Once there was a king update Saturday 19 February 2022

Once there was a king 19 February 2022: Maa cries and questions Rana ji if he married Gayatri for this day, he has broken her today. Her daughter is torn. Rana ji asks what he did. Maa says he has brought another wife as a gift for Gayatri. Rajeshwari says Gayatri is a maid here. Raaj Mata tells Rajeshwari to shut up, Gayatri is the Rani of Amirkot. Rajeshwari says she is the Rani of Amirkot. Rajeshwari holds the face of Rana ji who could only see her face, she asks if Gayatri is a wife or a maid. Rana ji says she is a Bandi. Gayatri observes Rana ji and wonders what has happened to him. Maa slaps Rana ji hard.

Rajeshwari asks how dare she? She tells Rana ji that he must punish this lady, she is the mother of their maid. Rajeshwari tells Gayatri to take the blame on herself, this will save her mother from going to jail. Rajeshwari stares into the eyes of Rana ji, he says she is right. He asks Rajeshwari what punishment they should give to Gayatri. Rajeshwari says his feet are filthy, he must ask Gayatri to wash his foot in front of her family. Rana ji says she is right. Raaj Mata says this can never happen in her presence, Gayatri won’t be disrespected. Today, she will see that Raaj Mata can move the foundations of Amirkot. Gayatri says she won’t do any such thing, she accepts the punishment.

Gayatri washes Rana ji’s feet. Rajeshwari says Gayatri’s proud had to bend in front of everyone. Gayatri stands up in front of her. Gayatri says her foot was bent in front of everyone, but not to everyone. Her head was only bent to Rana ji. It is her responsibility to serve husband, she recalls that when she was ill Rana ji took great care of her too. She says today her husband is ill, but had he been in his senses he should have cut her head off. Gayatri says something has happened to her husband, and she will serve her ill husband. Rajeshwari will never understand this, she doesn’t have manners. Rajeshwari pushes the shoulder of Rana ji, she says that the maid has just bent not broken. He must punish her even strictly.

She massages his shoulder ever strongly. Rana ji asks what punishment. Rajeshwari says to Gayatri that she thinks her husband as a God, she can’t let her go without tasting Foot water. She tells Rana ji to order this maid to drink the water she washed his feet in. Everyone was shocked. Raaj mata comes and slaps Rajeshwari. Rana ji sat lost only. Raaj Mata asks how dare Rajeshwari said this. Rajeshwari laughs, she says this slap is just on her face. The slap that Gayatri will get will hurt her and Gayatri’s soul. She tells Rana ji to order, and presses his shoulder again. She repeats her order, Rana ji abides. Maa was broken. Rana ji says she must drink the water.

Gayatri was left in shock, her maa holds her hand and says if her father was here he would not have let this palace stand here. She says she is Govind Seth’s daughter, his pride; she can’t let her wife go through anything in the name of responsibility. Gayatri says this is a testimony of their love, love of Rana Indravadhan Singh Dev and Gayatri. She says to Rana ji that she will even drink this poison for him as well, if he will let her drink it? Rana ji only looks at her blankly. Gayatri says this is his testimony now, not hers. Bari Rani Maa thinks Gayatri is a weak player, she bid love in the game too. When the enemy is winning the game, one must not bid this high.

Gayatri picks up the water pot, she thinks about her words. Suddenly with strong wind, the door behind her opens. Light strucks the stone in bangle of Gayatri and then Rana ji’s eyes. Everyone else also feels the wind blowing on themselves. He shuts his eyes at once, he remembers Gayatri all at once. He stops Gayatri at once, goes to her and blows the water pot over her head. Bari Rani maa was shocked, he thinks what kind of hypnosis. Gayatri’s magic worked stronger.Rana ji asks Gayatri what she was about to do, he looks around in shock and asks why is everyone here? Maa comes to Raaj Mata and asks if she doesn’t think Rana ji woke up from sleep.

They might not believe in magic, but she is sure about it. Swarna tells Gayatri that her arm bruises are going away itself. She asks what this magic is. Rana ji says this isn’t magic, there was a herb on his foot that got into water. Gayatri got well because of them. Gayatri looks at Rana ji who asks her to come inside, else she will get cold. He takes Gayatri inside. Maa looks at Raaj Mata.Rana ji asks Gayatri why she was about to drink that filthy water. Gayatri says he asked her to do it. Rana ji says he wouldn’t do this to his enemy, she is his love. Gayatri stares at him, and asks if he doesn’t remember what happened last night.

He asks what happened? She says he doesn’t remember. Rana ji says he made a big mistake, he got sleepy and she was so angry at him that she didn’t look at him. Gayatri thinks that he really doesn’t remember anything. Rana ji asks if she wanted to punish him by drinking the water. Gayatri says it was a misunderstanding and asks him to forget about it. Gayatri thinks that this is possible that Rajeshwari had done some magic on Rana ji but he won’t accept it without any proof.Rajeshwari accuses Bari Rani Maa. Bari Rani Maa says to Rajeshwari that she had said she won’t come back without being united.

Maa tells everyone with surety that this is magic. Rana ji wasn’t aware of anything he was doing. She tells Raaj Mata that she knows an old lady who can treat magic. Raaj Mata says she will do anything to bring Rana ji and Gayatri close.
Bari Rani Mata tells Rajeshwari that Rana ji isn’t a wax but a steel, he will get hypnotized but Rajeshwari must also go very close to Rana ji and that too soon. She hands Rajeshwari the powder.
Gayatri tells Raaj Mata that she doesn’t believe in magic, and if there is something like that she will not leave Rana ji alone with Gayatri even for seconds.
Champa watches the palace through a hand telescope.

Rajeshwari took the glass of juice towards Rana ji’s room, Champa hids herself behind the curtain. She throws the telescope in the corridor that causes Rajeshwari to slip in the corridor. Champa laughs, Rajeshwari was enraged. Swarna says the lady who is felling down the floor again and again must not mind falling once. She gives her hand to Rajeshwari but withdraws it before she can take it. She takes the laughing Champa along. Bari Rani maa watched this, she thinks Rajeshwari can’t do anything and she must do something by herself.
Gayatri brings a file to Rana ji and says this is what he has been looking for. He asks how she knows he has been looking for? She says who would know if a wife won’t.

Rana ji holds her hand and ask what he wants now, someone without whom his morning doesn’t start. He says he is missing that sweet, hot Sanwli. Gayatri says her mother didn’t bathe her with ubtan so that Rana ji calls her as tan. Rana ji asks why she thought he was talking about her, he is talking about his coffee. Gayatri leaves annoyed. Rana ji laughs.
The old lady tells Raaj Mata and Gayatri’s maa that she is right, someone has done magic on Rana ji. She tells Raaj Mata that Rana ji was born in a time when his self-power and Gayatri’s love saved him, but the magician won’t accept defeat so easily.
Gayatri comes to prepare coffee for Rana ji. Bari Rani Maa asks what she is doing.

Gayatri says she is preparing coffee for Rana ji and asks Bari Rani Maa if she wants something. Bari Rani maa says she wants turmeric milk. Gayatri goes to get it turmeric. Bari Rani maa was about to mix the powder when a cat jumps up the table, and the powder fell off. Gayatri comes back, Bari Rani Maa tells her that there was a cat. Gayatri says she will clean it after returning.The lady gives maa an amulet and tells her to ask Gayatri tie it on Rana ji’s arm. Gayatri must not tell Rana ji he is being done magic on.

Gayatri brings the coffee. Rana ji says he loves a fair one as well. Gayatri says she has given turmeric milk to Bari Rani Maa. She tells Rana ji she will be back until he completes his coffee. Gayatri comes downstairs, Kokilla under the effect of magic was cleaning the floor. She was lost, and holds Gayatri’s arm saying she can’t let her go. Gayatri thinks that if Rajeshwari is going to do something with Rana ji she must stop her.Meanwhile, Bari Rani Maa cries about a foot strain in the corridor. Rana ji comes to her. Rajeshwari mixed something in her coffee. She leaves the room when Gayatri runs inside. She asks Rana ji not to drink the coffee but he had finished it.

He asks where she had been, he was waiting for her. Gayatri was happy, but Rana ji passes her and goes to Rajeshwari who stood at the door and hugs Rana ji. Gayatri was shocked and broken all at once. She runs outside.
Swarna tells Gayatri that Rajeshwari has done magic on Kokilla and Rana ji now, but it can be someone else from them as well. She is a dangerous enemy. Maa gives Gayatri the amulet and tells her to tie it on the arm of Rana ji but without telling him about magic. Nothing will affect him then. Gayatri tells her Maa that her groom doesn’t need a support. Raaj Mata asks how they will break the magic. Gayatri says what breaks is a doubt, there isn’t a greater magic than love.

Maa asks what is wrong in tying it? Gayatri says if she trust these strings more than her love, her love would mind. If her love is true, she will separate Rana ji and Rajeshwari from each other. If the love is true, the voice reaches on skies even and Rana ji is here in front of her. She will show that a wife can also take care of her husband and protect him, she will stand between Rana ji and Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari will never be able to reach Rana ji.

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