My heart knows update Sunday 19 June 2022


My heart knows 19 June 2022: The Episode starts with Sarthak and Vivek have an argument and begun fighting. Aao Saheb calls Police there. Anupriya asks Vivek to calm down. Vivek refuses. Kalyani comes there and try to stop their fight. She asks what is going on here, what happened which made you fight. Vivek asks her to make this mad guy understand and says how did he think that I will let Malhar’s wife have any ritual here. Sarthak tells that the ritual will happen in this house and I will see who will stop it. Vivek fights with him. Kalyani tells that Malhar ji didn’t kill Nal, Pawar Kaka told me everything whatever happened that day.

Aao Saheb says you are supporting this guy. Sarthak says he doesn’t need any support. He says if anyone has objection with Avni’s rasam then I am ready to leave this house with my wife. He asks Anupriya to pack her bags and tells Kalyani that once Anupriya leaves from here, she will have no right on her mother and tells that there is no guarantee that Anupriya will be fine, as if my anger goes out of control then I don’t know what will happen with her.Kalyani says Avni’s goadbharayi will happen in this house. She says before that you think that I agreed because of your blackmail then it is not right.

She says my Aai is Avni’s saas and that’s why it is her responsibility to organize Avni’s goad bharayi here. Aao Saheb tells that she will never allow Avni’s goad bharayi happen here. Sarthak gets a call and asks someone to file case against Godaveri for cheating etc. He tells Kalyani that all the arrangements shall be good. Kalyani tells that she didn’t agree being scared of his blackmailing, but because Avni doesn’t have anyone else except Malhar and you. She tells that you didn’t let us do Kanya pujan, may be with this good deed of mine, I will get my Moksh. Anupriya asks Kalyani not to explain to him and tells that she will get her son.

Aparna and Mukku are on the way. Mukku asks if they are going in truck. Aparna says yes and thinks Malhar might be checking in every bus.Kalyani praises to the God to make her meet Mukku. The auto driver stops the car seeing construction work going on and takes auto to other way. His auto stops as clutch breaks. Aparna sees Malhar there and asks Mukku to get down from the auto fast. Her specs breaks and feels bad. Kalyani prays to God and tells that she doesn’t know why she has the same feelings for Mukku like she is having for Moksh, but she wants both her children together. Mukku thinks how will Amma see without the specs and sees Gandhi ji’s statue. He runs to the statue and tells that he wants statue for his Amma, will return in sometime. Aparna gets tensed.

Malhar happens to see him taking out Gandhi ji statue’s specs and comes there. Kalyani rings the bell and swears to ring it until she gets her children. Malhar lifts Mukku in his arms asking if she is stealing Bapu’s specs. He says Mukku. Mukku says I wanted it for a day for my Nani. Malhar asks where is your Nani? Mukku says that day and signs at Aparna..Aparna asks auto driver, if the auto is repaired and sits in it, asking him to take her fast. Auto driver is about to start the auto driver to stop. He calls Pawar. All the Police team stops the auto. Aparna gets down the auto.

Malhar removes Mukku’s cap and opens her hairs. He calls Kalyani and tells that Mukku is found and tells that her nani is clever and was eloping with her indisguise of a boy. Aparna gets relieved and thinks Malhar didn’t understand that Mukku is his son Moksh. Kalyani happily informs Anupriya. Anupriya says what kind of lady was she? She says I knew that you would have kept a big stone to let Avni’s goad bharayi happen here. Kalyani tells that she has learnt this for her and tells that she still remembers the feelings when she was pregnant. She tells that she wants to make Avni’s goad bharayi very special. Avni comes to Deshmukh’s house. Kalyani promises to make her day very memorable and says I have selected an awesome dress for you.

Avni pushes her and asks what do you think that I will wear dress given by you. She says I don’t want to see your face on my goad bharayi day and can’t want your reflection fall on me. She says that function is only for married woman, and you are neither married nor a mother.Malhar scolding Mukku’s Amma. He asks why did you want to take the girl in boy’s get up when you know Kalyani is giving a good life to Mukku. He scolds her and asks her to get Mukku to her right clothes. Amma asks Mukku to remember that he is a boy, if anyone knows this, then she will die. Sarthak asks Anupriya and Kalyani to stop the drama. He says my mood is good, whenever Kalyani is tensed.

He goes. Anupriya cries. Kalyani says if Avni doesn’t want me to come, I won’t come, I m doing this for Malhar, the child is of Malhar, maybe he is also like Malhar, he will be Pillu’s brother or sister, can I not do this for his child, he will be special for me also.Aao Saheb comes and asks Anupriya to prepare the food and send it for Rane family. She says Kalyani, I didn’t expect this from Malhar, he knew you will be hurt if he keeps the Godh bharai at your house, where is his self esteem now. Malhar argues on call, asking how can you keep Avni’s Godh bharai at Kalyani’s home. He asks Pawar to take Amma to the hospital for treatment. He says I will take the girl to Kalyani. Amma asks what’s the need.

Malhar says go to the hospital, else I will put you in jail. Amma asks Mukku to take care. She hugs Mukku and warns him not to tell anyone that he is a boy.Anupriya gets Avni for the Godh bharai function. Kalyani gets taunts by the ladies. Swara says people lost humanity, you should have answered them. Kalyani says relax Swara, I can give them answers, but its Avni’s special day, I don’t want to spoil it. She sees the beating marks on Swara’s face. She gets shocked. Malhar and Mukku are on the way. Mukku asks him to drive fast. He asks Mukku to sit quiet. They have a cute argument.

Mukku says I didn’t know you need stars to protect people. Malhar asks Mukku to just sit silent. Kalyani asks what’s this. Swara says don’t touch it, I have hidden it by makeup, I had applied a cream, its reaction. Kalyani says yes. Caterer’s manager Pooja comes and sees Avni inside the house. She says I know Avni, we were together in the college, thank God she got married, we thought he will accept her or not. Kalyani asks what do you mean. Pooja gets a call. She says tell me where are the cooks. She goes. Kalyani gets thinking. Malhar reaches there. He drops Mukku and says go inside, no mischief. Kalyani asks where is Mukku. He says Mukku went inside, what are you trying to do. Mukku calls out Kalyani.

Anupriya manages the function. The lady taunts about Kalyani again. Anupriya and Mukku get angry. Malhar argues with Sarthak. Sarthak says you know how much Avni got insulted, her insult’s revenge will be taken. Malhar asks what insult, Avni was blaming Kalyani, I had sent Avni, I can’t hurt Kalyani. Kalyani says don’t spoil Avni’s special day. Sarthak says she is right, come in, don’t break Avni’s heart. He goes. Malhar gets angry. He asks why are you doing this, do you want to act great. Kalyani says no, I want to do this because I…. I want to do something for your child, I want prayers for my Pillu. He holds her against his police van. He asks is this your new way to hurt yourself. She says you shouldn’t care for my pain, I m nobody for you, but Avni is your wife.

Malhar says you don’t know I care or not. She says Avni is your responsibility. He says I know it well, don’t remind it to me again and again, I know she is my wife, maybe I m not fulfilling this responsibility, we know the truth that I …… He stops saying. Roothe roothe se savere…..plays… She cries and thinks don’t know what is it that he always stops while saying. He looks at her. She leaves. He cries and thinks I wish I could tell you Avni and my truth.

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