My heart knows update Wednesday 22 June 2022


My heart knows 22 June 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani hugging Moksh. He dances on a song. He says I will not be a girl now, I used to hate to dress up like girls. He asks Kalyani not to cry, he has come and become her bodyguard, he is very strong. He says I got you, but where is my dad. They hear Malhar’s voice and see the tv. Moksh says Malhar is my dad, why didn’t I get him as dad. Malhar says someone had murdered my brother. Kalyani is shocked. Malhar says the murderer is a little boy, he is trained by a gang, he can become a dangerous criminal, we have to catch the boy, police needs your help. He shows Moksh in the video. He appeals to the public to help the police. He says I have to send that boy to remand home.

Kalyani says my son won’t go to remand home, it was an accident, Malhar will identify Moksh, I won’t let this happen. She sees Moksh gone and shouts. She cries. Moksh jumps around and plays happily. Moksh says I will tell Malhar that I m Moksh, my dad is a policeman, it will be great.Malhar says I want that boy at any cost, I have to find that boy to punish my brother’s murderer. He wears headphones. Moksh comes and jumps near the window. Malhar sees a video. Moksh hits on the window and shouts I m your Moksh, look at me, you are my dad, listen to me. Moksh opens the window. Malhar doesn’t listen. Kalyani comes and stops Moksh. She takes Moksh with her. Malhar turns and comes to the window. He looks outside. Moksh says I have to meet my dad. Malhar says did anyone say Baba….

Moksh says I have to go to Malhar and kiss him, I will ask him to get a cycle for me, why do I forget that I m a boy. Kalyani says not now. Moksh says I have to tell him that I m his Moksh. Kalyani says not now, please. She cries. He asks why are you crying. Kalyani thinks I know Malhar, he will never leave his duty knowing Moksh is his son, I have to do this.Anupriya says Ahir got murdered. Aao saheb asks what, he was going to marry Avni. Anupriya says a little boy had killed Ahir. Aao saheb asks what. Anupriya says the world is becoming bad, I m worried for Kalyani. Kalyani gets Moksh to her place. He gets scared seeing the dog. She asks him not to get scared, its Durga Prasad, he is coming after you because of love.

Moksh asks what’s going on friend, is everything fine, with whom are we playing hide and seek, with Malhar? Kalyani lies to him.Moksh says we were playing with that bad uncle also. Kalyani says don’t tell this to anyone. Moksh hugs her. Kalyani leaves. Anupriya sees her and asks where were you, did you see news about Ahir, how can a little boy do this, where is Mukku. Moksh says I m here. Anupriya asks who is that. Kalyani says I didn’t get any sound. She thinks till when will I hide Moksh. She says I need to talk, come with me. She takes Anupriya to her place. She says I have to tell something. Sarthak and Avni come and shout to Ahilya. He says Ahilya is charged with Ahir’s murder. Aao saheb asks what’s this drama, why did you get Ahir’s ashes here.

Sarthak says your son should have got punished, you took revenge on Ahir, Ahir was young, why did you get him killed.Kalyani says Aaro saheb didn’t do it. Sarthak asks how do you know, were you there. Aao saheb asks are you mad, how dare you blame me. Malhar comes and says Kalyani, if you didn’t ask me to forgive Ahir, maybe I would have never got this chance, what happened with us, Swara is fighting with her death, I got my brother after years, he was regretting for his mistake, he left me. He cries. Kalyani thinks I know what you are going through, I can’t tell you the truth, I m doing this for Moksh. Avni says Ahir promised that he will marry me, he died, what will happen of me and my child, I wish that boy dies who killed Ahir. Kalyani says maybe that boy…. calm down, how can a little boy kill Ahir.


Malhar says that boy had pulled the crane lever, such kids can be harmful for society, I will make that boy reach correction room, everyone is same in front of law, if it was my son, I would have sent him also. Moksh says I will see through the window. He sees his friend and calls out. Kalyani says what enmity will a kid have with Ahir, a kid can’t kill him. Malhar says right, but someone made the boy do this, I will find out his gang. Avni makes Malhar hold her tummy and says promise me, you will take revenge of Ahir’s death, you will put that culprit in jail. Kalyani worries.

Kalyani asking Malhar to take rest and asks where is your hypertension medicines? Malhar says just now I burnt my brother’s dead body and you are asking me to rest. Kalyani asks him to come with her. Avni stops Malhar and asks him to swear keeping hand on her tummy that he will get Aahir’s murderer punished. Malhar swears on his uniform that he will get Aahir’s murderer behind the jail and says even if it is a man or boy. He says I will send that boy to the correction room and will not be peaceful till then. Moksh talks to his friend. His friend says your Aai fi is your Aai, you will live in big house. Moksh tells that now he don’t have to wear girl’s clothes and bangles etc.

Kalyani thinks she will get help from Anupriya to make Malhar understand. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani is about to tell her, when Avni faints. They rush to see her. Anupriya suggests Sarthak to let Avni stay here for some days. Sarthak refuses to let her stay there. Kalyani tells that they shall understand that Avni has lost her baby’s father. Malhar tells that Avni will stay here only. Aao Saheb tells that her house is not dharmshala. Malhar reminds that Vivek is in lock up. Malhar and Sarthak come out. Malhar says I will come here often and tells that he has a doubt that Aao Saheb is behind Aahir’s murder. Moksh hears Malhar and thinks to see him.

Sarthak asks Malhar to use all his police force to catch the boy and shows the CCTV pics. Moksh sees his pic and understands that Malhar wants to catch him. He closes the window. Kalyani comes to Malhar. Malhar asks about Mukku. Kalyani says she has found Mukku and tells that her Nani was about to take her. Malhar says I will ask Pawar to enquire. Moksh thinks he can’t go away from Aai and Baba. Kalyani comes there. Moksh tells that mogambo kaka asked Baba to send him far. Kalyani tells that Baba will not send him far.

Moksh tells that he sat on the crane and the lever was pulled by mistake and asks her not to tell baba. They hug each other. Kalyani asks Moksh not to cry and makes him understand to stay in the room. Moksh promises her. Kalyani makes him sleep and promises not to let anything happen to her. She thinks to tell truth to Aai and can’t handle the stress. She comes to Anupriya, just then she sees someone going to the outhouse. Anupriya tells that Aao Saheb is also there, and keeping the sarees there. Kalyani goes there and finds the mannequins there. She finds Mukku standing as a mannequin and tells Aao Saheb that there are many rats here.

Aao Saheb asks the workers to keep the boxes and mannequin in the hall. Kalyani locks the door. Moksh tells that he is tired of standing. Aao Saheb comes back to take the mannequin. Kalyani says she will bring and takes Moksh to the hall. Aao Saheb stares Moksh and tells that the mannequin is different. Kalyani breaks a finger of the mannequin and tells that it is all defective. She says till then they shall keep them in the outhouse. She takes Moksh to the workshop. Moksh tells that he wishes to celebrate Diwali with his Baba. Kalyani thinks Malhar might identify him.

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