My heart knows update Monday 11 July 2022

My heart knows 11 July 2022: The Episode starts with Shera telling Kalyani that his ears hear only money language. Kalyani gets fed up with him and says I am giving you last chance to earn money. Shera says he is sure about how to earn money. Kalyani takes him to the jeweller Sudarshan. She thinks Malhar ji used to come here daily, may be there must be some secret mission and that’s why he didn’t tell me anything. Shera says I have a good idea and tells that they shall steal all the jewellery from the shop. He says 50 percent is yours. Kalyani asks him not to touch any jewellery. A guy comes there and says Sudarshan ji sent me, asks Kalyani if she needs any information. He tells Shera that his table is empty. Shera asks him to get it clean and says he is busy in catching the thieves.

Kalyani asks the guy about Vittal. The guy says he didn’t know. Shera roams in the jewellery shop and sees CCTV camera. He thinks Camera has ruined my life and checks the jewellery. Servant brings the juice like Malhar wanted. Shera thinks my dream will be fulfilled by becoming Malhar. Kalyani thinks where to find Vittal. Kalyani sits on the table and gets to read the message on the table, that he wants Vittal, last time he was saved, but not this time.

Just then she saw Shera collapsed on the floor and spitting blood. She comes to him and shouts his name. She finds the chit under the glass that if she wants her husband to be alive, then take them to Vittal. Kalyani takes Shera on the cart and pushes it on the road to take him to the hospital. She tells Shera tells that she won’t let anything happen to him. Shera tells that someone threatened him to tell about Vittal and tells that they made him drink a juice of glass pieces. Kalyani prays to Ganapati Bappa for help and sees Bappa’s possession going on from there. She gathers the strength and takes out the stuck wheel from the pit. She hears a guy telling that Vittal made his life better? Kalyani asks who is Vittal? The guy says God. Kalyani asks him to help her take Shera to the hospital.

She brings him to the hospital. Doctor tells that diamond pieces were there in the juice glass and he had cut in the throats. Doctor tells that they have to do blood transfusion to save him. He asks for his blood group. Sarthak comes and says B positive. Kalyani thinks Shera’s blood group needs to be checked. Sarthak asks if she is thinking that wrong blood group will be given to him. Kalyani says he is Malhar ji only. Doctor asks Nurse to shift him to the transfusion room. Kalyani comes to the transfusion room.Doctor asks Nurse to put IV to Malhar. Kalyani comes there and brings the syringe. Sarthak thinks she might have went to gone to save the imposter.

Kalyani looks at the guy, whom Sarthak brought for the blood transfusion and falls on him, gives him an injection. The blood donor faints. Kalyani asks Doctor to stop the transfusion and tells that the donor is unconscious. Sarthak comes there and asks Kalyani what did she do with the donor? Kalyani says she didn’t do anything and asks if he wants to tell that Doctor did a mistake. Doctor asks them not to take stress and says we need blood for Malhar. Kalyani says she is O negative, universal donor and can give blood to anyone. Doctor says ok.

Kalyani donates Blood to Shera. Shera gains consciousness after sometime and finds Kalyani unconscious on the other bed. He asks Nurse about Kalyani. Nurse says she gave you blood and you are alive because of her. Shera says she has saved my life. Nurse says yes. Shera gets up from the bed and goes to sit at Kalyani’s bedside. He moves hairs from her face and smiles looking at her. Song plays….phir chala dil plays…..He checks her temperature and says both of us feel fine. He thinks what is happening to me, since I saw you after puja, something different is happening to me. Tommy comes there and says I heard about you, and asks what happened to you. Shera says he is made of iron and tells that this girl has saved me. Tommy says she is looking no.1 even in sleep. Shera asks him not to look at her and tapes his eyes.

Tommy asks what happened to him after the blood transfusion and looks at Kalyani again. Tommy goes. Shera says what happened to me. Nurse comes there and tells that he needs his signatures on the paper. Shera asks if thumb impression will work. Nurse says ok.Sarthak getting worried. Avni asks him to have food and says we have to be one step ahead of Kalyani, she is very clever. She says we will find a way and asks him to have food. Sarthak refuses and says I am not hungry. He says we have to find ways to know the truth. Kalyani asks Shera not to touch anything and says I want you to be honest Inspector like Malhar ji, but you don’t get rid of stealing. Shera asks what to do, shall I throw this diamond and says I will throw.

He pretends to throw and then throws it, asks her to smile. Pawar comes there and is surprised to see Shera. He says Malhar sir…you. I can’t believe and gets happy. Pawar says there is good news and tells that joining letter came for you. He asks him to read. Kalyani thanks Pawar. Kalyani tells that Vittal is God and says we have to find out what is Vittal’s idol connection with Malhar ji. She calls him overactor and says she will not give even 2 paise for his overacting. Shera thinks if Rohit Shetty sees me, then he will give me a chance to act.

Shera comes to the PS wearing Malhar’s uniform and hat. Pawar, Constables and Tommy (who is locked in the cell) looks surprised. Tommy whispers and says you came here as a Police officer. Sarthak tells Avni that he is going to PS and asks her not to let Avni come there. Shera asks Pawar to leave Tommy and asks him to do as he said. Pawar asks Constable to bring him out. Tommy pretends to cry and says my Dadi is unwell. Shera asks Pawar to give 500-1000 Rs to him so that he can take something for his Dadi. Tommy takes money from him and leaves. Shera tells Pawar that they will not catch small thieves and will catch big thieves. He asks him to bring the files. Pawar gets Kalyani’s call and tells her about Malhar’s different behavior.

Kalyani thinks to go there, but Avni stops her and asks if she is going to PS to save the imposter. She tells that Moksh is not in the house. Kalyani comes to the room and thinks he is locked in the cupboard, tries to open it. She opens it and finds the tape.Sarthak comes to the PS. Shera calls him Kaka. Sarthak says my phone is lost and asks him to sign on the paper so that he can get his complaint registered. Shera says sign. Sarthak shows the pen, and recalls that Shera has put thumb impression on the discharge papers. Shera asks Pawar to sign. Sarthak says I know your sign. Kalyani comes out of the house and finds Moksh there. She finds him fine and thinks Kaka and Avni are planning something. Shera thinks Kalyani will get in trouble. Sarthak says there will be no problem and asks him to sign.

Shera smiles. Kalyani comes there and snatches the pen, says Malhar ji will not sign. She tells Sarthak that Malhar ji will not sign and says he has done a mannat for Pillu, that he will not sign and take pen in his hand on Tuesday. Shera says I thought if I take pen in my hand, then…..Kalyani calls Rao there, and he brings Tommy with some other guy. Kalyani says Malhar ji freed this goon so that he can catch his gang. Shera thinks girls shall not be clever and asks Rao to keep them captive. Kalyani tells Shera that they have to go out. Pawar asks him to stay back for sometime as Commissioner Saheb is coming to meet him.

Sarthak calls Avni and scolds her for not stopping Kalyani. Avni puts the blame on Aao Saheb and says how can Kalyani be two steps ahead. Shera tells Kalyani that Sarthak got info from hospital and shyly says that he is uneducated. Kalyani asks with whose permission, you came here wearing Malhar ji’s uniform. She says this is not just uniform, but pride of my Malhar ji. He sees someone and holds her closer, asking her not to move. Kalyani asks him to leave her.

Shera pulling Kalyani closer to him, seeing Commissioner there. He asks her not to move. Commissioner says how disgusting and goes. Kalyani asks him to come home and says she will teach him, how to sign like Malhar ji. In home, Kalyani teaches Malhar’s sign to Shera and asks him to practice all night. Kalyani teaches Moksh. Shera imagines Kalyani teaching him and gets happy. Kalyani asks him to do some hardwork and learn to practice signing. She makes him hold the pen properly. He smiles resting his hand on her shoulder. Kalyani notices it and asks Moksh to teach him, says he wants all the money for his work, but he doesn’t do the work fully. Shera gets Tommy’s call. Tommy tells that his fake wife put him behind bars.

Shera asks him not to say anything against Kalyani. Tommy asks if he is in love with her. Shera says no and tells that he is just helping her. Tommy says it seems fire is on both side, tells that the girl seems to be interested in you and shares his plan. Shera says you are very clever and ends the call.Shera breaks bathroom’s bolt and thinks of Tommy telling that if she loves you, then will hug you. He thinks his life will be set and waits for Kalyani to go to the bathroom. Kalyani goes to the bathroom and finds the bolt broken. She calls Moksh and asks him to wait there, until she takes bath. Shera thinks he shall do something.

Shera brings a little puppy and makes it go to Moksh. The puppy runs. Moksh sees it and runs behind the puppy. Shera thinks if it is right to do this and thinks Kalyani ji is different from other girls. He thinks Tommy asked him to do this, and thinks he is not less than a hero. He goes inside the bathroom. Kalyani shouts seeing him. Shera shouts seeing toy cockroach. Kalyani throws it on him and goes out. She scolds him. Shera apologizes to her and tells that he didn’t know that bolt was opened. She asks where is Moksh? Shera says I saw him playing with a puppy. Kalyani comes out and sees puppy, asks where is my son? The puppy takes Kalyani to the house, where Moksh is tied and made to stand infront of the dart.

Some throws dart on the board. Kalyani gets shocked. The darts injures Kalyani much, while she tries to protect her son. She says whoever is here, let my son go. Shera finds the phone ringing in the drawer and thinks Malhar’s phone is ringing. He picks the call and says good morning, Malhar is speaking. The guy on the call asks if he saw the message. Shera watches the video in which Kalyani and Moksh are tortured, while the guy asks him to bring 5 lakhs to some place. Avni asks the guy to throw the darts on them and tells Aao Saheb that she will make sure that fake Malhar will reveal the truth. Shera calls Tommy and asks him to manage 5 lakhs Rs and bring it to his cabin. He goes to the PS. A guy brings 5 lakhs Rs and says you have asked me to bring 5 lakhs rs and asks him to save his son.

Shera sends Pawar who has just come. He assures the guy and asks him to go. The guy comes to Avni and says your work is done, and shows the video to her. She asks him to make this video viral and says it shall reach every home. The guy says yes. Avni calls Sarthak and says the imposter has taken the bribe, now Kalyani will reveal the truth to everyone. Shera comes to the place where Avni’s guy asked him to bring 5 lakhs rs. Shera gets darts on his back to save Kalyani. He takes out the pierced darts from her hand, shoulder etc. Kalyani cries and feels pain.

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