Meet in love update Monday 29 August 2022

Meet in love 29 August 2022: Tej try to remember and says I cannot remember anything and ask who is she why is she asking so much question. Meet Ahlawat says she is Meet my wife, your friend you both meet in Rajasthan and do you remember jalebi. Tej says when did you get married I don’t remember anything. Meet Ahlawat nothing happen just take rest and they both walk out of room. The disguised man come out of curtains with injection.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat with doctor in corridor. Doctor says he is now normal with shock treatment but he has deleted that bad memory and this is natural way of human body to survive, if he try to remember that incident again he can loose his memory again and walk away. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I won’t try to make him remember anything and see a shadow in Tej’s room says who is there and start walking towards his room. Man sneak out of window. Meet says I saw someone behind curtain. Meet Ahlawat says it muybe air andwe are back to square one how we will clear the doubt. Meet says I won’t leave this here I’ll try to figure out the connection and won’t stop till I know the truth.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in corridor. He says from where we will start. She says we will start from police station from there we will know about the real truth of those guys why were they taking Tej and on who’s order. Hawa Singh meet Babita and Raj in hall and greet them. Raj ask him do you know who were they. He says they are the regular one’s, always behind rich people for money that’s why they come to kidnap your son, don’t worry we have written statement check this paper. Babita says thank god my son was saved. Hawa Singh says how could they whne we are there and see Meet and Meet Ahlawat on above floor corridor and says why are you standing there come down. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks to them.

Hawa Singh says when I look at you feel like I’m looking at Ashok Sir he is still been remembered among police officers, I still remember he was murdered during his duty, he gets emotional and says I know how it feels like when you loose father, I trust your father must be happy wherever he is for you being a member of Ahlawat family, you should also follow same track for weel being of your family like he use to think, win everyone’s heart. Meet says sure. Hawa Singh says stay blessed and take permission to leave and turn around and see Ram.

Ram ask him did they tell anything. He says yes and ask Raj who is he. Raj says he is my younger brother. Hawa Singh says yes I remember and says don’t worry everything is in our control and leave. Raj see bruse on Ram’s hand and ask when did you hurt yourself. Ram says while I was working in garden and ask tell me what did he said. Raj says it was ransom case. Ram says thankgod it’s over now bury this topic and thanks Meet because of Meet our Tej is well now, we should throw a party for her. Meet Ahlawat says let’s do party after sometime when Tej is fully recovered, what do you say. Raj says okay.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in there room. Meet Ahlawat says now we can relax it was just a case of ransom and we were thinking a lot, try to understand Tej saw murder on 6 August and your father was murdered on 7 August both of the cases were held at same place but at different date so I think they are not connected. Meet says if this the matter then why did Tej applied red colour and father’s photo. He says because Tej was not in right mental condition, he was unstable and become hyper on torch light, both the things are different Tej getting lost and your father’s murder. Meet says then why there is no news of murder in paper ir any article.

Hawa Singh in police station says just think you have silver spoon because Tej don’t remember anything so this case is closed and Meet won’t be able to reach the conclusion of her father’s murder.

Meet says to him is it true that both the incident are not connected. He says see we have written statement and we have all the answers, the matter is closed so don’t think of it much and remember you college is going to open. Ram and Lakhan calls Meet. Meet hear there voice and says Ram Lakhan.

Ram Lakhan outside Tej’s room ask him to come inside Tej master. Tej and Sunaina together in room. Sunaina ask what you two are doing here. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks in. Meet Ahlawat says yes Tej is the new master of Ram Lakhan, they are your students you know how I was in studies when I was young and mom dad also use to scold me but then you teach me everything and make toughest question easy for me so please help them two and after all they are my brother in law. Ram Lakhan says please teach us.

Tej says okay but what you will give me in fees, do one thing after class you can sing a song for me. Ram Lakhan get shocked. Ram says who told you we sing, if we start singing you will loose your mental state. Tej says well I have to teach because you are brother in law of Meet Ahlawat. Meet says to them if you try to trouble him then remember my wacking. Ram Lakhan says we remember don’t worry. Tej says my younger brother never troubled me. Meet Ahlawat says but they will trouble you I’m sure.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you did right and try to talk to him but he keep on ignoring her and run away. Meet stop him and says listen to me and tell when did you think about this. He says now you are my girlfriend so I have to think about your small happiness, consider you got a tutor and Tej is getting chance to get back his life to normal. Meet says you did smart work and run away from him.

Meet in her room thinks what Jaydeep said to him anout murder and try to connect all the dots. She gets a call from Meet Ahlawat says why are you calling when you are already in house. He says I was missing my girlfriend. She says okay I’m studying and disconnects call. A balloon come inside her room with a message missing you my girlfriend and she burst the balloon. Meet Ahlawat outside room throw one more balloon with a message open cupboard. She open cupboard and see a bouquet inside with a note in it. Meet Ahlawat shouts from outside now give a big smile.

Meet says no and go to open dressing drawer where she find another note with message please forgive me. She shouts I’m also stubborn like you. Meet Ahlawat message says I know you won’t be happy easily so now go and look under your pillow. She walks to her pillow and find a teddy says your are so dumb you don’t know me very well, you don’t deserve to be my boyfriend. Meet Ahlawat walks to her pick her in his hand and says I’m the only person who knows you very well. Meet says I can see that. Meet Ahlawat sit with her on bed and give him a set of screwdrivers says I know you very well. Meet says now let’s tighten your mind’s screw. Meet Ahlawat start running and says I have to do to make my girlfriend happy.

Babita, Ragini and Sunaina in hall. Babita in hall reading report and drops it on floor. Ragini picks it up and read it she also in shock. Meet walks to them and ask what happen you look in tension. Babita says Tej’s report arrived and says because of his injuries he cannot become father. Sunaina walks to them. Masum says what happen you look beautiful today and did a lot of makeup. Sunaina hugs Ragini.

Ragini says you look beautiful today. Sunaina says me and Tej want to spend quality time so thought we should go on a small date in our garden. Masum says you look very pretty but you know you were trying to ruin my future by sending me in kitchen but turns out to be your future in darkness. Babita says shut up Masum. Masum says why to shutup will this change the future, infact she should know at first point and says to Sunaina you both were planning to have baby.

Sunaina says what happen why are you trying to stop her from saying anything. Ragini says we got report from hospital. Sunaina take the report from Ragini’s hand and reads it, Sunaina in shock and fall on sofa. Babita says I can understand how you are feeling, after so much of years you were trying to make family but this bad licky. Meet says to Sunaina you both can be parents. Masum says to Meet can’t you understand that Tej cannot have kids. Meet says I understood but they both can adopt a child and be father and mother, says to Sunaina that God has choosen you to adopt a child so that you can help that kid and get love of being parents.

Masum shouts Meet name and says what are you saying this is Ahlawat’s family and we have some legacy what about the value families legacy it’s my fault who am I trying to explain. Meet says now I’ll explain you we have RBC and WBC in our body which gets healthy from food and proper care and if we talk about ethics that he will get from family and I have fath in Ahlawat’s family he will be raised with good ethics. Babita says I believe in Meet, the kid who will be raised in this family will have Ahlawat’s ethics and says to Sunaina go and talk to Tej we all are with you. Sunaina says you are right mom I’ll go and talk to Tej for adoption because we want kid.

Amma with list in her hand says to Anubha call delivery boy and ask him to deliver the packages. Anubha busy counting the packages. Amma says come fast and take these packages too, if I’m not in house then how work will be done. Anubha says something about Amma. Amma get up says you think you will disrespect me and I won’t know, you want to be a businesswoman so concentrate on your business use your energy there. Meet walks in the house and says herw is your delivery girl and hugs Mom and trouble dadi. Dadi says don’t trouble me your mom is already troubling, thankgod you are here now help your mom and let me rest.

Meet and Anubha packing delivery items. Meet looks at her father photo and says to Anubha can I ask you something, can you tell me what father said to you when he was murdered. Anubha says that day he didn’t meet me, he went directly to his duty. Meet says then when did you see father last time. Anubha says whenever he have night shift, he just come to meet mw for some time and remember that she gave him tea. Ashok thanks Anubha and ask her to take care of house and every family member and leaves. Anubha in tears says forget this you should leave or you will get late. Meet says to herself I’m overthinking there is no connection between father and Tej.

Anubha near Ashok photo says to herself you ask me to take care of everyone but you didn’t see me at all when leaving. Meet walks to Anubha and says that night dad took tea utensil from you. Anubha says no there were many things were not discussed, that night your father’s jeep was outside, I went to give tea but your father was not there it was constable Hawa Singh and I asked him about Ashok. He told me that they are in rush so you give me this container, we have work to do, he takes it from her hand and leave. Anubha get out of house and see Ashok sitting in car and they leave. Anubha says that night your father didn’t turn to see and talk to me and start crying. Meet hugs her. Anubha says that day he must be having pressure and I heard on wireless that someone was missing.

Meet says calm down. Anubha says don’t think of past it will hurt more and she leave. Meet says Tej was also missing that same day don’t know how but still these two cases are connected there is something missing and she leave for delivery.Meet in market goes to her father memorial and remember talking to Anubha if her father will come to school for gift ceremony it’s already too late won’t know he will come or not. Anubha says he is busy with night duty but can come home for a visit but I’m not sure for your ceremony because he will be tiered of his work. Ashok behind them and try to talk to her. Meet says I don’t want to talk to you I’m angry on you, I know you don’t love me. Ashok says yes I love my job but I love you more then that and I always keep one thing in consideration to obey the job of family that’s my promise my heart work only for you guys and if one day I didn’t wait to talk to you then think this heart stopped working.

Meet at memorial says that night father went from outside house but he didn’t meet, talkend Hawa Singh to take tea, there is something Hawa Singh knows hut trying to hide it, I’ll find it what he is hiding and calls someone says I need history of Hawa Singh from 2008 till now each and every information and disconnects call.Masum in her room. Hoshiyar messaging her legs. Duggu come inside and says to Masum I’m hungry please give something to eat. Masum says first he come to ask me what to eat but today he asking to cook for me and ask Hoshiyar to cook something for Duggu. Duggu says no mom come with me he always give me chips but I need to eat pasta. Masum says wait for 5 minutes I’ll cook something for you in 30 minutes till that time I’ll take nap.

Duggu says okay I’ll ask Meet or Sunaina mami to give me sometime to eat because they both love me a lot and run away. Masum crib about that and get and idea says wao why I didn’t get this idea earlier and tell if Sunaina and Tej adopt Duggu so the money will go to Duggu and in the end everything will come to me. Hoshiyar says we have only one kid and before taking this decision you must have ask me I’m his father you will ruin everything because of your greed.

Meet get’s a message Hawa Singh is insecure about his baldness, Tel Ahlawat went missing because of the fight with his wife case closed ASI Hawa Singh, so he closed the case but why did he said in media it’s a case of domestic fight, he is hiding something, she setup a pin board in her room and try to connect all the dots of Tej and her father case. She writes the notes and put it on pin board. She says there is some connection between both the cases with Hawa Singh, she hear someone coming so she turn the pin board. Meet Ahlawat get inside and looks at her ask what happen is everything alright. She close the door and says nothing is alright and show her pin board and tell him what Anubha said about that night. Meet says to him I have a plan, Hawa Singh closed Tej’s case as fight between husband and wife and I have faith that it will bring truth out. He says if you think this is true then tell me what have you planned.

Everyone in hall. Raj says to Meet it’s a perfect plan everyone would love the party because from last few days everything was so hectic. Meet says but we won’t call any high society personality. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj, Meet believe that we will call the people who helped to save Tej like police, doctor. Anubha says this is great it’s the best way to thank everyone. Ram says you are right this is best you think different. Meet says so we were thinking to give invite everyone personally. Ram says it’s era of digital connection so why are you going to invite them. Meet says because we want to make sure everyone come to party and make it successful.

Hawa Singh out getting his head shaved. Meet and Meet Ahlawat with invitation. Hawa Singh get up and ask who is this, he looks at them and ask them sit and says tell me how did you come. Meet says I came here to help you, to give you permanent solution for your baldness, my husband was bald earlier now look at him how great hair’s he got now. Hawa Singh looks at his hair says it’s good. Meet says forget this I came here to invite you for a party because of you Tej is safe at home and it’s all because of you he is safe at home. Hawa Singh says no I did not do anything but how will I come to party it will be difficult for me because of my job. Meet says you have to come, one side you call me your daughter and now you are saying no to me, after father’s death it you who is the family for us, I’m telling you, you have to come to party or else I’ll not talk to you.

Hawa Singh says okay I’ll come. Meet Ahlawat give him invitation and they both leave.Meet showing anger. Meet Ahlawat says try to calm down. Meet says I have a feeling that he is hiding something, see he will tell truth in party.Meet lights diya and prays today is big day, you know my reason to stay, please help me find the truth on how Tej and Papa are connected. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet, says come with me I have something for you.Meet Ahlawat sees Ram and Lakhan studying with Tej. Ram and Lakhan start arguing. Meet says its so much fun. Meet Ahlawat says it’s fun to study with him, look at these two studying with him, Meet says you made me happy, Meet Ahlawat says now its your turn. Meet says shut up and are all arrangements managed. Meet Ahlawat says yes.

Masum sees Sunaina with a poor kid, and Masum serving him and falls of bed in dream. Hoshiyar and Duggu wakeup and get scared. Masum asks them sleep and says if Sunaina brings a child my son will have nothing, I have to do something.At party, Meet waiting says when will this Hawa Singh come. Meet Ahlawat says let me call him. Hawa Singh says my car broke down. Meet says he has to come and takes call and says such a little problem, I am sending car, Hawa Singh says no I have lot of other works too. Meet says okay but Deep is here, I told you he used some Japanese techniques to grow hair on my husband’s head and he carries extra with him and he is leaving for 3 months so anyways will see you some other day.

Hawa Singh says I am coming you have invited me with so much love.Meet calls Deep and asks does he know what to do, Deep says yes.Raj puts flower on Babita’s hair. Babita blushes. Duggu rushes in scared. Hoshiyar walks in dressed as doctor, Duggu points at him, Isha asks what is this, Hoshiyar says my mother always wanted to see me as a doctor so I thought today I will fullfill her wish. Ragini says okay, where is Masum. Duggu says she isn’t feeling well, Masum walks in coughing and says I am not actually not feeling well. Babita says we have lot of doctor friend’s so lets get checked. Masum says actually I am pregnant. All very happy. Hoshiyar confused says can I talk to my wife and says when did this happen. Masum pinches him. Hoshiyar says yes yes.

Everyone congratulates Masum.
Duggu says now I will be big brother. Masum says we didn’t plan this but looks like God gave me this opportunity to fix things and Sunaina Bhabhi I have done so many wrong things with you and so I want to give Duggu to Sunaina, if she wants to adopt him, will you be my Duggu’s parents. Sunaina says you are so big hearted we are so happy.Hoshiyar sad.Tej says I can’t Thank you enough Masum. Sunaina hugs Duggu.Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, it’s too late still he isn’t here. Hawa Singh walks in, Meet says come meet my family. Ram and Hawa Singh share a look. Ram greets Hawa Singh, Hawa Singh sees Tej. Tej walks to Hawa Singh and greets him says you helped me a lot, thank you so much and hugs him. Hawa Singh says just stay like this its good for everyone, Meet says meaning, Hawa Singh says he is fine thats happiness.

Raj says happy to have you please have fun. Hawa Singh says sure.Hawa Singh asks Meet and Meet Ahlawat where is your friend, Meet Ahlawat says come with me.Meet Ahlawat introduces Deep to Hawa Singh and leaves. Deep says don’t worry, even I was bald tried so many things but zero result, then I went to Japan and got an oil, I can manage it for you. Meet and Meet Ahlawat start talking loudly purposely and says we should flush all the old memories of Tej when he was missing, his bag I found a chip too. Meet Ahlawat says Tej when photograph when he went missing, so may be the chip is of camera. Meet says okay so we can see what he was clicking, lets check it after party, Hawa Singh hears that and panics. Meet says I have kept things on store we will see it later. Hawa Singh says to Deep we will discuss later and thinks he has to find the chip.



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