My heart knows update Saturday 18 June 2022


My heart knows 18 June 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Aparna not to take Mukku and tells that she wants to adopt Mukku. Aao Saheb asks have you gone mad, you don’t have your husband and asks if she will brought up the girl single handedly. Kalyani says yes and tells that she will get her child and Mukku will get her mother. She asks where it is written that single mother can’t raised a child and says mangalsutra and sindoor are just marriage signs, but motherly love in woman is related to her soul. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to make her daughter understand. Anupriya says she is not saying wrong. Aao Saheb says only I am not having good understanding. Aparna says someone ask me, and says why I will give my grand daughter to you and says when you get your son then you will make Mukku as a Servant.

Kalyani promises to give her love equally to her son. She says she has her Aai’s teaching and will give her love like her Aai gave her. She tells Aparna that you are unwell, and how you will take care of her. She asks her to think wisely. Aparna says why will I give my mukku to her. Mukku makes Kalyani sit on the sofa and sits on her lap. Kalyani says she didn’t mean this, want to be with her for forever and wants to become her Aai fi for forever, wants her to stay with her all her life. She asks her if she wants to stay with her. Mukku tells that her wish is fulfilled and tells that she got her mother She says now she can die peacefully. Kalyani says she will get her away from filmy insect. Mukku asks if Amma has to do all her housework then. Kalyani says no as they will take care of her Amma and she will get her treated for her face burns too.

Anupriya asks Aparna to agree. Mukku asks Aparna to agree and let her stay with Aai fi. Aparna says if your happiness lies here then how can I refuse? Kalyani thanks her and gets happy. She says you gave me so much happiness and thanks her. Mukku says we got the relation of happiness. Aparna asks Kalyani to let her take Mukku for a day and will bring her tomorrow. She says today she will make her favorite food. Kalyani says ok, you can take her today and tells that she will make the adoption papers ready. Aparna thinks she will not bring Mukku or Moksh here.

The police officers are searching Aparna on the road and stop a lady. Malhar comes there and sees the lady. He apologizes to her and let her go. Sarthak comes there and asks if everything is fine. Malhar says he came for the enquiry. A police constable stops Aparna’s auto and asks her ifs he saw her by showing her poster. Mukku sees the poster/pamphlet. Aparna pinches her and tells that her grand daughter has stomach pain. Mukku says that poster is..Aparna asks her to be quiet. They leave.Aao Saheb scolds Anupriya for supporting Kalyani’s decisions. She tells that Kalyani has been searching Aparna using her posters as if she is a criminal.

Sarthak comes there and says he has understood that they knew about Moksh being with Aparna. He says Kalyani is acting to search him so that Malhar stays away from Avni. He insults Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb gets angry. Anupriya asks her not to spoil her health. Sarthak says she said right.Kalyani and Malhar check for Aparna’s name in the papers. Malhar says Aparna Bhosle’s name is not in ration card, id card lists. Kalyani asks if we will get Moksh and gets sad. Malhar says I get courage from you, you are strong from me. He says I will check and is about to keep hand on her hand. marjawun ya jeelun zara plays…He tells that he agrees with her decision to adopt Mukku and says I am with you.

He says I know that the girl is irritating and mad and fights with me much, but she loves you a lot. Kalyani tells that it sounds strange, but whenever she is with me, I feel that my Billu is with me. Malhar gets a call from Pawar. He asks him to check in all check posts and asks if all the posters are stuck on all walls of the roads. Kalyani asks why Aatya is playing with Moksh. Aparna looks at the poster, says you couldn’t identify me. She says she is taking Mukku away from them. She says you will never find Moksh. Pawar comes there and enquires with the guy about Aparna and goes. Aparna looks at the auto driver and says she will just be back. She opens the door and gets inside.

She finds the girl missing and thinks if she escaped from the window. Mukku goes to Kalyani’s house and asks her to tell the dialogue which mothers tell in film. She says my laal came, I have made gajar ka halwa for you. Anupriya says yes, but before that your Aai will do your aarti. Kalyani brings aarti, applies tilak, showers flower petals on her and does her aarti. She gets emotional. Mukku asks if you will not keep me, shall I go. Kalyani says this is happy tears and gets filmy. She hugs her.Kalyani telling Mukku that she is having happy tears and gets filmy. Mukku hugs her. Kalyani says she is very happy and asks why did you come without informing your Nani.


Mukku says what to do, I couldn’t stop. Kalyani says I will send someone and inform your Nani that you are here. She says I will help you get ready for the Gandhak puja. Mukku says I will wear the clothes myself. Kalyani says ok. Later mukku gets ready in the dress. Kalyani does her make up and applies lipstick. Mukku gets up and tells that she doesn’t like make up. Kalyani says my daughter is looking very lovely and applies black tika under her ears. Mukku asks why mothers only save their kids and says I will save you. She makes her wear thread with lemon and chilli in it. Kalyani asks what to give you as gift. Mukku says what could be the better gift than a mother’s shelter. She covers dupatta on her clothes and says I got your Mamta ka Aanchal. Kalyani smiles and asks shall I wear saree? Mukku says she will look good and tells that she will come to her as a boy and hugs her. Kalyani asks why do you like to be a boy. Mukku tells that she doesn’t like make up.

Anupriya asks Kalyani about wearing saree on Mukku’s sayings. Kalyani tells that Mukku asked her to wear saree. Anupriya tells Kalyani that 8 girls might be coming and 9th girl will be Mukku. She says if there is a mistake then she will get sin. Mukku hears her and runs to room shockingly. She thinks she won’t let Aai fi sin. She removes her bangles, bindi and make up. Kalyani searches for Mukku, when Aao Saheb calls her. Kalyani goes to Aao Saheb. Mukku goes out of the house while Kalyani goes inside the room. Mukku runs out. Kalyani finds chunari, bangles and jewellery in the room. She thinks where did Mukku go and gets worried. Mukku reaches the factory area and thinks she won’t let Aai fi get sin. She collides with Aparna and tells that she can’t sit in the puja as she is a boy and Aai fi will get sin. She says I can’t sit in the puja. Aparna holds her hand and asks her to come.

She says if you want Kalyani not to get sin then come with me. Mukku goes. Aparna thinks you will not get your Moksh, Kalyani, as Mukku is your Moksh and had kidnapped him 4 years back, I made her live like a girl so that you couldn’t meet him and yearn for him all life. She smirks while leaving. Kalyani comes out calling her, but doesn’t see her. She gets worried.Aparna brings Mukku somewhere and asks her to wear boy’s clothes. Mukku says what is this, this is boy’s clothes. She says you had said that….Aparna says if you tell anyone that you are a boy that I will die and you will be left alone. Mukku says I will not tell anyone that I am a boy. Aparna smirks. Anupriya tells Kalyani that may be her Nani took her from here.

Sarthak comes there and claps. He says first you lost your son and now that girl. He says you are unlucky like your mother. Anupriya asks him not to talk about all this today. He puts water on the plates and says what is the use? Anupriya says you are insulting devimaa and not us. Sarthak says I had told neighbors not to send their children here, as the mother and daughter duo have lost their own children. Kalyani says they will do the puja today. She says you asked the neighbors not to send the girls here, but I will do it. She promises to bring Mukku back and they will do the puja. She goes from there. Sarthak looks at Anupriya.

Aparna makes Mukku dressed up as a boy and hides her hair in the cap. She says I don’t want Kalyani to have sin. Mukku hugs her and praises her to be good. Kalyani searches Mukku on the cycle. Aparna says we are leaving out of city for few days. Mukku says I have to go to Aai fi house today. Aparna says you can go after 2-3 days as mela/fair don’t set again. Mukku says she wants candy floss. Aparna says ok. They leave. Kalyani reaches there and knocks on the door. Mukku is leaving with Aparna from the other place. Aparna thinks Kalyani might have reached our home by now and thinks to leave in the bus. Kalyani thinks Aparna must have left with Mukku by now. She calls Malhar and tells everything. Malhar gets shocked and says I was surprised seeing how she agreed and tells that he will call control room and will give Mukku and her Nani’s info.

Kalyani cries and says she has lost her Billu, now don’t want to lose Mukku. Malhar says I will search Mukku. Kalyani asks him to tell her if he needs anything. She will send him official letter. She asks him to send location and says she will come there. Anupriya calls Kalyani and tells something. Kalyani says she is at home.

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