Meet in love update Saturday 11 June 2022


Meet in love 11 June 2022: Ragini asks Meet why is she standing on bed, Meet gets down and says I was just thinking where to hit the hamer, Meet Ahlawat says forget that what you all are doing here, Chavi says me and Masoom were going to kitchen stopped seeing them. Ragini and Sunaina says we were here to give water, Meet Ahlawat asks where is water and glass, Sunaina says we were going to ask you, Meet pulls Meet Ahlawat and whispers this happens in newly wed house as fun, Meet Ahlawat says okay and says we need nails, rope and hammer, Ragini asks why, Meet says we broke the bed, Sunaina says okay I will get it.

Chavi pulls Masoom out and says, you said Meet Ahlawat hates her but look what are they doing, Masoom says forget them do as I say, Chavi says no and leaves. Ragini walks out of room, Masoom goes to Meet Ahlawat and says you married in family pressure, and hearts unite with love, Meet Ahlawat says I know that, Masoom leaves, Sunaina gets them nails, rope, hammer and leaves.Kunal is being hit by drug dealers, Kunal says I kept packet in my friends car and police found it and now he is in jail, dealers hit him hard.

Manushi says Kunal has lot of self respect but I can talk to his manager and then may be his father will like me, but why did he go out to talk to manager, he can be in lobby too, one minute receptionist told Kunal went to parking I have to find outMeet Ahlawat scolds Meet why did she tell bed is broken when its not, Meet says why did you ask them to get rope and all are you spoilt that can’t get things on your own, Meet Ahlawat says please I do all my work on my own, Meet says here do the work then, Meet Ahlawat says its your idea you do

Kunal requests for same more time, dealers don’t listen and keep hitting, Kunal says hear my plan, I married that rich girl and here in hotel with her and once her rich family accepts me, there will be lot of money, dealers say only one week more and leave. Manushi sees Kunal and asks who did this to you.Meet starts working, Meet Ahlawat sits and watches her. Meet adds separator to bed, installs curtain rod and about to install curtain she slips but Meet Ahlawat catches her. Meet says thank you, Meet Ahlawat says I am sportsman and so it was reflex, Meet says even I am sportswoman and so I am used to falling down.

Kunal says to Manushi, that some men caught him and the started hitting them and they said how dare you marry Manushi, so it must be your drivers daughter, Manushi says that is not possible, Kunal says I don’t know why they hit me, do a thing call that girl and ask, Manushi thinks if I call she will kill me too, Manushi says baby I trust you and hugs him, Kunal thinks thank god I am safe, Manushi thinks if Meet its you behind this I curse you, you will never be happy.Meet done with her work, and says this side is yours and this is mine, Meet Ahlawat says I want this one, Meet says take whichever you want, both go to sleep, Meet Ahlawat says please don’t switch off light I am scared of night, Meet says I know.

Meet Ahlawat plays song sung by Meet which he thought Manushi was singing, and imagines the day Manushi was singing.Meet thinks Raj thinks we are perfect couple and this man hates me, Meet Ahlawat thinking about time spent with Manushi.Meet Ahlawat’s earphones come off, Meet puts it on and hears the song and looks at Meet Ahlawat and remember how much he loved Manushi.Meet removes blanket from cupboard and covers Meet Ahlawat.

Meet wakes up next day, she turns around sees Meet Ahlawat and smiles says he sleeps just like a kid. Meet says if someone sees this curtain they won’t like it and closes the main curtain, Ragini knocks door, Meet comes out and says he is sleeping, Ragini says I don’t know what time you wake up sorry if I woke you up, and here are some sarees you need to wear it for one year and later you can wear anything, its kind of our ritual, Meet says okay.Meet walks in and sees Meet Ahlawat going to washroom and both start fighting on who will go inside first, Meet Ahlawat tricks Meet and goes inside says this is my room so my rules.

Meet Ahlawat makes fun of Meet, Meet badly want to go washroom. Meet Ahlawat comes out, Meet rushing inside slips, Meet Ahlawat holds her, he says I saved you twice since yesterday don’t make tripping a habit, Meet says atleast you can take care of me, Meet Ahlawat leaves her and she falls down and says now get up, Meet says I will teach you a lesson, he says sure and leaves.Meet tries to fix saree, and says let me wear it on jeans like in wedding, and tries to wear saree, but unable to manage, she wears belt in her saree to keep it intact.

Meet trying to wear saree and says to saree why are you troubling me she sees belt and wear it over saree and says there is always a way. Meet gets call from electricity board and says your bill is 25,000rs are you gonna pay or should be take action. Meet says I’ll pay it by month end. Man says you have 7 days to pay bill or else we will take action and hungs up. Meet thinks I have 20,000 in my account how will I arrange 25,000 in 7 days and call her boss says can I get advance salary. Boss says I have no issues in giving advance for that you have to work, tell me when are you joining back. Meet says soon and hungs up. Meet thinks for advance salary I have to go on job, need to ask bade dil wale uncle.

Babita sees flowers and says these are my favorite flowers and see a saree and jewellery on bed says I too thought of wearing this today but I didn’t discuss with anyone who knows my thoughts. Raj come with glass if juice and says I know everything about you and says I know you banned me but you cannot ban thought and brought you favourite breakfast oats cheela without oil. Babita says but today is not my birthday. Raj says yes but there is no perticular date to express love. Babita says my heart will fail because of romance. Raj says don’t worry we will be together till we get old and cut cake together, yoi remember when we use to live in one room house that time we use to eat together. Babita says there are some times which you cannot forget and this is one if them.

Raj says I was an ordinary struggler but you supported me in my bad time. Babita says because I had faith in you. Raj says I was an simple haryanvi boy but you accepted me with all faults and was standing with me when I was alone, I want this support, love and acceptance to our daughter in law.Meet getting ready. Meet Ahlawat enter room and sees Meet getting ready says very good applying one cream on all over body. Meet says yes is use it for bruises too its an all rounder cream you can try it. Meet Ahlawat says no I don’t wish to die and sees Meet wearing belt on saree says this is my belt I was searching for it now give me back. Meet says I tried to make my saree right so please don’t take it you can wear different belt.

Meet Ahlawat says I don’t care just give me my belt back, to match everything will take more time and I cannot do it. Meet says I’ll not give Meet Ahlawat try to hold belt. Meet says stay away I’ll give you. Meet Ahlawat says give me fast I’m getting late for office. Meet run away from rrom saying ill nit give.Babita says to Raj now I understood all this romance was to talk about that girl and throws flower. Raj says no I don’t want to talk about that girl but I was thinking about our son future, you will understand how important is an life partner to make him strong, yesterday she was ready to go in jailmgor him that to in big case so think what all she can do for success of our kid, please give her one chance.

Meet coming downstairs. Meet Ahlawat chasing her. Meet throwing everything on him. Everyone gather in hall. Chavi on staircase everything is messed Meet must have done this now she will get punished and I’ll be happy.Masum says she made our mansion like her colony total junkyard. Meet gets down if sofa. Babita says this is not the way to live and says to Meet look at yourself is this how you wear saree. Meet says I’ll make everything right but you have to mske you son right he is running after me for belt if I’ll give him belt then my saree will open and you will get angry. Babita says to Rah you are asking me to accept this.


Raj says yes you order him to follow your rules, her saree was loose so she used belt and says to Babita you are a big designer why don’t you make something for her. Babita says I’ll design for her are you making fun if me forget it. Raj says after looking at her and our house we seriously need an designer and we have chandigarh famous designer. Babita says no need I’ll think something. Meet says design something beautiful for me and he will also Chase me for his belt. Raj ask Babita to sit and says to Meet your mother in law want to have a serious discussion with you. Meet Ahlawat says but my matter didn’t solved. Raj says wear some other belt.

Meet Ahlawat cribs about his belt. Raj says you arr my good sone please adjust today. Meet says yes please adjust. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll see you later. Meet says yes you can I’m in house. Raj says what you want to see. Meet Ahlawat says nothing and leave. Raj says go and talk to her and don’t make her angry.Babita ask Mest to sit. Meet sits on floor and after that sits on table. Masum says don’t you know this is not the place to sit. Raj says Masum let your mom handle it so sit down and asks Meet to sit beside Babita. Babita give Raj cold look. Raj says I’ll sit here this is good place.

Babita says we don’t have anything in common. Meet says you kept your son anme Mest and my father gave me name Meet this is common. Masum says having same name dosent mean your destiny are also same my brother is Meet Ahlawat successor of Ahlawat group and your growth is from Meet Huddah to Meet Ustaad. Raj says to Masum please quiet your mom is handling and ask Meet to sit.

Babita says to Meet, during wedding meets we ask would be bride questions but you weren’t asked because your sister was to marry Meet Ahlawat, anyways the question is what all can you do, Meet about to start talking, Raj asks her to calmly talk, Meet says I can fix anything, Babita says what work which girls do you can, Meet says work doesn’t know it’s a girl or boy, Masoom says she meant cooking, painting any of this kind. Meet says these are girls work then why are chef’s men and painters too. Masoom says see Mom she is back answering, Meet says I am not, Babita says just say yes or no, Meet says no, but I am good at learning, you teach me and I will learn it, Babita says its fine we have servants for these work but as Ahlawat you should always look trendy and fashionable, Meet says I will so everything but not this, Raj says she will, she said she is good at learning, if I can be gentleman even she can. Babita says how many days you want, to be a Ahlawat, Raj tries to gesture, Meet says I don’t know how long will it take, Babita says 6 months, and if you don’t be a girl Meet Ahlawat wants you will be out.

Babita says to Meet I’ll give you 6 months, and if you don’t be a girl Meet Ahlawat wants you will be out. Chavi says 6 months and go back upstairs. Raj says to Babita what are you saying. Babita says you ask me to gave her time so I gave her 6 months and you only said a good life partner is a big support and for that its necessary to be meet from inside not from name and if she became his Meet I’ll accept her. Meet says I’ll try. Ragini come and says Babita if you are free so can we do ritual. Masum says to Ragini don’t you know in this ritual daughter in law feed her mother in law by her own hands mom will not like to have water from her and you are saying about food. Babita says make arrangements for ritual we will have ritual when Meet Ahlawat will come during lunch. Sunaina says to Meet come I’ll fix your saree and they both walks away.

Chavi having sweet. Masum see her and says what are you doing do you want to gain weight. Chavi says I’m in tension because of you, you told me to be Mrs. Meet Ahlawat and Babita has given her 6 months extension and will follow ritual with her. Masum says stop talking rubbish mom has given her chance because of dad and I know my brother he will never accept her she will not last much long that’s why I called you here and what you have to do is whenever she try to be capable you have to ruin her capability. Chavi says I can do that. Masum says you have work hard so that mom say her bye in few days, you want to be Mrs. Ahlawat.

Chavi says yes and I have crush on h since your marriage. Masum says so do as I say.Meet Ahlawat come house. Sunaina says to Meet Ahlawat you took so long to come and you yook holidays for 15 days then why did you went office. Masum says to Sunaina why are you troubling him don’t you know he took 15 days holiday yo go on honeymoon with Manushi, with this girl my brother will not go rock garden. Raj come and says to Masum last time I’m saying to you in this house Manushi name will not be taken because that chapter is closed for us and ask Sunaina to do arrangements for khichdi ritual.

Ragini says Meet no mistakes in this ritual as it is sign of relation between daughter in law and mother in law, Meet says I am scared, Ragini says don’t be I know you are capable and don’t drop even a single food item, it says the problem for family increases and Meet Ahlawat even you need to accompany her.Meet and Meet Ahlawat go to pooja ghar with khichdi, Chavi keeping an eye on them. Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to pray and not be angry while praying, he listens to Meet. Chavi ties a rope in corridor so that Meet trips.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat walk to everyone with khichdi, Maso waiting to see Meet trip, everyone sees Meet trip but she doesn’t let the khichdi fall, Meet Ahlawat gets excited. Duggu says wow just like Kohli.
Meet walks to Babita and feeds her a spoon, Babita eats it, Ragini says look she stood by her task, god bless you Meet and no one can ruin your relation with your mother in law and now Babita you feed her a spoon, Babita feeds Meet. Babita says you can ask anything in return its part of ritual, Meet says I want permission to start my work, Babita asks what work, Meet says my job as delivery girl. Babita says you talking as if a surgeon, its a mere job and Ahlawat daughter in law will never do such work.

Anubha says Amma that she will go get sabji, Amma says look you don’t have son and your so called daughter left us, now who will do all our work, Ram Lakhan walk in and say we will.Raj says I had given Meet permission, Babita says wow another news, what else have you promised her, and why you have to work, Meet says my family run on my salary, and they will need money, Babita says don’t worry about that, I will send said amount every month, no more discussion, Meet says I don’t like you people paying for my family, Babita says you can join Raj or my boutique, Meet says what will I do there, please allow me my delivery job.

Ram says Meet had paid us for doing all our household, and say Meet has arranged everything in advance and leave. Anubha says see what my daughter did, she hasn’t forgotten her family, and I am proud of my daughter, and she must be making her family happy too, Amma laughs says she and good daughter in law, what a joke, see soon they will throw her out.Raj says to Babita we should allow her work she is comfortable in, Babita says look I am trying to adjust but not in this, she can do job which I say or else forget it and if she starts delivery again she won’t return into this house and also the 6 months condition wont be valid. Masoom and Chavi happy.Meet in tears, everyone leaves.

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