My heart knows update Wednesday 24 August 2022


My heart knows 24 August 2022: The Episode starts with Moksh aiming catapult at something while playing. Asawari takes a pebble from a pot and looks at Moksh. She then pours hot milk on the floor and sits down. She shouts. Sarthak, Kalyani, Malhar and Anupriya come there. Sarthak asks how did you fall? He finds a pebble and looks at Moksh. They take Asawari outside. Later Sarthak scolds Kalyani for giving catapult to Moksh. Moksh says I was playing far, I didn’t aim here. Sarthak asks how did Vahini get hurt then? Asawari asks Sarthak to end the matter. Malhar blames Asawari for the happenings. Sarthak says mistake is of Moksh and Vahini is hurt, and you are misbehaving with her. Kalyani says its ok, Kaka has the right to scold Pillu, if he has done a mistake.

Sarthak thinks work might have done today, but stopped again. Kalyani asks what he is telling and says I know you know that there is a big reason for supporting SB. She asks him to tell her. Moksh thinks he didn’t do anything then how did Aaji got hurt? He thinks to throw his catapult and wonders where it is? It is in the girl’s hand. Sarthak says I am supporting Vahini as nobody is supporting her. Kalyani asks her to hold her hand and say. Sarthak says he don’t know such things. Kalyani tells that SB has hurt herself intentionally and tells that Moksh’s aim is not that strong. The girl hits Moksh with the catapult. Kalyani asks Sarthak to tell what is the matter? Sarthak is about to say, when Moksh shouts.

Moksh asks who is she? The girl says she is Gungun and likes this house, will stay here secretly. Kalyani comes there and asks Moksh what happened? Moksh doesn’t tell her about Gungun. Kalyani asks if Asawari got hurt with his catapult’s aim. He says yes, but is doubtful. Kalyani asks him to come inside and appreciates him for accepting his mistake. She sees Sarthak going out and thinks Kaka wanted to tell me something, I will know why SB came here. The girl Gungun smiles.

Asawari thinks she forgot the feeling of the mattress while staying in jail, thinks she will get a peaceful sleep today. She takes an apple and starts eating. Kalyani comes to Asawari and tells that when a criminal is out on payroll then an office comes to report her daily, tells that she is her officer. She closes the door and windows and say you stayed 8 years in jail and knows how the truth is made to confess by the criminal. She asks if she will tell herself? Asawari asks what? Kalyani says why you have come here? Asawari laughs and says I was inside, but not aware of the fact. She says I know that you are not DM anymore, but just my bahu. She says you knows well the difference between home and jail. She says if I shout then all the family members come here to my rescue. She asks her not to think that she is like anupriya, and says she is Asawari.

She says she came for some reason and asks her to go and find out. Kalyani says I will find out and will bring your truth before everyone.Anupriya brings Sheera for Moksh. Moksh gets happy. Anupriya goes. He drops his spoon and bends down to take it. He cleans the spoon with tissue paper and turns to find the sheera bowl missing. He asks Gungun to hive the sheera. Gungun says whoever is having the sheera, it belongs to her.

Kalyani tells Pawar that she wants Asawari’s files. Pawar tells that Sarthak took permission from court and took her files in his custody. Malhar comes there and hears her, asks her to let Kaka fall to realize his truth. Kalyani asks what happened to you. Abhimanyu comes there with balloons and asks what are they doing, rather than partying. Malhar says party for what? Abhimanyu says you have forgotten your friends after becoming commissioner. Malhar asks Abhimanyu to make her friend understand and goes. Kalyani says Malhar ji. She tells Abhimanyu that he is always angry. Abhimanyu falls in the pool and holds Kalyani’s hand. Kalyani also falls inside. Malhar looks at them. Kalyani asks what did you do? Abhimanyu says sorry. Kalyani says she slipped.

Malhar comes there and gives his hand to Kalyani. Kalyani makes him fall down. Abhimanyu asks Malhar to calm down his mind in the pool. Kalyani and Malhar play in the pool. Abhimanyu gets out of the Pool and tells that he will get ready for party, asks them to enjoy. Tu jo mila song plays….Malhar and Kalyani have some romantic moments in the pool while the song plays….Malhar says sorry for getting angry on her. Kalyani says its ok. Abhimanyu thinks your place is in my embrace and not in Malhar’s embrace.

Moksh running behind Gungun to take his sheera bowl from her hand. Gungun says I will not stop and calls her white rat. Moksh hides. Gungun looks for him. Moksh comes there and asks her to meet his Aai to come on track. Gungun says even she wants to meet his Aai and shows his report card. Moksh asks how did you get it? Gungun blackmails him and says she has talent. She asks him to take idea from her if he fails again in 3 subjects. Moksh asks her to return his report card. Gungun says it will be with me and asks him to clean his ears and hear carefully. She gives a stick which Moksh throws. She says if you tell someone about me then I will show your report card to your Aai. Moksh says I will not tell anyone.

Gungun asks him to go and bring the sheera. Moksh says it is finished. Gungun says you have a big house, and Sheera made in small quantity, and says poor people. She says it was very tasty. Moksh says my Aaji made it for just me, which you ate. Gungun asks him to ask his Aai to make it. She asks him to play with her and asks him to bring the copies, says they will make aeroplane and play with it. Moksh says it is not for playing. She says you are a failure, what will do you by keeping copies. They see Sarthak coming in car and hide. Sarthak gives Asawari file to Anupriya and asks her to keep them safely. Gungun asks him to get red file papers. Moksh tells that Kaka will scold him. She insists. He says he will take later when everyone is busy in party. She gets happy hearing about party.

He says you will be here and asks about her parents. She says she has no parents and she had stayed in Ashram. Moksh asks her to take his parents’ help to find her parents. She says no and asks him not to tell anyone, else she will twist his hand.Abhimanyu congratulates Malhar. Malhar thanks him. Abhimanyu asks if Kalyani is not ready, she didn’t come till now. Malhar says you are eager to see her and says she will be coming. Kalyani comes there wearing a saree and congrats Malhar calling him Commissioner Saheb. She then ties Indian flag batch on his kurta. He pulls her closer. Abhimanyu gets jealous. Kalyani signs Malhar that he is there. Malhar says sorry. Sarthak refuses to go to party and tells that he didn’t get invitation from Malhar.

Anupriya says there is a party in our house, and you need invitation. Sarthak says he will not come and asks her to go. Kalyani asks Malhar to go and invite Kaka and Aai. Malhar says I will not go. Kalyani says you are stretching the matter and tells that they shall not forget elders during happy times, as we move on in life due to their blessings. She asks him to call them else she will go to her room. Malhar says I will go and bring them. Anupriya asks Sarthak to come and asks him not to be stubborn. Sarthak says I will not come and goes to take bath. Moksh is climbing the stairs tensedly. Gungun asks him to bring the paper and says if you have magic stick that paper will come itself. Moksh asks her to come along with him. She says if anyone sees me, and tells that she will wait for him in the room.

Abhimanyu tells Kalyani that the dress is boring for the party. Kalyani says she got busy in packing and unpacking that she didn’t get a chance to go for shopping. He drinks and asks her to bring ice. Kalyani asks him to drink less else it will be problematic. Moksh comes to room and takes the file. He gets scared seeing someone. Kalyani comes back to Abhimanyu and finds him holding a gift. Abhimanyu tells that door bell rang, he opened the door and found this. Kalyani says she didn’t hear the voice. Abhimanyu says may be due to loud music. Malhar has come to Sarthak’s room and pick the file from the floor. Sarthak comes there and sees file in Malhar’s hand. Kalyani opens the gift and finds a dress and also a romantic note. She reads the poetry.

Abhimanyu asks any guesses, who has given this. Kalyani says obviously Malhar ji and tells that he is enjoying doing this. Anupriya comes to room and asks Malhar you are here. sarthak says Malhar is stealing the file for his wife. Kalyani thinks to wear the dress and surprise Malhar. She goes. Abhimanyu thinks this Malhar ruins my moment everytime. He drinks and gets angry.Malhar asks Kaka not to say anything. Anupriya sends Moksh out and asks why you are talking such things infront of the boy. Sarthak says didn’t you see that he was stealing Vahini’s file.


Kalyani wears the outfit and thinks Malhar ji chose a nice dress. Electricity goes. Kalyani says how the party will happen. Abhimanyu comes there. Kalyani thinks Malhar came and says you have become naughty Malhar ji. Abhimanyu hugs her. Kalyani asks who is he and sees his face in her mobile light. She asks what is this misbehavior and asks him to get out of her room. She says I am giving you warning. Abhimanyu says I am waiting for years to come close to you and asks why are you acting, I have noticed that your smile, talks, behavior…I know that you tries to come closer to me whenever I am near you. Kalyani asks him to leave her and asks not to touch him. Abhimanyu holds her. Malhar says I am not interested in your file.

Just then he hears Kalyani shouting Malhar and they all run to room. Malhar asks Kalyani to open the door and hears Abhimanyu forcing himself on her, and confessing his love to her. Kalyani pushes him and opens the door. Malhar gets inside with Sarthak and Anupriya and asks what happened? Kalyani tells Abhimanyu that he wants to get her, this is her answer. She slaps him. Malhar asks what did he do with you? Kalyani says he misbehaved with me. Malhar takes Abhimanyu out. Abhimanyu tells Malhar that he didn’t do anything and tells that she herself gave me a hint. Malhar says I will kill you if you say it again. Abhimanyu asks him to see that Kalyani is wearing dress given by him and also invited him to the room. Kalyani says he is lying, I didn’t know that this dress is given by him, I got it with a note and thought Malhar ji gave it.

Abhimanyu says Kalyani is lying. Sarthak says Kalyani is not just my bahu, but my beti, and she never lies. Malhar says you deserve punishment and tells that he shall be beaten until he learns to respect woman. He asks Kalyani to beat him. Kalyani beats Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says sorry Kalyani, I was drunk and did this. Kalyani says no good person can do this even in drunkard person, says I thought you as my friend and asks how did you think about this? Malhar hits him and says this is the problem of such guys. Asawari asks Malhar to let him go and not to risk his own career. Malhar says I don’t care and hits Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu apologizes and says I was drunk. He throws water on his face. Kalyani says when we used to be together in coaching centre, I thought you are good friend, but you don’t deserve to be an officer.

Anupriya says you don’t have the right to work in police dept. Malhar says I will get his uniform out. Kalyani looks on sad.Abhimanyu pleading with Malhar not to do this and says if this thing comes out then Kalyani’s name will be punished more than me. He says what Moksh will think about his mother and says Kalyani’s name will be ruined. He apologizes to Malhar. Asawari says he is saying right. Sarthak asks her not to interfere and tells Abhimanyu that Kalyani is having all her family to take care of her, and tells that you will be punished for your wrong doings. Anupriya says don’t try to scare my daughter by talking such things. Malhar says I will make your uniform taken out as nobody has the right to insult the department. Abhimanyu folds his hands.

Later Anupriya gives tea to Sarthak. Sarthak opens the newspaper and sees the news that Abhimanyu got arrested for teasing ex district collector Kalyani rane. Kalyani reads the news on her mobile, reads the comments and gets upset. Later Malhar tells everyone that Abhimanyu’s bail is rejected, now he will be taken into judicial custody. Anupriya says his place is there. Sarthak says now everything is fine. Kalyani thanks Sarthak for helping them. Malhar thanks Sarthak and Anupriya. Kalyani says irrespective of the circumstances, you both will always be our elders. They bend down to touch his feet, but he moves back. He says he has supported them as they are his family. He says he will bless them when they accept Vahini and take her blessings.

Malhar says sorry and tells that he will not question him, he can let anyone stay here. He says I didn’t come to your room to take that file. Sarthak says you don’t need to say anything, I got my answer.Moksh is in his room and thinks Aai fi will like his scrap book. Gungun is sleeping on the bed and kicks him in sleep. He thinks he didn’t get enough place to sit on the bed in night. Kalyani comes there and asks him to open the door. Moksh asks Gungun to wake and hide. She wakes up and hides behind the bed. He opens the door. Kalyani sees two blankets and asks about it. Moksh tells that there was cold at night so he took the other one. He says he has made the scrap book and shows Abhimanyu and her news pic on his scrap book and asks her to see. He says he will show to his friends. Kalyani gets shocked.

Asawari thinks she will make her confuse in her own problems that she will not enquire about him. She takes the scrap book from her hand and takes it to Anupriya. She asks her to see what happened, and says that’s why I asked not to stretch the matter. Anupriya sees it and spills water intentionally. Moksh says it is ruined. Anupriya says she will give him more Kalyani’s pic and newspaper cutting. She asks Moksh who asked him to paste this pic. Moksh looks at Asawari and is about to tell her name, but Asawari stops him and asks Anupriya to think what would have happened if Moksh had taken it to his school. Kalyani warns Asawari to stay away from her son and says she knew that she had asked Moksh to paste the news in his scrap book.

Gungun asks Moksh to bring two rotis more from tomorrow else she will show his report card to his Aai. Moksh thinks he has to do something, she is troubling him. He clicks her pic and thinks to show her pic to Aai and Baba, thinks they will search her parents, or grand parents and will send her back, then she will leave me. Gungun asks what is in your hand. Moksh says nothing. Just then Kalyani calls Moksh and asks him to return Aaji’s phone. Gungun asks him to show the phone. He runs while she runs behind him. Asawari talks to someone and asks him to search the girl. She looks out the window, but doesn’t see anyone. She is about to see her, but vase falls down and she bends down to pick it.

Moksh and Gungun continue to run. Kalyani comes there calling Moksh. Gungun steps on the water pipe accidentally and the waterfalls on Kalyani. Kalyani gets drenched and falls, gets hurt. Gungun and Moksh are shocked. Kalyani is in her room. Malhar asks if she is fine? Kalyani says yes. Moksh comes there and thinks if Gungun hurts Aai again. He hugs Kalyani and promises not to obey her and also her. Kalyani asks who? Moksh runs out. Kalyani says he has become strange. Anupriya comes there and asks Kalyani to drink haldi milk. She keeps Asawari files on the table. Kalyani says it is of Asawari. Malhar says I know that you wanted to help us, but I don’t want Kaka and your relation to get better.

Sarthak comes there and says I have given these files, so that you can check and get over your doubt. He says Vahini’s behavior was good when she was in jail. Kalyani thanks him. Sarthak and Anupriya go. Kalyani takes the file. Malhar asks her not to read now. Kalyani asks him to let her read else she will not get sleep. Malhar says ok. Gungun threatens Moksh and tells that if he takes her pic again then she will hurt his Aai. Moksh asks her not to hurt his Aai. Gungun promises not to hurt his Aai if he cooperates and tells that he shall sleep on the ground while she will sleep on the bed.

Later Kalyani sees some reflection outside her room and thinks Aai or SB must have gone to kitchen. She rests on bed. Again she sees the reflection and gets doubtful. She tries to go out and finds the door locked. She asks Malhar to wake up and says someone entered our house. She turns and sees Abhimanyu standing in their room. Malhar wakes up and finds Abhimanyu aiming gun at him. Kalyani gets shocked.

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