Strange Love Update Sunday 27 June 2021

Strange Love 27 june 2021:  The Episode starts with the puja going on. Ajju asks Kalindi to do the recording as Jyoti will be happy seeing them. Kalindi says I want Jyoti to get happiness like Astha. She records. The pandit asks Astha to do the rituals. Astha is tensed after seeing Niranjan’s truth. Niranjan comes to her seeing her lost and she gets scared. Astha sees Anjali coming covering her wounds. Anjali smiles and greets all the guests. The pandit asks Anjali to call Sojal. Anjali is tensed and looks at Niranjan. Anjali says actually our elder bahu….. Sojal comes and says yes, tell me what to do. Everyone are happy seeing her. Sojal gives the clothes and jewellery to Astha and asks her to accept it. The pandit asks Astha and Shlok to take elder’s blessings.

Astha asks Shlok to come to Anjali first. Shlok says I don’t need her blessings, else we will get only pain, she does not care about our happiness, come lets take dad’s blessings, only he cares about us. They take Niranjan’s blessings. Astha thinks how can I take his blessings who does not respect his wife and beat his wife being a man. Astha greets others and sees Anjali. She touches her feet. Anjali blesses her. Anjali makes her wear bangles. Anjali sees Shlok is not coming to her and leaves. Kalindi comes home and shows the recording to Jyoti. She gets happy seeing it. Avdhoot says show me the video soon. Kalindi says let her see first, then you can see.

Jyoti cries seeing her family. Kalindi asks her not to cry. Jyoti says Kaki, I don’t know when will I meet them and when will everything be fine. Kalindi says very soon, don’t worry. Astha thinks about Niranjan beating Anjali. Shlok comes and hugs her. She says the puja went on long, I m tired, shall I rest. He says are you annoyed that I did not touch Anjali’s feet. Astha thinks how to tell Shlok that Anjali is not wrong. Anjali scolds Sojal and asks her to leave the house. Sojal says I m sorry, I did a big mistake, please forgive me. Niranjan comes and asks Anjali to understand Sojal’s situation and not forget she is someone’s daughter. Astha looks on and thinks how he is acting and making Anjali do what he really wants.

Niranjan asks sweet and scolds Anjali infront of them. Anjali looks bad to everyone. Niranjan asks Anjali to treat Sojal well as she is their bahu. He says you won’t go anywhere Sojal, don’t worry. Sojal cries and says its good that dad is so good else Anjali would have kicked me out of the house. Astha thinks Anjali tried to punish Sojal so she became bad for us, but what about him, who is making Anjali do this. Sid is happy to see his fav food made by Jyoti. Kalindi asks him to find a nice girl and marry.

Sid looks a Jyoti. Astha comes to Anjali in the kitchen. Anjali says I will cook today for Niranjan. Astha asks shall I help you. Anjali says no, go. Anjali’s hand burns and Astha cares for it. Astha talks to her and asks is it paining. Anjali says woman should bear pain. Jyoti asks Sid to have the kheer and he agrees. He asks her to take rest and take care. He asks Kalindi can he take Roshni out. Ajju says fine, why to ask, she should roam its good for her, but don’t go far. Kalindi sees Sid taking care of Jyoti.

The women sit to have dinner. Anjali eats in Niranjan’s plate which has left over food. Astha looks on. She gives a fresh plate to her. She says its very bad, take this. Anjali scolds her. Anjali eats and her face is hurt by Niranjan’s slap. Astha worries for her. Anjali says you are behaving like first day in this house. I eat what Niranjan eats, its good for the wife, you also have to learn this.Niranjan asking Astha to come in. Astha is scared seeing him and comes to him. He asks about the project details which she is handling with Shlok. Astha sees the stick piece and thinks about Niranjan beating Anjali. He asks what happened, what are you thinking. She says I will just come and leaves. Shlok sees Astha and leaves. Astha thinks where is Anjali going at night. Anjali applies balm to her wounds. Astha comes to her and Anjali hides her wounds. Astha asks can I ask you anything.

She says I came to know the truth of your and Niranjan’s relation. Anjali is shocked. Astha holds her hand and asks why are you bearing all this, this is wrong, you should raise your voice against it. Anjali says enough, you saw and heard a lot today, every husband and wife have a fight, whats the big deal, I did a mistake so I got the punishment, don’t tell anything between us.
Anjali scolds Astha and says why do you worry about me, I m hurt, why are you getting hurt, don’t tell this to anyone, don’t make fun of our relation, else it will not be good for you and me. Astha says I will not make it public, but what about a woman’s self esteem and respect. Being a woman is not a sin, but being a slave is a sin. Anjali leaves.

Shlok says I don’t understand what happened to Astha, I told her I love you but she does not have time for me, why is she behaving weird. Astha comes to the room looking upset. Shlok asks her what happened. He asks why are behaving so weird after the function, are you annoyed that I did not touch Anjali’s feet, you know me. Astha says no, its not that. Shlok says then tell me. Astha says I don’t know how to tell you. Shlok asks what. He says you are not giving me time. Astha hugs him and cries. He asks are you fine. She says yes, actually…… the thing is…… Shlok gets a call and leaves.

Astha sits in the sofa waiting for Shlok. Shlok comes back after much time and sees her sleeping on the sofa. He makes her lie on the pillow. He covers her with a blanket. She moves her hair and kisses her. He smiles and closes the door. He goes to sleep. Astha thinks about Niranjan beating Anjali and wakes up tensed. She sees Shlok sleeping. She sees water is not in the jug and goes out of the room to take water. She sees Anjali standing outside her room at night. Niranjan asks Anjali to stop all this and come inside, till when will you make mistakes and punish yourself. Anjali says I will try not to make any mistake again. He says come inside. Anjali goes inside.Astha thinks she saw Anjali before too standing out at night. She says it means Baba has punished Anjali. She says don’t know how many nights she has spent outside the room, how can she bear all this.

Astha comes to her room and hugs Shlok. Shlok wakes up and asks what happened, did you see a bad dream. She says very bad dream. They sleep. Its morning, Astha and Sojal make the breakfast. Anjali asks Sojal did you make Aloo wada. She scolds Sojal for not making it. Anjali scolds Astha too. Anjali gets tensed and makes the aloo wada. Astha asks why are you so worried. Anjali says let me do my work. Astha says I will do. Anjali scolds her. Shlok and Kaka think what happened, no breakfast today. They sit and Niranjan comes there. Shlok greets him.

Anjali says the men work so much, they should get their fav food. Anjali asks Astha and Sojal to take other things on the table. Astha serves Niranjan and he stops her. He says Anjali will be bringing my breakfast. Anjali brings the Aloo dish for him.

Niranjan gets angry. Ajju and Kalindi have a talk. Jyoti looks lost. She waits for Sid. Kalindi sees Jyoti looking at the door and asks her to have food. Sid comes and greets everyone. Jyoti smiles. He says he came to have breakfast and asks Kalindi to pack food. Jyoti asks him to sit and have food. He agrees, Kalindi says I will bring tea. Jyoti serves him food.

Sid asks did you eat this. She eats with him. Sid looks at her and smiles. Kavya takes all the shoes from the cupboard. Astha asks what are you doing. Kavya says I was finding my doll. Astha says you go and play. I will make this well. Astha arranges the shoe rack. Anjali comes and sees the rack. She scolds her for keeping ladies sandals up and men’s shoes down. Astha asks why, its only shoes, whats the big deal, why are you worried. Anjali scolds Astha and says this happens in this house, don’t argue now. Astha says I really don’t understand, there might be some reason, tell me. Anjali looks at her angrily.

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