Mismatched update Monday 27 December 2021

Mismatched 26 December 2021: The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Shaurya. Shaan asks what if anything happens to my son, Tej do something please, find him. Tej says I told you that police won’t move without any influence, we could have found Shaurya by police help in Chandigarh. He asks Alok to handle Shaan, he will make few calls. Gayatri says I will call Kanchan and ask, maybe she knows about Shaurya. Alok says let it be, I know she is oversmart.

Shaan worries for Shaurya. Aastha goes to pacify him. She asks him to give her courage. He asks will he be fine. She says yes, he will come back. He says yes. Devi shouts enough, my patience is over, I can’t wait for 24 hours, I will go and ask Anokhi, she knows about it and isn’t telling us. Aastha says she isn’t such, I know her well. Devi says I know my son, he isn’t such to not inform anyone and go away for so long, I m telling you all that I m going to ask Anokhi, if you care for Shaurya, then you can come with me, I m going, nobody can stop me. Devi, Tej and others leave. Aastha says I know Anokhi won’t be scared of anyone. Anokhi says its imp work, help me once. The man says I can’t give you Shaurya’s room keys. She thinks his room is close to Babli’s room, only then I can reach her.

She says I need to give him a surprise to thank him, we love each other, please let me go.Vineet gets calls to pay money. Anokhi comes to Shaurya’s room and says don’t know why I always cross paths with you. Devi and family come there and see Anokhi. Devi asks where is my son, answer me, what did you tell him that he didn’t come back. Anokhi says I don’t know where he is, Shagun also came to ask me, I don’t know. Shaan says don’t get into this. Aastha says if Anokhi knew it, then she would have told Shagun. Shaan says maybe she said something wrong in anger. She says she can’t do this. He says humans aren’t wrong, but words get wrong. Devi sees Shaurya’s room key card with Anokhi. She scolds Anokhi.

She says its Shaurya’s room, why were you going in. Shagun asks is he inside. Anokhi says no. Tej asks Alok to open the door. Anokhi asks how shall I make you believe, he isn’t here. Devi says he is missing till now. Aastha says Anokhi can never be wrong, we can be wrong. Shaan says Anokhi did wrong to come in Shaurya’s life. She says Shaurya involved her in his life. He says I warned you to stop her, see this problem is because of her. She says problem is because of Devi, if she didn’t do this with them, maybe things were different. Gayatri gets a call and is shocked. Shaan asks what happened. He puts call on speaker. The kidnapper asks for 10 lakhs and says you can get your son, don’t think of informing police. Shaan says make me talk to Shaurya. The kidnapper says I will tell you where you hand over the money. They worry.

Devi asks where is Shaurya, tell me. Anokhi says I thought just his life is same, even your thinking is same, girls don’t have only purpose in life to trap the guys, your class girls are enough for it. She taunts Shagun. She says I m not responsible for Shaurya’s leaving, he would have run away like before. Tej says you think we will believe your nonsense. She says its your wish, I have told you whatever I knew, you and your son know the rest. She takes the card and says I don’t care for Shaurya now, because I m not interested in him now, go and find him. Anokhi enters the room. Devi gets angry. Tej gets Shaan’s call. Shaan says we found out about Shaurya. Tej asks what, we are coming home. Anokhi hears this and says thank God. She recalls Shaurya and cries. She says you always think about yourself, think about your family, everyone is worried for you.

She goes to the balcony. She goes into Babli’s room from there. She finds Babli hurt and unconscious. She asks her to get up. Babli gets up. She cries and says take me from here, Vineet will kill me. Anokhi says nothing will happen, come with me. Vineet comes to the room. He sees them.Anokhi and Babli hiding and leaving. Vineet looks for Babli. Devi says no one will tell the police about kidnappers. Tej says kidnappers could be dangerous, they may do anything with Shaurya. She says give them anything they want, nothing should happen to Shaurya. Tej says we have to take police help, I have no problem with giving money, if Shaurya sees face of one of them, kidnappers will get scared and what will they do.

Devi asks him not to say that. Alok says listen to me, maybe if we involve the police, kidnappers can know, Shaurya’s life can fall in danger. Devi says we won’t tell anything to police, give them any amount, I want my son back, don’t put his life in danger by involving police. Aastha says she is right, I agree with her. Anokhi consoles Babli and does aid to her wound. Babli cries. Anokhi hugs her. She says you won’t stay with Vineet, you had tolerated a lot, you give divorce to Vineet. Tej says kidnappers aren’t Shaurya’s friends, we have to take police help.

Shaan says no, Devi and Aastha are saying right, we will give money and get Shaurya back. Tej says I expected the same from you, you are cowards like these women. Shaan says when its about a child, every mum falls weak and dad gets scared, tell me, when to withdraw money. Tej says I will handle money, its my guarantee to get Shaurya home by involving police. Shaan says we can’t forgive you if anything happens to Shaurya. Tej says I m saying it right. Anokhi says you can earn on your own. Babli says family respect is also imp, money isn’t everything, look at Rama, she is tolerating since many years. Anokhi says we won’t make the same mistake. Babli says dad, relatives..

Anokhi says let them say anything, will they come and get beaten up instead you, they just think about yourself. Babli says divorcee doesn’t get respect.Anokhi says look at Aastha, she is a divorcee, I respect her a lot. Babli says a woman is held guilty in a divorce. Anokhi says its your mistake to tolerate all this and hide from family, if you told them, then Vineet would have not got encouraged, I will not let you suffer now. Vineet looks for Anokhi and Babli. Yash comes and warns him. He says don’t misbehave with my wife. He sees Anokhi’s pic on Vineet’s phone. Vineet says I won’t get scared. Yash says who is he, how does he know Anokhi. Anokhi says you aren’t weak.

Babli says I don’t have much courage. Anokhi says you are strong. She encourages Babli. Babli cries and hugs. Anokhi says calm down, don’t cry, we will talk later. Tej informs the police. Shaan says even after we explained you, you didn’t listen and informed the police. Tej says I didn’t find you right, its my responsibility first, I will do what I find right, criminals can’t be trusted. Shaan says they are some drunken people who need money for alcohol, kidnappers would know net worth of Shaurya, they just asked 10 lakhs. Tej says let me handle this, trust me, I will not let anything wrong happen with my son. Shaan gets a call. Kidnapper asks is the money ready.

Shaan says make me talk to Shaurya first, money is ready, I won’t give you money until I hear his voice. Kidnapper says I will make you meet him, I will tell you where to get the money, wait for my call. Tej says its good, call will be traced, police will get location. Shaan says you have time till morning. Tej says I trust myself and police, do your work, convince your hearts that Shaurya will return home safely. Vineet is the kidnapper. He sees Shaurya. He says I will get my 10 lakhs, he will get freedom tomorrow. He asks his man to give him food. The man says you should have asked 50 lakhs, Shaurya is rich. Vineet says I don’t want more money, greed is back, I asked for 10 lakhs to pay loan. The man says we can increase ransom. Vineet says I want to end this matter here, be happy in what you are getting.

Shaan takes the money. Alok says we have the note series, the culprit will be caught, the tracker is also fixed. Tej says we should get Shaurya and also catch the culprits. Shagun asks Devi not to worry. Devi says we can’t pass this time.

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