My heart knows update Tuesday 26 July 2022

My heart knows 25 July 2022: The Episode starts with Anarkali Mausi appreciating Anupriya for her thoughts. Avni comes near Anarkali and pulls out his wig, leaving everyone in shock…They all see Shera disguised as Anarkali. Avni tears sleeve of Shera’s blouse. Sarthak and Kalyani say Shera. Moksh asks Kalyani not to get upset with hero Shera and says he came for me. Kalyani says you had known that he is Shera. Avni asks her not to tell this and says it was Kalyani’s plan to bring Shera back as Anarkali. Anupriya comes to Avni and slaps her hard. Anupriya says woman like you don’t respect other woman and tells that she has bear to see how she trapped her son, but she will not bear if she says anything against her daughter. Aao Saheb says now we will expose you.

Anupriya says clever man like Sarthak doesn’t know about her. Avni thinks if they come to know about Tommy. Shera says Tommy is with us. A fb is shown, Tommy runs from Avni’s goons and comes to Shera, when Kalyani and Anupriya are with him. Kalyani finds that Anarkali is Shera and scolds him. Anupriya tells Kalyani that they got the sarees because of him. Shera says he will leave, but first needs to find out whom Avni has kidnapped? Tommy says I feel that the captive man is Malhar. Kalyani is surprised and asks if my Malhar ji is alive. She gets happy. Fb ends. Avni tells that they are cooking up a fake story and tells that what is the proof that I have kidnapped Malhar. Kalyani calls Pawar and says for now, I have proof that you had kidnapped Tommy, who is here.

Avni says they are trapping me and asks Sarthak to save her. Pawar gets her arrested and takes her away. Shera says just as you sow, so you reap. Sarthak says I need prove that Malhar is alive. Kalyani says we will get the proofs and tells that no power can stop us from reaching him.Shera asks them to come with her and tells that he knows where Avni’s brothers are hiding. They come to a house. Shera breaks the lock. Kalyani says Malhar ji…I have come to you. Kalyani comes to the guy and finds someone guy trapped and captive. She says he is not Malhar ji. Shera frees him and makes him drink water. The guy thanks them and tells that he works for the same agency as Malhar and tells that agency sent an important message for his family that he is alive. Kalyani gets happy.

The guy says I came to give this message to you, when Avni kidnapped me and kept me captive here. Kalyani asks did you meet Malhar ji? The guy says no.They bring the agent/guy home. The agent have food and tells them that agency called Malhar to Goa to catch the terrorist. He says Malhar sir chose his duty rather than his family and went to catch the terrorists. He says if you want then I can tell you. He goes to room. Malhar is shown wearing a hoodie somewhere. Sarthak thinks where did he go? Shera finds him gone and tells Kalyani that he has gone. Sarthak says we shall inform Police. Anupriya says how did that guy go suddenly? Kalyani says I am going to Goa to search my Malhar ji. Aao Saheb says how will you search Malhar in Goa, as he might be staying indisguise. Kalyani says I am sure to search him and this time, I will return with him. Shera says I will also come with you, and we both will search him.

Malhar meets the terrorists and gets the bombs. The terrorists say you have done a good thing by joining hands with us, tomorrow everyone will see the explosion and will remember the day. Malhar thinks this nation’s law will punish you. Shera is all set to leave with Kalyani and asks Moksh not to forget him after his baba comes back. Moksh says you are my friend and I can’t forget you. He shows tiger sticker on his chest and says I will never take it out, as you are my friend. He hugs him and asks him not to harm anyone and not to get afraid of anyone. Kalyani comes with her bags. Anupriya says I am worried for you, I will come with you. Kalyani says who will take care of Aao Saheb here and says if I return then will return with Malhar ji. Anupriya says you have to return surely with Malhar. Kalyani hugs her.

In Goa, Kalyani enquires with the constable about Malhar Rane by showing his photo. Constable looks at Shera. Kalyani asks him not to look at him and says their face resembles just. A guy comes there and says Kalyani Rane. Malhar calls someone and tells that he got the bombs, diffusion in progress. The terrorist comes there. Malhar asks someone to send team in all over Goa and other team here to diffuse the bombs, and to save human bombs. He says he was checking the bombs and it is ready to go.

Malhar telling the terrorist that he thought to check the bomb before going and says I think they are ready to go. Kalyani tells Constable that she came to search her husband Malhar Rane, who came for a mission. A guy comes there and tells that he is of the same agency as Malhar and tells that he has caught the terrorist. He asks her to come with him. Kalyani asks Shera to come. Shera tells Kalyani tells that he had told her that he will protect her until she meets her Malhar ji and asks her to call him if she needs help. He gives mangalsutra and asks her to wear it, as Malhar is alive. Kalyani feels bad to think him wrong. Shera says if you need help then call me in Rohtak, Haryana. He says he will miss her and Moksh. Kalyani says even we will miss you and thanks him.

She wears mangalsutra and asks him to take care. Shera asks if you will forgive me? Kalyani says never and says bye. Aye Dil Hai Mushkil plays……He waves her bye. Kalyani goes with the agency guy and the constable. She looks back at him. Shera cries.Kalyani comes to the place and asks if Malhar ji is here. The agency guy nods yes. The Police officers bring the terrorist out. Other Agent tells that Officer Rane called us and told about the terrorists, but we don’t know where is he? Kalyani says he has called you, then trace his number. He says I have come to take my husband and will not leave without him. The terrorist says your husband will die for betraying us. Kalyani asks where is my Malhar ji? Just then the bomb explodes in the building and it blasts. The terrorist laughs and says I told you that I will not leave your husband.

The Police takes the terrorists… Kalyani shouts Malhar ji, shouts and cries aloud. Malhar says Kalyani…She looks for him and finds him coming there. Bas tumse hi plays…….she comes to him. Malhar looks at her and holds her face.He holds her hand and kisses her hand. Kalyani cries and says Malhar ji…Malhar says Kalyani. They hug and cry. She says you have returned to me and is fine. She asks if he is fine? She says Pillu and I are incomplete without you, says Moksh was in trauma and couldn’t speak for much time, but now he is fine. He says I missed you. Kalyani says I missed you too. She asks how did he come out here. He tells that a guy came to him and unties his hands. Malhar thanks him and asks how did he come to know about him.

The guy says he came to know from agency and that’s why came to rescue him. They leave from there. Malhar tells that he hopes that he is fine. He tells that he is fine and tells that the impact of bomb was so much that he had fell unconscious and when he gained consciousness, he was not there. Kalyani says I found you because of him and tells that’s why left from home without saying anything. She asks him to come home and says Moksh will be happy to meet you. She takes him home.Malhar and Kalyani come home. Malhar recalls his moments with Moksh. Tera tera song plays…..Kalyani and Malhar smile. Moksh comes running and calls him Papa. Malhar sits down and hugs him.

Moksh asks shall I get upset with you for leaving me. Malhar says no and promises that he will never leave him. Anupriya and Aao Saheb come there. Malhar thanks Anupriya and says whatever you have done for me, I will be thankful to you forever. He says thank god, you came out of jail. Anupriya says I am proud of my son in law, as he is ready to sacrifice his live for the nation. She does Malhar, Moksh and Kalyani’s aarti. She says even I had left the hope that you are alive, but only Kalyani was sure that you was alive and had kept her hope alive, in the form of the lamp/diya. Aao Saheb gives the lamp to Kalyani. Malhar asks where is Kaka? Aao Saheb says Sarthak knows that you are about to come, but he didn’t come out of room. Malhar says I will talk to him. Kalyani prays to God to make everyone fine, and make Aai and Kaka patch up.

Malhar asking Sarthak why his hatred for Maayi and Kalyani is not ending even after knowing Avni’s truth. Sarthak says how to forget that they have hidden about Aahir’s death from me, I can’t forget my nephew ‘s death. Malhar says even I regret that I couldn’t bring him on the right path, and tells that he had lost hope to return home after this mission, but he returned. He asks Sarthak to apologize to maayi and says she will forgive you. Sarthak says that woman shall apologize to me, for losing my daughter, for keeping her daughter ahead of me. He tells that he is happy as he returned, but his hatred will never end for them.

Later Moksh tells Malhar that he has learnt fighting. Malhar asks Karate..He says yes and lifts his hand. Malhar feels pain. Kalyani asks Moksh to go out till she applies ointment to his baba. She gets teary eyes and applies ointment to his hand. Malhar asks her to be strong and not to cry. Kalyani says you are my weakness and I am not strong when your matter comes. She says I am proud of saying this. She tells that she has acted to be strong infront of everyone, but she is not strong. She asks him to see the weak side of her and hugs him. Malhar says sorry Kalyani, I am really sorry. I don’t want you to get hurt in any way, not now or never.

He says my Kalyani was not alone as Shera was there to help you. Kalyani says I want to say you about Shera. Malhar says he must have fallen in love with you. Kalyani says I never had any feelings for him. Malhar says I trust you more than myself, I trust you. He gets romantic and is about to kiss her, when Moksh comes and asks if your hand is fine. Malhar says yes. Moksh says I want to read the goons’ story and asks him to say. Malhar says he enjoyed in Punjab and says the girls are very beautiful there and the food is just awesome. He says when the beautiful girls used to serve him food, he used to have 10 parathas. Kalyani gets jealous and upset. Moksh asks if you used to eat so many parathas. Malhar says yes. Kalyani lies down to sleep. Malhar says if we get time then we will go to Punjab.

Next morning, Kalyani comes ready in Punjabi clothes and brings parathas etc. She says there will be no poha, but parathas, acchaar and dahi. Moksh asks Malhar if something happened to Aai fi. Malhar says I think so. Kalyani says you both got surprised seeing me in these clothes and asks if she is looking like Punjabi girl. Moksh says yes. Kalyani asks Malhar to say. Malhar says you are looking ok. She brings more parathas. Malhar says I can’t have these many parathas, have to eat like humans. Kalyani says you used to say that when the Punjabi lady used to serve you parathas, you used to have so many.

Anupriya comes there wearing a casual dress with Aao Saheb and tells that they got the order. Malhar appreciates to see her handling all the business alone. Later Malhar comes to know that agency doesn’t have any info about AV.Moksh and his friend come out to play, when the watchman tells that building will be made here. Moksh takes his phone and talks to the builder, who is AB and tells that he won’t let him make the building on the park and tells that his father is Police. AB asks him to meet him tomorrow at the same place at 11 am. Moksh agrees.

Kalyani asks Malhar to have paratha. Malhar thinks he never thought she will get so much jealous and thinks he will not lose the chance to make her more jealous. He pretends to call his friend and tells that he is jealous knowing he is going to China. He says I am missing that Chinese girl who used to feed me with her hand, when I was posted there. Kalyani thinks so Malhar ji reached Chinese girl also.Malhar comes to meet AB and says even agency don’t know about you. He invites him for dinner. AB thinks Kalyani’s made food. He says Kalyani had saved him. He gives gifts for his family, even though Malhar refuses to take. AB says it will be a memorable day. Malhar says I want to know about you. AB says my story is very interesting.

Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that neighboring country attacked them. Malhar smiles seeing kalyani and Moksh in Chinese costume. Moksh says I am Moksha and she is Aai fi Kaluchi. Malhar greets them. Aao Saheb says if Chinese’s soul got inside them. Moksh says Baba likes Chinese people so everything will be Chinese today. Malhar enjoys seeing Kalyani serving them Chinese food. Aao Saheb, Anupriya and Malhar have the food. Just then Malhar’s passport falls down from his pocket. Kalyani checks his passport for Chinese stamp and realizes he has fooled her. She thinks she will fool him now.

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