I do update Wednesday 12 October 2022

I do 12 October 2022: Downstairs, mahira is enraged at armaan. mahira asks who is he and how dare he is standing here in place of her husband and asks whats he doing here and if he even realises what just happened, as it was an important moment for her and her husband as they had to make a fresh start and asks what he did, as this is the blue moon night and he is supposed to see her true love, her husband through it and instead she saw him. Armaan angril takes the channi and throws it in the pool. he is about to walk off, when she holds him back, surprising him. She asks how dare he do that. he says that it isnt his fault and but hers and her channi’s, and that she should thank the lord that he threw only the channi. mahira gets angry and slaps him. he is shocked. he then retreats her into corner, and then blocks her with his hands, making it impossible for him to move.

she asks if he is trying to scare her. he tells her that noone slaps her, and that he had no intention of coming in front of her, and he didnt even know her, and that its her fault that she couldnt recognise her own husband. mahira stands tensed. he says that if her husband didnt bother to show up here for her, its because the bad mannered girl like her deserves that, as instead of being her husband, any man would rather prefer to die. she is shocked and asks him not to say so even angrily, as said things do come true. she says that she wishes for her husband’s long life, and he can shut his mouth, if he cant say better and asks if he feels this is a joke, and curses him that god willing, he never gets true love and neither can he get nor shall he understand true love, when it comes to him.

meanwhile, as azad tries to go out, afreen again holds him back and then drives him towards the bed, while he too walks in a haze. They get in bed. Later, Afreen lies naked in the bed with azad under covers and laments that mahira maybe the wife, but it was her, a daayan who consummated the relation with azad, and that now a daayan has established a relation with a vampire, and there is nothing that mahira could do. She says that in the age long fight of love with evil, again evil won and now when she bears azad’s child she shall be the true devil, as she gets the maximum powers, which she has always wanted.

Later, when begum walks through the hallway, she finds afreen coming towards her, smiling victoriously, and is boggled. afreen comes and thanks her for letting her in, so that she could consummate her relationship with azad, which she successfully did. Begum is boggled. She remembers how when afreen was thrown out, she had see her on the main door, and asked her 3 times to get in, when afreen had intentionally made her say it thrice, pretending not to be able to hear the first time around. Afreen gets back in, and begum eyes her tensedly. afren then reminds this to begum,. and tells that she herself got the dayan back in, and now once she is in, its impossible for her to be thrown out.

She asks begum if she understood her power, or come to her use, or help her regain her powers. afreen tells that old powers shall return, but hers and not begum’s, and hence she should already start serving her, as when azad’s child comes, she shall be the ruler of the world with the best devilish powers. To her surprise, begum starts guffawing. afreen is shocked. begum explains that azad isnt first child of hers, and that she can regain her powers only by the first child of the first child. And that her having a child with azad means nothing. afreen refuses to believe, when begum tells her that she intentionally got her inside, so that she could distance mahira and azad, so that mahira could sire for her a child with her first son. she says that afreen was just a pawn that she used for her intent, as she isnt that stupid, that she actually thought begum got her inside falling into her trap.

Afreen asks who is this son, and she says that its a seven fingered boy, who shall now help her get her powers back. afreen is shocked, while begum turns around and begins to leave. afreen gets angry and turns towards begum going away and then eyes a dagger and is about to plunge it in begum, with her black magic, when azad steps in between accidentally, and gets stabbed. Afreen is stunned. begum turns around in shock and is apalled to find azad like this, when his wounds dont recover, and afreen pulls out the dagger back again and he winces yet again. afreen leaves from there. begum’s scarems aleart mahira, and she rushes towards the stairs. she is shocked to find azad, unconscious in a pool of blood. She is distraught and apalled, as she nudges azad to open her eyes but in vain. the screen freezes on her distraught face.

Mahira looks at the moon and turns to look thru the channi and is shocked to see Armaan instead of Azad standing in front of her. She slaps Armaan. Armaan pins her to the wall and says a manner-less girl like you whose husband isnt near her, is understandable. Coz its better he dies than living with you.Right then Azad shown collapsing after being stabbed by Afreen. Sanam-2 is shocked and calls out to Azad. Mahira hears and rushes to check. Mahira tries to shake Azad to consciousness as well. Mahira asks Sanam-2 who did this. Armaan comes over and checks Azad’s pulse. Gazala-Latif-Kaynat come over as well. All are in shock and worried for Azad. Armaan suggests to rush Azad to hosp. Armaan and Mahira bring Azad to the car and put him inside.

Armaan is about to enter the car when Mahira tells him to leave saying she doesnt need his help. Armaan doesnt join them. Armaan recollects his rude words to Mahira.Afreen sees Armaan and realizes he is Sanam-2’s son. She follows him & hits him by her car thinking if she din win,Sanam-2 wont win either. Armaan’s falls on road, his head bleeding. Passerby check on him. Sanam-2 senses something being wrong & spots Afreen who winks at her. She drives off. Mahira asks Sanam-2 to rush as Azad is sinking. Sanam-2 checks on an injured Armaan. Azad-Armaan both rushed to hosp. Mahira prays for her true love’s safety. She remembers Peer Baba telling her that she is a chosen one & Allah will test her the most. She begs for her true love’s safety.

Sanam-2 tries to check on her son’s heath. Says their blood group is rare. They need blood. Sanam-2’s blood is given to both Azad-Armaan. Sanam-2 wonders how all this happened.

Part 2

A passerby gives Mahira Peer Baba’s dhaga for safety of the one she is praying for. Mahira is relieved. She goes inside and sits on Azad’s bed. She recollects all the moments with Azad. She thinks that this dhaga will surely save her true love. She assures Azad that he will be well soon. She places the dhaga by Azad’s side. Nurse asks Mahira to leave. After she leaves, a breeze blows and the dhaga falls by Armaan’s side.

Sanam-2 rues that she is an unfortunate mother. She couldnt even hug her first born. Rues that she thought he died. And when he came in front of her, both my son’s life is in danger. Why everytime time hurts me. Doctor tells Sanam-2 to come with him. He tells Sanam-2 that one of your son’s heart failed and others multiple organs failed. Sanam-2 begs for their lives to be saved. Doctor says can save one only. Sanam-2 is shocked. Doc says we can take out Azad’s heart and put in Armaan or Armaan’s organs in Azad’s body but either way can save only one. Please decide and tell me. Doc leaves from there.

Sanam-2 breaks down. She wonders how can she take such a decision of which of her child is more dear. The one whom i din raise, i care for him and the one whom i raised also needs me. Azad asks Sanam-2 to save her first born. Sanam-2 asks how she will look Mahira in the eye. Azad says Mahira wanted me to make a human and saving my brother is biggest act of humanity. Azad may die but his heart will live in Armaan. Darkness is destined to merge in darkness but Mahira wanted light, i wanna see her life filled with light. Please do this. Sanam-2 relents.

Part 3

Mahira asks Sanam-2 what Doc said. Azad will be safe right. Sanam-2 says all will be well. Dont worry. She walks away from Mahira and breaks down. Mahira is confused. Azad is on the operating table and thinks that his time is up. His story is over but his love will never end. He thinks .. I love you Mahira. I have always loved you and now my heart will love you always. Flashbacks of Azad-Mahira moments. Mahira thinks that Allah cant take her true love away from her. He has to return.

Begum collapses in the middle of the road, as she gets out of the car, still stunned and aghast as to what she had to do to one of her sons in order to save the other two sons. she lets out a scream in disgust. she says that today she had to pay a price to be the mother, that no mother ever had to, and thats to choose between one of the sons. She says that she wont change, or grieve, and that she shall win at every cost, and shall attain, what destiny has denied, but now destiny shall have to lose.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Azad lies on the bed, while the monitors flatline, indicating that he is nomore. the doctors say that azad’s heart shall be given to armaan and that they should start with the heart transplant. They perform the operation. mahira outside feels heavily restless, wopndering why is she having this sinking feeling, that azad is being wronged. fianlly the operation is over, and the doctor comes out, while mahira frantically rushes to him, asking if azad is okay. the doctor doesnt say anything. Mahira is boggled, as azad is drawn out on a stretcher from the ward, with begum behind him, totally aghast and apalled. she eyes him and asks him to wake up, distraught at seeing him like this. She asks the doctor when shall he be conscious as she rubs his hand, while the doctor apologises to her.

mahira is stunned while begum watches apalled. mahira lays back azad’s hand and it falls limp beside the bed. she is too dumbstruck to realise that he is actually dead, as her life with azad flashes before her eyes. just then, from the opposite end, she also eyes armaan being pulled out from the other ward, unconscious still, by the ward boys as finally both the stretchers lie parallel to each other, carrying both of begum’s sons. The ward boys take armaan away. begum thinks that now her first son shall give her what she needs, and he has to live on for his mother’s sake.


Scene 3:
Location: Graveyard
mahira is in tears beside azad’s grave, as she holds a rose against the grave. She begs for apology as she is responsible for his death as she was insistent on coverting him to human, and made him wear the taveez. She says that she thought the blue moon would set everything straight but she had forgotten that humans are weak and he couldnt either be a full vampire nor a true human and begs for an apology again. she continuously tries to light a candle beside the grave, but the matchstick keep dousing off, instead of lighting the candle. she wonders that there is no wind. she wonders if this means azad hasnt forgiven him still. A peer baba comes and tells her that she is trying in vain. She asks why he said so. He says that candles alight only when the spirit is in heaven.

He says that only the body remains, as the spirit is still alive, as the life ends when the heart stops beating, and azad’s heart is still beating. she doesnt understand, but he says that she needs to know this, as the heart is alive, who is calling out to her, and asks her to listen to his heartbeat. She says that she understood what she means, as she had promised that azad’s heart would always beat for her. he says that the heart isnt in this body, as before burying, the heart was taken away from the body, as the heart is the same and the heartbeat too, but the body is different, and asks her to listen to it as its beating nearby calling out to her. He leaves, but his voice resonates in her mind. she keeps eyeing the grave boggled and confused. Just then, behind her, armaan passes by in his car, behind her.

Armaan talks to his grandmother, that he is absplutely fine, as heart transplant is an easy thing these days and asks her not to overstress herself. He says that he remembers that he has to go for the haveli. he then cancels the call.

Scene 4:
Location: Begum’s residence
In the house, begum gets the whole haveli cleaned as she doesnt want the new owner to be disappointed at all that this is a deal in loss. She asks the servants to go up and clean too. they comply. she is about to turn, when mahira walks in and calls to her. she is surprised to find mahirs coming at her frantically. begum asks her whats the matter. mahira tells begum that the doctors took azad’s heart too. begum is shocked that she knows it and asks what she means. mahira tells everything that the peer baba told her. begum asks how can she trust a stranger. mahira says that even her own heart trusts her, and maybe something is wrong. begum tells her that azad hs gone for a month now, and they are in shock at his tragic demise, but that doesnt mean that they are unnecessarily brooding over it, and that that have moved on with much difficulty, and she says that she has to go on.

mahira says that azad is her destination, not her life partner. begum says that she too grieves equally that azad is dead, but wont bring him back. mahira says that for her satisfaction, she shall atleast find out what or who exactly caused his death. she says that she shall find his murderers and wherever they are, she shall get them punished and noone shall stop her. she walks out, while begum keeps calling out to her, in vain. begum wonders what she shall answer if mahira finds the truth.

Scene 5:
Location: Hospital
Mahira creates a commotion in the corridor of the hospital, wherein she fights with the nurse to allow her to meet the doctor, while they ask her to wait outside,. she says that its utterly important and urgent. The doctor comes and asks whats this drama. she says that drama will be when she shall file a case for misconduct. he asks her to clarify. she says that he took her husband’s life. the doctors are accused by mahira, who reprimands them for stealing her husband, Azad’s heart and causing his death. he asks her not to accuse them like this, as they have protocols and they do exactly right things and that even for a small operation, they take the consent of the family.

she says that when they dont do a big operation without the consent of the family, then why they did it, without asking his own wife. the doctor says that they have to check the records. The nurse gets the files. mahira surfs through the files, and finds khan begum as the witness and is shocked. mahira is shocked as begum comes from behind and says that she gave the permission for operation. Mahira is shocked and shattered. She comes to her, while begum herself is apalled. the screen freezes on her face.

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