My heart knows update Friday 18 February 2022

My heart knows 18 February 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani threatening Sampada to tell else she will throw rats on her. She says they are eager to jump on you. Sampada asks her to back off and says you can’t force me. Aparna asks her not to do this and says she is scared of rats. Kalyani asks her to say and says I am giving you last chance. Aparna asks her to tell. Vaman says they want Moksh’s betterment and asks her to tell. Kalyani says so you will not agree and says she will open the bag. Sampada closes her eyes in fear. Aparna says it is fake rat.

Kalyani shouts Aatya. Aparna says she said by mistake and tells Sampada to tell truth to Kalyani. Sampada says you have betrayed me. Aparna asks her to think about Moksh’s safety and her and asks her to tell. Sampada says she will not tell. Aparna says do you know where atharv is?Malhar tells that he got the permission from commissioner Saheb and tells that he will enquire her here. He asks them to go. Anupriya says how can Sampada do this with her son. Kalyani says she is feeling bad for her son and says don’t know where is he? Moksh is sitting somewhere unattended and water from the ceiling is falling on him. He is crying. Kalyani says I have a strange feeling and that he is not fine, something wrong is going to happen.

Anupriya says Bappa will protect him. Kalyani prays to Bappa for Moksh and says she is very scared of Moksh and asks him to protect her son. Ganapati bapa moriya plays….Kalyani asks Bappa to keep Moksh safely and protect him from danger. Moksh is safe. Kalyani says she will enquire with Sampada.Malhar asks Sampada to tell and says seems like you will not speak truth until you get beaten by lady constable. He leaves. Sampada thinks Malhar played a big game, she can’t even call her lawyer. She tries to free her hand. Kalyani is coming there. Sampada manages to free her hands and peeps through the window.

Kalyani thinks why the door is locked and where is Malhar ji. Sampada opens the window and manages to escape. Kalyani gets a message and then she comes inside. Malhar also comes there. Kalyani says Sampada escaped. They see Sampada is escaped from the window. Kalyani says I reached here after getting your message. Malhar says I didn’t get Commissioner Saheb’s permission and did this drama. A fb is shown, he ties the rope lightly and asks her to get rotten there. fb ends.Malhar calls Pawar and asks him to follow her. Kalyani and Malhar reach the bar. Kalyani says Sampada came here in such stress and says if Billu is kept here.

Kalyani asks him not to go inside and says you are not wearing uniform now. She says she will go inside. Kalyani says I will go inside. She says she knows singing and sings song. Drunkard comes and sings. Malhar asks her to stop it and scolds her. he asks her to be there and goes inside with Pawar. Sampada comes out covering herself. Kalyani sees her and informs Malhar on phone. She says I will trap her and throws something on her head, the lady is not Sampada, but someone else. Malhar and Pawar reach there. Sampada is in her car and recalls searching Pawar following her and executing the plan to fool them. She thinks Malhar wants to reach Moksh by following me. She gets inside the bar. She gets down from the car.

Fb again, Sampada asks the bar dancer to wear her saree and give her clothes to her and diverts their attention outside. Fb ends. She says Moksh will be sent out of country tonight.The bar dancer apologizes to Malhar and Kalyani. Pawar comes and says Sampada’s locate is traceable. He says Moksh must be there. They reach a place. Kalyani runs inside although Goon warns her showing knife. Malhar shoots at the goon’s hand. Kalyani looks for Moksh and says he is not here. Aparna says I left Moksh with this man. Malhar asks goon to tell him. Goon says I don’t know and says Sampada came here and took him. Kalyani says small boy is suffering because of you people.

Aparna says where s he can take him. Malhar asks him to tell. Goon says he doesn’t know. Kalyani finds something and shows to Malhar. He says fish. He says I know where Sampada took Moksh.Malhar asking the goon about Sampada and Moksh. Goon says Sampada came and take Moksh with him. Kalyani finds a small fish and shows to Malhar. Malhar says I know where Sampada took Moksh. Kalyani asks where? Moksh is in the basket very away. Malhar tells Kalyani that Sampada wants to take Moksh out of country through sea. She says there is a marriage in the rich fisherman’s house and everyone will be busy. He says after they get tired and drink, then Sampada will send him in the basket in the ship.

Sampada tells the lady that once Moksh is taken in the ship, he will be shifted to her ship. The lady assures her that her husband sends many people to other country with passport in ship. Sampada looks at Moksh. Malhar is going there. Kalyani insists to go with him. Malhar refuses. Sarthak says we will come. Sampada asks lady if Moksh is having any danger here. Lady says he is safe. Kalyani tells Malhar that she has seen many hindi films and says villain will not win. She says bappa will not let Sampada take Moksh. Malhar tells that the real life end is not happy like her films end. Kalyani asks bappa to make their story a happy ending.

Malhar asks Bappa to make them reach Moksh atleast for Kalyani. She says you have to accept my wish. She says don’t stop the jeep from starting. Malhar says why? Kalyani says it happens in film. Jeep doesn’t start. He says Kalyani. Kalyani says her intuition is right. Malhar asks Pawar to call mechanic. Kalyani says we can’t wait here, if Sampada takes Moksh then. Malhar says she will not take him and calls Sarthak. He asks them to go and says they are coming. They hear Moksh crying. Kalyani says it is Moksh’s voice and then they see her phone. Kalyani says it was an alarm and says she had set an alarm to feed him. She says I can’t bear anymore, I am not brave and says she is very afraid.

She says my Billu must be fine. Malhar says what do you think I am not afraid and says I am equally afraid, but have trust that we will get our son back. He asks her not to get worried and says we will get our son soon. He wipes her tears. Pawar brings mechanic.Kalyani, Malhar, Aparna, Anupriya and Sarthak come to the fisherman’s basti. They come to the function. Malhar says we have to go to every house and search Moksh. Kalyani says we have to keep them busy here somehow. Malhar says we have to do something. Kalyani thinks I can’t lose this chance to search Billu and have to test her filmy idea. Vaman is also with Aparna and others and tell that he will make Sampada understand one more time.

He calls her, but she thinks he is calling her to change her decision and don’t pick his call. Her phone falls in the car. She bends down to pick the phone and don’t see Malhar and others there.Sampada calls Vaman. He asks her to tell where is Moksh. Sampada says Aai and you are gone against me and tells that Moksh will be out of this country in 30 mins. Sarthak says it is difficult to search the houses in 30 mins. Anupriya says where did Kalyani go? Malhar says that’s why he was not bringing her here. They hear the song. Malhar says program ended then from where this song is coming.

Malhar, Anupriya, Sarthak and others see Kalyani dancing as the dancer on the stage. She comes to Malhar and asks him to go and search Moksh till she dances here. Sarthak says from where she gets such ideas. Malhar asks Anupriya to be with Kalyani. He asks Pawar to search all the ships, he asks Aparna and Vaman to search all the house. He asks Sarthak o search him. Sarthak says Kalyani and your efforts will not go waste and Moksh will be found.

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