My heart knows update Tuesday 15 March 2022


My heart knows 15 March 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Malhar that she thought till now that are misunderstanding Swara, but may be they were wrong. Malhar says when you said that may be Swara is not behind the attack then I think you might be right and says what happened to her. He says may be I have to face the truth. Kalyani says it is very difficult for me to believe this, and tells that she doesn’t know why she came to replace the bottle cap. Malhar says we got the proof. Kalyani pacifies him and asks him not to cry. Swara comes to her room and hears Moksh crying.

She thinks this voice is coming from cupboard and opens it. She gets shocked seeing Asawari inside with mobile phone recording playing in her hand. Asawari threatens Swara and tells that even Moksh is in danger with Malhar and Kalyani’s lives. She says even Moksh can die. Swara says I am doing as you said. Asawari asks her to stay away from them and make them believe that she is mentally unstable. She sees Malhar and Kalyani coming and pretends as if Swara is locking her in cupboard. Malhar and Kalyani ask her to leave Asawari. Swara takes showpiece in her hand to hit them and acts.

Asawari asks Kalyani to take Malhar from there. Kalyani takes Malhar from there. Asawari says good acting and goes. She goes to Malhar and Kalyani and says how Swara’s marriage will happen. She says people will taunt her as she is her step mom. Kalyani says everyone knows how much you care for them. Malhar tells Asawari that Swara shall get treatment. Asawari tells Malhar that Madhav is against the treatment and stopped it after knowing it. Malhar asks her to give the address and says he will get medicine from the doctor. Asawari says you are busy with skeleton case and asks if he will be able to take time off. Malhar says yes.

Atharv asks Kalyani why they were wearing the same color clothes. Kalyani says everyone will wear same color of her choice till navratri. Anupriya asks Kalyani about Malhar. Kalyani says he is feeling guilty. Anupriya is about to tell her about Sarthak, when he comes and insists to talk to her. Kalyani asks him to call her Anupriya and asks her to call him Sarthak. Anupriya comes to Sarthak and asks sees his injured hand. She asks if he hurt himself for yesterday’s incident and calls him sarthak holding his hand. Kalyani gets happy and says she would have captured this money if have mobile now. She asks if there is any problem.

Madhav, Malhar, Asawari and others come there. Malhar and Kalyani do the aarti. Malhar gets ready. He gets commissioner’s call and he asks him to come. Kalyani aims gun at him childishly. Malhar says I am dead and takes the gun from her hand. He says this is not children’s toy. Kalyani tells that she is ACP’s wife and shall know how to shoot gun. She says we both shall learn each other qualities, especially me. She asks for her phone and asks him not to make fun of her hindi. She reads about even Shiv is incomplete without his wife. He completes with his wife. She says what you can do, I can do also. She asks him to go and go to doctor. She says she will try to find out about the case and receipt.

She says she will share his work as she is his Ardhangini. Malhar gets impressed with her words, gets up, holds her hand and touches her face. Sab tera song plays….Kalyani says swara is not here, why you are becoming romantic. He says Ardhangini means other or better half. He tells about the other meaning. Kalyani smiles. He touches her ear. Kalyani says she is getting tickling feeling. He leaves. She says sehyogini. Aahir sees his marks sheet. Kalyani comes out. Aahir says he has passed. Kalyani checks his marks and says I will make special for you. She congratulates him and says she will go and search 26th july receipt.

Asawari comes there. Aahir says you have diverted Dada, but what about Vahini. Asawari shows the necklace boxes and says lets start the marriage arrangements, I will divert her.Kalyani asks Anupriya to remember if her client was a dancer. Anupriya says she don’t remember. Kalyani says you are forgetting so many things, start eating almonds. Anupriya says I am getting old, I couldn’t remember and you are shouting at me. Sarthak asks her not to trouble her and says maybe someone gifted that saree to the dead person.Kalyani asking Anupriya how she can forget about the 26th july and the receipt.

Anupriya says I couldn’t remember and you are shouting at me. Sarthak asks Kalyani not to talk to her aai like that and says may be someone gifted that saree to him and then says yes. Anupriya goes upset. Sarthak asks Kalyani to let Anupriya be alone for sometime. Kalyani checks the report and says what you said by mistake is true. She says the skeleton is of the man, not a woman. She says she shall tell this to Malhar. Sarthak gets tensed. Asawari brings shagun there and tells that she saw love and respect in Sarthak’s eyes for Anupriya. She says she brought alliance for Anupriya for Sarthak. Kalyani asks really and gets happy. Aao Saheb comes and throws the shagun thaali.


She then slaps Asawari. Asawari gets angry, but controls her anger. Aao Saheb asks how dare you to bring alliance for my bahu, who gave you right to take a decision about my bahu. Asawari says mistake is mine, I should have talked to you about the alliance, I talked to Kalyani as she is Anupriya’s daughter. She says she just wanted Anupriya and Sarthak to settle down together and asks why she is objecting.Aao Saheb holds Anupriya’s hand and takes her to Asawari. She says we have taken care of her as our daughter and says she didn’t ask you to do this. She says you gave her shelter, love and etc.

She says I made her educated and build confidence in her as she is my mother. She says she must have old relation with you, but she has deep relation with me. She says it is not wrong that sasu bai brought her alliance to me. She says you don’t have the right to raise hand on my sasural people. Madhav gets a chance to scold Aao Saheb now and asks how dare you to slap my wife. Aao Saheb asks how can a mother and daughter get married in the same house. They argue. Madhav shouts enough and says this is my son’s marriage, I can’t bear this woman. He asks Kalyani to break all relations with her mayka, if she wants her sasural. Kalyani says ok.

Anupriya says stop it and asks did I tell you that I want to marry you, then why did you sent this alliance to me. She says I don’t want to marry you. Aao Saheb smiles. Kalyani cries. Sarthak says marriage will happen surely, my heart says and I will wait for you until you agree happily and say yes. Anupriya cries and goes to her room. Kalyani runs behind her. Asawari smiles. Aahir tells Asawari that she did a good work, now Kalyani will be busy behind convincing her aai and will forget about 26th july.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya and asks why did you lie? She says I know that you like kaka in your heart. She says Kaka is very good, and asks her to remember promising Atul. She tells that Papa asked you to settle down with Kaka. Anupriya says she is new and don’t want any support. Kalyani asks if she wants to stay her life alone all life. Anupriya tears her book and says you also think that I am lonely and helpless without a man. He says what is the importance of education if you still think that I am weak and need a life partner. Kalyani says I don’t think you are weak. Anupriya says I have taken a decision and don’t want to marry kaka.

Kalyani says you are lying and tells that you have build home with Kaka in your life. Anupriya asks her to stop it and don’t take decisions of her life. Kalyani says you are scared of people and Aao Saheb. Anupriya takes her out and locks the door. Kalyani shouts Aai and says no, I will not let you ruin your life because of people’s thought.Malhar tells Madhav and others that Kaka is not doing any favor on Maai, but he will be lucky to marry her. Madhav says it is difficult for them to stay with Aao Saheb in the house and scolds him for taking their side. Asawari apologizes to Malhar.

Malhar says nobody can force Maai to take a decision. He gives medicine which he brought from Swara’s doctor and goes. Aahir appreciates Asawari and says Dada brought medicine from the same doctor whom you asked to lie. Asawari tells that she has promised to hide 26th july secret and says Kalyani will be worried now about her Aai’s marriage and nobody will think about 26th july.Kalyani drills the door. Atharv stops Aao Saheb from stopping Kalyani and says he is ready to get slapped by her. Kalyani asks Anupriya to open the door. Anupriya thinks how to tell you what is the reason for my refusal.

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