My heart knows update Thursday 25 August 2022

My heart knows 25 August 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani seeing Abhimanyu aiming gun at Malhar and shouting him to get up fast. Malhar wakes up and asks Abhimanyu to keep down the gun. He says we will sit and talk. Abhimanyu says you have ruined my life for the small mistake and my family, job and home are snatched from me. He asks how did you think that I will not punish you both. He shoots himself on his forehead shocking Malhar and Kalyani. Next day, Inspector tells Kalyani that they have handed over Abhimanyu’s dead body to his wife. Kalyani says he said that he was not married.

Malhar says he must have lied and might have forgotten his real life, while living fake life with you. Inspector tells that he will write in the charge sheet that Abhimanyu escaped from jail, attacked you and then he himself commit suicide. Malhar says ok. Inspector leaves. Kalyani can’t believe that Abhimanyu had hidden his secret from them and tells that he was acting sweet with her. Malhar tells that such people take their hearts on their hand and some people bury their secrets and take drastic steps. He asks Kalyani to relax and says you didn’t do any mistake in this matter. Just then a glass gets broken accidentally. Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani if she is fine? Kalyani asks her to relax and says now I am fine and forgotten Abhimanyu’s chapter.

Anupriya hugs her and keeps her hand on her face. She then says sorry for the flour on her face. They go.Sarthak talks to Aao Saheb and tells that Moksh is fine now. He says Moksh is playing here in the garden. Gungun signs Moksh to come and asks him to steal money from Sarthak’s wallet to buy icecream. Moksh says he will not do such a thing. Gungun blackmails Moksh and tells that she will shout and tell everyone that they have forcefully keeping her captive. Moksh agrees. Sarthak goes from there. Gungun asks him to go and get the money. Moksh is about to touch the wallet and recalls Kalyani’s words that good children don’t touch others’ stuff. Sarthak comes there and asks Moksh what is he doing?

Asawari comes to Kalyani and tells that she is feeling pain, but came to take out bad sight off her. She takes off bad sight and then burns the chillies in the gas stove. Kalyani coughs and thanks her, says she can take care of herself. Moksh tells that he was getting bored so he thought to solve your puzzle (Gungun’s pic papers). Sarthak says you can’t solve this puzzle. Moksh says if I solve your puzzle then you will give me 100 Rs. Sarthak says ok and gives glue to him. Moksh sits down and tries to match the pic rightly. Kalyani comes there and thanks Kaka for handling Moksh well. Sarthak asks if she saw Asawari’s file and tells that she has changed with time.

Kalyani thinks she has accepted that she came with a motive and thinks she can’t talk without proofs. She says I will return her file, I don’t want to talk about her. Sarthak gets a call and goes to attend it. Moksh sticks the pic to the paper and thinks last part was missing. Kalyani sees the pic and thinks it is of a girl and thinks to talk to SB about it. Asawari enjoys fresh air standing in the balcony and thinks she had yearned for fresh air in jail and here there is no restrictions here. Kalyani comes there and reminds Asawari that she has pain in her leg and asks her to sit on the wheel chair. She says I will drop you to your room and tells that even she has agenda behind this. She says you have challenged me and I can do anything to win it, and tells that she can bring wrong people on track, it is her hobby.

She says I am not DM, but I didn’t forget the training and knows how to punish people, specially the ones who look at her family with bad sight. She says you have personal experience about it. Gungun throws a pebble on Moksh. Sarthak comes there and asks Moksh if the puzzle is solved. Moksh asks him to give just 90 Rs, as one of the part is missing. Sarthak asks him to give the pic. Kalyani takes Asawari to the stairs and shows her Gungun’s pic, asking who is she? She asks her to tell the truth. Asawari gets up shockingly. Moksh tells that the pic is with Kalyani. Sarthak thinks Kalyani shall not reach Asawari. Asawari sees Sarthak coming and pushes the wheel chair. Kalyani is shocked and asks Sarthak to be careful. He gets injured and falls down the stairs.

Doctor is called and tells that he needs to rest so she gave him injection to sleep. Malhar goes to drop her. Kalyani blames Asawari. Asawari says I can’t think of hurting him even in dreams. Anupriya tells Kalyani that until today she has supported her, but I feel that I shall support Sarthak. She says you have done a mistake and you are blaming her. Kalyani looks on.Malhar telling Kalyani that he don’t understand what is Kaka’s connection with this pic. Kalyani says even SB is connected to this pic. Malhar asks what is her aim? Kalyani says how to find out the truth. Malhar says she has become more clever in jail. Kalyani tells him that SB must have shared her secrets with someone.

They check in the file. Moksh comes to Sarthak, keeps the card and feels bad seeing him on bed. Anupriya says bade Papa will recover soon, don’t worry. Anupriya says bade papa will be fine soon. She reads the get well soon and sorry written on the card. She asks why did you write sorry. Moksh tells her about the pic and says if I had not given to Aai then Bade Papa wouldn’t have get hurt. Kalyani gets Asawari’s friend Dolly number from the file and tells that she will call her. Malhar asks her to let him handle her. He calls Dolly and tells that he is RJ Shekhar and today they are playing the game, asks her to tell a secret of her friend, and tells that the winner will get 1 lakh cash. Dolly tells a secret of another friend that she got possessed by ghost etc. She then asks if she has won.

Malhar says they have another caller on line and tells that if her secret is good then she will win. He says you can also listen the caller. He signs Kalyani to say. Kalyani tells that she is Ms. Anjali and cooks up a fake story, telling that she has fooled her sister’s lover into marrying her and today they have two kids. Malhar says what a secret, you got married without getting exposed. He says you win the game. Dolly says I know another secret of my friend. Malhar says I will give you a chance.

Dolly tells that she knows her friend Asawari’s secret and tells that she had stolen her dewrani’s daughter and kept her with herself. She says only Asawari knows where is that girl. She asks if her secret is good. Malhar says I will connect you after commercial..and ends the call. Kalyani gets emotional and tells Malhar that her Aai’s daughter and her sister is alive. Anupriya comes there and asks what she was telling? Malhar asks Kalyani not to say, if Kaka has hidden this from Maayi. Anupriya asks Kalyani again. Malhar says we were talking randomly. Anupriya asks why are you crying then? She asks her to tell. The pic from Kalyani’s hand falls on Anupriya. Anupriya looks at the pic and asks if Sarthak was worried about this girl’s pic.

She asks why the pic was torn. Malhar takes the pic from her hand and says this is the case of a missing girl. Anupriya asks if she is crying for her. Malhar says Kalyani thought that if your and kaka’s daughter was alive then would have been of similar age as hers. Anupriya prays that the girl meets her mother soon. Kalyani promises Anupriya that she will search the girl and make her meet her mother. She thinks I have to search my sister for my Aai.

Gungun is in Moksh’s room and plays game on Kalyani’s mobile. Moksh says I have to return phone to Aai. Gungun says who is afraid of Kallu. Kalyani calls Moksh. Moksh runs from there. Asawari collides with Moksh. Moksh says sorry. Dolly’s call comes on Kalyani’s phone. Moksh picks it. Dolly says you are very strange, you didn’t tell if I have won and haven’t taken my bank account number. Asawari hears her voice and thinks this voice is familiar. She takes phone from Moksh’s hand. Kalyani comes and takes her phone, ends the call and says it is bad manners to take someone else’s mobile. She takes Moksh with her. Moksh asks Kalyani if she is sending him to hostel again. Kalyani says she will soon go to hostel and will do the formalities and take his ID card back.

Moksh looks at Gungun peeping in the room. Kalyani asks him to complete all the exercises and says she just ask him to study for 2-4 hours daily. She shows the toy car to Moksh. Moksh gets happy and hugs her. Gungun smiles seeing them.Malhar tells Kalyani that they will interrogate Dolly. Kalyani says if Dolly gets scared seeing Police and if she don’t tell about my sister, then? She says if she doesn’t tell then come there with your team. Kalyani feels coughing due to the smoke. She comes out and asks Anupriya about the smoke. Asawari brings the plate and tells that today is badi amavas and tells Anupriya that she has lost his daughter today. She tells that she was taking off the bad sight off from them.

Kalyani scolds Asawari for hurting her. Anupriya asks Asawari to continue. Kalyani tells Anupriya that everything will be fine. Anupriya asks where is she going and asks her not to go. Sarthak comes there and asks Anupriya to let her go, and tells that Kalyani is going for a good work, tells Kalyani that Malhar told him everything. Asawari is hiding and hears them, thinks if Sarthak told her everything. Kalyani thinks today Anupriya will unite with her daughter and everything will be fine.

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