My heart knows update Monday 20 June 2022


My heart knows 20 June 2022: The Episode starts with the ladies dancing in the function. Avni sees Kalyani and shouts, why did you come in my function. Sarthak says you said big things and even then you came here, did you come to cast bad sight on Avni’s child. Kalyani says no, maybe you want to intentionally provoke me, you want me to do something wrong in anger, but I won’t do it, I really want Malhar’s child to get blessings. Avni argues with Kalyani. She asks what happiness did you give to Malhar, you lost his child, when I m going to give him happiness, when I m going to give a heir to Rane family, you are jealous, you couldn’t become a mother after all this drama. Mukku comes and says who said that, Kalyani is my Aai.

Mukku scolds Avni and Sarthak. Mukku says Kalyani feeds me, cares for me, she sings lullaby for me, you think you will scare my Aai, police told me that when we have stars, then we can protect public, so I got these stars to protect my Aai.Kalyani cries happily. Anupriya smiles. Mukku says lift me in your arms. Kalyani lifts Mukku. She says I got my Aai, Ganpati made me meet her. Kalyani kisses Mukku and smiles. Mukku asks her to take the shagun. She taunts Avni. She asks Kalyani to hold the shagun and give it to Avni now. Avni angrily throws the shagun. She gets up. Malhar comes and shouts Avni. He says I told you I will not tolerate if you misbehave with Kalyani, can’t you understand it. He ruins the garlands.

Mukku asks Kalyani to come. The caterer Pooja comes and asks Ahir, how are you, I m Pooja. Malhar turns. Pooja says so sorry, I thought you are Avni’s husband, Ahir. Everyone gets shocked. Pooja says Avni, your face has much glow, where did you disappear after college, we told you will marry Ahir only, you got married to him, you are carrying his child, what happened Avni.Kalyani asks does Avni has Ahir’s child in her womb. Everyone looks on. Anupriya asks the same. Kalyani asks Pooja what is she saying, Avni has Malhar’s child, she is Malhar’s wife, Ahir is Malhar’s brother.

Pooja says sorry, you are mistaken, Ahir and Avni were in a relation, we got the news that Avni is pregnant, he went missing, Avni tell them, what is she saying. Kalyani says Avni is Malhar’s wife, he is Malhar.Aao Saheb comes. Sarthak asks Kalyani to leave, by what right is she asking Malhar. Kalyani says I don’t need anyone’s permission to talk to Malhar, he has to answer my questions today, he has to tell me the truth. Kalyani asks Malhar to say the truth. Malhar says the truth is…. Avni is carrying Ahir’s child, Ahir impregnated her and left her. Everyone gets shocked.

Malhar says dad wanted the family child to not be called illegitimate, he made me promise that I will give my name to Ahir’s child, there is another truth, Avni and I aren’t married. Everyone is shocked. Avni asks what would I do with this illegitimate child, suicide? Malhar’s dad asked him to give his name to my child, Malhar was doing that. Kalyani asks is this sindoor and mangalsutra… Avni shouts yes, its all a lie.Sarthak asks what nonsense is this, I m a witness that your dad took your promise that you will marry Avni, you both lied to me, am I a fool.

Avni says don’t ask me, ask Malhar. Malhar goes away. Avni says Malhar just loves Kalyani, I tried hard to convince him, he said we will just pretend, don’t know what magic Kalyani did on him.Malhar thinking of the happenings and gets sad. Mukku comes there and asks Malhar why he made her Aai fi cry and asks him to say sorry. Aao Saheb tells that this world is cruel, Rane family brother impregnated this girl (Avni) and other brother helped her and covered his brother cruel act. She asks if Madhav gave these values to the family. Sarthak tells that Kalyani, Deshmukh’s family step daughter sticks to Malhar, even though she knows that he is married. He taunts at Aao Saheb’s values. Aao Saheb claps and feels pity on him.

He says you are trying to ruin our image with great hardwork. She says my grand daughter Kalyani is DM and your nephew is Sub Inspector, why Kalyani will go behind him. Pallavi says Sarthak was blackmailing us taking Godaveri’s name for this girl’s illegitimate child baby shower. The ladies tell that they shouldn’t have come here and leave. Vivek asks Sarthak to stop his guests. Kalyani tells Avni that they will do the baby shower rasam. Avni pushes her and asks her to stay away from her. Sarthak tells Kalyani that she must be enjoying and more than her, her mother must be enjoying.

Kalyani tells she doesn’t want to give fake hopes to Avni as she can understand that Avni is yearning to give father’s name to her baby as she don’t want her to be called as illegitimate. She says nobody else can understand than me. She says I don’t have any time for these talks. I have to question Malhar and will get all the answers today.Mukku asks Malhar to hold his ears and apologize to Kalyani. Malhar says Mukku. Kalyani comes there and asks Mukku to go inside. Mukku asks if Police will be beaten. She goes, but hides to hear them. Kalyani holds his collar and says you have betrayed me and lied to me. She asks how did you lie to me? She says I was a fool to believe you and your lies.

She asks how you could tell me that you are married to Avni and is the father of her child. She says I believed you and says how stupid I am. She asks what are the other lies which you have hidden from me?Malhar gets angry and tells that not only him, she has also hidden the truth from him and didn’t tell him where was she for 5 years and why she didn’t contact him in all these years. He says you didn’t see if I am alive or dead. Kalyani keeps hand on her mouth and says Malhar ji. Malhar gets emotional. Mukku comes there and handcuffs them silently. They realize that they are handcuffed by her. Malhar asks why did you touch the handcuff? Mukku says what will she do seeing them fighting like cat and dog.

She takes them to room and then lock the room from outside. They ask her to open the door. Mukku says when I used to fight with neighbors, Amma used to lock me in room.Aao Saheb says this baby is illegitimate. Anupriya says baby is innocent who haven’t come till now. Aao Saheb says Avni has insulted your daughter. Avni says her daughter deserves this and says she has ruined my life, what everyone will think when they come to know about my baby. Sarthak says I will not let this happen and asks her to come with him. Aao Saheb asks if he don’t want to do baby shower now and taunts Sarthak. Sarthak asks Avni to come. Sarthak and Avni are leaving. Vivek tells that he will spread the news in the city that Avni is carrying Aahir’s illegitimate baby and Malhar was covering up his brother’s act.

Swara gets worried and asks what is the mistake of the child and asks them to think about a woman’s respect. Aao Saheb says you are taking a stand for your murderer brother. Swara says Dada didn’t kill Nal. He died as you asked him to run away. Aao Saheb asks Vivek to see how is she accusing her. Vivek angrily takes Swara to room.Kalyani asks Malhar what are the other lies which he told her. Malhar says I myself is a lie, my life since 5 years is fake, the man who is standing as strong is fake, the man who compromised with her absence is a lie too. Kalyani looks at him. Malhar says it is a lie to lie to her that when she is around him then he don’t feel anything. He says it is a lie to lie that he didn’t feel anything with her touch.

He says it is a lie to express infront of people that he don’t get teary eyes seeing tears in her eyes. He says truth is that even today I love you immensely. Just then Mukku comes inside and says it seems you both have patched up. Kalyani asks her to open the handcuff. Mukku opens the handcuff. Swara shouts asking Anupriya to save her. Anupriya comes inside the room and sees Vivek beating Swara with belt. Swara tries to run and the lamp falls down on her pallu. She falls down and the fire catches her saree. Anupriya asks Vivek to save her. Malhar and Kalyani come there. Malhar asks Kalyani to bring blanket. Malhar puts blanket on Swara and sets off the fire. Sarthak comes there and asks what happened to her. Anupriya says when she came here, Vivek was beating her with belt. Vivek tries to run away.

Malhar throws vase on his head. Sarthak catches him and beats him, asks Malhar to take Swara to hospital. Malhar takes Swara to hospital. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb and Pallavi, but they don’t believe her. Anupriya says Vivek shall be punished and I am the eye witness. Aao Saheb says I will not let anything happen to Vivek. Pallavi scolds Anupriya and leaves.Mukku comes there and asks where is Aai fi? Anupriya tells that Swara was injured so Kalyani took her to hospital. Mukku says she makes nice poha and asks if Swara will die? Anupriya says no and asks her to pray to her.

Kalyani talks to Anupriya and tells what Doctor told that Swara is in ICU and doctor told that nothing can be told for the next 36 hours. She asks her to pray and asks Mukku to call on Malhar ji’s number if she wants to talk to her, as she has left her phone at home. Malhar is leaving, when Kalyani stops him. Malhar says I was silent till now due to Swara, but will not be quiet now.Mukku praying to God for Swara’s recovery. Anupriya asks Mukku to be there and goes to bring something for her. Mukku gets an idea and tells Bappa. She looks at the telephone and calls her/his friend. She asks him to call other friend on call and thinks she has a good idea to get Moksh.

Malhar beats up Vivek badly in the lock up. Pawar asks Malhar to leave him else he will die. Malhar is still angry. Kalyani comes there and asks him not to take law in his hands. Malhar is not ready to listen. Kalyani asks him what she will tell Moksh when he is found and ask about his Papa. She takes Malhar outside.Aahir calls Aparna and tells that he wants Moksh. Aparna says Moksh is not with me. Aahir says I came out, if I don’t get him then I will send you to God. Aparna says she will do something. She plans to give Moksh to Aahir and escape from there, before Malhar and Kalyani come to know about him.

Mukku calls her friends home and tells that whenever there is a problem in their neighborhood, she used to solve it. Anupriya offers them samosa. Mukku asks them to pray first and then eat samosa.Kalyani asks Malhar what does he wants. She says you have done a mistake already by shooting me and because of that, you was demoted and asks what does he wants? If he wants to lose his job. Malhar tells that he didn’t shoot at her and was firing bullet at Trilok, but his aim was missed and the bullet hit her. A flashback is shown. Malhar aims gun at Trilok, but the bullet hits Kalyani. He asks how do you think that I can shoot you. Kalyani hugs him. Song plays Dil da hi mera qusoor…..They hug and cry.

Mukku and her friends are praying, asking God to make Kalyani meet Moksh, else they will not get samosa. Kalyani’s phone rings. Her friends asks her to pick the call. Mukku picks the call. Aparna thinks Kalyani is on call and asks her to come to the said address with Mukku and not to tell Malhar, if she wants to get Moksh. She plans to injure Kalyani and run away with Moksh. Mukku tells her friends that nobody shall know about the phone call. They plan to go there and get Moksh.Kalyani asks Malhar, why he didn’t tell anyone about this. Malhar tells that he was broken after losing Moksh and him and was not in state to tell anyone.

He tells that he was not affected by anyone’s curse or bad talks. Just then Kalyani finds someone running out of his window and tells Malhar. Malhar throws stone at him and catches him. They are shocked to see Aahir. Malhar is about to hit him, when Avni comes there and tells that Aahir came to meet her. Aahir tells that he came to meet Avni realizing his mistake. Avni tells that Aahir wants to accept us. Kalyani asks Malhar to give a chance to Aahir for this baby and get them married as soon as possible. Aahir tells Malhar that he wants to marry Avni. Malhar says ok. Kalyani smiles. The kids go to the place where Aparna asked Kalyani to come. Her friends ask who is she wearing boys’ clothes. Mukku tells that she likes to be hero. They ask how you will become Aai fi. Mukku asks her friend to sit down and she sits on his shoulder. Other friends cover them with saree. Aparna thinks Kalyani brought Mukku here but why her face is covered.

She thinks she doesn’t know that Moksh is Mukku. She thinks to injure Kalyani and run away with Moksh. Just before she is about to stab her, Mukku throws chilli powder on her face. Aparna writhes in pain and says my eyes. Mukku removes the saree and looks at her. Their other friend throws marbles on the way. Aparna falls on the stone and faints. Some friends elope. Mukku tells that Amma has to gain consciousness and thinks how Aai fi’s Moksh will be found now.



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