My heart knows update Friday 24 December 2021


My heart knows 24 December 2021: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling story of Anupriya and tells that someone had reached her to give wings to her dreams, she was answerable to destiny and that’s why she wiped her tears and picked the book. She tells that she built courage in herself and reached the college. She went against the family’s wish. She tells everything in poetry. She asks what is wrong if Anupriya wants to study and get a degree. Aao Saheb asks what do you think that I will get impressed with your bookish words and says Anupriya didn’t leave us and she eclipsed our family. Sampada and Atharv smiles.

Kalyani says my Aai did a mistake to become independent, and asks everyone if she shall be appreciated or punishment. She asks them to say. Malhar tells that she shall be appreciated.She says she shall be praised and calls media there. He asks Reporters to come and says this news shall be covered in all news channels and newspaper. He tells that Anupriya shall be appreciated as she picked the pen, without leaving kitchen. He asks Reporters to appreciate Aao Saheb as she motivated her bahu to study and praises her. He says that Aao Saheb needs an applaud from us. Kalyani asks Reporters to take their interview and says Aao Saheb wants Anupriya to do post graduation after graduation.

Malhar asks her to say. Aao Saheb says she wants her bahu to study and she will bear the education fees etc. Malhar smiles and asks band guys to play band. Sampada says Malhar has ruined our plan. Aao Saheb asks Sampada and Atharv to leave. Malhar fires at their car tyre. Car tyre falls out. Malhar makes Atharv wear it and says there is a good news for you both. He gives papers to Sampada. Sampada says I don’t agree to this papers and tells that he can’t snatch her son from her. Malhar says Moksh is his son and she can’t give upbringing to him. Sampada says she can buy many men like him. Kalyani gets angry on her and supports Malhar. Malhar asks her not to interfere and tells Sampada that Atharv will betray her.

Sampada says she loves Atharv and never loved him, and tells that Atharv’s money is hers. Malhar asks her to sleep on the money bed and says you will not snatch my son with that money. He says there is no name of your relation with Atharv in law and says it is impossible for a woman to raise a child who sleeps on stranger Malhar asks them to leave from his house. Atharv asks Sampada to come. They leave in the punctured car.Pallavi asks Aao Saheb why Maayi did drama infront of villagers. Anupriya says it is my mistake that I hid this fact, but it is not my mistake that I took admission. She tells that Vivek was taking her money which her father used to sent and tells that Pallavi taunts her always calling her illiterate.

Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that she always took care of her, and now it is her turn now. She says she wants to take care of her with her money. She asks Pallavi and Vivek not to think her weak because of her silence. She tells Aao Saheb that Pallavi and Vivek took her to Mumbai to sell her kidney and tells everything. Aao Saheb gets angry and asks Anupriya not to clean the bathrooms and toilets and asks Pallavi to clean it. She asks Anupriya to use that time to study and says she don’t want someone to taunt her. Sampada rushes home and tries to burn the table. Atharv stops her and asks if she has gone mad? Sampada says she don’t want the wealth and money, and says she will burn all. Atharv says this is my money. Sampada says who am I to you, and says I am just enjoyment for you and says Malhar said this today.

Atharv asks her to calm down and says how to marry you, Mugdha is alive, if I marry you then I will lose everyone. Sampada says she wants to take revenge from Malhar and pours kerosene oil on Atharv and herself. Atharv asks her to calm down and says I will bring your son. She hugs him and cries.Anupriya tells that she can proudly say that her daughter is her strength. She says she will not be afraid now. Kalyani says this is done by Malhar and praises him. Anupriya says Atharv and Sampada will not be quiet, don’t know what their new attack will be. Atharv keeps party at home. Sampada says she needs revenge. Atharv asks her not to use her brain and make arrangements for party.

Commissioner asks Malhar to go to Atharv Bapat’s party for the security and says I know about your ex wife, but you have to go. He says this is Minister Saheb’s order and you have to go there with your wife. Sampada asks Atharv if he will come? Atharv says my coin will answer and tosses a coin. Commissioner tells Malhar that he is ordering him and asks him to go to Atharv’s party with his wife. Atharv tells Sampada that Malhar will come surely. Sampada smirks.Kalyani talking to Moksh that Malhar played Atharv’s band and says I will see who will separate you from me…Moksh laughs.

Malhar asks her to get ready to go to party. Kalyani asks if she is going to get Award and tells that she is getting the award for the first time. Malhar gives her invitation card to her. Kalyani says why did he agree to go to Atharv’s party and says she has seen in films that Villain calls hero and heroine to party and then insult them. Malhar turns to her angrily. Kalyani gets scared. Malhar asks what happened. Kalyani says sorry and says she is scared. Malhar says he don’t want to go by his wish and tells that it is his helplessness. He says Commissioner ordered him to handle Atharv’s party security. He asks when you will get over your childishness. Kalyani thinks don’t know what Atharv’s wants and what he is planning.

Pallavi is cleaning backyard of the house and thinks she shall take advantage of his brother’s richness as she has raised him. A woman comes and calls her. She says bad smell is coming. Pallavi scolds her and says her brother brought perfume for her and she applied it. Vinay calls her and tells that Sahukar called him 4 times and today he will do some drama. Pallavi gets tensed. Anupriya asks what happened? Pallavi asks her to go and study.

Kalyani gets ready in a traditional saree. She asks Moksh how she is looking? She asks him not to play with lipstick. Malhar comes and looks at her. He brings Pooja thali. Kalyani asks him if he wants her to do his aarti. Malhar says he brought Thali as she has worn clothes meant to wear in puja. Kalyani shows invitation card and says dress code is traditional Marathi Attire. She asks what could be better than this dress. Malhar says I know and asks Moksh to take care of house as they were going out. He plays with him. Kalyani gets tensed seeing lipstick on Malhar’s cheeks and tries to tell him, but he doesn’t listen to her and asks her to hurry up.

Kalyani thinks what punishment will Malhar give her now? She imagines Malhar applying coal on her lips and asks her to apply it daily. He comes out and tells Aparna to take care of Moksh as they are going out. Aparna gets angry seeing lipstick mark on his cheeks. Kalyani comes and asks if he is ready. Malhar says yes. Kalyani asks him to do face wash. Malhar asks what do you want to say? Kalyani says actually….she steps on the utensils and slips holding Malhar’s suit. Malhar holds her and keeps hand on the wall. Dekha hazaron dafa…..plays…..They have an eye lock. Aparna gets upset. Moksh smiles looking at them. Aparna gets angry and goes to room.

Malhar asks Kalyani not to say anything until they reach party….He asks her to keep finger on her lips and says if you lift finger from your lips then…Kalyani asks if he will give creative punishment. Malhar asks did I say? Kalyani is sitting in his jeep keeping finger on her lips. She falls on him while he is driving. Malhar asks what is your problem, and says you are falling much. He asks her to go to back seat.Divekar comes to Aao Saheb’s house and calls Vivek. Vivek says I was about to call you. Anupriya asks Divekar what happened and asks him to leave Vivek.

Divekar pushes Anupriya. Anupriya asks Aparna to take Moksh inside. She tells it is Malhar’s house and if he comes to know this, then he will not leave you. Divekar takes her phone and asks his goons to hold his family. He asks Vivek to give his money and beats him. Aao Saheb says we will return your money. Divekar says he took another 5 lakhs from me, saying that you can’t repay the money and then the house will be on my name. He even promised that he will help my Aai to get a kidney, but that didn’t happen. Aao Saheb is shocked. Anupriya pleads infront of Divekar to leave Vivek and says we will return your money.

Divekar says I want all my money. Atharv comes sitting on the car. Pallavi gets happy. Atharv poses and smiles. Pallavi tells him that Vivek was badly beaten by Divekar. Atharv asks Anupriya why she is looking at him. He says he was hurt when Malhar raised his hand on him, but he came for his Taai and Bhao. Divekar asks who are you?Atharv shouts and says I keep 100 dalals in my pocket and asks what is the amount of debt? Divekar says 20 lakhs. Aao Saheb says we don’t need his money. Pallavi asks her to understand and says we have to take money from Atharv now..

She asks Aao Saheb to agree for her son. Aao Saheb agrees. Atharv asks her to tell loudly if she needs help from him. Aao Saheb says yes. Atharv says Aao Saheb..surprisingly, and says you need my help and asks her to tell on video. He captures her video. Aao Saheb says I need help from Atharv Bapat. Atharv says ok. Divekar asks Atharv to give his money. Atharv says family time is going on and takes out his gold teeth and asks him to sell it and leave his Taai and her husband. Anupriya says we will pay your money. Atharv says once you complete your studies, then I will get you a job and you can return money all life.

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