My heart knows update Wednesday 13 July 2022

My heart knows 13 July 2022: The Episode starts with Shera making Aao Saheb inhale the smoke on the pretext of taking out bad sight from her. He says if you trouble Kalyani more then I will dance on your head. Aao Saheb calls Avni and asks her to come home. She says nothing is fine here. Kalyani is wiping the floor, while she is wearing wet clothes. Shera comes behind Kalyani and tries to make her get some warmness through the smoke. Kalyani asks him to mind his own business and says you are not trustable. She says you will not get any extra money. Shera says why I have the feeling that you are thinking me wrong. Moksh signs her to say sorry to him. Shera says I will not die if you shout. He says if you want then you can say sorry. Kalyani says sorry and thanks him. She asks Moksh to go and study, says if you studies well then you will get kiss on your cheeks.

Shera imagines signing Malhar’s signature and asking for a kiss from her. She asks him to read A B C D first. Kalyani hears Satyavan-Savitri Paat/katha and sneezes. She thinks she will pray for Malhar ji daily until he meets her in the other world. Shera sees Moksh sleeping and comes out. He thinks if Kalyani ji saw me staring at her then she will get angry.Later in the morning, Kalyani is doing the paat till morning along with the ladies. They hear Avni screaming and run to her room. They see Avni sitting on the bed while her clothes and torn, and injuries on her body. Sarthak comes there. Avni hugs him and tells that he entered her room forcibly in the night and then….Shera is sleeping on the bed shirtless.

Sarthak hits him, but he is not in is senses. Avni plays a recording in which Shera asks her to give him a chance. She says Malhar can’t do this, he is imposter. Sarthak asks Kalyani if she will still tell that he is Malhar. Avni runs to other room. Sarthak knocks on the door asking her to open the door. Aao Saheb asks her to open the door. Avni says she can’t show her face to anyone and asks him to get that imposter punished. Kalyani knocks on the door and asks her to open the door, says she will get the guilty punished. She goes to Shera and makes him get up. Shera tells that he is feeling headache and asks why is she getting angry? He says did you know that I practiced signing all night. Kalyani slaps him and asks how dare you to disrespect Avni. Shera is shocked and says I didn’t do anything with Chachi. He says she is lying and checks himself. He asks where did my clothes go? He wears his shirt.

Kalyani says I know how you see the girls. Shera tells no. She says your mouth is stinking wine. He says I didn’t drink wine last night and tells that Avni is lying. Sarthak takes him out and tells that he is not Malhar. Shera shows Malhar’s sign and tells that he didn’t do anything. Aao Saheb says he is an imposter. Kalyani asks Sarthak to take him from there. Shera says he is not wrong. Kalyani says she will not support her husband, if he has done wrong. Sarthak says even you have to leave from here and get separated from Moksh, once it is proved that, he is not malhar. Shera tries to tell Kalyani that he is innocent, but he is dragged out by Sarthak. Kalyani runs to room and cries, tells that she will die if she lose Moksh after him. Moksh tries to tell her something and shows the paper, but Kalyani refuses to listen. Godaveri comes there and tells that Dada can’t do this. Kalyani says we have no proves that Malhar ji didn’t do anything as he is behaving weirdly since he came back.

She goes to Avni and asks her to come out. She says we have to do something.Kalyani coming out of the house, when the goons hold her hands and tells that they will punish her for troubling their Avni Madam. Other goon comes there and is about to stab knife in her stomach, when Shera comes and holds the knife. He saves kalyani. A fb is shown, Shera recalls telling Sarthak that he is innocent and Chachi is lying. He hits Sarthak’s head on the car’s steering and escapes from there, thinking Kalyani is in danger. Fb ends. Shera asks Kalyani to believe him and says he didn’t do anything with Chachi. The goons attack Kalyani, but Shera gets beaten up by them. He asks Kalyani to take off the gun from his pocket and says he will shoot them. The goons run away hearing about the gun. Kalyani tells that she don’t trust him. Shera asks her to believe him.

Sarthak comes there with Police men. She says I called them here. Sarthak asks Pawar to take Shera’s fingerprints and says he is not Malhar. He says he has disrespected my house women. Kalyani goes to Sarthak and makes him fall down. She puts pupil dilator in his eyes. Sarthak asks Pawar to catch them and is sure that they will run away. Doctor comes there. Kalyani says she has called Dr. Gokhale here. Dr. Gokhale checks the pupil dilator and says you will see everything blurred for 4-5 hours. Kalyani tells Sarthak that Moksh had put it in his eyes in the night, by mistake. Shera says my eyes were having irritation so asked Moksh to put eye drops.

A fb is shown. Moksh puts eye drops in Shera’s eyes when the latter asks him to put eye drops for irritation problem. Fb ends. Kalyani says Moksh gave her eye drops bottle which was empty. Shera says I had gone to kitchen after I couldn’t see anything, he tells that someone gave him water and he fell unconscious. Kalyani says Avni was defaming Malhar ji with wrong and cheap allegations. Sarthak asks why Avni will do this? kalyani tells that she had taken her to PS and filed FIR against a cheap woman, who maligned her own respect to defame someone. Sarthak says there is a recording of Malhar’s voice in her phone. Pawar says I got the voice tested and tells that it is of a dubbing artiste. Sarthak doesn’t believe him and asks Kalyani how she can defame the woman being a woman herself. Kalyani says she is doing this as she is a woman as a woman shall take care of her respect and not maligned it. She tells that he is her Malhar ji. Sarthak says lets see.

Aao Saheb gets Avni’s call and gets shocked knowing about Kalyani filing FIR against her. she says this girl is not trustable. Moksh dances seeing the thumb and shows the thread. She runs behind him.In the jeep, Shera looks at Kalyani. Kalyani tells that she didn’t trust him, but came to know that he is innocent. Shera says I am not that bad. The jeep stops on the way as the tyre is punctured. Shera says I thought you will change the tyre. Kalyani sits to change the tyre. Aada tera Aada mera plays…..He imagines holding her hand. Kalyani asks him to move and scolds him for stepping on her saree. She asks if he is trying to flirt with her. Kalyani changes the tyre and starts to drive the jeep. They reach the address given by Pawar and sees people celebrating lohri.

She thinks from where Birju stole Vinayak idol? Shera tells Kalyani that they shall befriend them to get the info. He tells the guys there that he and his family want to celebrate the festival with them. Kalyani asks why did you tell me that I am your wife. Shera thinks nothing can be done. Kalyani dances with the ladies. Shera tells that they have enjoyed with them. They ask how did they meet? Shera tells that Kalyani was married an old man, when he went there and kidnap her. He says he hit the old man and then. Kalyani thinks to solve Vittal and Malhar ji’s connection.

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