My heart knows update Sunday 15 May 2022

My heart knows 15 may 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar telling that there is no shop till 3 kms. Trilok says I don’t know why your husband is after me. Kalyani says why Trilok will lie, Suhana is holding chocolate in her hand. Malhar says I have the proofs and asks him to show his smart watch. Trilok shows his smart watch. Malhar sees 3 kms in his watch. Trilok says I can walk 100 kms for my daughter and says you should not doubt the person who is helping your son to save his life. He says sometimes I feel that you want to see your dead. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani stops him and tells Trilok that she is apologizing to him on Malhar’s behalf.

She asks him not to talk to Malhar like that again. Trilok says I have to take care of my health, but my BP increased because of your husband. Kalyani asks Malhar to go from there. Malhar leaves. Kalyani thinks she has no option, Billu’s life depends on Trilok.Sarthak asks Anupriya to take medicines. He says I hope you remember what neurologist had said. He says I guarantee that this is the right medicine. Anupriya holds his hand and apologizes to him for misunderstanding him. Sarthak says ladies doubt men and then cry.

Anupriya asks if he didn’t see problems between Malhar and Kalyani. Sarthak says I think both are not wrong and they both are doing this for Moksh. He says Malhar doesn’t believe Trilok, while Kalyani believes him. He says I am fed up of their fights. Anupriya says we have to find ways to end their problems and I need your help for this. Sarthak smiles and gives a go ahead.Trilok asks Kalyani to take off today and says I want to spend time with Suhana. Kalyani asks him not to take Malhar’s talks on heart. Trilok says Malhar insulted me in my house and says I will not let anything happen to your son, but you please go for today.

Kalyani says Trilok…The clock bell rings. Suhana gets tensed. Trilok asks shall I drop you till home. Kalyani smiles at Suhana and leaves. Trilok says I have sent Kalyani to Malhar, as this is the time to make the wall big between you both.Malhar and Kalyani come home and see Sarthak and Anupriya fighting. They ask what happened? Sarthak says she is just Kalyani’s Aai. Anupriya says he is just Malhar’s kaka. She says my daughter’s life is ruined after marriage with Kalyani. Sarthak says my nephew is not happy with your daughter. Anupriya says I will call him Sarthak from today itself and will not call him ji. Sarthak says I called you Anupriya ji, but I will not call you ji from now onwards.

Anupriya asks him to be quiet. Sarthak asks what you will do and pretends to get angry. Malhar says social distancing. Anupriya says my daughter is not wrong. She says it is good that my memory has returned after the lockdown else I wouldn’t have stayed with him in the same room for 3 months. Sarthak says even I can’t live with her and goes. Anupriya goes to the outhouse and locks the door. Kalyani asks her to open the door and says you are believing as if you are 19 years old. Later Sarthak comes to the outhouse room through the window and tells Anupriya that he never fought in his life ever.

Anupriya says even me, my throat is paining because of them. He coughs. Anupriya asks if he is fine. Sarthak says may be we will get close, trying to unite Malhar and Kalyani.Malhar is worried and says I don’t understand why Maai and Kaka are fighting like kids. Kalyani says even I didn’t see. Malhar gets an idea and tells that they have to stop fighting infront of them. Kalyani says this is irritating and frustrating, I have to act to be with good with you. She says I am a good actress and everyone makes me do acting. She starts singing song…beqayali main bhi koi….while hearing song.

Malhar says how can anyone sing so badly. Kalyani asks if he said something. Malhar tells her that moksh will wake up. He sings your singing tune is bad, until when we will bear. Kalyani sings Billu likes my tune. Malhar sings why you sings tune less songs for my son.In the morning, Malhar tells Kalyani that he will not drop her to Trilok’s house. Kalyani gets Anupriya’s call and sits in his jeep. She says she is going to Trilok’s house and Malhar ji offered to drop me as it is hot weather outside. Anupriya says ok, and asks her to bring bittergourd as Sarthak dislikes it. Kalyani says ok. She acts sweets with Malhar.

She then disconnects the call and says she was acting as call was on. Malhar says that’s what I was thinking how honey was dropping from Neem’s leaves. Kalyani says honey bee drops honey on neem leaves. She says she will get down outside Trilok’s house. Malhar says I will throw you out after crossing this wada. Kalyani says you can’t touch me. Malhar asks why? Kalyani says I can’t let you throw me. Malhar asks her to wear mask and maintain social distancing. Anupriya and Sarthak come out. Anupriya says she feels that their plan will be successful to unite them.

Kalyani comes to Trilok’s house and sees Servant taking someone’s gown. She finds the food smeared on it and asks whose clothes is this? Servant gets tensed and says it is of Divya Mam, Trilok gets her clothes washed even now. Kalyani thinks the smeared food was fresh on the gown. Just then the clock starts ringing and Kalyani gets irritated with its sound.Kalyani asking Suhana if she had food. Suhana gets scared hearing the clock sound and the music of the song.

Kalyani keeps her hand on her ears and tells Suhana that she will repair the clock. She finds the wire beside the clock and follows the wire. She thinks what is the secret and from where this song sound is coming. Kahin deep jale kahin dil plays……She finds the wire taking her to the cupboard and thinks the song sound is coming from inside. She opens the cupboard and finds Trilok standing inside. She asks him what is he doing here and gets scared. Malhar searches about Trilok Marathe and finds the file empty. He thinks it seems someone got the file contents deleted. Kalyani finds the room inside the cupboard and gets inside. Trilok closes the door. He signs her to look at Divya.

Kalyani goes to the lady sitting on the chain. She finds the lady to be the mannequin. Trilok tells that this is Divya’s doll, he comes to this room daily and doesn’t let Suhana come. He says this room is having all Divya’s stuff. He says she used to sing song once and I recorded it secretly. He says Servant said that you saw food on Divya’s clothes and says I used to be in this room and I might have spill the food accidently. Kalyani turns to go and finds the switch of the clock. He says I know Suhana gets scared hearing the clock sound, but I can’t throw it as it is of Divya. Kalyani appreciates him calling him filmy hero.

She gets a call and goes out to attend Anupriya’s call. Trilok thinks he has defeated Malhar smartly and it was easy for him to fool her.Kalyani asks Anupriya to calm down. Anupriya says she wants to take divorce from Sarthak. Sarthak asks her to act natural. Aao Saheb says she is acting good. Kalyani says if you don’t know that Kaka loves you so much. Anupriya says its ok, if you don’t want to help me and ends the call. Aao Saheb says you told all the dialogues nicely. Anupriya smiles and says what Kalyani will do. Aao Saheb tells that they are doing good by trying to unite them.

Sarthak says Kalyani will decide. She thinks to talk to Malhar. Just then the old lady comes and holds her hand. Kalyani says she is not going inside, but going out.Sarthak tells Malhar that he has decided to divorce Anupriya. Kalyani comes there. Malhar says cancel all my appointments as I will talk to Kalyani now. He gives her compliment on her looks. Kalyani says she was missing him and couldn’t concentrate on work. Malhar says if you want to have something and says you are looking beautiful. Kalyani smiles and says you are saying this infront of kaka. Sarthak says I have decided to divorce your Aai. Malhar says Kaka.

He says my nephew is not wrong to be angry on you for working in Trilok’s house. Kalyani says Malhar ji is not having objection now, we have resolved our fight. Sarthak says my decision is final and leaves.Malhar asks why did she over act? Kalyani says I don’t act and tells that she came to help him, tells about the old lady/kaku who tells her that there is a danger to her life in Trilok’s house. Malhar asks her to drink water. She drinks water and asks her to act infront of kaka and Aai that they are one team on a mission. She gets Anupriya’s call again and says oh God again…

Sarthak and Anupriya read the dialogues written by Aao Saheb. Sarthak says it is good, but difficult. Aao Saheb praises herself and asks them not to change it. Sarthak tells that it is very difficult. Aao Saheb says they have come and asks them to take her blessings. They take her blessings and goes out to act. They come out and start arguing on the wall color. Anupriya tells that the wall color will be yellow, I will chose being Aao Saheb’s daughter. Sarthak says the color will be blue and I have decided. Malhar asks Sarthak why are they arguing like children and asks him to agree.

Sarthak asks you are saying as if you agree to kalyani’s all sayings. He asks will you agree if Kalyani choose the wall color. Malhar says I would have agreed. Anupriya says Kalyani will decide. Malhar says Maai and Kalyani will chose the wall color, but who will stay in the haunted house. Kalyani thinks she will become ghost and will trouble Malhar.

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