Imlie starlife update Wednesday 19 July 2023

Imlie 19 July 2023: Atharva recites Bhaskar Times’ Ms Poetress for Imlie and indirectly praises Imlie. Imlie feels happy. Atharva stuck in between and says nevermind as 2 lines are enough. Imlie thanks him and then says she means to encourage her. Atharva thinks real poetress Chini deserves this thanks and he will explain it to everyone soon. Imlie hopes if she can inform him that he is that Ms poetress and thinks of reciting a poem during function. Rudra notices Chini happy, says she can’t be happy seeing her sister’s happy, and asks what did she conspire that she is so happy. Chini says Rudra and Devika’s words changed her mind and offers him a thank you card, recalling having a bomb fixed in it. Rudra thinks Chini will do wrong even on a right path. He is about to open card when Ripu informs that they are getting late. Rudra keeps card back in his bag and leaves.

Rana family reaches award venue. Rathores welcome them and congratulate Imle for getting a bravery award. Ripu and Ginni pull Atharva’s legs. Arpita says Imlie always got first prize in school in sports, extracurricular activities, or studies. Chini says Hindi medium school’s value is as good as Hindi. Atharva says Chini is right, very few Hindi-speaking people are left in our society and the people who speak Hindi are very special and Imlie is one among them. He hopes if even he could write his songs in Hindi. Sundar says being with Imlie, he is learning good Hindi and soon would start speaking even Sanskrit. They all laugh and walk into the venue.

Chini hopes Rudra brings his bag with a greeting card. Rudra realizes his left his bag in his car. Imlie asks him to sit and let her bring it from his car. Chini smirks hearing them. Imlie picks bag from car and finds a gift card with Rudra’s name written on it. She is about to open it when Atharva stops her and takes her in.
Chini thinks she got another card for her safety and nobody would doubt her. Rupali asks her to come and sit with family in a front row. Chini says she is fine here and thinks she will become a powder if the blast happens, so she she is sitting far away from family. She hopes Atharva opens card and blasts into pieces. Imlie with walk Atharva and tells Rudra that she brought his card. Host calls power couple Atharva and Imlie to come and receive bravery award for saving kids from kidnappers. Imlie keeps Rudra’s card and bag aside and feeling nervous prays god to give her some strength. Atharva holds her hand and says he is feeling nervous instead.

They both walk on stage holding each other’s hand. Chalo Tumko Lekar Chalen.. song plays in the background. They both receive card. Chini gets jealous seeing that. Everyone clap while kids chant Imlie and Atharva’s name. Host asks Imlie to speak a few words. Chini walks away seeing everyone clapping for Imlie. Atharva tries to remember remaining lines of the poem. Imlie recites poem, impressing Atharva. Everyone clap for her. Atharva asks why didn’t she inform that she knows this poem. Imlie tries to reveal that she wrote this poem when Atharva stops her and says she must have read it in newspaper as Ms poetress is very inspiring, thinks only his hookline changed after writing such inspiring poem.

Chini gets a call from a person who gave her bomb fixed card and he informs her to stay away from the card as she will also explode with it. Imlie overhears her and thinks who must be conspiring with a bomb card. Rudra speaks a few inspiring words to his nephews and asks Devika to bring his bag. Devika picks bag and finds a card with it. She tries to open it when Chini takes it from her, walks to Rudra and asks him to read it. Rudra says he knows what’s in it, then says she must have written something unusual, and asks her to open and read it. Chini gets tensed. Imlie notices them and thinks she should get the card away without making any noise.

Chini insists Rudra to accept her greeting card. Rudra says he knows what is in this card and asks her to open it and read. Chini gets afraid recalling fixing bomb in it. Imlie notices them and informs Atharva that the card has bomb. Atharva asks how does she know. She describes him how she overheard someone’s conversation. Rudra insists Chini to read the card, snatches it and throws it away saying this is the value for her childish act. Atharva and Imlie fear bomb blasting, but it doesn’t. Chini walks away fuming. Imlie tells Atharva that they need to evacuate the place before people panic. Atharva says he got an idea and rusehs away. Imlie stands on a card.

Chini walks to Imlie searching for card. Imlie asks what is she searching. Chini says her bracelet. Imlie asks her to go from there. Ripu drags Imlie from there. Arto plays music gathering crowd’s attention and asks them to enjoy DJ Arto’s music. Rudra gets angry on Atharva and tells Devika that instead of receiving award, Atharva is entertaining guests. Imlie thinks she should take crowd away from here and then inform police. Chini thinks why Arto is blasting music while she is waiting to bomb blast Rudra. Rudra asks Ripu to take charge of music and goes to help Imlie.

Imlie walks out and informs police about the bomb at the event. Atharva walks to her and says they should hide bomb under a table till bomb squad comes. Children run under the table. Atharva takes them away. Imlie picks card and keeps it on table again. Chini switches on fan towards the card. It flies and falls in front of Rudra. Rudra picks it and thinks he is tired of Chini’s childish behavior and should expose her truth in front of everyone. Atharva and Imlie run towards Rudra to stop him. Bomb blasts severely injuring Rudra. Atharva and Imlie alert family, and they all rush Rudra to a hospital. Devika breaks down. Rudra tries to comfort her followed by Imlie. Nurse informs them that doctor is stuck in traffic and Rudra’s operation can’t start until he comes. Devika breaks down more. Imlie assures her that nothing will happen to Rudra. Shivani pushes Imlie aside.

Imlie asks nurse about doctor’s location, picks him on scooty, and drives scooty directly inside hospital. Doctor heads to OT to perform Rudra’s surgery. Devika says Rudra always says that Imlie is god’s gift for them. Chini pays money and gets event’s CCTV footage. Atharva breaks down looking at Rudra’s condition post surgery and recalls the bonding they shared in his childhood. Abhi Mujhme Kahin.. song plays in the background.

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