My heart knows update Friday 22 July 2022

My heart knows 22 July 2022:;The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Anupriya that this is the fight of every woman who voice gets suffocated by her husband. Anupriya says she is defeated and tells that Sarthak is right, I can’t say even 4 lines properly and can’t express what I want to convey. She says she is like chair, table etc…and cries. Kalyani says if you want to accept this, then teach me how to live without my son. She says when you have accepted defeat then even I have to accept defeat. She says you didn’t teach him how to accept defeat till now, but now you have to teach me, how to live without a son, as a woman only accept defeat always. She cries badly. Aao Saheb finds her crying. Sarthak locks kitchen. Moksh asks why did you lock it. Sarthak says I will answer after tomorrow and says if you want it to open then talk to Kalyani and asks her to accept defeat infront of me. Moksh handovers apple in his hand and says I will be on my Aai fi’s side. Sarthak says just 4 days, then I will make Kalyani go far away from you.

Avni throws some trash near Anupriya and asks if she stays with the garbage. Avni asks why she is wasting time on such person and asks her to get ready and come with him to the party. Avni goes to wear sandals and comes back. She falls down on the garbage. Shera says Chachi fell down. Sarthak asks her to rest and tells that they will go to party together someother time. He thinks he has nothing to do with Avni, but can do anything to take revenge on Anupriya. Shera reveals that he has broken her heels. Avni says I will take your life. Shera laughs.

Kalyani asks Anupriya to open the door and tells that she can’t back off hearing kaka’s words. She says Aai has to come out of the room, I have so much confidence on her that I have risked my son for the bet. She says if Aai don’t come out then I will lose my son. Shera says I have a top plan.Anupriya gets sad and cries in the room. Aao Saheb tells Kalyani that she wants to open Nal Emporium, but got short of money and tells that she don’t want to take charity from Avni. She asks who will help me now? Kalyani tells that she can’t help her as she has to talk to Moksh so that he can recover fully. She says I don’t think you can start this business and suggests her to talk to Anupriya. Aao Saheb says Anupriya will not agree and tells that Supplier will call in sometime. She talks to the supplier and he insults her for Vivek’s doings.

Aao Saheb asks for the chance, but the supplier refuses to invest in their company. Anupriya comes there and tells that Vivek is not the owner, but Aao Saheb is the owner. She tells that if they don’t want to invest/supply then it is their loss, as they will get some other supplier. She tells that according to the contract, he shall supply for one month more. The supplier says he will invest in their company. Aao Saheb gets impressed with her. Anupriya apologizes to her. Aao Saheb tells that she had told Kalyani that only Anupriya can help her.

Later Avni is in the car and Shera is driving the car indisguise of a driver. Avni asks someone to kill Anupriya, when she goes to Nal Emporium Godown. Shera gets shocked. He drops Avni home and gets down himself. Anupriya comes there. Shera tells her about Avni’s plan. Anupriya says I didn’t go, but Kalyani has gone there. Shera runs to the godown and finds boxes kept on Kalyani. He moves the boxes and asks her to open her eyes. Kalyani is unconscious. Shera confesses his love for her and asks her not to leave him. He tells it again and again that he can’t lose her and asks her to open her eyes.

Kalyani opens her eyes. Shera says I was scared and asks did you hear something? He says I spoke that it fear. Sarthak comes there and asks shall I click the photogenic pose. Kalyani gets up. Sarthak sings jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya. He asks Kalyani to confess his love to Shera. Shera says I came to know from bad Chachi that Kalyani’s life is in danger. Sarthak tells that it was their plan. A fb is shown, Kalyani asks Sarthak not to close the kitchen. Sarthak asks her to make food arrangements from her lover Shera. Kalyani shouts Kaka and says she loves just Malhar ji, and she has nothing to do with Shera. Sarthak asks if I am a fool, and says bad guy like Shera comes here for money, but gives away his money and risks his life for you. Kalyani says this is nonsense, there is nothing between us. Sarthak asks her to prove. Fb ends. Sarthak tells that I have proved that Shera loves you and asks what type of relation is this, mentally or physically.

Shera asks Sarthak not to say anything against Kalyani. Kalyani slaps Shera and asks how dare you to think about this? She says Kaka exposed you and asks how he can think like this, when he knows that she loves Malhar ji. Shera says I said it by mistake. Kalyani says I thought you as my good friend, but you betrayed me and my friendship.Kalyani telling Shera that she thought him as a good guy and asked if he thought that she will forget Malhar ji and will accept him. Shera says I know this and thought to hide my feelings. He says I know that you will never love anyone. I wouldn’t have told you if situation haven’t gone worse. He apologizes to her and says I will never say this. Kalyani asks him to get out from there, before things get complicated, asks him not to show his face again. Shera apologizes and says don’t ask me to go, they will not let you live. He says he will end all his feelings for her.

Kalyani asks him to go. Shera asks him to think about Moksh. Kalyani asks if he didn’t hear and says he is an ordinary person, whom she hired with money. She asks him not to take her name or her son’s name. Shera cries and says you are doing wrong. He says this is Kaka’s trick and he is successful. He says you have nothing to do with me then why did you get angry. He says I told that I said that by mistake. Sarthak looks on. Kalyani pushes him. Shera falls down. He gets up….Mila jo tu….Sarthak says Kalyani’s pet dog is gone, who will save her now. He calls Avni and tells her, that Shera is gone from home. Godaveri gives chocolate to Moksh. Moksh says he will give it to Shera. Avni comes and takes it from him.

Moksh says it is for hero shera. Avni says Kalyani has thrown Shera out from here and asks him to ask her. Sarthak and Kalyani come home. Sarthak takes the pot and breaks it. He says day 1…and tells that he is worried for her, as shera is gone, who will take care of you. He says you don’t have the money and not having any father figure for Moksh. He says there is no place for a step mother like you. Moksh comes to Kalyani and asks where is hero Shera. kalyani says I sent him from here. Avni comes there and tells Moksh that she is worried for him and that’s why she told him that Aai fi kicked hero Shera out. She asks him to ask what happened between them, so that Kalyani thrown him out. Kalyani says he is a little kid, what are you saying. Moksh asks Kalyani where is Shera? He goes upset. Sarthak says I saw hatred in Moksh’s eyes for you and tells that he will leave you before 7 days end.

Kalyani says 6 pots are still remaining and tells that she has learnt to face the difficulties and hardships of life, tells that she has defeated death and returned. She tells that her Aai will win and she will not lose Moksh.Godaveri talks to Anupriya and tells everything. Anupriya gets worried. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that the supplier wants to talk to her about the legal issues. Anupriya says what will I say? Aao Saheb says he is a big man of America and he apologized to me after talking to you, and tells that he wants her to handle all the legal issues. She says you have to do this, else our Moksh will go away from us.

Kalyani tries to feed food to Moksh, but he refuses to eat. Kalyani asks him to eat food and asks him not to take out anger on food. Moksh refuses still. Kalyani calls Tommy and asks if Shera is there. Tommy asks if something else is remaining and says I had asked him to express his feelings to you, but he said that you love Malhar. He tells that Shera has left from here for forever and ends the call. Moksh asks Kalyani what did Tommy say? Kalyani says Tommy said that Shera is out and he will call after coming. Moksh says he will keep the mobile and will convince him to return home, when he calls him. Kalyani feels weak and sad. Anupriya says Godaveri told me everything. Kalyani says I had to lie to my own son. Anupriya says what to make you understand and says you are right, but Moksh is also right and loves Shera. She says Shera’s love for you is also not wrong. She promises her that she will never let Sarthak win. Kalyani hugs her.

Anupriya tells Kalyani that she can’t wear the dress. Kalyani says we want to show your face as company’s face. She reminds her of college days, when they started their journey. She says you didn’t accept defeat even when nobody was accepting us in home. She says you made me alive in your thoughts, when everyone thought I am dead. She says you are so strong and if you decide something, then you can do it.

Aao Saheb meets the suppliers/investors. The Investor tells that Anupriya ji convinced him for the business. Aao Saheb says Anupriya will not give a chance to complaint and will handle everything. Avni thinks Anupriya is going ready fully and gets worried. She thinks what to do. Anupriya goes out. Kalyani smiles looking at her. Anupriya starts the meeting with the investors. Sarthak looks at them and tells that Deshmukh’s business shall not start again, else their courage will be build up again. Avni assures him that their business will never take off and asks him to see what she does with her. She says her dress will open and then everyone’s mouth will open, and Anupriya’s newly gathered confidence will break. Anupriya panics as the dress is about to open. The investor tells that her attention should be on the meeting. Kalyani throws saree on Anupriya to cover up her back. She tells that it is the sample piece, Aai wanted to wear it and show to you all.


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