My desire update Tuesday 20 February 2024

My desire 20 February 2024: Kashvi thinks to check the saree’s pallu to figure out Madam ji is Bua ji. She finds the pallu torn and realizes Bua ji is Madam ji, and thinks papa was right. She thinks Bua ji has killed my parents and thinks to tell Arjun hoping to get his support, but thinks she shall not tell take his help recalling his true feelings for her.

She then thinks to share this with Nitya, and thinks she was Maa’s best friend, I shall tell her. She goes to Nitya. Nitya thinks Kashvi might have seen the saree which I had kept in Jiji’s room. She recalls getting similar saree delivered to her, and then she tears it exactly the same way it was torn, and thinks to keep it in Jiji’s room so that Kashvi see it and doubts her. She then thinks to send Kashvi there, so that she feels that Samrat was talking about the dangerous woman in the recording, is jiji.

Pankaj and Suraj scold Kamla Devi for not pressing their clothes well. Kamla Devi apologizes and tells that she is unwell today. Pankaj asks her to stay at home. Suraj says you are not dying, so how can you do work like this. Kashvi gets angry and slaps Suraj. She scolds them asking if they don’t have manners to talk to elders, says she is human first and they shall know how to behave. Aruna asks how dare she to raise hand on her son, and tells that she has never raised hand on them. She says their sons are the owners of the house and will behave with the Servant, the way they wanted to. Kashvi says you are favoring them, now I understand why your sons are like this.

Aruna asks Jagdish to see his bahu is talking to her, and asks if she has manners to talk to elders. Arjun says sorry, but it is Pankaj and Suraj’s mistake. He says if Suraj wants to wear kurta, then he shall press it himself else if he needs help then he shall know how to request for help, and how to talk to Kamla Aunty or any woman. Jagdish says yes. Arjun says Kamla aunty is working with us, since many years. Suraj asks Arjun why is he supporting Kashvi, as he married her? He asks him not to forget under which circumstances, they got married. Arjun says I am not taking her side as she is my wife, but because she is right. Kashvi asks Suraj to apologize to Kamla Aunty. Pankaj asks if she is mad to think that they will apologize to her. Jagdish asks them to apologize to Kamla and tells that she is working with us since a long time, infact she has done your upbringing, and I don’t want anyone to insult elders. Aruna asks if he can’t see her insult which Kashvi is doing.

Nitya tells Aruna that Pankaj and Suraj have done a mistake, and accepts that even Kashvi has done mistake. She asks Kashvi why did she raise her hand on Suraj, and tells that they would have talked to him. She says she don’t want any fight to happen before puja. Jagdish asks them to apologize. Aruna says my sons will not apologize and takes them with her. Kashvi says sorry to Kamla. Kamla goes. Nitya asks Pandit ji to start the puja. Arjun finds Kashvi’s behavior strange. Pandit ji completes the puja and goes. Kashvi tells Nitya that she wants to talk to her. Nitya asks her to call her Mom. Kashvi tells her that she had seen torn saree in Bua ji’s almira. She tells that it was the same saree whose piece I had found in the factory, which that woman was wearing in the factory who shot the killer as he was about to reveal her name. She tells her that Bua ji is the one who gave orders to get my parents killed. Nitya asks what nonsense you are saying, and says just because you found a torn saree, that doesn’t mean that jiji is the murderer.

Kashvi tells that her father told in recording that the dangerous woman is in her sasural, and killer also said that the orders was given to him by Madam ji, and she might be Bua ji who murdered my parents. Nitya acts to be shocked and thinks you are caught in my trap, stupid Kashvi. She sees Suraj and Pankaj coming there, and acts, asking enough can you say that jiji has killed your parents. She says Nayan was my best friend and I loved them a lot. She says jiji can’t do this, and tells that she is staying with us since a long time, and you can’t accuse her.

Kashvi says Bua ji is a criminal and have killed my parents, and shall be jailed. Nitya says your Papa’s recording and torn saree is not a strong proof. Suraj and Pankaj gets shocked and angry. Suraj asks Nitya why is she blaming their mother to be murderer. Nitya says she is murderer. Pankaj says this is our Nana ji’s house too, how dare she to say anything to our mother. Aruna comes and asks what happened again. Suraj tells her that Kashvi is accusing you of murdering her parents. Aruna says you are accusing me and asks how dare you. Kashvi says she has Papa’s recording. Nitya asks if Samrat has taken Aruna’s name. Kashvi says no and tells that Papa has told clearly that the woman is of this house. Nitya says that woman could be me also. Kashvi says she has checked her saree already, and tells that Bua ji’s saree pallu is torn and this proof is enough to say that Bua ji is Madam ji. She says she has given orders for my parents’ murder.

Aruna asks what nonsense, she is saying? Nitya explains to Aruna everything. Aruna says how she can say that it is my saree, and my pallu can be torn anywhere. Pankaj says Kashvi has gone mad. Suraj says her father was a scoundrel and clever. Nitya gets angry and asks how dare he to say that? Suraj asks how dare you to accuse our mother. Nitya asks Aruna to go to room. Aruna says Kashvi wants to throw us out.

Nitya asks what she wants to do and asks if she wants to go to Police. Kashvi says yes. Nitya says I had told you that the proof is not strong, says she will go to commissioner and lets see what he says.

She says I want their murderer to get strict punishment, but we can’t accuse anyone just like that. She says we shall be careful while taking every step. Kashvi says I want my parents’ murderer to be punished. She asks him to do it soon, as she can’t wait. Nitya assures that she will help her. She thinks to do something, and thinks Kashvi won’t be quiet.

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