My desire update Tuesday 11 July 2023

My desire 11 July 2023: Vidyuth says he didn’t steal a necklace. Rudra asks then why did jeweler say that he asked him price of that necklace. Raj recalls feeling jealous seeing Vidyuth proposing Pihu and Pihu rejecting Raj’s proposal because of that. He thinks he did so much for Pihu and considered Vidyuth as his brother, but they both betrayed him. He steals necklace and hides it in Vidyuth’s cupboard. Rudra orders Vidyuth to get out of his house and drags him towards door. Raj requests Rudra not to expel Vidyuth out of the house and give him one last chance. Rudra says he wanted to make Vidyuth like Raj, but Vidyuth would never change. Raj asks Vidyuth to apologize Rudra. Vidyuth says he will apologize 100 times to his elder brother, but he didn’t steal jewelry though. He apologizes Rudra, Preesha, and Sharda. They walk away looking angrily at him.

Rudra, Preesha, and Sharda discuss that Vidyuth would never change even after many chances, so they shall send him back to his house in a few days. Raj grins hearing their conversation. Pihu thinks why would Vidyuth steal necklace. Next morning, Raj joins Preesha for breakfast and says this house looks good after her entry. Preesha says thanks and says she feels good seeing him and Pihu together. Raj says Pihu and he are no more friends and reveals that he likes Pihu and proposed her, but she rejected his proposal and wants to be just friends; he doesn’t want to be Pihu’s friends as he truly loves her. Preesha says its weird that Pihu did that. Pihu walks to them. Raj leaves seeing her. Preesha asks Pihu why did she reject Raj whe she also used to like him. Pihu says she likes Raj only as a friend and nothing else.

Preesha says they both look good together, then what is a problem; does she loves someone else. Pihu recalls Vidyuth proposing her and thinks she herself is confused. She asks Preesha not to bother about it and focus on her wedding which is after 2 days.Vidyuth walks to Rudra and apologizes him for yesterday’s event. He says he didn’t steal that necklace and pleads him to trust him. Rudra asks why did he ask necklace price from jeweler. Vidyuth says he wanted to buy it for Pihu and reveals that he loves Pihu now and proposed her, but she is still confused and didn’t reply him. Rudra says even he faced many difficulties before Preesha agreed, its worth a try and his life would be beautiful if Pihu accepts his proposal, so he shouldn’t give up. He walks down to Preesha and says they are getting late for court hearing. Preesha says they need to drop Pihu first. Rudra asks Vidyuth to drop Pihu home as they are getting late for court.

Pihu gets into car with Vidyuth and asks what is he up to. Vidyuth takes her to a coal shop, buys coal, burns it, and stands on it. Pihu asks if he has gone mad, why is he doing this. Vidyuth says he is doing it for his love, she is his love; he is proving that he can do anything for her love. Pihu says she already told him that there is no feelings for him in her heart. Vidyuth says he loves her though and would prove her love. Pihu pleads him to get out of burning coal. Coal vendor says he will burn his legs totally and may not able able to walk at all. Pihu accepts that she loves him. She pulls him out and says she doesn’t know why she loves him so much. Vidyuth says he saw it in her eyes and wanted to hear from her mouth.

Rudra and Preesha attend court hearing where judge grants Preesha a divorce from Armaan. Rudra goves check formalities. Armaan hands over a chit to Preesha and asks her to read it when she is alone. Preesha reads it and thinks how will her marriage with Rudra happen now.Rudra tells Preesha that he is very happy as her divorce proceedings with Armaan is completed successfully and she will be marrying him, he has planned a party night to celebrate. Preesha returns home and gets tensed reading Armaan’s letter and thinks how will she marry Rudra now. Roohi with Saransh walks to her and says Rudra is waiting for her downstairs. She joins Rudra who expresses his happiness and says all guests are waiting for her. Preesha keeps her purse on a table and goes to get juice for herself. Letter from her purse flies and falls in front of Rudra. Rudra picks it. Preesha notices that and gets tensed.

Rudra opens letter and is about to read it when Preesha purposefully bumps on him and drops juice on him. He asks if she is fine. Preesha says she is fine, her sari border got stuck in her footwear. She silently picks letter and thanks god that Rudra didn’t read Armaan’s letter.Vidyuth enters party venue. Pihu shies seeing him. He signals she is looking beautiful and throws a flying kiss. Raj gets jealous seeing that and thinks he thought with his conspiracy, Pihu will hate Vidyuth and wouldn’t see his face again, but his plan failed; he will make Vidyuth jealous now. Pihu feels sad seeing Vidyuth’s foot bandages and thinks who harms themselves like this. She walks towards him to help him when Raj interferes and requests Pihu for a dance.

Pihu agrees and dances with him. She reminds him that he doesn’t want to be her friend. He says he realized if not companionship, he can be her friend at least. Pihu thanks him and says she doesn’t want to lose a friend.Vidyuth fumes in jealousy seeing them dancing and is about to break alcohol glass when Rudra stops him and asks what is he doing here instead of dancing with Pihu, he will punish him if he doesn’t convince Pihu. Vidyuth says he is heartbroken already. Rudra notices his bandaged feet and gets concerned. Vidyuth says he needs to convince Preesha to accept his and Pihu’s relationship and get them married. Rudra agrees. Ruda then announces his and Preesha’s dance and insists for a dance. They both dance on Lakhon Miley Koi Bhi Na Tumsa Mila.. song and expresses their love for each other. Preesha thinks how to inform him that their happiness is short lived and a big problem is awaiting them. Everyone clap for them after their performance.

Waiter informs Vidyuth that someone called him on terrace. He walks to terrace and notices terrace decorated, but no one there. Pihu walks in. Vidyuth gets happy seeing her and asks what is all this. Pihu says she wanted to do something special for him as he looked jealous whens she was dancing with Raj. He says he wasn’t. Pihu says she was unnecessarily thinking so much and trying to make him feel special, she will leave then. Vidyuth stops her and accepts that he was feeling jealous. She says she wants to dance with him. He says she knows his burnt feet. She makes him sit on a chair and dances passionately around him on Teri Awargi Banjawoon Main.. song. Raj gets jealous seeing them and thinks he needs to do something big to separate them with a more bigger plan.

Sharda asks Rudra if he booked Blue Ocean Hotel for wedding without informing him as she wanted wedding at home. Rudra says he got Preesha back after so many years and hence didn’t want to making the event more special. Preesha walks down. Rudra asks where is she going. She says she is going to parlor. Rudra says usually her parlor lady visits home, their wedding is in a few hours and he booked a hotel for their wedding, so she should call her parlor lady there itself. Preesha says parlor lady cannot carry special equipment to hotel, so she needs to visit parlor. She promises to be at the hotel on time. Roohi informs Preesha that she called her many times. Preesha says she forgot her phone in her room and walks back towards her room. Jewler brings a necklace and informs Rudra that Vidyuth ordered it.

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