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My heart knows 24 June 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Malhar to fill Avni’s maang with sindoor and tells that it had never left her since 5 years, may be I was hopeful and didn’t accept that it could be of someone else. She says she can now understand that responsibility is more big and asks him to go and fill Avni’s maang with sindoor. Malhar takes the bottle in his hand. Sarthak asks Malhar to come. Malhar throws the sindoor bottle on the ground, asks if any film is going on here, this is the matter of Avni, your and my life. Anupriya says Malhar is right. Kalyani says the matter is about the baby who is in Avni’s womb, if you don’t marry her then the baby’s first world will be illegitimate, says she don’t want the baby to go through the feeling which she had gone through. She says you was ready to accept her when I was not there, so think that I am dead in reality.

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Moksh comes there and tells that she found something. He asks Kalyani to tie the bandaid wherever she feels pain. She ties bandaid to Malhar also on his tshirt. Malhar says I can’t do this. Kalyani says you will not run away from the responsibilities. Malhar asks Sarthak to begin the arrangements of Avni and my marriage. Moksh asks Kalyani why is she sad, and asks how can Police marry a bad woman. Sarthak asks her not to interfere and asks her to come with him. Kalyani breaks down and cries.

Anupriya asks Kalyani why she wants to sacrifice her love for the girl who gave her just hatred. Kalyani says dreams can be beautiful, but can’t be ignored. Malhar asks Pawar to send Mukku’s sample for DNA testing. Pawar asks Malhar if he is getting married. Malhar tells that Kalyani wants to be great and do sacrifice, Baba, Aahir and Kaka want the same. He tells that everyone wants him to fulfill their wishes and asks Pawar if he shall salute him. Moksh sits in the water and tells that she wants bappa to fulfill her/his wishes. Sarthak comes there. Anupriya says she is sitting in the cold water. Sarthak asks what does she want? Moksh/Mukku tells that she don’t want Police to marry bad aunty. Avni gets angry and asks Sarthak to handle her, says don’t know what she will become after grown up. Moksh says she will not become like her.

Kalyani comes there. Sarthak tells that he will handle her and asks Kalyani not to interfere in their family matters. He makes food for Moksh. Moksh asks Bappa to stop Police and bad aunty. She gets the smell of samosa and jalebi, gets up from the water seeing it, but thinks she is bad to forget her Aai fi in the samosa and jalebi greed. Anupriya asks Sarthak to let Kalyani talk to her once. Kalyani comes there and brings the water tub there. She asks Servant to put water in it and asks him to bring ice. Moksh asks what is all this? Kalyani sits in the water tub. Moksh calls Anupriya and asks to ask his Aai fi to come out. Kalyani says until Mukku doesn’t come out of the water, she will not come out. Moksh says you will catch fever. Kalyani says let it come, I will not come out from here and sneezes.

Moksh gets up and comes out from water. He scolds Kalyani and asks her to come out. Moksh tells that her mannat broke? Anupriya says if you ask from heart then God will agree. Moksh says then Police and bad aunty’s marriage will not happen. Sarthak shouts Mukku. Anupriya takes her. Sarthak tells Kalyani that after Malhar and Avni’s marriage, they will go away from here.Kalyani comes out of the house. Malhar says come Madam. Kalyani asks what are you doing? Malhar tells that he is doing his duty and will fulfill his duty for Avni too. He says you are getting late for the meeting and asks her to go, says you are getting late. Kalyani sits in the car…koi fariyaad plays…….

Later in the night, Kalyani sees Malhar and her pic and tells Anupriya that she was thinking that she will find her Pillu, then she came to know that Malhar ji is not married. She says I got hopeful that my family will complete, and started dreaming, but…She says now I have to live for Pillu. She tells that lever was pulled by mistake that day, he is getting punished and has to live lie’s life. Anupriya says bappa will not leave us alone, he will give us some sign. Pawar calls her and tells that DNA report will come tomorrow. He asks her to inform Malhar. Kalyani gets shocked and says ok, I will inform him.


Kalyani coming to the hospital as the staff member and tries to change the report from the laptop, just as she gets a chance. She thinks to update that Pillu and Sarthak’s DNA matches. She changes the report in the system and the lab technician comes there. Just as she is about to leave, she hears them talking that the report is already printed and is ready to be sent when Police officer comes. She goes and comes in saree to take the reports. Peon refuses to give her report. Kalyani tells that Malhar ji will get upset. The peon gives her report. Kalyani takes the reports and is about to leave. When she sees Avni standing there. She asks Peon to bring chair for her. Avni tells that she is going home as today is Malhar and her marriage. Kalyani offers to drop her home. They go out. Kalyani asks Avni to take care of Malhar and tells about his likes and dislikes, habits etc. Avni asks her why is she acting as if she is concerned for Malhar more and tells that he was staying without her since 5 years.

Kalyani says she got habitual to take care of Malhar ji. They come home. Kalyani drops the reports by mistake. Mukku says she don’t want Malhar and Avni’s marriage to happen. Sarthak comes there and is about to check the report, but Kalyani doesn’t let him check the report and says it is her report for ladies problem. He says you would have told like that. Anupriya asks if it is the DNA report? Kalyani says yes and gets upset seeing the havan fire. Sad song plays….Mukku comes to Avni’s room and keeps handkerchief on her nose. Avni pulls her infront of her and asks if she was trying to kill her. Mukku says you didn’t faint like in films.

Avni says if she didn’t watch that it happens due to chloroform. Mukku asks her to write the name and give it, so that she can make her unconscious. Avni shouts calling Sarthak and asks Mukku not to talk to her, calls her street girl. She pushes her on the ground and Kalyani holds her. Sarthak comes there. Avni blames Mukku for tryin to kill her and complains to Sarthak, tells that she is doing this in kalyani’s influence. Mukku tells that she has learnt this in films and tells that she will never let Police marry her. Sarthak twists Mukku’s ears and tells that if he was with her since her children then she would not have been mannerless. Kalyani warns Avni to stay away from Mukku. Sarthak tells Mukku that he don’t want to be strict with her and that’s why brought lehenga and make up for her so that she will look beautiful in the marriage function.

Mukku says she doesn’t like to wear…when Anupriya stops Mukku and tells that she will get her ready. Mukku tells that he wouldn’t have agreed for this game if he had known about lehenga etc. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she is feeling helpless and asks Moksh to wear kurta pajama. Moksh says ok and asks her to stop the marriage. Kalyani says it is not possible now. Moksh asks her to wear red color saree and apply make up for me, then I will not try to stop this marriage. Moksh thinks once Aai fi gets ready as a bride then police has to marry her.Anupriya calls Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb picks the call and asks why is she disturbing her? She tells that she came to meet Vivek in the jail.

She ends the call and then asks someone to leave her. Avni sits for her haldi rasam. She taunts Anupriya and asks her about Kalyani, asking if she will not come. Kalyani comes there wearing red saree and asks what did she think that she will not come? Avni asks why are you so much ready, as I am getting married. Kalyani asks Anupriya to give her haldi. Kalyani is about to apply haldi to Avni, when Mukku comes and snatches haldi bowl from her hand. Kalyani tries to get the bowl from Mukku and the haldi bowl falls down. Haldi gets applied to Kalyani’s face.

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