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Fire and Ice teasers June 2019 Zee World


Fire and Ice teasers June 2019

A romantic tale about a love triangle between a fierce young woman Twinkle, a possessive guy named Yuvraj and a wealthy man named Kunj begins June 2019 on Zee World, read teasers here…

Saturday 22 June 2019
Episode 1

A romantic tale about a love triangle between a fierce young woman Twinkle, a possessive guy named Yuvraj and a wealthy man named Kunj.

Twinkle is madly in love with Yuvraj, unfortunately their mothers share a bitter history that gets in the way of their love.

The two love birds devise a plan to stay together. Conflicts between the two families wear heavily on them, until Kunj shows up.

Sunday 23 June 2019
Episode 2

It becomes clear that Twinkle and Yuvraj are seeing one another behind their mother’s backs. Well renowed business mogal, Manohar Sarna comes home to Punjab. Leela hears about the perfect guy for Twinkle and he is non other than Kunj, Mr. Manohar’s son.

Monday 24 June 2019
Episode 3

Yuvraj somehow manages to get into Twinkle’s house. Leela finds out that Yuvraj is responsible for making Twinkle drunk and she vows to get her revenge. What could Leela be planning for Anita and Yuvraj?

Tuesday 25 June 2019
Episode 4

Yuvraj tells Twinkle that the only way they can solve the problem is to elope. Meanwhile Leela is finalising getting Twinkle married to Manohar Sarna’s son. Leela’s affection compels Twinkle to drop Yuvraj.

Wednesday 26 June 2019
Episode 5

Manohar Sarna throws a very grand party at his house. Yuvraj sees Twinkle and Kunj together and he looses his mind. Twinkle and Yuvraj both enter the same bathroom, little do they know that their mother’s will come looking for them. What will they do now?

Thursday 27 June 2019
Episode 6

Twinkle and Kunj’s alliance gets finalised. Just as Twinkle tries to explain the situation to Yuvraj, her grandpa makes a sudden appearance. All three Kunj, Yuvraj and Twinkle work out there own ways to call off the engagement. Who’s plan will succeed first?

Friday 28 june 2019
Episode 7

Kunj starts to develop a soft spot for Twinkle after she saves his nephew. A unknown girl named Anu comes to stop falsely accuse Kunj at the ceremony. Despite the attempts to stop the engagement, it still takes place.

Saturday 29 June 2019
Episode 8

Kunj reveals to Yuvraj that he isn’t interested Twinkle. Manohar buys a five star hotel and he names it after Twinkle. Twinkle and Kunj find it hard to tell there parents the truth.

Yuvraj finds out and decides to take matters into his own hands. What does Yuvraj have planned?

Sunday 30 June 2019
Episode 10

Manohar hires a wedding planner and it is non other than Alisha, Kunj’s girlfriend. It turns out that Alisha actually has a hidden agenda of her own. Anita Luthra sends a DVD to Manohar that contains evidence against Twinkle. Will this lead to Manohar calling of the wedding?

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