My heart knowsupdate Wednesday 21 September 2022

My heart knows 21 September 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani and Malhar get thinking hearing Gungun’s trick that when one joker hides another comes up. Kalyani thanks Gungun and asks her to go and sleep. Ajinkya’s twin comes to him and makes him unconscious using chloroform. Ajinkya faints. The twin then makes him lie down on the bed. Kalyani tells Malhar that he was right, he saw Ajinkya’s lookalike. She tells that just like Gungun’s magic trick, when one hide then other come. Ajinkya’s twin comes to Godaveri’s room. Godaveri asks what are you doing here? He says he came to give her wife’s rights, which she wanted. Godaveri pushes him and asks him to stay away. Malhar and Kalyani hear the sound and come to Godaveri’s room.

Ajinkya’s twin switches off the lights. Malhar and Kalyani come inside and see Ajinkya on the floor unconscious and Godaveri standing holding the knife. Malhar checks him and finds him unconscious. Kalyani brings Godaveri out of shock and asks her to tell what happened? Godaveri tells that Ajinkya behaved strangely and also that he misbehaved with him. Malhar makes him come in his consciousness and confronts him. Ajinkya tells that he came to apologized to Godaveri, when suddenly someone made him unconscious. Malhar tells that he will take him to PS.

Kalyani stops him and tells him that Ajinkya haven’t done anything. Malhar asks didn’t you trust your sister. Kalyani says she trusts her, and also knows that Ajinkya can’t do such a thing. She says surely his lookalike must have done this. She tells Malhar that they are right about his twin or lookalike. Malhar asks Ajinkya if he has any twin brother. Ajinkya says he is not aware of him, as his Aai haven’t told him. Kalyani says she knows how to make Indu speak up.Ajinkya comes to Indu and says why did you bring me here? He says I was happy at my place and tells that you trapped me in this mess. A fb is shown, Indu shows Godaveri’s pic to Ajinkya and asks him to marry her.

Ajinkya refuses to marry and asks what about this girl’s happiness. Indu threatens to commit suicide if his truth comes out. He says he will tell that he is not interested to marry. Indu says people laugh at me and asks him to live life like he wants, after her death. She blackmails him to marry Godaveri. Fb ends. Ajinkya tells Indu that now they came to know everything. Indu says it is good, but they will not tell anyone. Ajinkya tells Indu that Kalyani and Malhar are doubtful that he has a twin brother. Indu asks him not to say louder. Ajinkya asks if this is truth. Malhar and Kalyani hear him on spy recorder. Indu tells Ajinkya that his twin brother is Akshay and says if I had told you then you wouldn’t have agreed to marry Godaveri.

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Anupriya thanking Ganapati bappa for helping Godaveri choose the way, and asks him to make every way easy for her. Sarthak comes there and gets thinking. Anupriya asks what happened? Sarthak tells that they have solved one daughter’s problem, but what about other daughter. He tells that he feels that Kalyani and Malhar’s relation suffered due to Ajinkya’s matter, before Mahika’s matter and your illness. He says we shall make them understand to give time to each other. Anupriya says ok and tells that they shall do something that they shall spend some time together. She smiles. Malhar comes to the room and calls Kalyani. Kalyani asks if Akshay is found. Malhar says he will catch him just as he switches on his phone. Anupriya and Sarthak come there and blind fold them.

Kalyani and Malhar ask what are they doing? Anupriya and Sarthak say that they will tell. They take them from the room to the decorated hall and then asks Malhar and Kalyani to remove the blindfold after counting 3. Malhar and Kalyani open the blindfold and see the decoration. Malhar says it is Kaka’s idea, he is more romantic. Kalyani says it is my Aai’s idea and tells that she is more romantic. They have an argument. Kalyani says she is going to her Aai to thank her. Malhar pulls her and dances with her, while the song I love you plays….Anupriya comes there and says sorry to disturb you, but Ajinkya has some information about Akshay. Ajinkya says Akshay is going to Australia within 2 hours.

Malhar says he will ask Police to check at every places. Ajinkya feels apologetic from his brother’s side and tells that he wants to apologize to Shilpi. He comes to Shilpi and apologizes to her for his brother’s doings and says Malhar and Kalyani will get him arrested and also punished. He asks her to forget and move on. He holds her hand sensually. She realizes his touch and gets scared, says you are….He says I am Akshay. Shilpi gets scared. He recalls Godaveri threatening to kill him, when he takes unconscious Ajinkya out and pretend to be unconscious and behaves like Ajinkya. He says Malhar and Kalyani thought that Ajinkya had gone to meet Aai, but it is me. Shilpi is shocked.

He says Aai and I are fooling Malhar and Kalyani together. He says they feel that Ajinkya went to meet Aai, but it is me. He recalls and a fb is shown. He tells Indu that their plan is successful. Shilpi tries to call Malhar, but he stops her from shouting and tells that Kalyani’s smartness will trap herself.Kalyani, Malhar and Anupriya come to the place where real Ajinkya is standing. Malhar aims gun at him. Ajinkya gets shocked. Malhar beats him for ruining a girl’s life. Media comes there and tells that Commissioner is beating an ordinary guy. They accuse Malhar for beating Godaveri’s husband. Anupriya says call the ambulance. Kalyani says we got information that Ajinkya’s twin brother is escaping and that’s why we came here following the location.

Other reporter tells that Police and their family members are brutal. Kalyani asks them to calm down. Reporter tells Anupriya that Commissioner Malhar have beaten this guy so brutally and asks whom she will support, Ajinkya or commissioner. They bombard questions on Anupriya. Anupriya asks them to calm down and tells that Police have done mistake, Malhar Rane shall be suspended. Kalyani says it was Akshay’s plan, and he trapped us. She asks how can you blame Malhar? Anupriya says Malhar started beating him without asking who is he? Kalyani says you are demanding for Malhar’s suspension, it was confusion planned by Akshay. Anupriya says do you think that Malhar did right, by beating him.

The reporters leave hearing Police jeep sound. DSP calls Malhar. Malhar tells that everything was live telecast on social media, DSP had no option so he suspended me. Kalyani feels bad. They leave from there.Later Kalyani comes to room and apologizes to Malhar. She says you were suspended because of someone’s mistake. She asks him not to sit in darkness and switches on the lights. Malhar says what to say, I don’t believe on Maayi’s statement. He says nobody thought that I was getting trapped. Kalyani says even I don’t hope from this Aai and tells that whatever she did was wrong. Malhar says I will do what I want to. Kalyani says I won’t be quiet, for a blind girl’s rape and will search Akshay, if I am on duty or not. He goes.

Indu sees the news on Akshay’s mobile. Akshay pretends to be a lady clad in saree and says it is a good news. Malhar comes to PS and tells that Akshay is not found. Malhar asks him to bring the list of people, who came to meet Indu. Indu tells Akshay that Police is after him. Akshay says Malhar is suspended and Kalyani is upset with her Aai. Indu says then also Police is after you. Pawar informs Malhar that someone came from NGO to meet Indu.


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