunty greets everyone. Shlok’s brother welcomes her and takes her to the hall. She is happy to see them around her. She asks them to sit with her. Shlok plays the recording. Shlok says we have something special for you. Aunty is shocked to see the recording and it is revealed infront of everyone about jyoti’s truth. Everyone look at her. Aunty says all this lies, I treat my daughter in law like a flower, so well. She says I won’t stay here if they don’t respect me. She takes jyoti with her. Shlok holds jyoti’s hand and stops her. Shlok says will you till hide the truth from your brothers, will you not tell us the truth and your pain. jyoti starts crying and says sorry, she says Astha is not a liar.

Aunty says I can’t see the drama, I’m going. Shlok’s brother stops her and says you have hurt our sister, we won’t let you go so easily. He asks Sojal to call the police. Anjali interrupts and says respect her, she is your sister’s mum in law. Shlok argues with Anjali. Shlok says she has done injustice with jyoti and she will have to pay for it, he says I will take the revenge for all the tears of my sister. Aunty thinks of some plan and starts crying in order to get saved. She says sorry, I came under people’s influence who asked me to keep jyoti under me. Shlok asks her to apologize to jyoti. Aunty apologizes to jyoti. Shlok says now you can go. jyoti will come home when Aryaman comes to take her. She says fine, I don’t have any objection, I will leave. She leaves. Astha hugs jyoti. Anjali leaves in anger. Anjali breaks the flower vase and Sojal comes to her. She sees her angry and says your rule is going, only few days are left. She says sorry I m not joking about you, I m worried, if you don’t do anything now then Astha will rule in this house, think of something.

Anjali says Astha will come in this house when she marries Shlok. Anjali looks on. jyoti praises Astha and talks to her brothers. She says I have hidden my pain from everyone. Shlok says you should have called us, I would have come to you, you did not feel that we will wipe your tears. She says you were not here. Shlok says Bharat was here, you would have told him. She says now we are with you, don’t hide anything from us, we can’t see you in pain. Astha brings water for jyoti. jyoti says Shlok that he is very lucky to get a life partner like Astha. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha says I did not do this to get praise, but for your smile. Bharat tells jyoti that I feel to leave your mum in law in a jungle. They joke to make jyoti smile. They try to tickle her and she runs happily. Astha smiles. Shlok stops Astha and says lets go. She asks where. Niranjan is angry and was about to slap Anjali. He says understand your responsibility. Anjali says I tried my best. He says control Astha in a right way by thinking. He says if such thing happens again, then I won’t bear it. Anjali says sorry.

She says I will rectify my mistake. He says talks to Kirloskar family. She says fine. Shlok brings Astha to the terrace and gets closer. Khuda…. plays….He says I have to tell you something, its important. Astha runs and he runs after her. Astha laughs and falls on him. Shlok and Astha laughs. He says you can won my trust for the lifetime, I did not believe you, I m sorry, I did not know you worry about my family so much, he thanks her for making jyoti’s life better. He asks what should I gift it. She says something that has your name on it. They get closer and some flowers are shown.

Kalindi asks Atul to talk to Niranjan. He says what will we ask him, that someone is troubling us. She says we should talk to them. Atul hides those letter and bangles. Atul and Kalindi welcome Niranjan and Anjali. Anjali invites them. Another parcel comes and everyone looks on. Kalindi and Atul are shocked. Kalindi sees the parcel and fins another box. There is a red clothe in which Kalindi finds a broken mangalsutra. It falls. Kalindi gets a letter. Atul and Kalindi are shocked. Kalindi reads the letter and looks at Atul. Niranjan asks what is the matter, what happened. Kalindi gives the letter to Niranjan. He reads know Shlok’s past before marriage.

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