My heart knows update Tuesday 12 July 2022

My heart knows 12 July 2022: The Episode starts with Shera taking out the darts from Kalyani’s body while she shouts in pain. She asks him to take Moksh down. Shera opens the rope and frees Moksh. Kalyani asks how did you know that we are here? Shera says he got the phone call and the kidnapper asked for 5 lakhs. Kalyani says the people who wants Vittal God’s idol can’t do this and tells that this might be Avni. She asks how did you arrange the money? Shera says first we will go to hospital. They come home. Avni is standing outside with some men and tells that corrupt Malhar came. She shows the video in which Malhar is taking the bribe.

She asks Kalyani to either accept that he is not Malhar, or accept that he is a corrupt man. She provokes her men to throw stones on Kalyani and Shera. The men throw the stone on Shera and Kalyani. Shera says if I prove myself innocent then will throw the stones on them. A car comes, in which Constable brings the guy who gave bribe to Shera. Shera shows the bag which he took in the video and asks how did it come in this guy’s car. Avni’s guy tells that he didn’t know how did this bag come in his car and says he gave it to Malhar, on Avni’s insistence. The men standing for Avni’s drama runs away.

Shera asks Constable to take the money to the PS. Kalyani threatens Avni and asks if she says anything against her Malhar ji or harm her son then she will not leave her. She pushes Avni on the ground. Shera says just as he clued about the fishy conspiracy, he put the bag back in the guy’s car. He asks her to give him money.Kalyani looks at Malhar’s pic and tells Moksh, how he can take bribe on Malhar ji’s name. Moksh signs he is a good man. Kalyani says he is doing this for money and is not a good person. Shera tells Tommy that he will not take money from Kalyani, as she is alone after her husband died and tells that he will teach a lesson to the guy, who came to bribed him. He says all his money will be mine by morning.

Kalyani tries to make Moksh study. Sarthak comes and asks where is your Malhar? Kalyani says he went on duty. Sarthak shows the video in which Shera is stealing from the guy’s locker. She gets shocked. Sarthak says you can fool Avni, but me and goes to catch Shera. Shera asks Avni’s guy from where he got this idol? Just then Sarthak brings Commissioner there. Shera tells Commissioner that he seek Tommy’s help to open the locker to find out about the idol. Commissioner appreciates Shera and scolds Sarthak for defaming his officer. Kalyani asks the guy about the idol. The guy says he brought it from chor bazaar where stolen idols are sold. Shera imagines romancing Kalyani in the PS. Pawar brings Birju there and says he had only sold Vittal God’s idol to that guy.

Shera recognizes him and takes him inside. He asks birju what he wants to take. Birju asks how did he become Police from thief. Kalyani comes to know about Birju and thinks to question him.Shera talking to Birju and telling they fooled a foreigner. He asks him not to make Pawar know that are talking. Birju shouts and says I don’t know about the idol. Shera says I have to ask about idol. A guy pretends to faint and fall down. Kalyani is riding on her bicycle and stops seeing him. She goes to get water and parks her bicycle there. The guy opens his eyes and sees someone changing the tiffin. Kalyani brings water and sprinkles on his face. He pretends to get up and goes. Birju tells Shera about Vinayak’s idol embedded with jewellery.

Kalyani comes there. Shera asks her to give him tiffin, says I will feed food to Birju and make him speak the truth. Kalyani says so that everyone here think that Malhar ji eats food with the thief. Shera insists. Kalyani gives the tiffin and is returning on her bicycle, when she sees the letter stick to her cycle. She reads the threatening letter and rides the bicycle to go back to the PS. Shera asks Birju to have food. Birju says I will just have kheer and eats it. He then goes to bring the water. Kalyani comes to Shera and asks if he have food. He says yes and coughs. Kalyani asks him to vomit. He says he is fine and asks if she is worried for him.

Just then Pawar calls Shera. Shera comes out and sees Birju dead. Pawar says he is dead. Kalyani says poison was mixed in the kheer and tells that when she was bringing tiffin here, and tells everything. Pawar asks him what is Vittal’s role in this? Kalyani says Malhar ji..your life is in danger and asks him to come with her. She takes him out. he says madam ji…She falls in his embrace. He smiles and holds her, looks at her. Kalyani gets up and thinks it is all my mistake. She says I can’t risk others’ lives and asks Shera to take money and leave from here. She says I have lost my Malhar ji and my love is incomplete. She says someone might be waiting for you and asks him to go. She says she don’t want to listen to him.

Shera thinks someone is worrying for me so much. Aahate….song plays…….She cries. Shera says I am not going anywhere and will do the full work and will take the full money. He says they have taken my Birju’s life, I will take revenge from them. He says your enemy is my enemy. Kalyani says I will give you all the money even if you do half work. Shera thinks he can’t leave Kalyani now.Kalyani and Shera come home. Aao Saheb says I heard what happened in the PS, and I was so worried for you. She says I have called the ladies of the neighborhood. The lady asks her to do Savitri puja. Aao Saheb says Kalyani will do. Shera asks what is needed to be done? Aao Saheb says yamraj is after you, so Kalyani has to bring your life back.

Shera says I am fine and alive, no need to do puja. The lady says it is every wife’s duty. Aao Saheb says today’s girl do care for their husband. Kalyani says I will keep fast for Malhar ji. She thinks I have just Malhar ji in my heart, thinks she has to act for her son, and to reach his murderers. She gets the call and asks warden to make her talk to Anupriya for 2 mins. She ends the call. Shera says Kalyani ji…Kalyani asks him to talk fast. Shera says why you need to do prayer, I am not your husband. Kalyani says I am not doing this for you, but for my Malhar ji. She goes. Godaveri comes there and tells him that Kalyani told her how she saved him. She says Kalyani Tai loves you so much and goes.

Shera practices to sign like Malhar. Moksh checks and nods no. They hear Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to put cold water on her head, for Malhar. Kalyani pours the cold water on her head from the bucket and gets drenched in water, starts shivering. Aao Saheb asks her to go inside and cleans the floor. When Kalyani wipes the floor, Aao Saheb starts the pedestal fan to trouble her, on the pretext of drying the floor fast. Moksh looks at Aao Saheb. Shera brings a pot and makes Aao Saheb smell the smoke. He says if you trouble my Kalyani, then I will trouble you.

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