My desire update Tuesday 11 October 2022

My desire 11 October 2022: Preesha gets into jungle lake to drink water. A crocodile notices her and swims towards her. Rudra thinks when will they get out of this place and asks Preesha to hurry up. She asks him to have water as there is no snake in it. He says he doesn’t want to and asks her again to come back. Crocodile attacks her and pulls her leg. She shouts. He jumps in and tries to rescue her by fighting with crocodile. Crocodile leaves Preesha and holds his hand. He fights with crocodile and calls Preesha. Preesha picks a stick and sabs crocodile. Preesha leaves Rudra’s hand and swims away. Preesha emotionally hugs Rudra and brings him out of lake. He asks if she is fine. She says yes and looks at his hand.

Mahima reaches her parents’ house to kidnap Saransh and calls Yuvraj. Yuvraj opens door and says her parents and Saransh are sleeping peacefully. She puts chloroform on a cloth to sedate Saransh. He checks and says its dangerous for children. She says she is using only some and Saransh will not die, let us take Saransh away before parents wake up. Back in jungle, Preesha and Rudra show their concern for each other. Preesha says his hand injury is very severe and they need to reach hospital or else his wound will be infected. He says let us wait till morning. She says she will bring wood for bonfire. He says he will and sets bonfire. Agar Tum Saath Ho.. song.. plays in the background.

They feel their love for each other. They spent night leaning on each other’s shoulders. Mahima with Yuvraj walks into her parents’ room and sniffs chloroform to Saransh and then silently tries to pick him up but hides seeing GPS turning, then pciks Saransh and walks away with Yuvraj. She asks Yuvraj if he knows that he doesn’t know anything. He says yes, he doesn’t even know who she is and lets her out of house.In the morning, Preesha wakes up and wakes up Rudra. Rudra writhes in hand pain. Preesha says its bleeding again and if they don’t reach hospital, he may be infected. He asks which way to go. She says let us go to east side and walks holding him. He feels dizzy.

They see a car passing by and stopping it plead to drop them to hospital. Old lady inside car denies saying she cannot trust strangers. Preesha says if they don’t reach hospital on time, Rudra’s wound will get infected. Old man asks who are they. Rudra says she is Dr. Preesha and he is her husband an describes whole story. Couple let them in. Vasu wakes up and not finding Saransh on bed searches him in whole house and informs GPS. They both walk to Yuvraj and wake him up. He acts and says he dreamt about goons kidnapping Saransh. GPS scolds him to stop his nonsense. Yuvraj asks where is Saransh. Vasu says he is missing. He says his morning dream must be true. Preesha and Rudra reach hospital. Doctor gives genreal anesthesia to Rudra and bandages him. Another doctor bandages Preesha and says her would will heal in 2-3 days and she can go home. Preesha thanks doctor and walks to Rudra’s room.

Rudra acts as having severe pain. She says she knows doctor gave him anesthesia. He says she loves him a lot. She says she doesn’t. He says she cares for him though.GPS calls Preesha’s hospital and asks receptionist to let him speak to Dr. Preesha. Receptionist says Dr. Preesha is in emergency and will speak to him later. GPS informs Vasu same and says she may not be knowing about Saransh, so he will call Mahima. At Khurana House, during breakfast, Sharda asks Saransh why he is so silent today. Mahima holding Saransh’s hand asks if he is feeling drowsy. He nods yes. She goes to kitchen. GPS calls her. Sharda picks call and says Mahima has gone to kitchen, so she picked his call. He says Saransh. She says Saransh is fine and Mahima brought him home last night.

GPS reacts. She asks if everything is alright. He says yes and disconnects call. He then panics saying Mahima took Saransh away last night without informing them. Vasu says she should have informed her at least. GPS says she took Saransh away like a thief, he will go and confront her. Vasu asks him not to do anything in anger and asks Yuvraj to go behind GPS as he may create a drama in anger. Yuvraj thinks he is not going for cutie budhia/old woman but for Kavvi mukhi/crow Mahima to see how she handles her father. He goes go change his dress.

In hospital, Rudra insists Preesha to tell if she cares for him. She shouts to stop and says she repeatedly told that she doesn’t have any feeling for him in her heart. He asks what happened to her and why she is doing this. She says he betrayed and ruined her life, she doesn’t want to see her face as it reminds her of the night he shared bed with Mahima and they way he touched her; he is troubling her by all his silly acts to come near her and she repeatedly asked him to leave her alone, etc. She walks out of room. Rudra wears his shoes. Nurse enters and says he needs to stay here. He says he can’t and walks away.

Ahana with Mishka comes for breakfast and asks what is Saransh doing here as he had gone to his grandparents’ house. GPS enters saying Saransh is kidnapped. Mahima asks what does he mean. He says she took Saransh away without informing them, it means she kidnapped Saransh. Mahima says she is Saransh’s mother and cannot kidnap him, she was just worried for them and didn’t want to disturb their sleep; Saransh himself called and insisted to come and take him away. GPS says Saransh likes to stay with them and Preesha. Mahima says Saransh is her biological son and wants to stay with her and not Preesha. She insists Saransh to tell truth, pinching his back. Saransh says he asked Mahima mamma to take him home as he was getting bored there.

Mahima reminisces bringing Saransh home. Saransh wakes up and asks what is he doing here whereas he was in his grandparents’ house and wants to return back. She warns him to stop. He insists. She brings hot burning coal. He pleads not to hurt him. She burns his back saying he will never get adamant in front of her. He writhes in pain. She warns to shut his mouth and not tell anyone about it or else she will burn his tongue and make him dumb; he should tell everyone that he was missing her and insisted to take him back home, so she brought him home. Yuvraj thinks what magic did this kavvi do to his piggy bank Saransh.

Rudra returns home. Sharda asks where was he. He says he was attacked by a crocodile. She gets tensed. He says he is fine as he had gone to hospital and got treated and fine now. He sees GPS and asks what is he doing here. GPS says Mahima brought Saransh here. Mahima says Saransh himself insisted to bring him home. Rudra shouts to shut up. Mahima says Saransh is her son and wants to stay with her. Rudra takes Saransh aside and insists to tell if Mahima did something. Saransh nervously says he was getting bored, so he asked Mahima to bring him home. Rudra gives his promise. Saransh crossing his fingers nervously says he is telling truth. Mahima yells at Rudra that he wasn’t present with Saransh when he needed her, he was spending night with Preesha instead. GPS warns her to shut up as Preesha was in hospital whole night.

Mahima asks why was Preesha spending night with him, if he thinks she is wrong even now. Rudra says she is wrong as he was dropping employees in his van due to transport strike and they had lost a way in jungle. She yells he took Preesha to jungle. Their arguments continue. Balraj shouts to stop as he needs to talk to Rudra and asks GPS if he can see Saransh is fine. GPS says yes and walks away with Rudra.

Preesha returns home in the morning limping. Vasu asks if she is fine. Preesha says yes and asks where are Saransh and appa. She calls Saransh. Vasu says Saransh went home with Mahima. Preesha asks how can Mahima take Saransh away, if appa didn’t say anything. She took away without informing them.

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