King of hearts update Sunday 23 June 2019

Sunday update on King of hearts 23 June 2019

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Sid says he’s going to DD’s house. Simran asks why he’s saying those things to her? Sid says she hurt Roshni’s feelings, and has refused to feel any remorse about it, and that’s what she’s asking him to do! He says he’s her Son and he can do anything! Simran begs him to stay. He tells her goodbye and leaves the house.
Simran asks Raj if he heard Sid is leaving? Raj says Sid is not the only one! Simran asks why he would do that? Raj says she does everything for her daughter, so he can do the same for his Son, as She never loved her Son, and it was all a lie, so she can stay in the house with her daughter and her husband, who are her family!
Raj also walks out of the house.
Rajveer and Krutika smirks, and act as consoling her. Rajveer is happy his plans are falling into place, that between their fights, he is getting away with all the property, and smirks!
Roshni brings back god’s idol and performs prayer with the family.
Roshni thanks Bablu and Pratima for coming to see her and says she doesn’t want her Mother to know what happened between her and Sid on her way home.
DD comes home tired, and Roshni gives her a sweet offering and says she got the job. DD says she knows her daughter is the best!
Bablu asks DD if she got the house?
DD says she didn’t,because she didn’t like any of the houses. Roshni asks if she’s upset? DD says she just didn’t like the houses. She is unable to tell her that she was rejected from the house she liked.

Sid arrives in DD’s Old house and switches on the light. He remembers how he was welcomed when he first came to the house after their Marriage. Raj watches him as he picks up a Photograph and walks around. He gets to Roshni’s room and sees her Photographs on the wall.
Memories of their time together flood him. He picks one of her photos and remembers the day he made her promise they will never leave each other alone, no matter what, and she promised. He clutches the photo to his chest. Raj assures him that their troubles will end soon, and everything will be okay. Sid says it’s not easy to change things, but Raj needs to go back to Simran. Raj says he won’t leave, he will stay!
Sid says he needs to go back because his Mum is all by herself, and that’s the opportunity Rajveer is waiting for. He tells him to promise that no matter what, he won’t leave Simran.
Raj asks how Sid expects him to go back after all she has done? He asks about Sid and Roshni? Sid says he and Roshni will get back together and he will see to it that she never suffers again when they get back together.
Roshni gets to work and sits.
An Office assistant tells her that she can’t stay there, as they have a special Office for her.
Roshni is surprised.
The Assistant tells her the CEO of the company is waiting for her.
Roshni enters and meets the CEO. He tells her he hopes she will become a huge part of the company as Mrs Khurana. He says they’ve been trying to collaborate with the Khuranas for a long time, so with her on board, it will become possible. Roshni says she’s sorry to say this, but she can’t help them collaborate with the Khuranas.
The CEO says he thought she said she wanted to contribute to the success of the company.

Roshni says she does but she’s not related to the Khuranas.
The CEO says she’s not really qualified for the job and he only hired her based on her relationship to the Khuranas! Roshni begs for one more chance. The CEO says they won’t be needing her unless she changes her mind!
Roshni says the Company is not for her.
Roshni gets home and grandmother asks why she came back so early? Roshni doesn’t respond and heads straight to the room. DD joins her in the room and asks what happened?
Roshni says no matter what she does, the Khuranas always shows up! She says the only reason she was hired for the job was so she could help them collaborate with the Khuranas, so she decided to quit. DD pats her on the back and leaves the room.
Roshni hears Sid’s voice asking her to tell him she doesn’t love him? She holds her head, then turns to see Sid banging on the window. He busts the window open and cuts his hand in the process. Roshni panics and runs towards the window. She tries to move away, but Sid holds her hand and says he already got his answer as she started crying when she saw him, so why is she staying away from him when she loves him? He says she knows he can’t live without her, he made a big mistake by lying to her, but he lied because he wanted to be in her life and was just waiting for the right time to tell her the truth. He asks if she remembers the promise they made to each other and she promised not to leave him. He says he can’t make everything right, but he will make it better, and that can only happen if she’s with him. Roshni doesn’t respond. He says they can bring their families together and he is promising that his Mom will apologise to her Mum. Roshni gets upset and takes her hand away from his grip.
She says she’s glad he reminded her of what his Mother did because she was almost going to forgive him, but he should know he has broken her trust and they can never talk again!

She closes the window in his face and he keeps calling her name, but she doesn’t answer.
Roshni falls to the ground, crying.
Sid says he won’t move from the window till she talks to him and she will find out which is stronger, her hatred or his love. He writes her name on the window glass with his blood, and says until she accepts him, he will stand outside her house.
DD meets Sid outside and tells him to stop what he’s doing or she will call the Police! Sid tells her to go ahead and call the Police, as he can’t go anywhere without Roshni. DD tells him Roshni will never come back to him! DD gets into the house and Grandmother tells her Sid won’t leave and she knows how determined he can be. She says Roshni will also not be able to live without Sid, yet She’s being so stubborn, she doesn’t want to see him, yet she cries because she misses him. She asks DD what kind of Mother she is for letting Roshni be so upset? She says things are going to get worse except something is done.
At night, Roshni is still sitting under the window. It starts raining and she opens the window to look for Sid. She gets worried when she doesn’t see him. Sid appears, soaking wet and cold. They stare at one another. Sid says he won’t go anywhere, and no matter what happens, he will stay here. He says this is how he will show his love and he wants her to see it.
Roshni closes the window then falls under it again to cry.
The Neighbours start talking about Sid standing in the rain. Roshni goes to the other room to meet DD. She says Sid won’t give up, she knows him very well. DD says she knows Roshni very well too, and she’s not happy.
Roshni says she can’t be happy because she’s responsible for what happened to her family and feels so guilty. DD says Roshni used to complain that she focused too much on her business so now, she wants to focus on Roshni. Roshni says Sid and his family caused her so much pain, she has decided not to be with him anymore, so she wants to go far away.

DD asks if she can live without him?
Roshni says she doesn’t know, but if she stays, she will feel trapped, her family members will feel humiliated every day if she stays. She asks how she can leave her Mum? DD says she can manage everything alone and Roshni doesn’t have to worry about her. Roshni says she wants to move far away from here. DD says she will make the arrangements, but she must not tell anyone else, because Sid can convince her Grandmother and Pratima, and they will be forced to tell him the truth. Roshni says she will never forgive Sid! DD says she will protect her, and ensure no one ever lies to her again!
Sid leans against the wall as he begins to feel sleepy. Roshni enters the main room to see everyone asleep. She cries as she looks at all of them. She kisses her Grandmother’s feet and touches Mona’s feet, then she blows a kiss at Bablu and Pratima.
Roshni hugs her Mother and they both cry, then Roshni drags her suitcase out of the house.
Sid falls asleep leaning on the wall so he goes to the tap to wash his face.
DD and Roshni get outside and see him, but he doesn’t see them.
Roshni walks towards him and almost gives in, but then changes her mind and hides with DD.
Sid turns around, looking. Roshni covers her face with a veil and walks away with DD.
In the morning, Grandmother wakes up and looks for Roshni and DD. DD comes back home and Grandmother asks for Roshni? DD says Roshni has decided to leave them.

Bablu and Grandmother ask where she has gone to? DD says she has left the town and them for good!
Sid enters the house and asks DD where Roshni has gone? DD doesn’t respond. Sid shouts at her, saying that as Roshni’s husband, he has a right to know where she is!
Grandmother asks DD why she allowed Roshni do such a thing?
DD says it was Roshni’s decision and she only helped her leave. Sid asks what she has done, Roshni is his life and she has separated him from her.
DD says she’s Roshni Mother and did what was best for her!
Sid is in his Car on his way to look for Roshni. He calls his Dad on his phone to complain. Raj asks where he would look for her? Sid says he knows somewhere Roshni will visit before she goes.
Roshni is at her NGO.
She tells the kids to always take care of themselves and to listen to Munya.
Phatka asks why she is saying all those things when they are just going to school? Roshni says she was just missing them and felt like saying those things to them. She gives them all chocolates and they get on the school bus.
When the kids leave for School, she tells Munya to look after them and to call Bablu and Pratima if her number is not reachable. Munya asks if she is going away? Roshni is unable to answer.
She tells the Cab to take her to the International Airport.

As soon as the Car leaves, Sid arrives and asks Munya for Roshni?
Munya says she just left and was behaving strangely. Sid asks if he knows where she has gone?
Munya says she has gone to the International Airport

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