My heart knows update Wednesday 27 July 2022


My heart knows 27 July 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Malhar to have noodles using chopsticks. She asks Moksh to learn using chopsticks from Baba. She looks at the gifts and says you have brought gift for everyone, as you will be exposed today. She checks the gift and takes gift of her name. Malhar says it is sent by AB, but she doesn’t listen. He comes to the room. Kalyani comes there wearing nighty and asks how is she looking? Malhar says this nighty. Kalyani says I know I can’t carry this. Malhar says who said this and says you don’t need to wear good clothes to look beautiful. He says I like you in saree. Kalyani says ok and goes to wear saree. She comes back wearing saree. Malhar says Moksh is sleeping in Maayi’s room.

He holds and kisses her hand. hasta rehta hun plays…..They consummate their marriage.In the morning, Kalyani wakes up and looks at Malhar shyly. Malhar wakes up. Kalyani says Pillu might be awake. He holds her hand. Kalyani says Pillu might have woken up and goes. Moksh meets AB in the park and tells that you can’t build building on our park. AB says if I don’t agree then. Moksh says I…AB throws the board down. His employee says if you are serious. AB says yes and tells that nothing is precious than Moksh’s smile. He says I will play with you daily. Moksh smiles and hugs him.Malhar gets position of ACP back from Commissioner and letter of honor for AB. Malhar thanks and salutes him.

Pawar congratulates Malhar. Malhar recalls his old times when he was ACP. He calls AB. AB says did you call me to remind about dinner tonight. Malhar says no and tells that he was felicitated for working for the nation. He says if there is small cases against him, then it will dismiss. AB laughs and says no case is against me. He says he is feeling as if he is returning to his family. He says he will make him understand in the evening.Kalyani thinks of her romantic moment with Malhar and smiles….Malhar comes there and smiles seeing her smiling. Kalyani says I was thinking that….Malhar asks what? She says she is thinking to make sabudana kheer in sweets.

Malhar holds her as she is going and says your husband returned home after many days and he got ACP’s post back and you will feed him sabudana kheer. Kalyani gets happy knowing he got ACP post back. He says AB is also felicitated by the Govt. He whispers in her eyes, I love you and kisses on her cheeks. Kalyani says he is changed and have become romantic. She says yesterday you brought gift, that nighty for me. Someone calls her and she goes. Malhar gets thinking.Anupriya comes to the PS and gives non bailable warrant for Avni. She tells Pawar that Avni shall not come out of lock up for her criminal activities.

Avni says she has called Sarthak and he will bail her out. Sarthak comes there and calls Pawar, asking why did he call her. Avni asks Sarthak to bail him out and says if you don’t bail me out then I will speak about the crimes, which I have done with you. She threatens to expose him. Anupriya claps and insults Sarthak for trusting Avni and humiliating her (Anupriya). Sarthak gets angry and tells Pawar not to call him for Avni, says he has no relation with her. He goes. Malhar thinks why AB will give nighty to Kalyani and calls Pawar asking him to get info about AB.

Moksh trying to get the kite hanging on to the tree. He falls down from the tree. AB comes and holds him. Moksh thanks him for saving him and says if my hands and legs have broken then I wouldn’t have played cricket. AB takes out the kite out from the tree. Moksh says you are takatak and asks him to come to his house. AB tells Aao Saheb w hen he told his secretary that he is going to Deshmukh’s house, she asked him to get saree. Sarthak comes there. Malhar asks him to meet AB. AB tells Kaka is same and must have become fat with Anupriya ji’s poha. Anupriya asks how do you know? He says he has thought. He then gives gift to both Kalyani and Malhar. He asks her to open it. Kalyani finds boxes inside the box. He laughs and asks her to read the letter which is in the last box. Kalyani reads the box and gets shocked.


Malhar also reads the letter and gets shocked. He asks who are you? AB dances. Habibi song plays……He says Aai shapat…and laughs, sitting on the sofa. Everyone gets shocked. He calls Malhar as Hawaldar…He says he is AB, Atharv bapat…He says who is the real father now and says whoever comes to know that their son is not their than their faces will lower down. He says Moksh is Sampada and my son. Moksh Atharv Bapat…Everyone gets shocked. He says you might have got seeing my changed face, I will tell you later. Moksh comes there and gives him drawing. AB calls him Chintiya, your drawing is awesome. Moksh asks who used to call me Chintiya. Aao Saheb says Aai and Baba will send him and takes Moksh with her.

Kalyani grabs AB’s collar and asks what these papers are, and tells that she don’t accept this and tells that Malhar ji is always Pillu’s baba and you don’t deserved to be called as his father. He says everyone is changed, but you are still same, always ready to fight. He says even this constable haven’t changed, and says he is still loose. He says Malhar doesn’t come to know anything and says he used to read newspaper here and I used to go through the window and got closer to Sampada.He says he didn’t know that Malhar was taking care of his ex wife, son. Malhar gets angry and says Moksh is my son and tells that my soul told that he is my son and tells that my heart beats for him since he was born. He says I will see how you will snatch my son from me, I will get you arrested and will open all cases against you.

AB says now you have given me letter of honour, all my crimes are cleared now. He says now I will stay here in this house and if you all do anything then I will tell Moksh who is his real father. Kalyani tells Malhar that if Sampada tells that she has danger with him, then court can’t snatch Moksh from us. She asks him to calm down. Anupriya says Sampada is in Dubai. Kalyani says she is divorced now and came back to Aurangabad. She says we have to search her. Malhar gets Sampada’s address and informs Kalyani. Kalyani says Aai and I will go to Sampada’s house.

They come to the parking lot after watchman sends them there. Sampada is seen drinking and sitting infront of the car. They ask her not to drink. Sampada asks who are you? She says I don’t have money. They take her home.Malhar tells Pawar that he has to see the two person’s face whom he hates a lot. Kalyani asks Sampada not to let Atharv get Moksh’s custody being the latter’s biological mother. Atharv asks if she is fine and calls her Aunty. Sampasa says I am your Aai. Moksh gets afraid and runs to Kalyani. Sampada says I am your Aai. She forces him to call her Aai and gets angry on Kalyani. Moksh says she is bad aunty. Sampada is about to slap him, when Malhar comes there and shouts Sampada.

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