My heart knows update Saturday 11 June 2022


My heart knows 11 June 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar and Kalyani getting happy seeing Moksh’s pic in the studio and gets emotional too. Malhar asks him to ask who brought him there. Photographer says Mr.Mehra. Malhar asks him to give the printout. The photographers gives him the address. Kalyani holds Malhar’s hand happily and then realizes and takes back her hand. Anupriya thanks the God. Kalyani tells Anupriya that this is happening because of her, as she is her lucky charm and since she came in her life, everything is happening good. Malhar is seeing a pic and thinks I can’t thank her. Kalyani comes there and asks if he wants to thank God alone. She finds her own pic. Malhar says I can’t thank you, because of you, we are getting our Moksh. You are not less than God to me. Kalyani gets emotional. Malhar says if you was not there, then I wouldn’t have hope to get our son back.

He holds her hands. Kalyani wipes her tears and says Malhar ji…Just then she gets a call and asks what did you find? She asks him to find out more. Malhar asks what is found? Kalyani tells about Mr. Mehra’s name and tells that they stay in US now.Later in the night, Kalyani tells Anupriya that they got Mr. and Mrs. Mehra’s number through Malhar’s friend in US. Anupriya says if we can talk to them about bringing Moksh here. Kalyani says we can even see him on video call. Malhar gets up and asks Kalyani to sit. Kalyani asks where is Moksh, just as the call gets connected. Mr. Mehra says finally they are meeting Moksh’s parents. Malhar asks if Moksh is fine, as he had operation before he got separated from us. Mr. Mehra says he had no problem and was very good, but an unfortunate incident happened with us.

He says someone kidnapped him from Aurangabad railway station when we were moving to US and tells that those days child trafficking was happening. Malhar says where is my son? You left him and got migrated to US. He says I want my son back. Kalyani asks why you didn’t search him. Mr. Mehra tells that they used to get threatening calls asking us to forget Moksh and tells that he has filed police complaints against the caller. He says he has still the numbers and says he can give the numbers to them. They end the call. Kalyani cries. Malhar gets numbers from Mr. Mehra and tells that he will try to locate Moksh. Kalyani tells Anupriya that even she will search him.

In the morning, Aao Saheb finds Anupriya studying and asks if she studied all night. Anupriya says yes and tells that Kalyani went somewhere to search Moksh in the night. Kalyani pastes Moksh’s childhood pics on the walls and enquires with the people. She tells that her son was kidnapped from Railway station 4 years back. The guy says you are searching him after 4 years, how you will get him. Kalyani says she will find him. She finds a guy packing the samosa in Moksh’s pamphlet and scolds and hits him. Malhar is going from there and stops her. He reminds that she is DM of the city and asks if she was pasting posters all night. Kalyani says Moksh and Aai are very important to her. Malhar says your Aai was awake all night. He gets a call and tells Kalyani that they got a good news.

Sarthak gets Avni’s call and tells that Anupriya will become lawyer, when she passes in the exam, which I don’t let it happen. Aao Saheb comes there and asks Sarthak why is he showing fake dreams to Malhar’s wife. She says she is sure that Anupriya will pass the exam and asks him to have sweets. Sarthak refuses and tells that he will not let her become a lawyer. He throws the sweets box. Aao Saheb thinks she came to provoke him so that he won’t let her pass.Kalyani reaches home and asks for Moksh. Malhar says when I talked to the person last, he told that he is reaching here. Kalyani says I thought he has reached here. Anupriya looks on. Malhar calls on that number and finds it to be switched off. He calls Pawar and asks him to trace the number.

A guy comes there with a boy. Malhar and Kalyani look at the boy and get emotional. Kalyani walks towards the boy and holds his face and hands. A song plays….luka chupi….She hugs him and cries happily. She cries and says I missed you so much. She tells Malhar. Malhar asks if he is his Moksh. The guy tells that he is Shyam and since he was abandoned on the railway station, he looked after him. Malhar asks what do you do? He says he has a Chinese shop near railway station. Malhar says didn’t you enquire about his parents. Shyam says he went to PS, but nobody believed him and that’s why he kept him with him, as he didn’t want to send him to orphanage.

Malhar asks how to believe you. The guy shows the ring which he found with the boy and shows him. Kalyani realizes that they had put their rings in the chain and made him wear it. and tells Malhar. She lifts him and says I missed you. He pushes her and gets down from her lap. Malhar takes him and says she is your Aai and she used to sing song to feed you. He says you never had food with my hand, but used to eat with her hand. The boy gets down and tells Malhar and Kalyani that Shyam is his father and his Aai is dead. He says you are not my parents and hugs Shyam. Malhar and Kalyani are shocked.the boy telling Kalyani that he is not their son, his father is Shyam and his Aai is dead. He hugs Shyam.

Shyam tells that the boy is talking about his wife, who died some years ago whom he regards as his mother. Kalyani asks him not to apologizes and tells the boy that his Aai is stubborn and will make him remember her, she says formula number 476 to make him remember everything. She signs tujhse hai raabta song…The boy says you sings so badly. Kalyani gets up shockingly. Anupriya says she is your Aai, don’t say this. Kalyani says he is upset and angry and tells him that she was yearning to see and hear him. She tells that his Billu gets happy seeing the toys so they bought many toys for him. Malhar says I know how Moksh will smile and asks her to make Kheer for him, as he used to like in childhood.

The boy says I don’t like it. Shyam says I am poor and can’t feed him kheer. Kalyani says I will feed you food. Boy says I will eat with my Baba’s hands. Kalyani says he is your Kaka and Malhar ji is your Baba. The boy behaves badly with Kalyani and asks her to go. Kalyani runs to the room crying. Malhar comes there. Kalyani asks where are the chocolates which we brought for him. Shyam talks to someone on call and tells that the work is done. Kalyani says why is he not identifying me? Malhar asks her to give him sometime and come out. Shyam tells that he made the fake ring exactly like original, that they couldn’t identify it. He says they will never know that the boy is not Moksh.

Aparna is on the other side of the call and chews beetle leaves. She says let Kalyani stay with fake Moksh, she will never come to know where the real Moksh is. She looks at the missing pamphlet and smirks.Malhar, Kalyani and the boy are outside the house to play cricket. Kalyani insists to bat first and the boy too. She challenges him to throw the ball and that she will bat. The boy agrees. Malhar gets call from Pawar, informing him that the number is traced who had called and threatened Mr. Mehra. Malhar says I will come later as Moksh is found. Kalyani asks him to go and tells that the racket shall be caught who kidnaps children. Shyam hears them and gets tensed. The boy throws ball while Kalyani does the batting.

Shyam tells Kalyani that the boy will get tired. Kalyani says she wants to make her son strong like Malhar ji and tells that he will not get bat easily, he has to win this. The boy gets tired and refuses to play. Shyam says he wants food now. Kalyani serves food to the boy and tells that she made spicy food for him. The boy feels it too spicy. Shyam asks what kind of mother you are, making the child have spicy food. Avni comes there and says she is not real mother to think about child’s pain. She says I understood all your plan, you are acting to come closer to my Malhar. She says Moksh is my husband’s son so he will stay with us in my house. Kalyani says so you will decide if I am Moksh’s mother or not and who are you, tells that only a mother can identify her child and viceversa, but you are an outsider. She says did you ever take him in your lap.


She says Malhar ji and Moksh have the same blood, but I have heart relation with him, says you had neither heart or blood relation. Anupriya comes there. Avni says so you will make him have spicy food. Kalyani says he is my son and I will decide what to feed him. Avni asks Anupriya to see her daughter’s drama. Anupriya says all Aurangabad had saw your drama in news. Avni challenges Kalyani that both Malhar and Moksh will be hers and asks her to just see how she takes Moksh away from her. Kalyani says all the best.Shyam asks what Tai was saying that you was not Moksh’s Aai. Kalyani asks him not to worry and tells that she found him after so many years, nobody can dare to separate her from her son.

Later Malhar comes to Kalyani’s room in the night. Kalyani asks who has come to my son. Malhar says it is me. Kalyani asks what are you doing here and hides behind the curtain. Malhar calls her and asks what is it? why are you hiding? Kalyani says if you had come by door then I would have known. Malhar tells that if I had come by door then Aao Saheb would have made an issue. Malhar takes her out of pillow and shaving cream on her cheeks and chin. Kalyani tells that she has mistakenly put her finger in her mouth after making him drink brahma kamal juice and that’s why she got some hairs on her cheeks. Malhar says it will be for one or two day. Kalyani asks him to go to Avni. She says Moksh is small, let him be here. Malhar wishes if Kalyani have known about his fake marriage.

Malhar asking Kalyani, how is Moksh’s behavior towards her. Kalyani says not good, he is not ready to accept me, and that’s why I asked Shyam to stay in outhouse tonight. She says Moksh was sleeping in the outside with Shyam and I brought him here after he slept. She says we had special raabta, don’t know what happened. Malhar says it needs sometime. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to study well and get good marks. She asks her to remember that today is the puja at home and she has to do all the arrangements. Anupriya says I will do all the work. Shyam comes there and asks about Moksh. Anupriya says Kalyani took him out. Shyam asks why? Why she didn’t ask me before taking him out and tells that he is staying outhouse for him. Malhar comes there and asks what is the problem? He says Kalyani is Moksh’s Aai and what is his problem if she takes her son out.

Shyam says I have seen what kind of mother is she and tells that yesterday she made him run a lot and made him tired. Aao Saheb asks how can he say that and tells that she will give him money. She goes. Kalyani brings the boy there. She makes him sit and tells that he has a small injury, asks them not to worry. She says he is a child and these things happen in childhood.. They see bandage on his feet. Malhar says you are calling it as small injury. Anupriya asks what happened to you? Didn’t your heart is feeling pain to see him in pain. Kalyani says accident was small. Sarthak comes there and asks Malhar if he saw from his eyes? He asks if he will say that Kalyani is a good mother. He says I have come here to come here. He says your wife and you will do his upbringing.

He holds his hands while Kalyani holds the boy’s other hand. Malhar asks them to leave the boy. The boy calls Shyam as Papa.Shyam says you both are pulling his hands and asks him if he is fine. The boy says he is fine. Kalyani says it was an ordinary injury. Shyam says you don’t deserve to be his mother and says don’t take him anywhere without asking me, I will decide about what he eats, wears and everything. He says I will never forgive you for breaking his feet. Kalyani says you are overreacting and says plaster is not a big thing. Malhar asks what are you saying? Kalyani says you are not believing me, I will take out the plaster to show that his injury is small. She sits to take out the plaster. Shyam asks her to leave the boy and holds Kalyani’s hand. Malhar asks him not to touch Kalyani.

Shyam asks him to ask her to leave him. Anupriya and Malhar ask Kalyani to leave the boy. Shyam picks a vase to hit on Kalyani’s head and asking her to leave his son Manu. Malhar holds his hand to stop him. Kalyani says Manu…she tells Manu that as she promised me, she made his father speak the truth. Malhar asks what is happening? Kalyani says this is not our Moksh, but Shyam’s son Manu. He says Shyam is poor and saw Moksh’s poster, so he brought him here. Anupriya asks how did you find out?

Kalyani questions her and asks if any other girl comes to her and tells that she is Kalyani, then will she accept her. She tells that even though she didn’t give birth to Moksh, but she has heart connection with billu. She tells that she didn’t feel the connection with the boy. She tells that yesterday she didn’t make him have spicy food, it was just acting. She tells that today she didn’t pull him also. She tells that kids are kids and that’s why Manu told me everything. Manu says sorry to Shyam for telling everything to her. Kalyani asks Shyam how can he think that they can give him a better life to Manu and tells that he is his son and she knows how he felt when she took away batting chance from him. Malhar doesn’t believe her. Kalyani shows the DNA report of Manu and says he is Shyam’s son. Malhar feels bad to lose the hope and confronts Shyam.

Shyam apologizes to Malhar. Kalyani tells Shyam that he don’t need to apologize as whatever he has done is for his child’s betterment. She asks him to come to her office and promises to get his admission in a good school and sponsorship. She says he might get good life here, but not your love. She asks Manu not to eat all chocolates altogether. Manu smiles. Shyam thinks he shall leave immediately. He apologizes to Kalyani and Moksh. Manu asks her to call him to play cricket when Moksh returns. They leave. Kalyani tells Sarthak that he couldn’t identify the boy as she is Moksh’s mother and not him. Sarthak tells that the drama is over and nobody is interested in your drama. He says whenever Moksh is found, I promise that I will come and take him and also that he will not be brought up by you.

Malhar assures Kalyani that Moksh will be with her. Shyam and Manu come to Aparna. Shyam tells her that Kalyani is clever to identify that Manu is not Moksh and tells that now they have numbers through which we used to call Mr. Mehra to threaten him.Kalyani plays shank. Aao Saheb thanks the Goddess Shail putrid/Devi Parvati’s avatar. Anupriya explains about Shail putrid meaning. Kalyani tells that during navratri, Devimaa comes home with her kids and that’s why she is happy. She asks why my son is not with me. Anupriya asks her not to get upset and says we will get back Moksh. Kalyani says I will search my son, even if I have to search in the world.

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