My desire update Wednesday 17 April 2024

My desire 17 April 2024: Arjun runs behind the horse to stop it. Kashvi prays to God to send Arjun and thinks where is he? She sees Arjun standing in the front. Arjun thinks how to stop this horse? Mahima thinks if the horse and Kashvi fell in the valley, and thinks to ask.

She asks the Manager’s assistant if any news came about her sister. She asks him to call and enquire. The guy says Kashvi madam shall be fine. Mahima thinks Kashvi shall die and Arjun shall return alone. Arjun keeps the tree logs on the way to block the road. He thinks he has to stop the horse, else if the horse passes from here, then he can’t chase it again.

He recalls his dream and the same thing happens, as horse stops and makes Kashvi fall down. Arjun gets shocked and shouts Kashu…He sees injury on her head and asks her to open her eyes and says if anything happens to you, then I can’t forgive myself. He shouts for help. Manager comes there in the car. Arjun says Kashvi is injured and asks them to take them to hospital. He asks what kind of horse is this? Manager says don’t know what happened to sunshine today, though he is a calm horse.

Jagdish, Nitya and others come there. Arjun hugs Nitya and cries, and says it is all my mistake. Mahima asks why it is your mistake and says your photo shoot team took Kashvi and you to other place, and says it was your photo shoot actually. Arjun tells Nitya that he had told Dad. He tells her everything that they were about to shoot on boat, but Manager told that boat couldn’t be arranged, and horse was arranged. He says Kashvi agreed and sat on the horse when it got out of control. He tells them about his dream. He says he should have stopped the event manager. Doctor comes out and tells that she is out of danger, but she is having hair line fracture on her hand and some internal injuries. He permits two persons to meet her. Arjun and Dadi go to meet her. Mahima thinks even her bone is not broken, though I have done so much hardwork, her destiny is good.

Arjun brings Kashvi home. Kashvi says she doesn’t like hospital smell, it is good that he has brought her home. Arjun says even I don’t like to see you there, you look good at home. He makes her drink water. Kashvi says I am fine, I have just hairline fracture. Arjun says I am stupid, and my idea of photo shoot was bad too. Kashvi says I liked your idea, and says I am fine because of you. Bijli comes there. Kashvi says hi cutie pie, and says it is happy to see me. Arjun says yes, it is very happy. Kashvi says I will take bath. He asks how you will take bath. Kashvi says yes, I have forgotten. Arjun says Doctor said that you have to give rest to your hand. He says I will help you to take bath, like giving the bath to the children. Kashvi says I don’t want to take your help. Arjun says I am your husband, you are my wife.

Kashvi says I can’t take your help. She feels shy and asks if you will make me take bath. Arjun says I feel shame, what you are saying and says I will call dadi or chachi, and they will help you. He says your idea is better, I can make you take bath. Kashvi says your idea is good, call Dadi or Chachi.

Later Kashvi asks Romila to tie her hair. Romila says she has so much work to do. Arjun says I will tie your hair and tells that he has learnt to set the hair. He tries to comb her hair. Kashvi says I will move. Arjun says then how I will comb your hair. They look at each other.

Yeh hai chahatein plays…….Arjun asks her not to move, else how the hair will be set. Kashvi tells Bijli that she has to get her hair styled by Arjun. He says the stylish Arjun Bajwa. Kashvi asks if you have set anyone’s hair before. Kashvi sets her hair and says your hair is perfect. Mahima comes there and laughs seeing her hair. She takes her photo and shows to her. Kashvi asks how can you do this with me Arjun. Arjun says you are looking cute. Kashvi throws pillow on him and says I asked you if you know or not. Arjun runs. Bijli runs behind him. Kashvi acts to feel pain. Arjun comes to her. Kashvi pulls his ears. He moves behind and she gets hurt. Arjun says sorry and starts doing sit ups, saying sorry to her. He tickles her. Kashvi asks him not to do it. Mahima says they are romancing infront of me and I can’t do it.

Girish comes to Pradyuman and says RJ healthcare pharma’s owner is changed and the new owner is…Pradyuman checks the file and asks how can he become the owner of RJ health care pharma, and tells that he will use this info for his benefit.

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