My heart knows update Thursday 17 February 2022

My heart knows 17 February 2022: Kalyani sees the day care. She sends location to Malhar. Malhar says location is of daycare. He asks all constables to be there and says nobody shall know about Mugdha.

He asks her not to worry and says you will get justice. Mugdha thanks him. Kalyani asks herself to wait there and thinks if Vaman takes Moksh from here before Malhar comes. She says sorry and gets down from the truck. She goes inside and calls Sampada, says everything is fine here. Kalyani follows him, but the door is locked. She thinks to open it with hair pin. She tries, but it doesn’t open. She thinks to open it anyhow for Moksh. She manages to open it and finds the room empty. She searches for Billu and thinks where is he? She finds the punching toy and hits on it, the secret door opens up.

She gets inside and finds the door. She gets inside and finds the babies there. Manager tells other man that the baby cries a lot and nobody adopts him.Kalyani beats the men and asks where is my Billu? She says you don’t know who is my husband. She gets Malhar’s hand and asks him to come to godown. Child welfare officer thanks them. Malhar beats the Manager. Manaher says I am not alone, but Kalyani madam works with us. He shows the pic in which Kalyani is in disguise working in the daycare. Kalyani says she was handing over the baby to their mother. She tells Malhar that you refused me to come here to meet Moksh, so I changed my get up and came here to meet Moksh.

Manager shows her sign on a paper. Kalyani scolds the man and asks him to tell the truth else she will break her head. Malhar stops her. The child welfare officer asks Malhar to arrest his wife also. Kalyani tells him that Sampada and her father want to trap her in the case. Atharv hugs Sampada and appreciates her plan to trap Kalyani. Officer tells malhar that if he don’t want to handle the case then he will assign someone else. Sampada tells that I know that kalyani can do anything to get moksh so I get him admitted in the day care which illegal child trafficking happens. She says she gathered wrong proofs against her.

Malhar takes the handcuff in his hand. Kalyani thinks how can you doubt me. Malhar thinks I don’t doubt on you, I had asked you to stay away from all this. Sampada tells that she did a mistake and says how did she come to know about the hospital name. She says Kalyani will be jailed and my Moksh will be with us. She says I will get my passports from Malhar blackmailing him and will force him to let us go foreign.

The Child welfare officer asks Malhar to leave the case. Malhar says my wife is illegal and tells that a girl who raised other woman’s child as her own and loved her so much, she can’t do anything wrong with anyone’s child. I just know that my wife and son are in danger.Kalyani tells Malhar that she is innocent and didn’t do anything. Malhar says I know, but all proofs are against you. he says I am your husband later and govt officer first. She says I tried to tell you, but you didn’t hear. She says she is getting punished for her mistake and says she is not important now, but Moksh is in danger and says Sampada and Vaman are upto something.

She says I have a gut feeling that Sampada wants to send Moksh to other country and then plan to go with Atharv. Atharv comes and acts, and says Sampada has become thin being hungry. He asks Kalyani to feel shame to steal baby and asks Malhar to take out his uniform. He says I will do this infront of media, then your wife has to stay in jail and you will cry all life. He says I have a solution for you.Kalyani tells Atharv that she is ready to do anything for Billu. Atharv says she is fake mom, but cares for Moksh. He asks Malhar to give their passports and then they all can stay together.

Malhar asks him to leave and says you will be jailed this time. Kalyani asks him to agree and give passport to him, says they will go from our lives forever. Atharv says your 18 years old wife is intelligent. Kalyani asks Malhar to agree. Malhar comes out of lock up. Kalyani asks him to agree for Moksh. Malhar says i will get Moksh with right way and asks her to remember that he will get atharv punished and get Moksh too. Atharv says you are going to lose your son. Malhar asks him to get ready to sleep on the floor. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani tells that she can’t sit and see tamasha.

She says i can go to any extent when the matter is about Billu, I will go against Malhar.

Sarthak trying to explain to Malhar about Kalyani’s perspective. Malhar says Kalyani is thinking as a mother, but I can’t think about Moksh only and let the criminal like Atharv go freely. Kalyani asks Anupriya to talk to Malhar. Malhar says what is the guarantee that Atharv and Sampada will give Moksh after getting the passport. Sarthak says ok, I hope you are right and asks him to free Kalyani. Malhar says I can’t and says I am scared of Kalyani’s motherly love, she will help Atharv surely. Until I catch him, let her be inside. Kalyani says she can’t sit alone as the matter is about Billu’s safety and she will go against Malhar if needs be.

She asks Malhar if she can make a phone call. Malhar says you can make many phone calls, but nothing will change. She says even then I want to make a phone call. She asks for her phone and calls Aurangabad FM. She says you play song for people and says I want to play song for my son, who is kidnapped by someone. Malhar and Anupriya get emotional. Kalyani says I call my son as Billu with love, he don’t live without me, and gets scared with stranger people. Moksh is with Vaman and crying. FM is played there also. Moksh hears Kalyani’s voice. Kalyani asks whoever has kidnapped my son, please return him.

She asks radio to play her song. She says Billu will keep quiet listening to this song. She sings kuch toh hain tujhse raabta. Malhar cries. Vaman makes Moksh sit and hear the song. Kalyani cries and sings. Moksh keeps quiet and listens to her song. Kalyani breaks down and cries badly. Anupriya pacifies her. Moksh cries and says Maa..Malhar says I am Malhar Rane and says I am the father of the baby. He requests the FM station to play the song all day. He says I will talk to the management. Vaman thinks how to make him quiet. Kalyani’s song plays again. Moksh keeps quiet. Malhar asks Kalyani to be taken inside the lock up. Kalyani says I will be inside, but you think about Billu. He goes. Kalyani thinks she will do something to save Moksh.

Malhar asks Pawar to enquire about Vaman. Pawar says Manager doesn’t know about Vaman. Malhar says I will search my son. Atul tells Anupriya that this is Malhar’s love, he has locked Kalyani inside in a big case. He says I will see until when he will lock her inside. Anupriya plays radio and hears Kalyani’s song. Sampada comes there and keeps hand on his eyes. She asks what she wants to prove. Anupriya says she is Moksh’s mother and says what you will understand. Sampada says everyone think her as kids dealer and tells that the villager will not leave her once she comes out.

Kalyani feigns stomach ache. Lady constable says she will take her to washroom. Kalyani says sorry to her and locks her inside the lock up. Lady constable tells that Malhar will fire her. Kalyani says I am doing this for my son and says once I find him, I will return. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani tells her that she has to go now. Anupriya says you don’t have to elope, Sarthak got your bailed. Lady constable gets the mail. Sarthak tells that he never used his contacts as he can’t see her in lock up. Anupriya says she will be with her. Sampada is outside the Police station with lady goon in car. She says she don’t want Kalyani’s name thorn from her way. She tells Katya Bai that she knows what to do. She says Kalyani shall not be outside for much time.

She comes out of car and tells the woman that Kalyani has stolen her son. She acts and asks her to tell where is Moksh? She tells the woman that Kalyani has stolen her son and sold to someone. The woman goon asks if you will sell the kids and says I will see her. Sampada laughs. Anupriya says you have a misunderstanding. Lady goon tells that such girl shall not be in the society and beats her. Kalyani says even I know karate. Some other woman come there and beat Kalyani. Sampada is leaving. Anupriya tries to stop her. Sampada pushes her and leaves. Anupriya falls down. The ladies goon try to strangulate her neck with the cloth. Kalyani shouts for help.

Anupriya asks the ladies and goon to leave her. Just then everyone get Malhar’s video appealing to the people to let Kalyani and him search their child. He tells that his wife Kalyani is a mother and can’t steal anyone’s baby. The lady goon along with the ladies hear the message. Kalyani and Anupriya hear the message too.Malhar requesting to the people in the video to help them find their son. He says I love my son very much, just like you love your kids. He says if anyone gets info then contact the Police station. Kalyani asks the ladies to help them and cries. The lady asks who is this lady then? Sampada’s lady goon runs away from there. The ladies apologize to them.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that they have to search Sampada and Atharv’s passport. Sampada holds the lady goon’s neck and says I asked you to hurt Kalyani so that she gets unconscious for the night. She says if you are of no use for me then you shall not be alive. She tries to strangulate her. Atharv comes and pushes Sampada. He asks lady goon to go. He asks Sampada why did you do this? Sampada says I don’t know what to do and tells that Malhar’s video is viral and Kalyani is after Moksh. Atharv says Moksh is still with your baba. Aparna comes and hears her. She asks what Moksh is doing with your baba and asks if she meets him even now. Sampada closes the door.

The ladies enquire about Moksh in the neighborhood. Pawar tells that someone messaged that the baby is found with a man. They reach there. Vaman sees Malhar and runs holding a basket. Malhar asks him to stop. Basket flies in air. Malhar catches the basket and opens it, but Moksh is not inside. He asks Vaman to tell where is Moksh? Vaman says you will raise hand on me. Malhar says you and asks where is Moksh. Vaman says Aparna came and took Moksh with her. She asks him to run diverting his attention. Malhar says do you think that this is a joke, you are hurting the baby. Atharv asks Sampada about Moksh. Sampada says he is safe with Aai. Atharv asks her not to worry.

Kalyani calls him and tells him that she has Sampada and his passport. Atharv says how to believe him. Kalyani asks him to check his phone and says she will give him his passport and will give Sampada’s passport after getting Moksh. Sampada comes and asks if Malhar got ready to give their passport. Atharv thinks he shall not tell Sampada and thinks to go and get his passport. He says he got info about Mugdha and going there.Atharv comes to the place and hugs Anupriya. He appreciates them for taking his passport from Malhar.

Kalyani says I will give you passport now if you bring Moksh to us in one hour. He asks about Sampada’s passport. She refuses to give her passport. Atharv says I love Sampada. Kalyani throws a passport in fire. Atharv calls her mad and says keep Sampada’s passport why did you burn my passport. Kalyani says that was dummy passport and says your passport is with me. She asks him to bring Moksh here within an hour and says if he don’t bring moksh then she will get the Police ready at the airport to welcome him. She says I will take revenge from Sampada. Atharv thinks to leave Sampada and thinks to go out of the country.

He asks Kalyani to do whatever she wants and says he loves his freedom. He says he don’t have to do anything with Sampada and will leave the country. He leaves. Malhar brings Vaman and Aparna there and asks her, did you see how much Atharv loves your daughter.A fb is shown, Sarthak says sorry to Malhar for getting Kalyani bailed. Kalyani says we shall give their passports to them. Just then Pawar brings Aparna and Vaman there. Kalyani asks Vaman about Moksh. Malhar says he is with Aai. Aparna says I will call Sampada and says you can’t stop me here. Malhar asks her to support them if she wants Sampada’s betterment.

He says do you think Atharv loves her and says he will give proof. Fb ends. Malhar tells Aparna to think what will happen with Sampada after Atharv leaves her. Anupriya asks Aparna to tell where is Moksh for Sampada’s betterment. Vaman tells Aparna that he has seen Kalyani and Moksh’s attachment seeing Moksh keeping quiet hearing Kalyani’s song. He asks Aparna to tell where is Moksh.Aparna says I will take you there. She takes them to a house where Sampada asked her to leave Moksh. Malhar asks Kalyani to be there and says he will go. Kalyani says she will come with him. Malhar says ok and asks her not to do any foolishness. They go inside.

Kalyani says there is nobody here, Aparna is betraying us. Sampada is there with the goons and asks them to take her son and says she will come there. She asks them to remember that nothing shall happen to her son. Malhar opens the door and gets inside. The goons attack Malhar tries to beat him. Kalyani asks where is Billu? Malhar holds the goons’ neck. Kalyani asks Sampada to tell where is Billu and holds her.The goon is taking Moksh out. Malhar asks Commissioner to give him permission to enquire with Sampada without arresting her. He says if I arrest her then she will get her bailed with a phone call. Anupriya asks her to tell where is Moksh else she will get jailed. Sampada is tied to the chair.

Kalyani says she will not tell easily and tells that she will call her lawyer and get bail. Sampada says she will not tell. Kalyani brings rats in the bag and says they are ready to jump on you. Sampada says you can’t do this. Aparna says Sampada is afraid of rats. Kalyani says I can do anything to get Moksh. She asks her to tell else she will open the bag.

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