My desire update Monday 28 November 2022


My desire 28 November 2022: In court, Yuvraj questions Mishka that she got pregnant before marriage and Kabir married to protect her, so being herself characterless how can allege his client. Mishka says she is not pregnant and from did he hear this rumor, she and Kabir love each other and hence married and she is not characterless like Preesha, Saransh is her BIL Rajiv’s only evidence left and she will go to any extent to protect him, she and Kabir have decided not to have any children of their own to take care of Saransh and hence needs his custody. She asks Yuvraj if he has any more questions. He says no more questions and sits down. Judge says he heard all the arguments and saw evidences, so he needs 15 minutes to give verdict and gives 15 minutes break.

They all walk out. Preesha slaps Sonia and says her husband should have left her to rotten in dance bar, why did she allege him of molestation wrongly. Rudra says he now realized that she spiked his water and made him fall asleep in jungle, he considered her as sister and she backstabbed him. Sonia lies again that she is not lying and Rudra really molested her. Preesha says she trusts her husband and knows Sonia is lying. Rudra says let it go. Opponent lawyer calls them for hearing.Sulochana reaches court with Saransh and Sunny and asks them not to go in till she returns. Saransh runs in. She acts as stopping him and then smirks with Sunny.

Back in court, judge says he can neither deny nor accept that Preesha are good parents, but since its regarding Saransh, he wants to ask Sarnash if he wants to stay with Preesha and Rudra or Mishka and Kabir and will give final verdict only after that. Preesha tells Rudra that Saransh will be affected most with this. Rudra says he is a kid and will be hurt. Sarnash walks to them. They take him out and ask how did he come here. Sulochana says she brought him as he found out everything and wanted to visit court, he ran away from house and was seeking people’s help to drop him to court, so she helplessly brought him here. Saransh says he cannot stay away from them. They say even they can’t and are fighting for his custody. Kabir asks they need custody to torture a small kid more and asks Sarnash not to trust them and after sometime, he will be with us.

Saransh pushes him and says he wants to stay with mamma and Rudra. Mishka asks why did he push an Kabir and reminds how Preesha ransacked him and he said he hates her and slept with her instead. Saransh says he didn’t mean that. She says he mean it, Rudra and Preesha have Sunny now and hence will never take care of him well, so she and Kabir will love him a lot. Saransh says he needs only Rudra and mamma. Kabir says they will get him a lot of toys which he doesn’t have to share. Sarnsh hugs Rudra tightly and says he wants to stay with only Rudra and mamma. Kabir holds him. Rudra warns to leave his son and says he will not let him take Saransh’s custody. Kabir holds his his collar and their fight starts. Yuvraj asks him to calm down and let the court decide. Preesha says Yuvraj is right.

Sulochana and her puppets meet in a room and she yells at Yuvraj for taking Preesha and Rudra’s side. Yuvraj asks her to calm down. Mishka says Sulochana is right. Their argument continues. Yuvraj says he will make sure that Saransh will tell he wants to stay with Kabir and Mishka and not Rudra and Preesha.Preesha asks Rudra how did Sonia get intimate pics with him. He says she spiked his water. She says those are unedited pics. He says its his mistake and he shouldn’t have gone there. Sharda says damage has been done. Preesha says yes and Rudra should have thought once. Rudra shouts and fights with her. Sharda asks him to calm down as Kabir and Mishka are misusing his angry nature. Vasu says Preesha loves and trusts him. Sharda asks Preesha what she wants to say.

Preesha says she feels they will misuse photos and will get Saransh’s custody, she cannot live without her son. Rudra assures her that he will not let them take Saransh’s custody.Yuvraj calls Saransh and asks him to come to room #3001 as he has a big surprise for him there. Saransh thinks who called him and if mamma and Rudra called him there with gift. He checks Rudra and Preesha in room and is shocked to Vasu blindfolded walking towards swimming pool.

Saransh sees Vasu blindfolded walking towards swimming pool and shouts at her to back off. He asks who brought her here. Kabir wearing a mask walks towards her. Saransh requests him to help his patti/grandma. Kabir signals him that he will kill his grandma and pushes her into swimming pool. Saransh worried rushes towards door to save Vasu, but finds door locked from outside. He rushes back to balcony and pleads Kabir not to kill his grandma. Yuvraj (using voice modulation app) calls him and orders to do whatever he says if he wants his grandma alive. Kabir pulls unconscious Vasu back and walks away. Saransh rushes to swimming pool and doesn’t find Vasu there. Yuvraj calls him back. He asks who is he and where is his grandma. Yuvraj threatens that if he informs about it to Preesha or Rudra, his grandma will die.

Saransh agrees and walks to Preesha. Preesha asks where he had gone. He says he was walking around pool. She asks not to go without informing her. He asks where is grandma. She says amma must be in her room. He insists her to find out where patti is. Vasu calls her and informs that she is going to Chennai as GPS’ mother is ill. Preesha concerned asks why if grnadma is fine and why did she go without informing her. Vasu says its age related illness and since Preesha is already tensed regarding Saransh’s custody, she didn’t want to disturb her. Preesha informs same to Saransh. Saransh thinks if patti went to Chennai, whom did he see then.

Kabir returns to his room and asks how was his task. Yuvraj goes into flashback where he and Kabir kidnap Vasu and using voice modulation app calls Saransh and threatens him to kill his patti if he doesn’t do whatever he informs. Kabir pulls Vasu from swimming pool, hides her in a room, gives her hypnotic injection. Sulochana and Mishka asks Yuvraj what will do next. Yuvraj says Preesha will try to find out where her mother is, so Mishka should call Preesha as Vasu using voice modulator app. Mishka does same. Sulochana praises her skills. Yuvraj says he will force Saransh to tell in court that he will stay with Kabir and Preesha. Sulcohana says that calls for a celebration. He says they should wait till tomorrow’s court hearing, now he will tell Saransh what he will say in court.

Saransh wakes up from sleep dreaming about a goon/Kabir trying to kill Vasu. Yuvraj calls him and asks if he wants his patti alive, he should tell judge that he wants to stay with Kabir and Mishka. Saransh says patti went to Chennai. Yuvraj says patti is with him and sends Vasu’s pic. Preesha wakes up in the morning and not finding Saransh beside her searches him and finding him near swimming pool asks if he is fine. He hugs her and says he wants to be with her. He asks why is he saying this. He says he is afraid of the court hearing. She asks him to tell court that he wants to stay with him and asks if there is some other issue. He thinks if he informs her, goons will kill patti. He cries hugging her tightly. She says she loves him and everything will be alright.

In court, Yuvraj tells Rudra and Preesha not to worry as Saransh has to tell judge that he wants to stay with them. Saransh gets Vasu’s pics and message that he should take Kabir and Mishka’s name in court or else he will lose his patti. Sunny asks if he is fine. Preesha consoles Saransh followed by Rudra. He cries hugging Rudra. Rudra asks if everything is fine. Yuvraj takes them in. Judge starts hearing and asks if Saransh has come. Yuvraj says yes and sends Saransh to dais. Sunny takes his phone. Yuvraj asks Saransh to answer him a few questions and then get free; says its his custody case and he will decide whom he will stay with. Saransh reminisces goon’s words and says he wants to stay with Kabir and Mishka and not Rudra and Preesha. Preesha and Rudra are shocked to hear that.

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