My heart knows update Thursday 23 June 2022


My heart knows 23 June 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar enquiring about the boy from a man. The man tells that he had seen that boy going in a car with a lady. Malhar asks Pawar to get that boy sketch made. Kalyani makes Moksh have food and asks him to play with Durga Prasad, but not make the sound come out. She goes. Moksh looks at the nest and finds it about to fall down. He tells Durga Prasad that they shall go and save the nest from falling down, says Aai will not scold us. He tries to jump and hold the nest from falling down. Malhar comes there in his jeep and goes inside.Moksh uses a stick to make the nest rest properly, but he himself falls down and shouts. Malhar hears his voice and thinks whose voice is this? He turns and sees Durga Prasad.

He comes to him and caresses him, asking why this is happening with him, Swara is in hospital and Aahir is dead. Moksh hears him and thinks he shall relieve his baba’s tension and pain. He goes to Shambu and asks him to give something, so that his baba gets relieved of tension. He gives him something made by his Aai. Shambu says Aai and baba. Moksh thinks he will make baba have this orange juice. He comes home. Sketch artiste is making his sketch, but neither the witness nor the sketch artiste sees him as the light goes. Moksh gets scared of darkness and covers himself with a shawl.

Kalyani insists Malhar to drink the kada as he is sneezing. Malhar refuses and tells that he has to see meet the sketch artiste also. Kalyani gets worried. Moksh changes the kada with the special drink (may be wine). Malhar takes the cup and drinks it. He thinks what is this kada and gets inebriated. Moksh comes infront of him and asks him to drink it, says it is orange juice, calls him Baba. Malhar says who is Baba? Kalyani comes there and gets shocked. Malhar asks why are you calling me Baba? Kalyani asks Moksh why is he behaving this way? Moksh tells that he has mixed orange juice in the cup. Kalyani is shocked. Malhar falls down. Kalyani helps him get up and sit on the bed. Malhar asks why this boy is calling me inebriated.

Kalyani says he is calling you Baba as….Moksh sits on his back and says I am your Moksh….Baba. Malhar asks Kalyani, if he is their Moksh. Moksh says yes. Kalyani smiles. Malhar gets happy, hugs him and kisses on his face.Malhar checks Moksh and his nose, says same nose. He checks their eyes and says same eyes and same ears like me. He kisses him and takes him in his lap. He asks where did you go? Did you know that your baba searched you everywhere. He says do you know how your Baba life became without you. Malhar asks from where did you find him? Kalyani asks him to stop investigating. Malhar says even before he used to like Aai more and now also. Kalyani says Pillu wants to celebrate Diwali with you.

Moksh dances and says I will celebrate Diwali with Baba. He says he wants crackers, but then says that Durga Prasad will get afraid hearing the noise sound, that’s why we will celebrate non crackers Diwali. Malhar takes Moksh in his lap and thinks his heart is like his Aai and not like his Baba. He thinks of others. Kalyani thinks Malhar ji would have been in his senses. Malhar, Moksh and Kalyani play with the crackers. Malhar says he sings like you.Kalyani, Malhar and Moksh playing crackers. Malhar says jhinjhin jhinak…Kalyani holds Malhar from falling and takes him inside the bedroom. Pawar asks the sketch artiste to give the sketch to Malhar.

Kalyani records her statement in the camera that she is responsible for Aahir’s death and used that boy to murder him. Malhar gets Pawar’s call who asks him to see the sketch. Malhar sees the sketch and tells that this is the advertisement boy’s pic. Kalyani tells Moksh that his baba wouldn’t remember anything and he was in the influence of orange juice (wine). Malhar tells Pawar that the guy fooled them for money.Moksh asks where is she taking him? Kalyani says she is taking him far so that he don’t have to hide his identity infront of anyone, where he don’t need to be locked in the storeroom. She promises him that he will get all the opportunities which he deserves and he will become a big man. Moksh asks if more big than Amitabh Bachchan.

Kalyani says more big than him. Moksh asks Aai fi, will you be with me? Kalyani stops the car and thinks whatever she is doing is for his betterment. Malhar feels his head heavy and thinks what did she add in kada. Anupriya comes there and asks what happened? Malhar tells about the heavy head. Anupriya says she will bring. Malhar gets CD of Kalyani for him and thinks why did she leave it for me. Sarthak comes there and asks him about Avni’s doctor’s number. Kalyani takes Moksh to a hostel and tells him that the bed is small, so she will ask father to accommodate big bed for him. She kisses him and goes out. Moksh sits down on the bed to have icecream.

Malhar returns after giving medicine to Avni and thinks Kalyani haven’t come till now. He plays the CD. Warden asks Moksh to put the bedsheet on the bed. Kalyani asks the father to ask warden not to be strict with Moksh. Father says warden has to be strict with the kids as we taught them to be discipline and strong. Kalyani says I want to meet him for last time. Father says if warden sees you then will come to know that he is DM’s son. Moksh changes the bedsheet and asks where is my Aai fi? Warden says your Aai is left and you have to stay here with other kids. Moksh says my Aai can leave me. Moksh runs out of the hostel and runs behind Kalyani’s car. Watchman asks Moksh to go inside.

Warden takes him inside. Kalyani cries while driving the car and stops. Moksh says I will not talk to my Aai fi. Moksh opens the bag and keeps his books in the rack. Meri Maa song plays……Kalyani shouts Pillu and cries. Moksh also cries. Warden comes there and asks Moksh to wipe his tears and not to cry. Kalyani starts driving car again while crying. Moksh also cries. Kalyani reaches Deshmukh’s house and hears Moksh’s voice. She runs inside. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she got her daughter and she is alive. Kalyani finds Mukku dressed as a girl. Anupriya says she is Sarthak and my daughter. Kalyani asks what happened to Aai? Sarthak says she can’t be our daughter.


Anupriya says this was done by Vivek. Aao Saheb asks why you are blaming Vivek? Anupriya shows the proofs recording, in which Vivek tells that he has stolen Anupriya’s daughter and replaced it with a dead girl, and gave Anupriya’s daughter to the woman, whom Mukku calls Amma. Sarthak shouts Vivek Deshmukh. He asks Aao Saheb if she knew about it. Anupriya tells that a mother can’t be wrong and whenever she is near her, she felt the connection. She says this is our daughter and reminds him of his dreams for their daughter. Sarthak looks on hopeful.

Sarthak saying Mukku is my daughter. Mukku hides behind Kalyani. Anupriya asks Sarthak to give her some time to accept this change. Anupriya tells Mukku that she will stay in her room. She asks her to see if she likes the gift. Malhar says if Vivek Mama knew this then why did he hide this until now. Anupriya says if vivek wanted then he wouldn’t have told this and might be thinking that Sarthak will take back the case. Sarthak says he will not take back the case, but the new case will be filed now. Mukku talks to the Bappa’s idol and says they are playing a game, Meena Kumari aunty asked me to be the girl. He says I know to act as a girl.

Anupriya tells Kalyani that she asked Moksh to act as Mukku, as she heard their conversation in the outhouse. She tells that she has change the sketch which the sketch artiste made, change the CD and also took Vivek’s statement. A fb is shown, Anupriya tells Vivek that Sarthak is going to file a case against him and can frame Pallavi and Godaveri. She says you would have thought about Godaveri and says what she will think if she comes to know. Vivek asks Anupriya to fight his case against Sarthak as nobody will take up this case. Anupriya says Sarthak is my husband. Vivek says I begged infront of you and I will touch your feet. Anupriya says I will protect Pallavi and Godaveri and asks him to do as she says. Vivek agrees to record the statement.

Kalyani asks why did you ask Moksh to act as girl. Anupriya says this was the only way to save Moksh and says you have taken up the blame on yourself, but I can’t see you punished. Kalyani says I can’t see my son living a fake life, says she wants to give happiness to him. She says he is a boy and don’t like to be a girl. She says he hates acting to be a girl and that’s why I had sent him to hostel, though he will get angry with me. She says we would have make him understand later that it is for their better. Anupriya says did you ask Moksh what does he want? Moksh tells that he hates to become a girl, but he can become a rat, cat etc to stay with his Aai. Kalyani says she don’t want Moksh to have trauma of becoming a girl. She says I am his mother. Anupriya says I am your mother and will think about you too.

She says he wants to be with his family and you want to send him to hostel. Kalyani says may be he will lose his confidence and scared child, due to the acting of being girl. Anupriya says this will not happen and pleads with her to let him become Mukku for now. She says we will do something. Kalyani says Malhar ji will always have that CCTV footage. Mukku says he will win the game. Someone hears them.Moksh calls lab technician to do DNA test done. Avni asks him. Malhar says he don’t trust Vivek. Mukku says she is afraid and throws the injection down. Kalyani asks Malhar if he is doubtful then she will adopt Mukku.

Sarthak comes there and says no need, when her Baba is alive. He tells that he talked to Vivek and also met the doctor who has done Anupriya’s delivery. He says both of them confirmed the same.Pawar comes there and gives Aahir’s clothes, says it has a letter too. Malhar reads it in which Aahir is apologizing to him and asking promise from him to marry Avni if anything happens to him. He says Kalyani….Kalyani walks inside in shock. Avni takes the letter in her hand. Kalyani goes to room and cries. Ya rabba song plays…..

Mukku comes to the room and finds Kalyani crying badly. He asks why are you crying and says I thought to get angry and not talk to you, but I can’t be angry with you. He asks if she is crying as Police is marrying Avni and says I won’t let this happen. Sarthak tries to convince him to marry Avni. Mukku comes there and scolds Malhar for hurting her Aai fi. Sarthak asks her to go. Anupriya comes to room and tells Kalyani that Malhar will not agree for this marriage. She says nobody can stay in a loveless marriage and asks her not to worry. Kalyani wipes her tears and takes sindoor from the cupboard. Malhar tells Sarthak that he can’t give anything to Avni, by marrying her, he can just give her place to stay and nothing more. Kalyani comes there. Malhar tells that he can’t marry Avni, even after promising Madhav.

Kalyani shows the sindoor and asks Malhar to fill in Avni’s forehead. She says I don’t know why this sindoor bottle is with me since 5 years and says it never left me, don’t know why I was hopeful. She says I couldn’t accept that someone else might have the right on it. She says now I understand that more than emotion is, responsibility. She says your baba, aahir and Kaka want you to fulfill your responsibility and asks him to fill Avni’s maang with sindoor.

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