My desire update Wednesday 21 February 2024

My desire 21 February 2024: Nitya tells her assistant Mr Sharma that Kashvi has become a headache for her. She says she tried to mislead Kashvi and divert her attention towards Aruna, but she wants her to request commissioner to investigate her parent’s murder case; she will be under commissioner’s scanner if she does that.

Sharma asks her not to worry as he will divert Kashvi’s attention towards Aruna’s sons. Pradyuman enters a sauna room. Machine malfunctions and temperature increases. He tries to get out of room and finds the door locked. He pleads for help and collapses. Mahima notices him, unlocks the door with her hair pin and gets him out.

Sharma takes Aruna’s sons and their friends to a bar and gets them heavily drunk. He then provokes them against Kashvi and encourages them to harm her for insulting their mother. Doctor treats Pradyuman and tells him that he should be thankful to a person who saved him as he wasn’t getting oxygen in sauna room and would have died. Pradyuman thanks Mahima for saving his life and asks how did she reach there. Mahima says she was coming to him to apologize him again, saw his condition and sought help from house staff, but when no one came, she opened the door via her hair pin and saved. She says she is guilty for breaking his heart and truly loves him, etc.

Pradyuman forgives him and says they can be friends at least and starts afresh. Mahima walks out of his room and grins recalling how she tampered sauna machine and acted as saving him so that she can trap him again and enjoy his wealth as his wife.

Kashvi asks Nitya if she spoke to the commissioner about her parent’s case. Nitya says commissioner is out of station for 2 days and asks her not to stretch this issue more for the peace of their family.

Kashvi walks to her room and sits on her bed. Arjun asks Kashvi to help him complete his assignment. Kashvi says she already finished her assignment and asks him to finish is own. He asks why she is behaving abnormal with him. Kashvi says she doesn’t want to pain him anymore as her face pains him and wants to stay alone. She covers herself with a blanket and sleeps. Arjun gets angry and asks what does she mean, she should sort it out. Kashvi doesn’t reply. Arjun says even he is not dying to talk to her and lies on the other side of the bed fuming.

Sharma asks Aruna’s sons to call Kashvi to a nearby abandoned house and punish her. They shout not to teach them what to do. They call Kashvi from a PCO and asks her to come to an abandoned house if they want to know about madamji. Kashvi thinks she should take Arjun along as he hates her face. She calls Nitya, but when she doesn’t pick her call messages her about the call. She reaches abandoned house where Aruna’s sons with their friends surround her and confront her for wrongly accusing their mother.


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