My heart knows update Wednesday 16 March 2022

My heart knows 16 March 2022: Kalyani tells Anupriya and the guy that she is so happy for both of them. She thinks Aai will never tell her the truth and asks Devimaa to help her. The guy asks Anupriya to sit and says I accept your decision. Kalyani looks at them and thinks Kaka is smart and this guy is lallu panju/stupid. Sarthak looks at Anupriya. Anupriya looks teary eyes. Madhav tells Malhar that Sarthak might have felt pain seeing Anupriya with someone else and says Aao Saheb has forgotten that her grand daughter is our bahu. Kalyani comes there and says what I can do, Aai has taken her decision. Malhar tells Madhav that Kalyani is right and what she can do.

Madhav shouts at Asawari asking her to cook food and goes. Kalyani goes to make food. Malhar gets Pawar’s call and comes out to talk to him. Aahir tries to hear him. Malhar asks Pawar to get the sketch made in 2 days. Something falls down and Malhar gets alerted. Aahir hides before Malhar could see him.Asawari and Aahir meet outside the house. She says how can Anupriya agree to marry that man. Just then Madhav shouts when Kalyani brings noodles for him. Malhar says Kalyani makes tasty noodles and says he used to have it during his college life.

Madhav says if your respect had gone if you have rolled the rotis for your sasur and asks Asawari to make food for him. Malhar sits and starts having noodles. Kalyani says how you are eating? She finds noodles spilled on his pant and brings scissor to cut it. he says he is eating like 18 years old. Kalyani gets emotional and wipes his mouth. Malhar says it is tasty. Kalyani gets teary eyes. Asawari comes to Anupriya’s room and keeps the spy camera. Anupriya comes there. Asawari says I came to talk about Sarthak. Anupriya says she don’t want to say. Asawari thinks this camera will say if she recalled about 26th july. Anupriya cries in her room.

Malhar and Kalyani are in their room. Kalyani sings the raabta song and makes Moksh sleep. She asks malhar if he is thinking how she agreed for Anupriya’s marriage. She says she didn’t agree and feels that Aai is helpless or is under pressure. Malhar says the same. Kalyani says you read my mind now. Malhar says you want to know why Aai agreed for marriage. Aao Saheb comes to Anupriya and asks why she wants to give a big sacrifice. Anupriya hugs her and says I did a big crime, and shall be punished, but don’t want anything to happen to kalyani. She says I won’t let anything happen to her.

Kalyani says now we understand each other’s ehart. She says we have to find out about Lallu uncle. Malhar says I have already finds out. Kalyani kisses on his cheeks happily. Malhar looks at her and then at his face in the mirror. Kalyani feels shy and turns her face? Malhar smiles seeing her smile. Anupriya says I was trying to remember, but I remember today. He says I got a call today and recalls artiste calling her and telling her that he was drawing a woman’s sketch of the eye witness and it turn out to be hers. Anupriya shows the sketch to Aao Saheb. She says Kalyani called my old call records and it was my number.

She says that skeleton was wearing saree from our factory and says someone saw me near the pond. She says may be I got an attack and killed that lady. Aao Saheb says you can’t kill anyone. Anupriya says I will act to marry and go from here. She says I will go from here. Aao Saheb hugs her and cries. Everything gets recorded in the spy cam.Kalyani telling Malhar why Aai agreed for marriage. Malhar says what we shall do? Kalyani says we shall use saam daam dand bhed trick and have to make Aai say the truth. She comes to Anupriya and kisses on her cheeks. Anupriya is sleeping and wakes up.

Kalyani asks her to keep her hand on her head and asks her to say why she agreed for marriage. She says I know that your heart is not ready for marriage and asks her to share this secret with her. Anupriya says so you came here to ask. Kalyani says yes and asks why you are lying with me. She is about to give her promise, but Anupriya asks her to be quiet and says whatever I did was with my wish. She asks why are you feeling bad as you wanted me to marry someone. Kalyani says yes, but he is Sarthak Kaka. She asks her to tell the truth. The guy brings tea for Anupriya and says I make nice tea. Kalyani and Anupriya are surprised. He says I don’t know that you are here, else I would have made tea for you also.

Kalyani thinks he is becoming cook to impress her Aai and thinks that she won’t let him take kaka’s place.Malhar asks Sarthak not to worry and tells that they all know that Maai has place for him in her heart. He says we will find out why she agreed for marriage. Sarthak thinks if she had agreed for marriage then also I can’t marry her, until the 26th January Secret is haunting me. Kalyani comes there and asks Sarthak if he knows how to make tea? Sarthak says he knows, but it is not that tasty. Kalyani says she will teach him how to make good tea and tells him that Aai likes you in her heart. Sarthak says what is the value of heart feelings, I love her very much in my heart but couldn’t express my feelings to her and this is the punishment which I am getting.

He says if something is in heart for more time if not spoken, then it becomes repentance. Kalyani thinks of his words. Sarthak goes. Kalyani says Malhar ji…I love you. Malhar hears her love confession and gets surprised. He comes to her and smiles. He asks what did you say, asks if she is in her senses? Kalyani says yes, I am saying truth and says whenever I am with you, romantic songs gets played in background, just as it happens in movies. She says when you are infront of me, I get lost in you and romantic songs plays, just as in movies. Malhar asks how? Kalyani says when hero and heroine are together, the song plays.

He says you felt that you are in love because of films. Kalyani says Kaka had said that we shall not keep something limited in heart. Malhar reminds her of their words that they will not speak about love until her education completes. Kalyani says what to do, I get lost in your eyes and the song plays in background.Malhar says we are just 18 years old and can do on a date. He asks her to take a chill pill and go on a date with her boyfriend. Kalyani asks whom to make my boyfriend. Malhar jumps and asks her not to fear when Malhar is here. Kalyani gets happy. He says we both are 18 and can go on dates.

Kalyani says I like this 18 years old Malhar ji and not old Malhar ji. Malhar says yes and thinks she has much burden on her head and she shall not get involved in love. He thinks he will be always with her and they shall wait until she completed her studies. Kalyani asks where is he lost? Malhar says he is thinking about his first date and is very excited. Kalyani asks him to hold on and have patience.Asawari and Aahir watch Anupriya telling Aao Saheb everything. Asawari says Anupriya thinks she had done the murder and says that’s why she agreed to marry Adinath. Aahir says then she will surrender.

Asawari says if she goes to Police then Sarthak will tell the truth of 26th july and rescue her. She tells that they have to stop Anupriya from going to Police. Atharv comes there and takes the camera from Asawari. Kalyani tries to check Anupriya’s phone and finds the screen lock. Adinath comes there and asks her not to check other’s phone. Kalyani says she has downloaded the game in her mobile. He asks her to play in his phone. Kalyani tells that her Aai is simple. He says he likes her simplicity.A man comes to Malhar and tells that Pawar sent artiste made sketch.

Malhar says ok and takes out sketch from the envelope. Atharv comes there running and collides with Malhar. The paper falls down from Malhar’s hand. Atharv says sorry and says he will sit like cock. Malhar says no need and asks him to go inside and play. Aahir comes there and asks him to give the camera. Atharv complains to Malhar about him. Malhar asks them to go inside and play. Anupriya watches all this and gets tensed. Malhar tries to get the paper, but it flies away. Aahir tries to get the camera from Atharv. Malhar finally picks the paper and finds it tainted. Anupriya hears him. Malhar calls Pawar and asks him to ask the artiste to make sketch again. Aahir tries to get the camera. Asawari comes and says this mad fellow will make us caught. Atharv calls Malhar.

Malhar asks Aahir to let Atharv play and asks what you will do with Cam. He says Atharv is stubborn like his Aai, lol. Anupriya looks at the sketch and thinks this time God saved me, but before my face comes infront of Kalyani as a criminal, I shall act to marry fakely and go from here.Anupriya telling Aao Saheb that Kalyani is doubtful and asking me again and again, why I agreed for marriage. Aao Saheb asks her not to get worried and tells that before Kalyani could know, I will get you marriage done and you will be gone to Solahpur, but think if you are right to surrender. Atharv comes to Kalyani and tells her that Aahir is troubling him. He asks her to play the camera. Kalyani says ok and takes the camera in her hand. Atharv asks her to play both the videos. Kalyani plays Anupriya’s room recording, but it doesn’t play due to low battery.

Asawari and Aahir take a sigh of relief. Atharv takes camera from Kalyani. Aahir tries to take it. Aao Saheb talks to Registrar and says Anupriya shall get the marriage certificate on the marriage day itself. Kalyani hears and asks if she is getting her court marriage done and says she has always dreamt of her Aai’s marriage and wants it to be grand. Aao Saheb says Anupriya and Adinath want the marriage to be simple. Kalyani says Aai will get blessings from many and that’s why the marriage will be grand. Anupriya goes to the workshop. Kalyani follows her and asks if she is thinking that she will find out the reason behind her doings if the marriage is delayed. Anupriya asks what are you saying? Kalyani says I have kept a 24 hours fast and tells that Devi maa will help me and will tell why you have taken this decision.

Anupriya says you can’t stay hungry for 4 hours and kept fast for 24 hours. Kalyani says I will break the fast if you tell me the truth. Anupriya says she don’t want to talk. Kalyani says I know you love Sarthak and will find out the truth. Adinath comes there and reminds her that whatever she is doing is for Kalyani. He says I am with you. Sarthak sees them together and thinks it is good that she got a lifepartner, as there is no guarantee of his life after 26th july secret comes out.Aahir comes to room while Atharv is sleeping and takes camera from his hand. He tries to delete the video, when Kalyani comes and takes camera from his hand. She says she will make video of Aao Saheb and her.

She records invitation of Anupriya’s marriage with her New baba. Aahir asks for the camera. Kalyani says let it be with me. Aao Saheb says marriage will be grand now. Madhav comes and asks Kalyani not to be part of Anupriya’s marriage who broke Sarthak’s heart badly. Aao Saheb tells Madhav that Malhar’s side of house is of Kalyani also. Malhar comes there and tells that Maayi has taken care of him like her son and that’s why Kalyani and he will attend the marriage. He says the house is mine, but it is constructed by Aao Saheb and Rao Saheb with much hardwork. Aao Saheb says you are talking sweet, I will get diabetes. Madhav takes Malhar with him. Aao Saheb thinks she will keep Kalyani busy with arrangements so that she don’t know the truth.

Malhar and Kalyani hear the song Cola song. He asks why didn’t you make me hear the song before? Kalyani says you would have scolded me then? Malhar says his head was heavy due to the many tensions. He calls her babes and says Aao Saheb is not getting Maayi married for money so it is ruled out. He says her idea is good to delay the marriage for three days. Kalyani asks him to see what she does. Malhar asks if she has kept 24 hours fast. Kalyani says she is genuinely kept the fast. Malhar says but you can drink and takes the cold drink from behind. She gets happy and says you used to say that it is unhealthy. Malhar says I changed with my girlfriend. Kalyani smiles. They share the cold drink and look at each other.

The song plays pehla nasha pehla ghumaan….They laugh together. Madhav shouts Bahu.Kalyani and Malhar hear him calling her. They come out. Madhav asks did you call widows for the marriage function. Kalyani says yes. Madhav says you had said that you wanted to make your mum’s marriage lavish, I forgave you for this, but why did you call widows for the auspicious thing for marriage. Aao Saheb comes there and asks what happened? Madhav says she called widows for the marriage function. Malhar says Kalyani didn’t do anything wrong. Kalyani tells about the ladies, and tells that some are widows and some are abandoned by their husbands like my Aai was abandoned by my baba.

She says I remember, nobody used to call my Aai whenever there is festival or function at villager’s house. She says they used to think that my Aai is inauspicious and says villager woman used to taunt and laugh at her Aai’s plight. She says I felt bad for my Aai and feels bad for these four ladies too. She says that’s why she called these ladies here as they have felt the same pain as her Aai and can understand her well. She says my Aai will not suffer anymore.

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