My desire update Tuesday 26 march 2024

My desire 26 march 2024: Mahima acts as falling down in Arjun’s bathroom wearing a towel and insists Arjun to lift her and drop her to her room before Kashvi returns and notices her in this condition.

Arjun lifts her and walks towards her room when Kashvi returns home and asks what is happening. Arjun drops Mahima down. Mahima shouts at him. Kashvi asks Mahima what was she doing in her bathroom. Mahima says her bathroom shower wasn’t working, so she came to Arjun’s room to seek permission to have shower in his room.

Arjun says he directly saw her in bathroom. Mahima says she didn’t see anyone and thought she will take shower and walk away, but slipped and fell down. Arjun says he told her to take servant’s help. Mahima shouts how can she take servant’s help in this situation. Kashvi offers her a bathrobe and calls Micky and Monty for help. Mahima says they are not at home. Micky and Monty come running. Kashvi says she saw them returning home and asks them to lift their Mahima didi and drop her home. Mahima says she can manage. Kashvi insists and sends her with Micky and Monty. Arjun tries to speak. Kashvi says she doesn’t want to ask him why Mahima was in his arms, let us forgt it as it’s an irrelevant issue.

Jagadish calls Arjun and asks if he proposed Kashvi. Arjun says not yet. Jagadish suggests him to sell the diamonds Digvijay gifted him and start a business from the money, in fact he should apply for a government biogas tender by 5:30 p.m. tomorrow as it’s the last date and to meet his college Mr Chandra for help. Arjun says they will celebrate if he gets a contract. Next day, Kashvi hurriedly gets ready for office and informs Arjun that she needs to be on time as her mentor Mr Chandra is very strict.

Arjun thinks he can meet Kashvi at her office and take her out for lunch. He romantically corrects Kashvi’s bindi and hair and says her good bye. Kashvi happily leaves. She reaches office. Chandra’s secretary informs her that Mr Chandra met with an accident and is on leave, he asked her to sign the documents in his absence. He briefs her about today’s meeting with villagers regarding borewell digging, etc. Subordinates approach Kashvi to sign the documents and she feels happy. Before lunch, secretary informs her that they need to visit village now. Kashvi leaves.

Arjun reaches Kashvi’s office and says once he gets the documents signed by Mr Chandra, he will take Kashvi on a lunch date. He asks peon about Chandra. Peon says Chandra met with an accident and is on a leave, so his assistant Mrs Kashvi is assisting him in his absence and she will be back after a meeting in some time. Arjun feels happy with Kashvi’s progress. He waits for her. Pradyuman walks in and greets him. Arjun refuses to talk to him saying Mahima left him at the mandap and eloped with Pradyuman. Pradyuman asks him to forget the past and describes how he took revenge from Mahima.

Arjun still refuses to talk to him and behaves rudely. Pradyuman goes and sits far away. Kashvi returns and gets an MLA’s call. She is surprised to see Arjun while talking to the MLA and signals him to give her 5 minutes. Arjun sits. Peon informs Pradyuman that Kashvi is calling him. Arjun thinks he came first, but Pradyuman got an appointment first with a bribe.

Pradyuman enters Kashvi’s cabin and insists her to give the tender to him as he already spoke to Mr Chandra. Kashvi says Mr Chandra is absent and she will give the tender only to the best company. He offers her bribe and boasts that money can do anything. Kashvi gives him a tight slap.

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