Sacred Relationship Update Tuesday 30 March 2021


Sacred Relationship 30 March 2021: starts with Rajshri and Mishti talking. Mishti says Ananya and Kuhu should spend time together. She thinks I have to hurt Kuhu tomorrow. Rajshri says I know you aren’t thinking of marriage now, you remember Saurabh. Mishti says please. Rajshri asks is there anyone. Mishti thinks of Abir. She says I don’t want to leave you and go by getting married. Rajshri jokes. She says I love you so much. Mishti says don’t you think you did a mistake to get me here, what if I do some mistake. Rajshri says I will scold you and then forgive you. Mishti asks what if the mistake is big and hurts everyone. Rajshri says I will stop talking and punish you, but I won’t let you go anywhere, if Mishti and Shaurya did this, would I make them out, what’s the matter. Mishti hugs her and says nothing Kuhu will be leaving in some days, I feel bad, sorry.

Its morning, Kunal asks Atul to help him. Atul says Kuhu asked me to come soon, Kuku wedding. Kunal asks what’s Kuku. Atul says Kuhu and Kunal, Kuku. He goes. Kunal says none will help me here. Nidhi says I will help. He says so sweet, I don’t think you can help. She says none values me. She goes with Jugnu. Parul asks can I help you, I m sorry for yesterday, can you give me another chance. He says fine, Kuhu shouldn’t know that this surprise is for her. She swears. Meenakshi signs him. He tells some plan. Meenakshi thinks I never thought I would find this way easily, Mishti do anything, I will win.Ananya welcomes Kunal and family. Nanu acts cool and says Abir got this charm from me. Rajshri says you are looking very happy today. Abir says I will be more happy in some time. She applies kajal dot to him. Nanu says you have decorated the house well. Abir says Mishti I promise you, you will never forget this day. Meenakshi looks on. Mishti makes Kuhu ready. She sees the clock. She thinks its time to start provoking Kuhu. Kuhu asks Mishti to make the hair bun well. Mishti says you decide if you want a bun or you want to scream. They arguing.

Kuhu says I don’t want to fight, go and call Ananya, useless. Varsha comes. Mishti recalls Meenakshi’s words. She asks did you call me useless, you would be leaving from here, you are rubbish, never forget that I gave you Kunal in charity. Kuhu and Varsha get shocked. Mishti says if I didn’t reject Kunal, you would be dancing in my baraat and calling him Jiju. Varsha asks what happened. Kuhu says she is talking bad things. Mishti says everyone will come, you will ask me to apologize for the problems, you always do this. Kuhu asks how can you talk to mum like this. Mishti says I had to apologize because of you. Kunal asks the men to start recording. Parul says I did as you said. Vishwamber asks what’s this. Ananya says Kunal is taking video of wedding preps. Kunal says there is another surprise for Kuhu. Varsha asks Mishti to listen. Mishti says leave my hand, I don’t want to talk. They come downstairs. Vishwamber asks what’s the matter. Mishti says Varsha is shouting on me. He asks her to say it clearly. Nidhi says Mishti started the drama again. Rajshri says for such a silly… Mishti says its not something silly.

Mishti says I was asked to apologize publicly, none tells anything to Kuhu, why this difference between us. Jasmeet says you are adopted, that’s why. Mishti says its better to be adopted, because Kuhu is illegitimate. Varsha slaps Mishti. Everyone gets shocked. Everyone gets recorded in the cameras. Abir thinks why is Mishti doing this. Parul thinks she is doing this as Meenakshi said. Vishwamber asks are you fine. Meenakshi asks how can Mishti say such a cheap thing. Kunal says she can lie any time. Vishwamber asks Mishti to tell what’s the matter. Kuhu says she is jealous of my happiness, she even told me that she gave me Kunal in charity. Meenakshi asks what, how dare you. Mishti asks did I say anything wrong, this relation is happening as I rejected Kunal, I worked hard to bring Kuhu and Kunal together. Abir asks why are you saying this. Meenakshi says no one can say such a big thing, this girl has a black heart. Parul cries.

Kunal asks how dare you talk about Kuhu, you aren’t even the daughter of this family. Mishti says yes, at least I m legitimate child of my parents, Kuhu isn’t Varsha’s lawful child. Vishwamber says Mishti. Mishti says that’s enough. She goes thinking forgive me, sorry to hurt you all. She stops seeing the people looking at them. Kuhu and everyone see the onlooking guests. Meenakshi recalls asking Kunal to call the guests, Ananya’s request can’t be a coincidence, its Mishti’s plan, I want to defame Mishti and her family, I want this marriage to break tomorrow, invite Kuhu’s friends to surprise her. FB ends. Kunal says I called Kuhu’s friends to give her a surprise, you wanted to create a scene publicly, I should thank you for this. Meenakshi says enough, my family and I want to know the truth, is Mishti telling the truth. Rajshri says I will tell you the truth. Shaurya says no, I will answer. Varsha says Kuhu is my daughter. Jasmeet says Kuhu is ours, Mishti is a stranger. Nanu says Meenakshi, they are fighting to save each other, not to accuse each other, this family is strong and can’t break, Kuhu is the child of this house, you asked one but entire family came to answer. Meenakshi says I had to ask this, if they were so honest, why did they hide this from us. Vishwamber says we didn’t hide it, you had Kuhu’s birth chart. Meenakshi says I trusted you and didn’t read it, is this my fault. Kunal says no, its all Mishti’s fault, I can’t bear this lie.

Rajshri says when Kuhu came home, she was a little child, she was crying a lot, when Varsha carried her, she stopped crying and smiled seeing her, from that moment, Varsha accepted her, that was enough for us. Shaurya says I made a mistake years ago, I didn’t know that my daughter would suffer, I m sorry. He hugs Kuhu and Ananya. He says Mishti said the truth, its not a lie. Kunal says you are embarrassing us again. Meenakshi asks Mishti to look at her sister. She says I know you hate Kunal, why did you do this with your sister. Mishti says she isn’t my sister. Abir and everyone get shocked. Mishti cries.


Mishti saying its time to tell the truth, Kuhu isn’t my sister, we never liked each other, I tried a lot, she always disliked me, that’s why I hate her. Varsha asks her not to say nonsense, will they believe this, she did a lot for Kuhu and Kunal, she had tolerated insult also. Mishti says yes, I hate her, I want her to get married soon and leave, she wants the same. Rajshri says it means you acted to love each other, you both cheated us. Kuhu says I love you and didn’t wish to hurt anyone, so I had hidden this matter for years.Meenakshi says Babu ji, when lies strikes the strong walls of the family, the walls fall weak. She says I think Vishwamber ji needs time, we shall leave now. She leaves with her family. Kuhu says you knew everything about Mishti and me.

Kunal asks why didn’t you tell me about your real mom. Kuhu says Varsha is real mom for me. He says I told you, my mum’s respect is everything for me, she had tolerated insult always, I won’t let the family get insulted, sorry. He leaves. Mishti cries. Abir looks on shocked. Varsha asks Shaurya to stop them. Rajshri asks Vishwamber to do something. Vishwamber holds Abir. Abir says give me some time, I will talk to everyone, I promise. He sees Mishti and goes. Khushiyaan bhi baaten….plays…. Mishti runs. Jasmeet says don’t know marriage will happen or not. She asks Kuhu to calm down. Rajshri cries.
Meenakshi and family come home. Abir gets sad. Kunal looks at him. Abir hugs him. Meenakshi looks on. Abir asks are you fine. Kunal says I m fine if you are fine. Meenakshi says I wish they always love each other. Parul looks on. Varsha asks Shaurya to talk to them. Kuhu says I m sorry Dadu. Vishwamber says so you both don’t like each other. Kuhu says no. Varsha says this doesn’t matter, they should get baraat, what will we do now. She asks Kuhu why did she not keep quiet. Jasmeet asks her to calm down. Varsha says its Kuhu’s marriage, everyone is worried for Mishti.

Vishwamber says I m not thinking of Mishti, I was thinking how long will my family lie to me, how long will you lie to me, you told me that Kuhu told everything to Kunal. Kuhu says its not mum’s mistake, I asked her to lie, I lied to her that I told truth to Kunal, I got scared and couldn’t tell him, don’t get angry on mum. Varsha says punish me, but help Kuhu. She hugs Rajshri. Rajshri asks her to calm down. Kuhu thinks I hate you Mishti, you made my mum cry, if baraat doesn’t come tomorrow, I will not leave you. Abir says its your marriage tomorrow, will you go. Kunal says don’t know, they lied to me, whom shall I trust. Abir says trust broke. He recalls Mishti. Abir says it happened so quickly. Kunal says I feel I rushed to form this alliance, just love isn’t enough, I felt I love her and she loves me, if she loved me, would she hide such a big truth from me, its too early, what do I know about her.
Parul says we know Kuhu is a nice girl, she had hidden a big thing but anyone will feel scared to say such things, Kunal… not everyone who lies is bad, some lies are bad. Meenakshi says they lied to us, Abir there is no use to talk about this now, we need time to come out of this shock. Abir nods. Kunal sees Parul and goes.

Kunal says I think we won. Meenakshi asks why aren’t you happy. Kunal says Abir isn’t happy, if Mishti goes… She says Mishti has to go. He says then what about Abir. She says when Shweta left you, Abir supported you, now you have to support him. He says but why didn’t we break the alliance together. She says Kuhu will call you, don’t answer her call. He says fine, when will you break this alliance. She says don’t worry Kunal, Kuhu and your marriage won’t happen, its my promise. Mishti cries and says Abir do you also believe all that, I wish I could message you and tell you everything, your mom will do something again. Rajshri comes and asks why did you pack this suitcase, where are you going. Mishti says Mumbai. Rajshri asks what, look at me. Abir sees Mishti’s painting and says did you do this to protect family, why did you do this, you didn’t tell anything to me, when I told you that Kuhu and you love each other more than Kunal and me, why did you lie.

Meenakshi comes. Abir says Kunal… She says Kunal is fine. He asks will you break this marriage. She says I have come here to ask you, you look worried, what happened. Abir says I feel I know Mishti, we are misunderstanding her. She says everyone misunderstands me also, we have to understand that Mishti’s presence affects Kunal, I m worried for Kunal, can you see Kunal like this. Mishti says you are angry on me, you aren’t taking Kuhu’s side, I will go, its better, everything will get fine when Kuhu gets married. Rsajshri says you got mad. Mishti says no one needs me here, I m going to Mumbai to my friend, I will stay there and come back when marriage gets over. Parul sits in temple and says I pledged to stay quiet, I want to break the promise today, Kunal wants to break the alliance because of Kuhu’s birth, its wrong, tell me what shall I do. She cries. She sees a shadow. She says maybe someone was there. Kunal stops and turns to see Kuhu. Parul sees diya flickering and protects it. She says I will talk to Abir. She goes.

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