To die for love Update Monday 1 November 2021


To die for love 1 November 2021: Arohi and Deep recall what Dany used to say. Deep comes in. Arohi gives him water. He says in 24 hours they will pay for what they did to dany. Deep comes to dilip in jail. Deep says hello uncle. They all left you there and you got arrested. You will be shifted to a new jail that has all criminals. I have your medical reports. That can show that you were sick and you had nothing roma. if you tell me their address I can get you out of here. Dilip says will you? Constable hears and informs Virat. They come to the place virat hidden. police comes there. Virat says where will we hide now? They run from there.Deep says this time they will get caught and i will punish them with death.

Arohi says you wont go alone. Deep says dany died because of me. Tara calls Arohi and says whoever loves you dies. Only deep is left. He will die too.Arohi screams.. Deep.. Deep comes to her room. he sees knife in pillow Deep says what is this. arohi locks him the room. Aroi says they all died because of me. I will go there not you. i wont let you risk your life. Deep says don’t do this. Open the door.Arohi comes to that place. Tara, Virat and Roma are hidden. Inspector is with Arohi. He says I think they are not here. Arohi says please look everywhere. They pick up carpet and go underground. Roma and Virat run. Inspector comes there. He shoots but they run. Arohi is alone. Tara hits her on head.

Arohi faints. Tara says I waited so long for this moment. i want to kill you. I found you so you can pay for my sins but now you are living my life? You will pay for this. Police arrests Virat. Tara tries to stab Arohi. She says don’t try to run.Virat takes gun and puts it on a constable. He says I will kill him.Tara says you took my name my life my husband from me. You have to pay for this.Deep is worried for Arohi. He jumps from the window.Tara says you took deep from me. He I will cut your face. Deep is only mine. Tara says you have to die Arohi. Arohi stops her hand and says you will pay for your sins not me. Tara says deep left yyou because he was tired of your sin.s You have killed deep’s mom as well. Tara says you have to die. When Deep gets to know the he loves is a murderer like Tara what will he think? Arohi says you shot him not me. Police looks for Arohi.

Tara shoves arohi and picks the knife. Roma comes there. She picks a rod and is about to hit Arohi. Arohi sits down Tara stabs Roma instead of Arohi.Tara is dazed. Roma falls. Arohi says she killed dany and God punished her. Tara says Arohi i will kill you. Virat comes. He says mom.. no.. Arohhi runs. Tara says arohi did all this. she is responsible for all this. She tries to kill arohi. Deep comes. He stops her. Police arrests them. Tara says Arohi this wont end. I will live with deep not you. Your face wont live. Police takes them from there.Deep says arohi why did you come here. What if something happened to you. she says lets forget it. Deep says this time we will get married with no fear.

Tara snatches gun from the constable. She runs. Virat is arrested and they bring him to jail.Deep brings Aroi to a beach house. He says how is this place? She says so pretty. Arohi says what if tara comes here. He says you don’t have to worry about her. He puts mehndi on her hands.Deep calls people are ask them to be at raichand house at 7. Arohi gets ready as a bride. She smirks and says arohi.. You thought you could take my place. I will become Deep’s bride. you will pay for your sin. I am wearing the same dress deep gave you.

He will marry me not you.Arohi gets ready as well. Deep says you look so pretty. Let’s go. Tara comes outside raichand house by following the pandit. There is nothing. She says so it was deep’s drama.

Deep and arohi come to he place. He says we will get married here. There is no one here. Just us. I have decorated all this myself. Let’s start. He has pandit ji’s recording. Arohi and deep make each other wear garlands. They take rounds around fire with her. Deep recalls his moments with her. Tara is on her way. She says i wont let that arohi win.Deep picks sindur and fills her hairline. He picks mangalsutra and makes her wear it. Pandit’s recording says you both are each others. Deep says you are mine. No one will evver comes between us. Tara peeks is. She shuts the fuse. Deep says let me go and check.Deep fixes the plug. he comes back and sees that Arohi isn’t there.Deep comes to room. Arohi is sitting there with ghunghat. She says you took so much time. Deep picks her ghunghat and kisses her. He takes off here earrings.Deep comes close to her.They sleep together.At night, deep wakes up and goes out. He looks at the candle. The candle falls and thereis oil on the floor. It catches fire. Arohi is asleep on the bed.

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