My Golden Home update Friday 21st June 2019 – Season finale Episode


Friday update on My Golden Home – Season finale!

This is how My Golden Home ends! 

A doctor says that Kanika is weak since she has had abortion before. I will give some medicines and make sure she takes care and Abha says surely. Karan enters the room and looks at Abha and Karan asks how is she? Abha says she is fine and you don’t worry. We will bring mother out and Kanika would be fine. All would be fine. Karan says when will all be fine Abha? When all of us go to jail? Veer and everyone has left us and we are still seeing all this. Why? All because of Swarn Bhavan. Mother is in jail and Kanika is here weak and we had earned many enemies. All is only because of this Swarn Bhavan. First the family in the house left the house, then Yasodra entered, now Sushant and who next only because of this Swarn Bhavan. I have decided that we would sell Swarn Bhavan and all are shocked. Shelly comes in saying what are you saying Karan? How could you think of selling Swarn Bhavan? Abha says what are you saying Karan? Swarn Bhavan has many memories tied to it. Karan asks what is the use of the memories Abha? I don’t want more troubles for my family members because of Swarn Bhavan and Uday enters and Abha says father, is all fine? Karan says i called him as i don’t want to make such decision without asking him. Uday says look here son, i know that this house has memories of heritance but for my family and their happiness, i don’t want Swarn Bhavan and if you want to sell it, i’m with you. Shelly looks at Karuna and Karuna is shocked. Karan calls a property agent and asks to put Swarn Bhavan up for sale the next day and Abha is sad. Its night and Abha boils some milk and without realizing, someone mix some pills in the milk. Abha takes the milk and Karan is seen thinking in his room and Abha sits next to Karan and leaves the milk on the table. Abha holds Karan’s hands and says you have decided, so don’t think too much.

I know that this house has so much of memories but you have decided and that too for the family. I felt weird at first but mother is at jail which is something i didn’t wanted. We shall bring her out and live in a smaller house where at least we can be happy. All will be fine and you don’t worry. Now drink this milk and Abha says i shall sleep with Kanika tonight as she might need me, so you don’t think so much and leaves while Karan drinks the milk. Karan falls asleep after drinking the milk. Abha enters Kanika’s room and asks how are you? Kanika says how is mother? Abha says you need to take care of yourself and your child. Mother will surely be back, you trust in your brother right? The real culprit will be revealed soon and i have full trust. The doctor has asked you to have good rest and you sleep now. Someone opens Karan’s room door and the person goes nearer to Karan and takes a knife and stab and laughs seeing blood stains and its revealed to be Shelly where Shelly sees the blood and laughs like a mad person. Someone holds Shelly from the back and its Karan where Shelly gets shocked and looks back at the bed and its pillows and Shelly tries to attack Karan and Karan holds Shelly and Shelly pushes Karan and starts running while Karan manages to catch Shelly and take the knife away from her. Shelly says look, i will not leave you and everyone is shocked. Ranchod arrives and Karan says i know that someone is doing all this for Swarn Bhavan but you? That is why i pretended to sell Swarn Bhavan so that the person would do something stupid in return. You could have asked instead of doing all this. Shelly shouts that Karan was the one who murdered Sushant and he is trying to take Swarn Bhavan away from her. She tells Karan that he deserves to die. Shelly tries to strangle Karan again saying he is trying to sell Swarn Bhavan? Abha holds Shelly and says Shelly ! The police and Uday enters where Shelly says no one can sell Swarn Bhavan as its my rights. Everyone here just call me like a daughter and took everything away from me. You and your wife pretended to be good to me all the time. Abha and Karan are shocked! Abha says Shelly? I never even dream that you would do such a thing.

You always thought of me as your younger sister and you always stood with me to unite the family. And you trying to murder Karan? Shelly shouts yes, i did! Why about trying? I will really kill him. Ranchod is smilling and Shelly says i will not sit quietly. Ranchod says we had seen enough and now look at the inspector. Inspector, didn’t i tell you there is a climax today? Now take her away and send her child to some orphanage. Shelly shouts at Ranchod and Karuna gets hold of Shelly and slaps Shelly saying what madness are you doing? Why are you taking the blame upon yourself? Because the real culprit is me. Everyone is shocked. Karuna asks why are you taking the blame? Karuna looks at Karan and says yes, i murdered Sushant. And i was the one who gave money to Sushant to murder Karan. But Sushant caught Ranchod and Karan escaped. I for the sake of Shelly and Asmi wanted to kill everyone in Swarn Bhavan. Everyone is shocked. Karuna says i wanted to kill all the heir of Swarn Bhavan. What did my daughter get by getting married into this family? Earlier she has Vimal but after he left, what is there for Shelly and Asmi? Who would take care of them once i leave? That’s why i hired Sushant but once i learned that Sushant is about to marry Priyanka, and wanted to become the owner of Swarn Bhavan, i murdered him too. Everyone is shocked. Ranchod says all is fine but what is the CD 177 about? Karan looks at Ranchod and Ranchod says its a valid question right? Shelly says CD 177 is my mother’s car number. The moment i knew that Karan was in danger, i suspected that my mother had something to do with this. And when Karan spoke about selling Swarn Bhavan, i knew that my mom would plan a new game and i saw her mixing the tablets in Karan’s milk and it confirmed my doubts. Shelly says if her mother could kill Sushant, she could also kill Karan.

That moment itself i went to Karan’s room and told the truth. *Flashback* Karan is about to drink the milk and Shelly comes in and grabs the cup saying don’t drink the milk as it has some tablets. Karan says Abha herself gave me and Shelly says i saw my mother mixing something in the milk. Do you know? My mother was the one who killed Sushant and she wants to kill you too. Karan asks why? Shelly says why? why? Even i am trying to find out why. Karan says relax and the truth is i was only acting to sell Swarn Bhavan because i know that the real culprit will surely do something for it but i never knew it would be auntie. Shelly says even i never expected my mother to do such thing and i will never let such thing to happen to my family members. First was Abha, then Mother and now you. We need to do something and they plan. *End of Flashback* Shelly says mom, i learned about family in this house and i never wanted this Swarn Bhavan. What did you get by doing all this? How will i face all of them after this? Shelly’s mother tries to say something and Shelly says what are you going to say? I don’t wish to hear anything and asks the police to take her away. The police comes and says i have never seen such a family with so much of love and sacrifices for each another. The police says Mr Singh, your Swarn Bhavan is not only made from gold but even the people here’s heart is also made by gold. The police then orders to arrest Karuna and Karuna says Shelly please forgive me as i did this for your future but you have made me understand that family is important for your future. Karuna is taken away and the police says to Abha that Pratibha will return back to the house and leaves.

Shelly is crying and Abha consoles Shelly while Shelly seeks forgiveness for what Karuna has done and Abha hugs Shelly and says enough Shelly, it needs strenght to do what you have done. Priyanka says Shelly, you have done a lot for the family and we will not forget it and Shelly says i learnt all this from Abha, Priyanka. All this strenght is only because of Abha and all of us must be together again. Everyone smiles and prays at the temple. Its morning where Abha does morning prayers and the police arrives with Pratibha and Abha greets Pratibha and hugs her. Abha asks you are fine right? Abha thanks the police and everyone comes. Shelly feels guilty and Karan asks Shelly to go forward and Shelly says mother, please forgive me for what my mother did. Pratibha says why must i forgive you? What you have done for your in laws is something which even some daughters would not do these days. Abha says you are right mother. Now we all are together and all will be fine. Pratibha says the family will be complete when all my three daughters are re-married and Karan says that would certainly happen. The police says this house is not far away from happiness and i have learnt that too and i shall leave and the police leaves.

Ranchod arrives with the small boy and the small boy says i have two papa and Karan says you only have one papa. Ranchod takes blessings from Pratibha and says goodbye. Pratibha says please come back here once everything is fine and Ranchod says its nice to hear that but i have such big film and the shooting is in London. I need to go and be a big actor. Sheetal says you are going to London for shooting? Can i come with you? You certainly need someone to take care of you right? Ranchod says you can take care of Swarn Bhavan. Pratibha says we all want you to achieve your dream and Ranchod says goodbye to everyone.

Ranchod goes to Karan and Karan says i am sorry, everytime we meet, there is surely a mis-understanding and Ranchod teases Karan of been a drama king. Why is mother india not saying anything today? Is she angry? Abha says when the next time you come, do bring a real life heroine together and also cut down your ciggarate. Ranchod says i will bring one but do you want a local one or a white lady and Shelly says bring a white one. Ranchod leaves with the small boy. One of Karan’s old friend says i have heard about your family and about getting them re-married. Its a good decision and at least they would be happy. The police says do you know why am i still not married? Because i want a life partner that is good and i feel that Shelly has all the values. If you don’t mind, i would want to make Shelly my life partner. Karan says you are such a big police and i would ask Shelly for her opinion. Shelly speaks to the policeman in front of everyone and says besides me needing a life partner, Asmi also needs a father and if you are prepared, i don’t mind. The police says Shelly, while you are ready to leave your house and family, what is wrong in me accepting the child? I can guarantee that she would not feel the void of a father. Pratibha says then lets fix for a good date for the wedding. Abha mix tea for everyone and Pratibha says i am happy today that Shelly has got someone good and i will be more satisfied once Priyanka and Kanika finds someone good too.

Uday says don’t worry and all would surely be fine and Abha says yes maa, leave it to us. Lata comes in saying Abha is right and hugs Abha and Abha greets Aruna and asks how was their prayers and she says all was fine. Lata shows the newspaper of an article about the ladies in the newspaper and says we are proud of it.

As Kanika is walking back, a guy follows her back and Kanika is scared and starts walking fast. The guy goes nearer and approaches Kanika and Kanika says aren’t you ashamed to follow a girl? You would be in trouble if i tell this to my brother. Please leave from here and as the guy tries to speak, Kanika runs away. Everyone is at Swarn Bhavan laughing and Kanika runs in as the guy follows her and Kanika says, look at him as he has been following me. The guy says i was not following you. My name is Apoor and i wanted to ask where Swarn Bhavan is and you were running away.

Karan asks who are you? The guy says i am a small business man and have a hotel business. I saw the article in the newspaper and your family is really brave in starting life again for the ladies in this family. I wish all the ladies in our country would be brave to take such bold decision. That is why i am here. Uday says in such age, you really have good views and the guy takes Uday’s blessings. The guy says i forgot to say why i am here. I want you to be my supplier for all the papads and acar for my hotel.

Can you tell me how much is the advance as i am ready to pay. Karan says its alright, not now. Kanika says i am really sorry Aproor. Apoor says its alright and maybe i look like that. And next time when i come, do give me a cup of tea and i would forgive you. Pratibha says why another time? Kanika, go and bring some tea. Pratibha asks him to sit down and asks tell me about your family and Apoor says that he lives with his father as his mother passed away a few years back. Shelly says why have you not thought of marriage till now? The guy says i have not meet the girl of my type and maybe my face looks like a goon? Kanika says i am sorry once again and Sheetal comes saying but we all know that you are such a good person. You are rich, nice guy and you would be a good match for our Kanika. Everyone is shocked and Uday says don’t take her words seriously as she says thinks playfully. Apoor says its alright and i feel what she said was right since i was also looking for a girl like Kanika. I will ask my father to come and speak about this and Pratibha says we don’t mind too and we will be waiting for your answer and Apoor leaves. Kanika look at him and Uday says Kanika, what do you think? Kanika says i agree with what all of you feel.

Pratibha is going through some photos and she is asking Priyanka for her opinion and Pratibha chooses a picture and says we like him and the priest says this guy is from a big family and all are prepared to meet the guy and his family. Priyanka is shown to have spoken with the guy and the guy’s family asks the son if he is happy with the alliance and he says yes. All is happy and Abha says don’t worry, i and Karan will prepare for the wedding and Karan, Ranchod says that there is a troop from Delhi right? We shall call them and the priest says that 13 July at 8pm would be a good day and time. Everyone is excited. The mehndi ceremony is shown and Pratibha says that the farewell ceremony would make her very sad and Abha says for their happiness, we may need to accept it mother. Karan says don’t get emotional now. Sheetal asks what happened to the dance troop since i am already dressed up.

Karan says they will be coming tomorrow but since you are already prepared and looking like Rekha, show us some performance. Sheetal sings and dances where everyone is being entertained. Abha joins in and dances with Sheeta. Karan says if uncle Raghav was here today, he would certainly be in love again. Abha pulls Karan and asks Karan to dance. Karan says i am dancing? Karan says you don’t want the new grooms to run away right? Abha says so you don’t want to dance? Karan says alright, i don’t want you to get angry and Karan sings an old song to Abha and Abha sings in return to Karan and Shelly says finally Karan won Abha’s heart but Abha has to do something in return. Karan plays the guitar and Abha starts dancing and Karan joins in dancing. Karan speaks to all the three grooms saying that all the three ladies are now your responsibilities and they say we will not let them be sad. Karan says though you are my friend, but if Shelly gets sad, i will go to the police station and Shelly gets emotional. Abha says its happy time and not for emotional talks. Karan says you will need to dance for us since its the last in Swarn Bhavan and Shelly sings song and dances. Kanika joins in singing and Priyanka sings along.

Everyone joins in and sings along.
Pratibha cries and Shelly says i am really sorry if i have ever hurt you and Priyanka says mother, we would not be able to thank you for all we have got in this family. Kanika goes to Karan and says you and Abha have always thought of our happiness and this is why, brother and sister in law are regarded as father and mother. Shelly says i have full trust that Karan and Abha would take care of mother and this house. Pratibha says you are right and Karan says that there is a small surprise for you. Shelly’s bridegroom’s says that we would be staying here along with you and everyone is happy and Pratibha says you will all stay here and they all starts singing a song ‘Beetiyan ki Baabul’ and all hug each another.

My Golden Home is replaced the next day by Fire and ice. 

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