My desire update Thursday 22 February 2024

My desire 22 February 2024: Suraj and Pankaj and their friends catch Kashvi and threaten to kill her. Kashvi hits them and hides. She calls Arjun for help and when he doesn’t pick call, leaves a voice message that she is in danger. Goons walk into room.

Kashvi sends a written message with live location and thinks either Nitya or Arjun whoever sees her message will reach here soon. Goons surround her. Arjun wakes up hearing a message beep wakes up and finds Kashvi’s multiple calls and voice message with her location. He hears message and rushes towards the location. Kashvi fights with goons and tries to run, but they overpower her again and catch her. She warns them to let her go or else. Suraj breaks a beer bottle to stab Kashvi.

Mahima acts as waiting for an auto under rain to gain Pradyuman’s attention. Pradyuman stops his car and offers to drop her home. She acts hesitant at first and then agrees. He drops her near her house and asks if she stays in this poor area. She says she was staying in a better place and when Veera’s cousin fooled her and took money from him in lieu of a photoshoot, she is staying here. He says karma bit her, she fooled others and got fooled in return. She says she learnt from her mistake and hence apologized him, it’s up to him whether he believes her or not.

He feels guilty. She gets into home. Veer says she saw her coming in a big car, whose car was that. Mahima says who else than Pradyuman and describes how she trapped Pradyuman again to marry him and enjoy his wealth.

Nitya notices K ashvi’s missed calls and voice message that she got a call from someone that he wants to give her information about Madamji at a dilapidated house at lane end, so she is going there. She hopes its not Sharma’s plan and calls him. Sharma informs that he provoked heavily drunk Suraj and Pankaj against Kashvi and they will make sure Kashvi is not in a condition to think about madamji again.

Nitya says Kashvi is her DIL and Arjun will not spare anyone if something happens to her. She scolds him for his foolishness and rushes to Arjun’s room and finds him already gone. She rushes towards the broken house.

Arjun reaches broken house and searches for Kashvi. Kashvi shouts hearing his voice. Suraj shuts her mouth and asks if she called Arjun there. She nods yes. Suraj says she can’t stay alive now and is about to stab her when Arjun holds his hand and confronts him for eyeing on his DIL who is equal to his mother. Suraj and his friends attack Arjun. Arjun fights with them. Nitya reaches spot next and seeing the fight thinks situation went out of control. She rushes to stop Arjun. Suraj’s friends hits Arjun’s head from behind. Arjun falls down bleeding.

Nitya and Kashvi hold him worried. Suraj and his friends escape from there. Nitya and Kashvi bring Arjun home where doctor treats him. Jagadish questions Arjun. Arjun says he should question where Suraj and Pankaj are now. Aruna yells they must be in their room. Nitya tries to dismiss the issue. Arjun gets adamant to let Jagadish and Aruna know what Suraj and Pankaj did and asks Kashvi to explain.

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