My heart knows update Wednesday 23 March 2022


My heart knows 23 March 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani coming to Madhav and says she has kept food for just him and tells that she will make food for his friends in half an hour. His friends tell that they came as Madhav insisted and tells that they will come later to have food made by them. Madhav says I will not let you go without having anything. His friends tell that they will come later and go. Madhav asks Kalyani why the food finished today? Kalyani says she gave their food to Aao Saheb and Atharv. Madhav asks how dare you to give our food to your family.

Aao Saheb pushes the plate hearing this and asks Kalyani why she didn’t tell her. She scolds Kalyani. Malhar asks Madhav what is wrong, Kalyani’s family is part of their family too. Madhav asks what shall we do, shall we make them sit on our heads. Sarthak asks him to talk with manners. Madhav says now you will teach me manners and says if this house food goes there, then I will not have food and even water all my life. Malhar asks why is he making an issue and tells that what is wrong in this and says you will realize that you are doing wrong. Asawari says he is right, where Aao Saheb will go in this age for food, we have everything and if we give her food then what’s wrong.

Aao Saheb asks her to stop and asks do you think I am a beggar and will ask food from you. She says my one son is alive and my bahu went out for some days. She says you made my daughter as your bahu forcibly and their health deteriorates. Anupriya runs to Aao Saheb and tells her that she will bring medicine for her. Aao Saheb says Madhav will ask me to have poison. Madhav asks her to drink poison from her hand. Malhar asks what is wrong? Kalyani brings money which she had saved and asks him to take it. He asks her not to do tamasha. Kalyani says I am not doing any tamasha and tells that she don’t want her Aaji to feel burdened and that’s why she will earn herself. She tells Madhav that she will not take anything from her mayka and will earn for them. Asawari smiles. Kalyani goes.

Malhar follows her and comes to room. Kalyani asks him not to start again and says I know you will ask me to focus on studies. She says it is her duty to take care of my family and have decided to do job, even if you get upset with me. Malhar says ok and asks her to search job in classified. He says I never stopped you from doing job, but what is important is studies at the moment. He says I know my responsibility towards my inlaws, but you don’t want to listen then do a job, you are soon going to hostel. Kalyani gets upset. Anupriya comes there and asks why she is making issue? Kalyani says you know that I respect them from my heart, but what about their doings. She says I have decided to do a job.

Asawari comes there and says don’t do this, I know that baap ji’s anger was not right, but if her bahu goes out to work then we can’t handle his anger. Kalyani says sorry and tells that she has taken a decision. Asawari looks on.Later Malhar shows vada pav guy’s pic to Anupriya and says he is missing since that day and shows Vinod’s pic in the mobile. He says both are dancers. Anupriya looks at their pics and says face seems to known.Asawari tells Sarthak that he has to win Anupriya’s heart and says once she accepts you, then you can asks her to leave her wish to surrender to Police.

Sarthak says until when I shall force her. Asawari says why can’t you see that your family was saved and most importantly Anupriya was saved, if you had not married her then her life would have been ruined. She says we all know how much you love her. He says one day she has to accept you. Sarthak tells her that he can’t force her to accept him and goes. Asawari thinks of a plan and smiles.Anupriya cries and tells Malhar that whenever she thinks of 26th july, something happens to her. Kalyani comes there and asks her to relax. Malhar asks her to relax.

Anupriya says even though I don’t remember, but I might have committed murder. They say you didn’t do anything. Kalyani says I will prove your innocence.Asawari telling Madhav that Diwali is starting from today and we have first diwali with Malhar. She says we shall forget all the differences and celebrate Diwali together. She asks Anupriya to forget everything for the festival. Malhar gives something to Swara and tells that he used to wait for this. Kalyani tells that she wants to say anything and tells Papa died just few months back and even Rao Saheb’s death anniversary haven’t happened. She asks if Aao Saheb and I will not celebrate Diwali this time. Madhav asks did your Aao Saheb tell you? Malhar tells that Kalyani is not wrong and takes her side.

Asawari tries to convince Kalyani telling Atul’s words. Madhav says it seems she forgot what she had said during his Shraddhanjali.Kalyani agrees to celebrate Diwali with them. Asawari tells about a rasam which makes Anupriya tensed. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Aao Saheb is alone with Atharv. She tells that she is searching for a job, but nobody is ready to give her a job. Just then she sees Malhar coming there wearing dhoti and shirtless. She covers him with her dupatta and asks why he has become Salman Khan. Malhar asks if she knows about the rasam. Just then Sarthak comes there shirtless. Kalyani says you also…Kaka. Asawari says this is the rasam in which wife has to rub oil on husband’s back. Malhar asks Kalyani to do the rasam fast as he has to go.

Sarthak and Malhar sit for the rasam. Kalyani brings oil. Asawari tells Aahir that she has thought about the remaining 12 days and will keep them busy. She says they have to bring Anupriya and Sarthak together. Kalyani applies oil on Malhar’s back. Sarthak tells Asawari that Anupriya has applied oil even thought she haven’t applied and was hesitant. He then asks her to put water on him and complete the rasam. Anupriya pours water on him and he goes. Anupriya also goes.Kalyani is still applying oil to Malhar. Malhar asks Kalyani to be fast as he needs to go to Police station.

She gets angry and starts rubbing fast. He asks what is it, if she had given bath to cows and buffaloes in cowshed before. She says she is not getting job. He says I asked you to complete your studies. Kalyani says you might be happy as I am not getting job. She gets a call and she tells on call that she doesn’t want crackers. She then comes to Malhar and tells that she will get a job and will do. Malhar asks her to study and show him. Kalyani pours cold water on him and tells that she has mixed ice in it. He gets a call.Atharv shows crackers to Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb asks who sent this. Madhav asks Kalyani who sent crackers there and taunts Kalyani.

Kalyani asks Atharv to give the box and sees Vivek’s name on it. Aao Saheb asks Atharv to take the crackers as it is sent by their family members. Kalyani thanks Malhar for sending the sweets. Malhar says no. Kalyani says she had spoke to Vivek sometime back, but he didn’t tell about it.Asawari tells Malhar that she is going with Sarthak and Anupriya to buy Diwali stuff. Sarthak asks Malhar, shall I take your jeep? Malhar says ok. Madhav asks Asawari, did you get this day to go? she tells that Kalyani will make it and asks him if he will make her work when she has bahu. Anupriya says I will make Anarse and asks her to take Kalyani along with her. Asawari refuses to take Kalyani. Malhar gets tensed. Kalyani asks Asawari not to take tension and says she will make.

She signs Aahir and recalls telling him that it is not easy for her to make many types of sweets. She can’t even meet halwa and tells that Baap ji will get angry on her. Aahir says she learns everything from internet. Asawari says we shall make sure, there is no wi fi at home. fb ends. Kalyani gets tensed. Malhar also gets thinking.

Atharv and Kalyani are in the kitchen. Kalyani tries to search Anarse dish through Alexa, but there is no internet connection. She gets worried.

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