My Identity Update Monday 28 June 2021


My Identity 28 June 2021: The Episode starts with Neil saying it can’t be Vidyut. Commissioner says we don’t have to delay, else Neela’s culprit can get escaped. Neil says it can’t be Vidyut, he had a knife in his hand. DD asks then who has shot. Neil recalls and says I did, I was the one who shot Neela in the darkness, I have snatched Neela from Avni. DD says no, let firearm reports come, everything will be clear. Neil says I should tell Avni what happened, even if its a doubt, I should tell her. Shweta looks on shocked.

Men pack the things in Neela’s house. Avni asks the man to let the temple be there, she will manage. She cries. Ali hugs her. She asks him to go. He says take care and goes. Avni sees some clothes and hugs. She recalls Neela. FB shows Neela saying I want small babies, a girl and a boy, girl should be cute like Neil, boy should be angry one like you. Avni says you don’t look mum, and you want to become Nani, what’s the hurry. Neela says I want to play with babies, I will take them to park, movies and PTMs.

Avni says it means I will be out of the picture. Neela says no, this will never happen, you are my child, most imp for me, I can’t survive without you. Avni holds her and says I m nothing without you. FB ends. Avni says everything is incomplete without you, its darkness for me everywhere, light will never come this way. She cries.She says I wanted revenge, but got this destruction. She cries. She takes Neela’s bangles. Vidyut comes. She says you go, I will pack everything. He picks a bangle.

She gets shocked seeing Vidyut. She says don’t touch anything, I will kill you, just go. He says don’t take your mum’s death on your heart, if you had agreed to me, this would have not happened, see this, I had booked four tickets, yours, mine and for our mums, see what happened now, everything can get fine if you want, I love you a lot, Avni, only one chance, try to understand, I really love you a lot. She says stay away from me. He says sorry, please promise me that you will give a chance to our love, please, will you do it, take your time, think about it, I have nobody other than you, whom do you have except me, nobody, I will come back. He leaves.

Bebe asks Prakash for her sleeping pills. He says I gave it to Shweta, she was not getting sleep. She thinks how shall I get peace. Neil comes and sees Avni talking to Neela’s pic. Neil asks will you listen to me. She says yes, else mum will get angry. He says Shweta has sent food for you. He feeds her and wipes her tears. Bebe asks are you having coffee after having sleeping pills. Shweta says just like that. Bebe finds medicine wrap in the bin and shows Shweta.

Neil says I know you will never misunderstand me, I will always love you and Neela, that day…. He tells everything. He says it was dark there, Vidyut was in front of me, Neela pushed me from behind, I had a gun in my hand, I didn’t know when I fired and….. this has not been confirmed, but there is a doubt, I m scared that…. He turns and sees her asleep.Bebe asks are you mad. Shweta says no, I don’t know how to face it. Prakash asks what happened. Bebe says she added sleeping pills in Avni’s food.

Shweta says I didn’t have any other way, you didn’t hear what I have heard, Neil told commissioner that Neela pushed him and he fired, he doesn’t remember but maybe she died because of him. They get shocked. Shweta says Neil was going to tell this to Avni and risking his love, this is the time they should get together and become each other’s strength, even if this is true, this truth shouldn’t come out, I added the pills so that she doesn’t listen to Neil. Neil makes Avni sleep properly.

He holds her. She rests in his lap. He sees Neela’s pic and cries. He thinks of Neela. He says how shall I tell you Avni, I find difficult to even breath. Prakash says Neil won’t be able to even breath, you shouldn’t interfere. Shweta says no, I want to save their relation. Prakash asks how long will you feed sleeping pills to Avni, you can’t hide this big truth from Avni. He goes. Shweta says you always say this Bebe, once relation breaks, it never gets fine, I want your blessings to save Neil and Avni’s relation.

Bebe says I understand your helplessness, but its not right to add sleeping pills in someone’s food, promise me you won’t do this again. Shweta says I promise, but you have to promise me, you will support me in this. Bebe promises and hugs her.Avni thinks of Neela and says please don’t go Maa, whoever I love get away from me. Neil holds her and sings Ek chidayya….. He says I wanted to give you a life which you never lived, its all my mistake, I wish this ended like a bad dream, I wish Neela was standing here smiling, I know this is not possible, I pray that report proves my doubt wrong, else I can’t meet my own eyes.

He kisses her and rests by her side.Shweta booking tickets and Avni and her. Bebe asks what are you doing. Shweta says I m taking Avni away from Neil, you handle Neil here, lie to him, make him swear, if reports come positive, you have to explain him, not to tell this truth to Avni and forget this as an accident. Bebe says calm down, maybe this won’t be needed. Its morning, Avni wakes up and sees Neil beside. She kisses him. She sees Neela’s pic. She recalls Neela’s words.

She says mum said right, when I was in jail and hating you, you were fighting to prove my innocence. She holds his hand and kisses him. Neil wakes up and holds her. Ek main hoon…..plays…. He hugs her. She cries. He says I can’t share or snatch your pain, maybe this is not possible now, we have to face this with a smile. She says this will never get less, I have to accept this and learn to smile, when you are with me, I can do everything. She thanks him for taking care of her, for loving her.

Neil says I have to tell something. Bebe comes and asks how are you…. Neil asks her to come in. Avni says we are fine, we were coming home in some time.Shweta hears her on call and says thank God, Neil didn’t say anything to Avni. Bebe says I had to say something to you. Shweta hides the bluetooth from Prakash. Bebe says you have to go with Shweta, she has already booked the tickets. Neil says but… Avni says its fine. DD comes and says there is an emergency, Gurumaa’s lawyer has filed for pardon, she has used Mishti’s name, she claims to take care of Mishti.

He signs Bebe. Neil says this can’t happen, I won’t let Mishti go with Gurumaa. DD says yes, come with me, we will think what to do. Avni says no, this can’t happen, court can’t show mercy to such criminals. Neil says Gurumaa and Vidyut can never change, I m sure court will reject the plea. He leaves with DD. Avni says if Gurumaa is making any other plan. Bebe says don’t worry, Neil will manage.She sees Neela’s pic and says you are no longer with us, but you are close to our heart, Shweta and I miss you, because we are mothers and know what’s right and wrong for our children, I hope I could fulfill your happy family dream.

Neil calls Shweta and says I m in police station, tell Avni that I m fine, I will come in a while. Shweta says fine. She tells Avni that Neil will come in some time. Neil asks DD from where did these documents come, he didn’t see this before. DD says if Gurumaa gets free, she will take her revenge. Neil says you are saying right, it doesn’t sound true, am I missing anything. Commissioner comes and says just see Gurumaa shouldn’t come out, DD bring all the files related to plea. DD goes.

Shweta books a villa. Avni says we can stay in normal room, why to spend on a villa. Shweta says you are the best, I can do this for you. Avni says yes, but all this…. Shweta says you are doing this for my sake, come on, hurry up. Avni says but Neil didn’t come.Bebe comes and says fine, I will tell Avni, take care. She says Neil is busy, Avni you go with Shweta, I will get Neil to the airport. Prakash blesses Avni. Shweta and Avni leave. Prakash says I m not saying anything, it doesn’t mean I don’t understand anything, how long will we hide the truth. Bebe says I m with Shweta, as she is right, I can’t see their house breaking in front of my eyes.

Shweta asks DD are the arrangements done. DD says yes, you can take Avni and leave. She thanks him. Neil stares at DD. He says you always ask me and do things, what are you doing, I want to know the truth. DD says Shweta wanted… Neil says till report comes, I stay away from Avni, this mercy plea of Gurumaa is fake, you did this. DD says I wanted you not to talk to Avni before reports come. Neil says what if my fear turns true, will you lie or expect me to lie. DD says I will do anything to unite you and Avni.

Neil asks will you break law too. DD says yes, I will, you can suspend me if you want. Neil says all right DD, I respect your decision, but I don’t lie, I will just say the truth to her.DD calls Shweta and says sorry, Neil heard me alking to you, he left to tell the truth to Avni. Shweta lies to Avni and takes her. She says we can get late to catch the flight, come fast. They leave in the car. Neil comes home. He asks Bebe where is Avni. She says Avni is not at home.

He says you are deliberately doing this. Bebe says yes, we feel you shouldn’t tell the truth to Avni, forget this as an accident. He says you think I m not scared to lose her, I don’t want to lose her, but I can’t hide the truth. She says some truths should be concealed. He says I won’t be able to meet her eyes, I don’t want to live with this guilt.Bebe says you can get rid of your guilt, but will Avni be able to handle this, she will break down, she won’t be able to love you, forgive you, she will shatter.

Neil says Avni wants justice for Neela, I will get justice for her, you all can’t stop me. Bebe slaps him. She asks can’t you understand, you are the biggest reason for Avni’s life, do you want to snatch this reason, just because you can’t live with this guilt. He says fine, you want me to pretend, I will have a fake smile, I will consume this poison and live as a coward, I will not tell the truth to Avni, I will cheat my Avni every day, you want this, fine, I will never tell her that I have shot Neela by my hands.Bebe says no, that’s not what I meant. They get shocked seeing Avni.

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