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Twist of fate 26 December 2022: Ranbir ask Prachi to get up and open her eyes. Prachi’s condition deteriorates. Ranbir asks her to take breath and asks what is happening to you. Rhea gains consciousness and sees Ranbir asking Prachi to breath, and thinks finally she will die her death and I will not get her death’s accusation.

Aryan tells Shahana that they are now safe. Shahana says she has tied the goons well. Aaliya and others gain consciousness. Aryan says lets make Sid gain consciousness. Shahana says she will not touch him. Ranbir sprinkles water on Prachi’s face and asks her to get up, and vent out her anger on him. He says I can live away from you, but can’t live without you. He says please open your eyes, don’t scare me. Rhea is happy and smiles.

Ranbir says I will die without you and asks her to take the deep breath. Prachi faints fully and drops her hand. Rhea gets happier. Aaliya worries for Rhea. Pallavi says Rhea is pregnant. Aaliya says yes, she is pregnant. Pallavi asks why you are confused? Aaliya says no and says she will go and check on Rhea. She comes to the room and thinks she shall be careful infront of Pallavi.

Ranbir asks Prachi to get up and says no, I can’t let anything happen to you. Rhea comes inside and asks what happened to her. Ranbir runs out of the room and falls down. Pallavi searches for Ranbir. Ranbir comes to the goon Jai and asks what was it in the smoke, everyone gained consciousness, but not my wife. He asks about the treatment. Jai says there is no treatment, but one way, if she gets mouth to mouth respiration, then she might gain consciousness. Ranbir runs to Prachi.

Dadi scolds Rahul for getting greedy and risking many lives. Rahul tells her that they have planned this to teach a lesson to Aaliya and tells everything, that she had insulted them and blamed them for the theft which they didn’t do, and when they helped her and searched the necklace, she blamed and insulted them again. Dida says Prachi’s life is in risk due to them and says they should have teach her a lesson, rather than risking many lives. Vikram says Aaliya did wrong with them, there is a limit of someone’s patience.

Rhea tells Pallavi that Prachi is taking breath but not proper, it seems she will die. Pallavi is shocked. Aaliya and Rhea smiles looking at each other. Ranbir comes running there, gives mouth to mouth respiration to Prachi. Rhea and others are shocked. Prachi gains consciousness, and pushes Ranbir. She asks what was he doing and runs out. Ranbir goes behind Prachi. Rhea says how dare he? She comes out and holds Ranbir’s hand. Rhea asks him to listen and asks why did you kiss her? Ranbir says what? She says you know what I am saying. She says I have seen you kissing Prachi with my eyes. Ranbir says it is your dirty mind. Rhea says Prachi is not yours, she doesn’t belong to you anymore. Ranbir says shut up and tells that he don’t need to give explanation to her.

He says Jai asked him to give Mouth to Mouth respiration to Prachi to save her. He says you are educated and knows what is it. Rhea asks really? He says yes. She asks if it was not romantic kiss. Ranbir says I don’t want to give answer for your cheap questions. Rhea says you can answer me this, and says if I am dying and asks if you will save me like saving Prachi. She says kiss me, save me also. Ranbir asks what? Rhea says if you don’t kiss me, then I will think that you still loves and belongs to her, and that kiss was romantic kiss.

Ranbir says you are disgusting. Rhea says shut up and do what I said. She goes near him to kiss him. He says have you lost it? Rhea says you didn’t kiss Prachi to save her life, but you kissed her to save yourself, as you can’t live without her. she says you was disguising your feelings for her. Ranbir says I love her and that’s why kissing her and not to save her life. He asks Rhea not to ask him again and goes. Rhea turns and sees Pallavi and Aaliya standing.

Ranbir comes behind Prachi and throws vase on the floor. Prachi asks what is it? Ranbir comes near her, and says you was dying, I gave you mouth to mouth respiration to save you, I was not trying to kiss you, but to save your life. He asks her to remember what had happened? Prachi recalls telling everyone about the dangerous smoke. Ranbir asks her not to say sorry, it is enough that she realized. He says I want to tell you that if we are in the same situation, then I will do the same thing. Prachi says it is better to die, rather than getting saved by you. She goes.

Rhea tells Pallavi and Aaliya that Ranbir said that he loves Prachi. Pallavi asks what is new in this? Aaliya says he always say this. Rhea says Ranbir can do anything and will try to stop Sid and Prachi’s marriage. Pallavi says marriage will happen, and I will handle Ranbir. Aaliya says not now Rhea, we will talk later and shall go and see what is happening. Rhea says Prachi…you will have many regrets, but the biggest regret will be why you returned here.

Prachi asking what is happening? Ranbir says they are criminals, we have tied them. Shahana says if we haven’t tied them then they would have made us suffer losses. Pallavi comes there and asks Ranbir if whatever she heard is right. Ranbir says yes. Prachi asks what? Ranbir says Rhea had some issues with me. He says we have tied them and shall now call Police. Priya requests him not to call Rahul. Rahul’s friend says my wife will divorce me and the other says that he will not get admission in college. Aaliya scolds them and says you have threatened us on gunpoint and now apologizing.

They apologize and asks for forgiveness. Rhea says how you will get forgiveness, and asks them to rub their noses on the floor to get forgiveness. Aaliya says yes. Rhea asks Sid to free their hands so that they can get forgiveness. Sid frees their hands. Rhea says it is a cheap deal and asks them to apologize. Pallavi asks what nonsense, what is this drama. Aaliya says we have to teach them a lesson, else they will do this again. Rhea asks them to apologize. Rahul and his friends apologize to everyone and promises not to do this. Aaliya asks who will rub nose? Rahul says don’t make Priya do this, and tells that she was not in their plan and was stopping him, but he did this.


Aaliya says she don’t want to hear excuses and asks them to apologize and rub their nose. Prachi says even you have done a mistake. Aaliya asks what did you say? Prachi says you have accused them wrongly, humiliated Priya and hurt her self respect. She says if they can apologize then why can’t you. Rhea asks are you out of your senses, to point out Buji’s mistake.

Prachi calls Ranbir. He is silent. Prachi says we shall let them go, as whatever they did is because of Buji. Aaliya asks Ranbir if he is listening. Ranbir says Prachi is right, you shall apologize to them first. Aaliya refuses to apologize to them and goes. Rhea goes behind Aaliya. Prachi says you all can go and asks Rahul and his friends not to take such step again, and will not think like this. They nod their head. She asks Pallavi if it is alright. Pallavi says whose mistake is this, doesn’t matter now. Rahul apologizes to Prachi and promises to do good work only. Priya and Manish also apologize. Prachi asks Priya to stop apologizing and asks her to come to work early in the morning. Priya nods her head.

Shahana comes to the room. Prachi says Ranbir asked her to marry Sid. Shahana asks her to drink milk. Prachi says he don’t want her to marry Sid. Shahana makes her drink water. Prachi says why he is asking me to marry, when he don’t want. She tells her, how he saved her. She says he loves me, so how can he ask me to marry someone else. Shahana says when he is lying to himself then what he will tell to you. Ranbir looks out of the window and recalls Prachi and his moments. He is drinking and reminisces their moments. Song plays….He thinks when I am in consciousness, I remember all the moments, that’s why I drink wine to faint, but then also I remember, but mind gets calm after drinking and heart gets powerful.

He thinks Prachi is in his heart and his heart is shouting asking him to bring Prachi back. He says how will I stay without Prachi, my love will be there for her always, she is the medicine and pain both, how to let her go with someone else. He says how to let her become of someone else.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she can’t bear, the way Prachi kept Ranbir in her hold and says I will get mad while trying to separate them. Aaliya asks her to relax and says Prachi is getting married to Sid. Rhea says Prachi agreed for marriage, but she will not reach the mandap, Ranbir will stop her if he reaches. She says what shall I do? She says Prachi-Sid will marry when she separates from Ranbir. Aaliya says I will lie a trap infront of Ranbir, that he can’t move even a single step towards her. Rhea says if Prachi makes Ranbir elope with her.

Aaliya says if she can do this? Rhea says yes. Aaliya says then you shall throw her out of the house, or do something that she herself goes away. She asks her to ignite fire in Prachi that she herself leaves, or else she shall tell Pallavi that she don’t want to marry Sid. She says Pallavi will think that Prachi stayed with Sid for her enjoyment and now pregnant with her child. She says then Prachi will fall down in Pallavi’s sight and then. Rhea says then Prachi will be out. She says I will take engagement dress. Aaliya asks why? Rhea says I will light the fire with engagement dress.

Prachi comes to Ranbir’s room and sees him sitting in dark. She is about to switch on the lights. He says he don’t want to see something which he don’t want to see. Prachi switches on the lights and says I want to talk to you something. Ranbir says everyone wants to talk here. Prachi says you are drunk. He asks if she came to talk, and says you will hear the truth from me.

Prachi says I came to talk. He asks her to complete her incomplete words. He asks why there is no intensity in your promises. Prachi says we shall not think about who has done what and asks him to answer her question. He asks her to ask. Prachi recalls Ranbir saving her, and asks if your intention was to save me, or if there was something else in your heart. She says if you had any feelings for me then? Ranbir says you asked a good question, and says I will answer you. He says I didn’t have feelings then, and also not now.

I was just trying to save you. He says I would have done this, if someone else was on your place. He says I am drunk and the wine is testimony of my truth. He turns and wipes his tears. Prachi is also teary eyes. Ranbir says I don’t have any feelings for you, you can marry Sid and start family with him, you are now of someone else.

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