My Identity Update Sunday 27 June 2021

My Identity 27 June 2021: The Episode starts with Neil saying you don’t need to have fear, your life will be bright by my love, darkness can never find you, I will fill your life with happiness, trust me. He holds her. Vidyut’s goon cuts to switch off the lights. He calls Vidyut and says we are ready. Rocky says okay, can we have the final picture now. They all take pics. Neela says Avni, Neil, I have a surprise for you, I will bring it from upstairs. She goes. Vidyut gets down the car and counts down.

Bebe and Shweta joke. They take pics DD says its danger, call Neil, tell him Vidyut reached here. Constable calls on landline. Prakash answers and gets shocked. Lights go. Avni asks Mishti not to get scared. Neil calls out Prakash and asks him to handle Shweta. Vidyut enters. Prakash shouts to Neil. Vidyut says it will be fun to play hide and seek, this will be your life’s last game. Prakash says Vidyut has entered this house. They get shocked.Neil says Vidyut can be anywhere, you take all family members out safely. Ali says you take care.

Avni says I will get Bebe and Mishti, I will try to divert Vidyut. She says don’t worry, Neil is with us, Vidyut can’t do anything, he has come here alive, but he will leave dead, Neela is upstairs, she doesn’t know Vidyut has come. Neela says what happened to lights, my phone is left downstairs. Vidyut sends the goons. Shweta shouts for help. Neela says Shweta is screaming, what’s happening. Neil asks Ali to take them out. Neil catches the goon and asks Shweta to run. Vudyut goes to stab. DD says we will enter the house and attack on Vidyut.

Goons beat DD and constables. DD fights. Avni sees the attacker and shouts Neil. Neil moves and gets saved.Neil fights and removes the mask. He sees Vidyut. Vidyut beats him. DD calls station and says send three units at Neil’s house. Avni asks Bebe not to make any noise. Bebe says we will go to kitchen and hide there. Avni says fine, be careful. Goon catches Avni. She acts to faint and kicks him. Ali tries to join the wires. He worries. Vidyut sees Neil beating a goon and says this would be our last day of our game, I know you will surely follow me and get trapped.

Neil asks Ali to take them out. Avni says I will stay back. Neil says you have to listen to me. She asks where is Neela. He says trust me, I will get Neela, go. Neil goes. Ali asks Avni to come. Neil hears Neela and goes there. Vidyut sees him and thinks very good, just proceed in my plan. Ali sends Avni. Goon hits on his head. Avni, Bebe, Mishti run out. Avni asks where is Ali. Bebe says I don’t know about Prakash, Shweta and Rocky, Lord safe us. DD comes and says thank God you are safe, I will help Neil. Bebe says you are already injured.

He says I fought with Vidyut’s goons. Avni sees the stormy weather. Bebe says the weather is so inauspicious.Mishti says I m feeling scared. Avni recalls Aisha and Neela. Avni’s hand bleeds. DD asks are you okay. Mishti says I m very scared. DD asks again. Avni says nobody can snatch my family and their love, I won’t let them do that, DD take care of Bebe and Mishti. DD says I can’t let you go. She says swear on me, don’t leave them alone. Neil breaks the door. Neela asks what happened.

He says don’t come out of this room till I make everything fine, please. He locks her and goes. Neela says I think everyone is in danger. Neil asks Vidyut to come out and end this man. He sees Vidyut and shouts stop, I will kill you. Avni calls out Neela and Ali.Goon catches her. She beats him and says nobody can snatch my family, I can’t lose my perfect family. She suffocates him. Neil says you have attacked on my family, neither the law nor my duty will stop me today, you will have to pay for it.

Neil shoots to scare him. Goon beats him. Vidyut runs. Goon shoots at Avni’s leg. She falls back shouting Neil. Police comes. DD asks them to restore the power. Lights come. Everyone come inside the house. Neil sees Prakash unconscious and wakes him. He takes him. Avni asks where is mum, she was with you. Neela comes with the gift. Neil smiles and asks her to come. Neela walks with pain. Neil gets shocked seeing her back wounded. Neil rolls down the stairs. They all shout Neela…..

Avni and everyone get shocked seeing Neela’s wounded back. Avni sees the happy home broken.Neela rolling down the stairs. Avni holds her in lap. Neela kisses her hand. Avni recalls Aisha kissing her hand before she died. Avni says nothing will happen to you, we all are here. Neela closes eyes. Neil checks her pulse and asks Ali to call. Ali calls for ambulance. Neil gets back. Bebe asks Neil why is he silent. Neil cries and signs no. They all get shocked. DD calls and says Neela is murdered.

Avni asks are you mad DD, Neela just fainted, she will get fine, we have to take her to hospital. Avni says nothing will happen to you, our perfect family is with us, be patient, Neil is with us, he won’t let anything to you. Shweta says Neela is….Avni says nothing will happen. Doctor comes.Doctor checks Neela’s pulse. Avni says you will get fine Maa, then we will have photo shoot of perfect family. Doctor says we have to take her. Avni says you will get fine. Prakash asks Avni to stop it.

Avni asks Neil what is he waiting for, they have to take Neela. Neil says doctor is trying to tell you, listen to me, its too late, no hospital can bring her back now. Avni slaps him and says how dare you say this.Avni says Maa, they are seeing as if I got mad, come back to senses and prove them wrong, I was shot at my chest, when you saved me, nothing can happen to you, we came home now, we are with our perfect family, we have everyone here, you can’t leave me. Neil asks her to be strong.

Avni shouts Maa and cries. Neil says stop it, Neela is gone, she will never come back. He hugs Avni. Everyone cries.Vidyut says they snatched my mum, I have snatched Avni’s mum, everything would have been fine if Avni didn’t cheat me. Gurumaa says you cheated me because of Avni. He says Avni didn’t accept me, I went to kill Neil, but Neela came in between and sacrificed her life, if she loved me so much, she would have been alive.

She says this is mum’s biggest weakness and strength, she can go to any extent for child, and child doesn’t know her value till she goes, then he cries and calls her back, but she doesn’t come back, you have lost everything, even Avni. He says no. She says yes, you will never get her, you don’t have your mum and Avni with you, there is no past and future, its just the present,its morning, everyone gathers for Neela’s final rites. Neil asks Avni is she listening. He gives her the pot. Avni recalls her first meet with Neela.

Avni drops the water from the pot. She recalls Neela’s words. Neela and Avni’s life journey is seen in flashback. Avni drops the pot. Everyone cries. Avni sees Neela. She goes and kisses her. Pandit asks her to give fire to the pyre. Avni cries and asks Neela not to leave her. She drops the firetorch. Little Avni comes and holds her. Neil asks Avni to be brave, Neela is with them. Avni says I can’t do this. Neil says Neela will always be with us, you will have to do this to get soul peace for her.Avni lights the pyre. Everyone cries.Avni hugs her childhood avatar. Neil hugs Avni. Aa leke chalun….plays…. Everyone leaves.

Avni sits crying and thinks of Neela. The pyre burns to ashes. Avni writes Neela Maa. She sees Dayaben.Dayaben says you have lost despite of winning, you can never live like normal people, you are darkness, darkness can never dream to become light, you are a grief, whom you love will go away from you, haven’t you realized this till now, first your own mum, dad and now Neela, you are a sin child, poor Neela raised you and loved you as a mum, she sacrificed her happiness, what did you do, you repaid her favors by killing her, you can just make people suffer, stop now, stop this mayhem which you call your life’s purpose, just jump into this pyre and stop this game.She disappears. Avni cries and says yes, I m cursed, I m destruction for my loved ones.

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