My desire update Wednesday 12 October 2022


My desire 12 October 2022:;Vasu informs Preesha that Mahima took Saransh away. Preesha asks if appa didn’t stop her. Vasu says Mahima barged in at night and took away Saransh silently, so now GPS has gone to confront her. Preesha calls GPS who says Mahima doesn’t want to send Saransh back. Preesha asks how can she enter home, someone must have helped her. Vasu says she gave Mahima a set of keys to visit them whenever she wants. GPS informs that Saransh himself told that he asked Mahima to take her back home as he was feeling bored here, says he will return home and speak to her further. Preesha thinks something is wrong.

Balraj confronts Rudra and asks where he goes whole day and comes in dilapidated state at night leaving whole family worried. Rudra says he already told that he was in hospital and was dropping employees home due to transport strike. He further asks why did he buy a hospital and spent so much money. Rudra shouts he can do anything as he earned all this money. Balraj says he managed the money and made all the investments for him, he manages this house and all his wealth, etc. Rudra says he is talking about managing money, he earned this money, Balraj is a lost singer who couldn’t earn a rupee, he is known as Rudraksh Khurana’s father and doesn’t have his own identity.

Balraj says he is his father and taught him singing, he improved his voice and made him a star or else he would have been a loser; he brings all orders, ads, everything; he manages the whole business and is a owner of it and all properties. Rudra says he is the owner as he wouldn’t have made anything without his money, so he is the owner and Balraj just a caretaker. Sharda asks Rudra if this is the way he behaves with his father. Rudra says if she heard Balraj’s words, if he is a father, he never gave him respect of a son; he earned all the money and will manage it from hereon; his father should change his way of questioning. Balraj says he made a mistake of stopping to lash him for his mistakes as he thought he would change. Rudra says he doesn’t need him anyone and would handle his wealth and companies.

Ahana asks if he has lost it, if he thinks he can handle such a big company, its not a joke. Rudra says singing since many years is also not a joke. Mahima says even misbehaving with his papa is not a joke, he cannot understand whom he is speaking to, Preesha has brainwashed him. Rudra warns to dare not talk about Preesha as Mahima is manipulative and betrayed and not Preesha. Balraj asks if he loves Preesha so much, why did he divorce her then. He says she gave him divorce and not him instead, he married Mahima for Saransh but loves only Preesha. Balraj shouts he should understand that he is Mahima’s husband and he will not take Preesha’s name in this house. Rudra says until he is alive, it will never happen as nobody can take Preesha’s place in his life.

Balraj asks if he has gone mad to insult his father for a woman who betrayed him and married her lover, she is a cheap woman. Rudra warns to stop. Balraj says he will continue. Rudra warns if he speaks ill about Preesha again, he will forget he is a father and will kill him. Balraj slaps him. Rudra angrily pushes him on earth and tries to hit him. Ladies stop him, and Mahima asks if he has gone mad and reminding him about Saransh’s presence tries to take him away. Saransh stops him and says he raised hands on her and not his papa, he hurt her, one who cannot be of his parents cannot be of anyone. She supports shocked and shattered Balraj and takes him to their room. Ahana tells Mishka that Rudra crossed all his limits.

Mahima takes Rudra to room and asks if he has lost his mind, how can he misbehave with his father. He shouts to stop or else he will kill her. Sharda offers water to Balraj. Balraj says he insulted her always and did wrong to her, even slapped her, but when Rudra did same with him, he realized what she would have felt in all these years; says he is unfit to be forgiven, but she should forgive him. She says she has accepted him the way he is and loves him; Rudra is their son and cannot do this, something has happened to him. Mahima enters saying it doesn’t mean he will misbehave with his father, its an unforgivable act. She pleads Balraj not to break his ties with Rudra, but she doesn’t know what happened to him and he was just talking about Preesha.

Sharda says she feels it not about Preesha. Mahima acts as crying and says how can she tell this being a woman, she is a mother and a wife and she saw Rudra talking about another woman in front of her; she feels when a man cannot be of his father, he cannot be of his wife; she provokes Balraj reminding Rudra’s warning that he will take over all his wealth and companies, says she will explain Rudra. Balraj says he cannot trust Rudra as he may ruin whole family, one who can raise a hand on his father can do anything, but he will not let him destroy everything; he will speak to his lawyer and change his will as he is a father and cannot see his self-destroyal. Mahima gets happy thinking her plan worked, she provoked Balraj to transfer his will from Rudra to Saransh, then she will enjoy whole wealth alone, she just has to see that whole process goes smoothly.

Saransh cries reminiscing Rudra and Balraj’s fight and hopes Preesha takes him from there. Preesha worried for Saransh calls him. He pleads her to take him from here as he wants to stay with him and is very afraid. Preesha asks if something happened. He is about to speak when Mahima snatches phone.Mahima takes phone from Saransh and warns Preesha to not call Saransh again or come near him. Preesha says Saransh is her son and she cannot stop her from meeting her.

Mahima warns her that she is Saransh’s biological mother and legal custodian, so she cannot meet her without her permission. She then asks Saransh if he informed Preesha anything and reminds that she will kill Preesha and Rudra if he opens his mouth. Preesha gets worried for Saransh and hopes Mahima doesn’t do anything to him. Yuvraj hearing that asks if Saransh is fine and Mahima didn’t do anything. She asks him to stay away from her and walks away. He thinks kavva mukhi/crow faced Mahima has done something and picks phone to call Mahima, but stops seeing her transferring money into his account and gets happy.

Balraj meets his lawyer and signs legal papers to transfer all his property from Rudra to Saransh’s name. Lawyer says he will file all the papers in court today. Sharda asks him to think again as he is doing wrong. Balraj asks if she didn’t see what Rudra did. She says Rudra gets out of control in anger. He asks if he should tolerate his insult silently. She says he is their son. He says Rudra started at first. He gets board of director Mr. Malhotra’s call asking him about board of director’s meeting. Balraj is shocked and says he didn’t call a meeting. Malhotra says Rudra had messaged him to attend meeting. Balraj says he must have forgotten and will reach office soon. He tells Sharda that her son has called meeting now. Mahima walks in and hears their conversation.

Balraj calls Ahana. Maid informs that she left some time ago. He says he will go and attend meeting firs.t Mabhima accompanies her.Preesha hears Yuvraj’s phone ringing and seeing him in washroom picks phone. She is shocked to see SMS of huge sum transferred into Yuvraj’s account and thinks how did he get so much money. Yuvraj snatches his phone and says she doesn’t reveal her secrets and wants to know his secret though. She asks how did he get so much money. He says he made a few investments and is getting returns. She asks why does he do clerk job then. He says just to keep himself busy. She walks away to her room. Sharda calls her and informs that Rudra has called board of director’s meeting without informing Balraj, so she should go there and make sure that Rudra doesn’t do anything wrong.

Preesha asks why is she informing her as she is not part of their family now. Sharda says she and Rudra love each other and continues pleading. Preesha agrees.Balraj with Mahima reaches office, but guard doesn’t let him in. He shouts he is company’s owner. Guard says Rudra has ordered not to let him in. Balraj stands more shocked. Rudra addresses board of directors and informs that he is taking over company and will be its MD and not Balraj Khurana. Ahana asks if he has lost it, papa is running this company successfully since years and he is its own. Rudra says he is the owner and company runs on his singing, so he will handle company and will show more profits; if Ahana has problem, she can resign. He asks board of directors to vote for him if they need more profits. Balraj warns guards that he will terminate them as he is the owner.

Preesha enters and asks what happened. He asks can’t she see gaurds are stopping him from entering his own office and its all because of her. Preesha says she is not responsible for all this. Mahima asks what is she doing here then. Preesha says Sharda called and asked her to stop Rudra from doing anything wrong with Balraj uncle. Preesha warns guards that they will lose their job if they don’t let owner in. Guard says Rudra will terminate them anyways. Preesha says she will file police complaint against them for going against boss, so they will go to jail and also lose their job. Guard lets them in. Rudra tells directors that he is the new MD with their voting. Balraj enters.

Rudra shouts who let him in and warns to get out. Balraj says he is the MD of this company. Rudra says he is MD now with drectors’ voting. Balraj stands shocked and seeing Ahana asks if even she supported Rudra. Ahana says she is helpless and thinks when Balraj favored Mahima over her, why should she bother. Preesha confronts Rudra that he did a heinous act and fell more in her eyes. He says he did it for her as everyone insulted her before. She says she is not part of his sins and doesn’t want to see his face again. She walks out followed by Balraj and Mahima.

Preesha reaches Khurana House thinking of taking Saransh with her, but guards don’t let her in and say they have orders. Preesha calls Rudra who is busy partying with directors keeping his phone away. Preesha tells guards that Rudra is not picking calls and asks who ordered them. Mahima walks to her saying she did and warns her to dare not enter house again as she knows she came for Saransh. Their argument starts. Mahima threatens her to call police if she doesn’t leave. Preesha finally walks away.

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